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Weakpots Squat Wars: The Highbar Awakens

Weakpots Squat Wars: The Highbar Awakens15 Nov. 2015
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The eternal struggle of

The eternal struggle of highbar vs lowbar is still alive in www.reddit.com/r/weakpots

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Gabriel Malone

implying i squat high bar


No overhead squats... tsk tsk...

Too Much Makeup at the Gym?!

Too Much Makeup at the Gym?!18 Aug. 2016
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In this video I talk about wearing makeup briefly. I personally like to wear makeup to the gym.. .because I want to and that's reason enough.

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In this video I talk about wearing makeup briefly. I personally like to wear makeup to the gym.. .because I want to and that's reason enough.

Vanity Planet was kind enough to send me the Ultimate Skin Spa System. Includes a storage case, daily cleansing brush, exfoliating brush, and a silicone brush

The Makeup Addiction SubReddit post on 'What to Buy At Sephora'


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Kim Mobey

Soooooo happy you're lifting in science units!! <3 From South Africa


I'm from Germany and I'm so happy that you lift in kilos!
I only wear a little BB cream, brow pencil and masacara, but that's just my everyday makeup in general. Completely agree on the whole makeup -> more confident -> better lift. Same thing for nice clothes. I could lift in pyjama pants and a baggy shirt, but will it work just as well? Nope. I tried.


I'm from Switzerland and absolutely love seeing you you training in kilos ;)

Michael A

Whenever I pull sumo I always get paranoid imma drop it on my feet lawl

Jane Bowman

Dude, I usually go to the gym like full beat face. Because I wear it for work to feel better about me and I don't care to take the extra step to take it all off just because I am going to lift.


I get it. I put on my fav glitter lip gloss.

Shu Min Teo

You have really pretty eyes ???

Steel Granny

I wear it, it's who I am...If it makes me feel good, I don't care what others think. :)

Heather Bartholomew

No to kg ?

dimple pascua

I like looking cute at the gym but that doesn't mean I don't kill it.

Ellen J Ward

Love the weights in kilos ?? great video as usual, so inspiring ❤

Nine Attempts

I'm watching your videos while I work at a desk and I'm over here squeezing my lats before your pulls.

Jane Doe

I do not need make up to feel confident, don't like the feeling of stuff on my face. Don't wear tight clothes also, baggy shit does of for me, I know what is underneath it ?.

david lebold

100 kilos is not 220 lbs. 1 k is 2.25 lbs. 100 kilos is 225 lbs.


you area pretty women and your make up usually looks good :)

Tali Delun

If make up makes you feel good then wear it , and who cares what others think :] i personally wear light foundation and eyeliner bc i sweat A LOT working out and a little lipstick. It makes me happy and that's all that matters! :]

Kaisa L

Kilos, yeeessss! Although now I understand how much you lift, daammmn girl!

Marcus Jones

whoa pretty you're all over the place with those squats


Confidence is the same for boys - do / don't shave so feel more 'raw' when wanting to attack a bar or a set. Not that I can even lift remotely close to you (yet - working on it but just starting out). Thanks for lots of excellent videos. Motivational, inspirational and educational. What more could we ever ask for.

Alison Diana

Australia! Yassssss!


I can attest to confidence messing up your lifts. Ive been having trouble maintaining strength for a while, then I started paying a pro cuddler to cuddle with me and I'm gaining strength for the first time in two years. Hell, my pullups went up for the first time in something like 5 years, which is impressive considering I'm bulking.


why is everyone trying to get all deep about her wearing make up.. Some girls like to wear their best gym outfit to lift and some like wearing makeup, is it bad to want to feel put together? the answer is no

Sarah Jeanne

Just a word of advice from someone who used to wear a lot of foundation, it does wreak havoc on your skin over time especially with sweating BUT I have found that mineral makeup is so much better, doesn't feel like it's sweating off and I use brands that only have about 3-5 ingredients. It's really gentle on the skin. Personally I just hate leaving the house without my eyebrows and lashes (they are there, just invisible) and a little powder so I don't look shiny. I get it, if you're looking in the mirror at a pimple while you're trying to deadlift you'll be distracted.

Kiran Nayak

I'm from a country thats not the United States, and I'm very happy that you're lifting in kilos. :D

Tori Thomas

I see that when you squat you inhale and hold on the way down like the Valsalva Maneuver but you don't exhale while going up, do you find it more effective to hold on the way up?

Sunflower Girl

London, UK ????Kgs ??????? #strongstrongfriend

tsm samurai

Hi Meg how do you keep your teeth so white. Plus your eyes look huge skin looks vibrant what's your secret?

Flávia Portugal

quero ver ela treinar maquiada com 40°.

Brianna Maurer

I'm from the states, but I'm currently studying abroad in Hong Kong. I LOVE lifting in KG especially since USAPL competes in KG!


I'm so excited you lift in Kg! Hi from France

The Critigamer

To me if you refer to the amount you lift in pounds, then you’re just trying to make yourself look stronger...*i lift 500 lb* when what you’re really saying is i lift 250 kg

Marcus Jones

you've got the prettiest big green eyes I've ever seen oh and i like your workouts too


Yes!  Love this

Douglas Henrique

I'm from Brasil, and i'm glad to see the weights in Kilos. Now I don't need to open a conversor. Hahahaha


Hell yes, kilos! ??


I say who cares if you wear makeup to the gym as long as you put in work!

It is what It is

I personally do not wear makeup to the gym just because that plus sweat tends to make me break out really bad :/ plus mine would probably just melt off ?


Norway. Happy you're lifting in kilos

Eden Thomson

Metric here in New Zealand!

Craigslist Oceanside

I wear makeup when I’m training because I watch myself lift in the mirror and I like to look at pretty. I don’t care if an insta chick is curling 2lbs and is all dolled up. I don’t care is a chick is wearing baggy sweats. I lift heavy and I like to look pretty doing it. I also like wearing flattering clothes. You do you, girls.

Tosca Mulder

from Holland here, kilo's not pounds! Those eleiko plates are beautifullllllllll

luke keegan

kilos are bae

Henry Lee

yuss kilos those hand corns are gainz! btw u totally reminds of Emily blunt tho. for reason


I am happy you lift in kilos :DD from Austria btw :)

Katja Hakala

Im from Finland and i love that u lift in kilos!!

Flower Power

What foundation and concealer did you use?

Sarah Connor

Finally a single person on youtube lifting in Kg I'm going to cry!! <3


I do NOT wear makeup at the gym because I sweat, a lot. I like to be able to just wipe it off my face without worrying about making my towel brown.

Brandon Smith

whats the name of the song that starts around the 12 min mark?

Tee Bee

Wear what you want,just know you're gorgeous either way.


Is that stubble?

Jeff stahr

Im lovin the Archie Griffin shirt...


NEW ZEALAND!!!!! KILOs and i love you!!!! <3


Totally can relate to lifting better when I'm feeling fly af in whatever outfit I'm lifting in.

Giovanni Espinoza

People that do Summo position anything stress me out . It's like a 2 in range of motion and incorporates fewer muscles than conventional . Idk ...


Jaaa! Kilo's :). Makes watching your videos much easier for this Dutch girl, since I don't have to use my conversion app anymore. Somehow more impressed with the weight you lift, now that I can relate to it more in the metric system :)..


I live in England and KG is awesome

Victoria Gru

thank you for kg's! Lithuania :)

Not Russian!!!

KG is much better

Dina Van Wyk

I' m in South Africa, yes we do kilo's down here! Now I don't have to do the maths all the time?

laura peters

yay kilos!!! Hi from Straya <3 i always have my converter app out when watching your vids hahaha


you're hot too, girl so keep doing what you do and we can enjoy your nice looks and supple ass all day long.

Forrest Miller

Would loop bands work the same as a hip circle?

Sunell Marais

kg, SA

Sini Nykänen

Kilos, yes!!!

Caity Etzel

I love makeup & yes I agree there are many lovely people on YouTube to teach all about the wonderful things. I personally hold the highest torches for Emily Eddington and Tati Westbrook. Always real!
But I am so happy you are here as an awesome motivator for me! And I haven't been working out long but I always feel better wearing some makeup ☺

faizanullah chauhan


Johnnie Materoa

Your a crack up girl looks like you wear the pants or should I say your the MAN

Harry Potter

From Romania and I like it and also like you...and I am a guy

Michelle Jensen

Thumbs up on the kg info

Petra Vesterinen

I was just looking at the weights and read Sweden, so I figured those were in kgs, which is great.

Lara Lukaszewicz

I'm from Germany and I'm always super happy when people use kilos as well as when they use grams/litres in the kitchen :D

Lisa La Saga

it's refreshing to watch yr vlogs and see yr focus being on strength and NOT just looks. unlike some others that are painful to watch at times (i.e. nikki blackketter..who i do like to watch to get ideas for exercises and form but i find i have to put her on mute and fast forward a lot of the time!)

Estefany Nahuelcheo

Vivan los kilos!

marwa bazzi

am from morocco and am lifting in kg

Nadz A

Sameeeee , i wear makeup to the gym too

Kate Anzalone




david lebold

I live in Canada, we lift in lbs.

Old Grizz

You look beautiful with or without make up. Kettlebell Swings will also strengthen glutial chain.

Nuria Apaza Ponce de Leon

i lift in kilos too :) i am from peru

Pedro Centeno

since you and your boyfriend have the adidas and nike lifting shoes it would be nice if you guys did a review on them. loving the vids.


Omg I was JUST thinking how glad I was you did that in kg when you told us to comment ?? saves me having to spend sweet, sweet seconds looking it up ?

Denise R

Fuck yeah! I cake my face on. I do it for myself and no one else. In fact, I have great skin but choose to wear makeup. Plenty of gym members have seen me without make-up, doesn't matter to me but I have earned the respect of a lot of people there because I lift heavy and work hard. ?

Ember Leuchtturm

Wearing make up and my cute leggings/bra/tank makes me feel like wonder woman and I think it definately makes me lift heavier and WANT to lift heavier. Haters can just leave ?

Ally Queening

From south africa. Thank you Meg. For once I understand the actual weight you're lifting. You're a killer :) yay for makeup ;)

Pasqua Kramer


Janet RP

lol you make me laugh in a positive way... bit wow with the band you did awesome good job!!


I'm from Mexico and I love it!!!!


Story time - in high school on the bus going to every track meet I would watch my dear friend apply makeup - She would do herself up real* nice. Her goal wasn't to look posh, rather she found it very relaxing to focus on makeup rather than the butterflies in her stomach prior to competing! Also, it worked to my benefit as well as I felt more relaxed watching her apply it! I say do what works for you and ignore the nay-sayers!

Nellie O'Neill

Woo kilos! Thanks, from Australia ;)

Doug F

But why is your personal self worth a function of altering your appearance? That thinking perpetuates the notion that your social status it tied to how physically attractive you are and this is not beneficial to your gender.

And if you want to apply some science to it, here goes. People (and most mammals) are highly optimized in facial recognition. All you have to do is observe a baby studying peoples' faces. What this means is it's confusing (and disruptive and unappealing) when you alter your facial appearance.

Sidebar: It's curious when people write/say that some women don't need makeup because they're attractive without it. What this means is unattractive women must alter their appearance which completely nullifies all the qualities that we like to say really matter -- kindness, intelligence, humor, empathy, etc.

Celine C Rvr

I work out early in the morning so I'm not going to waste any time putting on makeup that i will end up sweating off anyway. If I train later in the day when I happened to already wear make up, then it usually ends up on my towel.

You do you boo. But unfortunately, most of the women I see at the gym with a full face of makeup are those who mill away from hours on the elliptical or prance around in their Gym Shark leggings thinking the gym is a live Tinder. Move out, Barbie, I've got heavy shit to lift.

Stephanie Banta

Those red PANTS!!!!!!! I NEEEEEED!!! What brand? PLEASE!?

Catarina Silva

portugal and yass in kilos <3

Anita Springintveld

What's an amrep mrep or what ever that word is? Sometime hate how words are shortened. For a newbie it's hard to understand the lingo


Hmmm makeup to lift more? I'm a guy but fuck it... Lezz GOO!


The whole world use and lifts in kgs. Except 3 colonies of the UK.

Julien Laurent

Hi from Belgium... Iam a new suscriber ^^ OK JUJI!

Nienke vd Smissen

Watching from the Netherlands, 4 months later, but watching! Happy with you lifting in kilo's!

The Weirdest Squat Bar I've Ever Used...

The Weirdest Squat Bar I've Ever Used...16 Jun. 2020
66 024



➡ Marrs-Bar: https://www.garagegymreviews.com/marrs-bar-safety-squat-bar

In today's video, I review the Marrs-Barr Specialty Barbell. The Marrs-Bar is a safety squat bar with a unique camber and harness system that makes it feel different from any other specialty barbell I've ever used. The Marrs-Bar is a very expensive bar, but after using it for back squats, front squats, good mornings, lunges, and other exercise movements, I will say that it's replaced the SSB in my training. I do think it's a bit too expensive to recommend for most people, but, based solely on how it feels and performs, I think it's a fantastic bar.


The Marrs-Bar was provided to GARAGEGYMREVIEWS free of charge by Marrs-Bar for the express purpose of testing such product; however, we are under no obligation to provide a favorable review or endorsement of this product. GARAGEGYMREVIEWS retains full editorial control over the content in this video and has not accepted any monetary compensation from Marrs-Bar to provide this video.


Fitness & Equipment Reviews: https://garagegymreviews.com

Instagram: http://instagram.com/garagegymreviews

Copyright © 2020 Garage Gym Reviews

Comments (100)
Danika Prescod

I tried this for the first time at my gym the other day. I really liked it. Definitely noticed the heavier bar. Liked that too ! I’m going to start using it more now that I’ve seen your video. And I have to say , I usually don’t ever watch a video in ts entirety. But I did watch this one. You are straight to the point. Your cameraman is excellent and you actually used the equipment as you normally would. Giving me a chance to see the equipment make you work !!! Thanks !

Don Quixote

Reminiscent of the Zane squat thing

Coach Carp

So you prefer this one or the transformer bar?

Brian Fox

I think that on a 6'3, 350lb person, this bar would sit right at the normal low bar spot. I just don't know that it was made with normal sized people in mind.

Shaune Schroeder

Yeah Coop! that's a lot of weight and no collars, you're the man! Good job! Those name callers are just jealous...lol!

Steve O

Cool vid! Love your opinion. I feel like your foot position is pretty wide, I used to do that too but I hurt my hip really bad. I now have my feet about shoulder width and I feel like that also really helps with my hip drive because instead of relying on my knees, I've built up my butt over time. Idk might help, I'm a former Marine and eat rocks for a living, so take it as you will


Stan style squat

Jack Thompson

This bar has terrible form at the bottom of a rep, you should tell it to brace its core so it doesn't bend

Chris Ellison

"Play stupid games get stupid prizes"...classic.

TeamBeard 85

Nice to see a fellow missourian ??

King David

Coop, is the bar / weight "staying over" mid foot during the full range of motion ?
Need better angles of your lifts with this bar.

Dion Dixon

OFF TOPIC - Do I wait on Rogue to restock their barbells or do I pull the trigger on Texas Power Bars who have stock now?

John Watson

Horrible camera work.
Really difficult to see how the bar affects form when the camera person is doing closeups following you up and down on the squats.


Coop, love your videos. Camm-ber not caym-ber

Operation Truth

Titan Safety Squat Bar
Hands Down is the BEST

Zac Oty


JT Garcia

“It’s just ugly” lol that was funny


This is some of the worst camera work I've ever seen.


I have always thought the most mechanically ideal place for the bar on the back while squatting was at the level of thoracic vertebrae six, which this bar allows. $600 is steep, 350 is reasonable.

Adrena Line

Pls lose the creeper mustache

Johnny Lira

Only critique I have is, Put some bands on that bar!!!

David Hamad

Random guy with no profile picture here, how’s it going? I have a genuine comment regarding your filming & editing: lately the b-roll in your videos has been weird; it’s inserted at times where you’re explaining something & pointing at a specific aspect of the item, which should be showed to viewers, which is odd. B-roll should be played either when there is no dialogue (between different topics), or at times where you’re speaking about something that doesn’t need the viewer to visualize what you’re trying to explain (or you can use b-roll to demonstrate/focus on what you’re explaining, also).

Just thought I’d give some constructive criticism that may have not been brought to your attention. You’re videos have always been great btw.


I would like to get this bar but like Titan they dont ship to Canada
By the way you squat heavy enough to end up like Ronnie Coleman in your fifties


Ordered one over 2-months ago... E-mailed them a few times. No response, no updates, no actual phone number... $756 purchase and hoping it works out


How the hell would you bail with this thing?

J Hon

Stache game strong Coop

Joseph Landry

great review! thanks


The mustache is offensive... yet it coincides; looking like a Mars bar handle!...Great video though!

P. S.

I prefer snickers bars

Jack Pasquale

Hey coop, you probably won’t see this but I bought a 300 lb Olympic set from dicks sporting goods which came with a pair of 45’s 35’s 25’s 10’s 5’s 2.5’s
And a 45 lb bar which happens to be 300 lb capacity. I can’t exactly lift 300 lbs or more yet, so I plan to use it till I get stronger but I thought it would be a good idea for a video for you to test it. Here’s the link for the bar if you see this suggestion



Do you play on Reno 911?????

B N.

Proof that when you grow a mustache, you can lift more. No skill needed, good job, Coop!


hi Coop! Please check your gmail or FB messanger but we are not friends on FB so you have to see the filtered messages.

the penistonianman

Speaking as someone with shoulder issues, this bar looked great. I did check it out in the net and another bar came up in the searches, it's called the Transformer bar pricing is very similar. A video comparing the two would be good.

Noah Blevins

It sounds like a savage dumpster porn when you lift heavy Coop.

That is the proper sound for gains. Keep up the good work.

Fitness Philosopher

m dude with fake profile- no comment on form, but I did roast you a bit in my last vid ( take that back- why did your ass pop out like that? 17:08 )

Ken Phillip

Someone probably already mentioned it, but are those the new rogue deep dish plates in front of the rack?

Jason Callaway

Cool video, man. Nice lifts!

Thomas Brogan



You better hope you don't get stuck on the bottom of a squat. That's not a good situation to get into with that bar.


Titan fitness really needs to make a replica and sell it for like $250. I’d buy it in a heart beat. Can’t justify spending 600 on a bar though

Xavi Jay Sanchez

With that Mustache on your face. I wondered if Time Traveling really does exist. A guy from the 80s traveling to 2020 and doing Gym Equipment reviews ?

Zyzzus Christ

All that equipment and still a dad bod.

clayton b

Coop, did you stop in Clinton? I have family at Lake of the Ozarks and stop in Clinton on the way from KCI...RTE 44 at the Sonic :)

Michael Rettagliata

Any comparison to the Kabuki transformer bar?

Mike Voebel

Glad you reviewed this
Can we get a review on the Tsunami Bar now, Coop??

jrock 1975

Cool video

Nyx Hypnos

Next episode, "reviewing the snickers bar"


Not sure how tall he is but this dude looks like my uncle if he was jacked

edit: i only say i dont know how tall he is bc my uncle is 6' 6"

Amy L

I thought it would flip up when you de-loaded one side. But then, I haven't used any kind of SSB yet, so not familiar with how they react.

David B

When I hear Mars Bar.. I think almonds, nougat, and caramel all wrapped up in chocolate... LOL
Nice bar..

Red5 Performance

So pretty much what I expected. Awesome bar but way overpriced

arezki mechtaoui

Fake weights ? lol ? I like your plates ?

CurryCel Ascended

Can someone linke me a budget safety squat bar or a duffalo bar.

Josh Maly

pretty solid work!

Carlos Fernandez

That's a Pro garage gym. Wao! You have a super gym.

Johnny Lira

Can you do good mornings with it?


That bar fetish tho.. ?

Ghost Grown Medicine

Nice choice of camera Coop, a fellow Sony Shooter.

Certified Dinks

For 650, the kabuki transformer bar is a better buy considering you can set it up for a low bar style squat plus all the other variations.

Bryan Nguyen

I hate the thumbnail so much.

Richard Mather

This is one of your best, most in depth reviews. Enjoyed it.

Puppy Dragon

If you have been lifting for years and you look like that damn you got bad genetics even for a natty lol.

bob man

Ive been trying to order this Marrsbar
I’ve tried contacting them twice via email because their web purchase checkout keeps changing my shipping address

They don’t respond?? Are they still in business?

I added a comment I did finally reach them, very nice folks

Jaryn Shinn

Lightweight baby!

janine pannell

That thumbnail! Lol


I literally have been using a home made version of this bar for years!!

Jr. Science Bros.

This guy is weak. My pinky is stronger than him.

Tony Tierno

I do notice when you are about to decenende on each rep your upper back "wiggles and jiggels' try using a cue like tits up. To stabilize the upper back.

William Duncan

Coop, I have one. I made two trips to KS — first to try it out and second to bring it home. I saved freight by picking it up.

It fits differently on bigger guys. I use the handles to pull it up. I have several videos on my IG

Garrett Turbett

This video just made me crave a tasty chocolate caramel treat!

Solomon Farner

Review the rogue volcano!!!!!!!!


Nice mustache, John Bolton style .. As for weird bar, someone should create the first Double Bar, with two sleeves on each side.

Garth Fairfield

The squat bar uses you bra

Einherjar K

What a nice stache coop

sean weir

up next Titan fitness Pluto bar.

Paul Jenney

What's with the porn star stache?

Bryan Hogan

I was really excited to see this! To bad i just PR'd 1501 lbs

Garage Gym 411

Excellent review, Coop! Now we wait for the "Coop improvements/recommendations" to be executed...
Still waiting for Rogue to offer their 3-foot, Monster Utility 2.0 flat bench with Rogue color options....ZZZzzzzz...cough, cough, REP Fitness...


Just test the bar and STFU!


~395lbs; way to go Coop!

bbrock RailFan

Watching it looks really harsh on the lower back. Does it feel harsh on the lower back. Other than that it seems pretty cool.

Zain Rehan

good review. helpful!

Lucas Franco

Can you achieve a similar angle on the transformer bar?

Evan McGough

Is there anyway you can effectively bail on a lift when it’s on you? Or just have safeties your and drop straight down lol

Big T

Looks like it's good for good mornings and...that's it.

Guillermo Tijerino V

Waste of money!! With a regular barbell you can do a bunch of things!

Anthony Hernandez

Awful form! And that’s not a lot of weight!


I wouldn’t call it a “specialty” bar....if you have bad shoulders it is a necessity bar. ??️‍♂️

Nathan Anderson

Oddly enough, this company is right down the street from me here in Lawrence, KS.lol RCJH. No shipping. Woohoo!


I saw louie use this he does high rep good mornings and makes the crew use it too

Bill Hoad

Do u get mars bar chocolates in america?

Simon Li

finaly a new video! also this bar looks like a roller coaster strap lmfao


Hey neighbor, did not know you were in MO. I am just east of KCMO.



mustache is solid btw

Jeff LaBianco

You look like escanor from seven deadly sins lmao

Thomas Brown

No drama in the garage gym! Just like Superman in his Fortress of Solitude.

Liam Beal

Love the Jujimufu reference

Jays Natural Fitness

Good review and good lifts!

Eric Eccles

Its free shipping until 2021 right now!