Lying leg curl at home

How to: Lying Leg Curl With a Dumbbell at Home

How to: Lying Leg Curl With a Dumbbell at Home12 Dec. 2020

How to: Lying Leg Curl

How to: Lying Leg Curl With a Dumbbell at Home. Part of the series: Exercises Using Dumbbells. You can do a lying leg curl with a dumbbell right at home by following just a few basic steps. Do a lying leg curl with a dumbbell at home with help from a fitness competitor and expert in this free video clip.

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Ironmaster Lying Leg Curls with Lee Priest

Ironmaster Lying Leg Curls with Lee Priest24 Jun. 2013
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Lee Priest showing off

Lee Priest showing off some his insane current condition with some lying leg curls on the Ironmaster Super Bench with leg attachment.

Lee currently has a hamstring injury so he isn't going super heavy with weight, but his legs still look massive.

Ironmaster Leg Extension Attachment - http://samsfitness.com.au/ironmaster-leg-extension-curl

Sam's Fitness - http://samsfitness.com.au/

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Lorenzo Marinčić

hey charles, it's Lorenzo, yeah he's getting ready for a comp in October go check his facebook profile..

Sam's Fitness - Gym Equipment

Hey you are not alone there brother - bodybuilding has really gone downhill. Wish they would reward more balanced physiques instead of massive freaks with big guts.


Lee Priest was fucking BORN this way

That YouTubeChannel

What weight does he usually use?

John Doh

Look at them fucking legs

Sean Mapley

God damn impressive legs!

g steiner

fkn wish i had this machine at my gym :'(


Those hams <3 fucking perfect

Sam's Fitness - Gym Equipment

It is not a machine - it is just a bench. But it can do a lot of things. Look up Ironmaster Super Bench

M Nav

I just discovered you can use the leg extension attachment for decline and situps. I already have the ab/decline attachment but find the leg extension attachment more comfortable for those exercises. I use a Lashing straps so it doesn't part to get leverage.

charles christian

good choice Sam is a good guy

charles christian

thanks Lorenzo good to hear from you man

Sam's Fitness - Gym Equipment

Hey Charles he is actually well under 220 pounds. Hasn't even started dieting yet. He is a true freak!!

lazer dennis

sir  please   put  upload    video for  ironmaster  all attachment 

Ozzy H

Are there a difference between leg curls plate loaded compare to the cable machine leg curls? Do they hit a little differently which one you prefer

Ewan Stanley

is this better than the ones with the cable? in terms of emphasis?

charles christian

Is Lee getting ready for something or just training as usual he looks like he's about 240-260 pounds

stefanie lieb

How can I work calves with lying leg curl machine?

Lying Leg Curls At Home

Lying Leg Curls At Home19 Aug. 2018
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