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2008 Olympics Women's Gymnastics All Around final - complete

2008 Olympics Women's Gymnastics All Around final - complete12 Jun. 2020
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Complete coverage of the

Complete coverage of the 2008 Olympics Women's Gymnastics All Around Final, featuring top athletes including USA's Nastia Liukin and Shawn Johnson, China's Jiang Yuyuan and Yang Yilin, Russia's Ksenia Semenova and Anna Pavlova, and Romania's Steliana Nistor and Sandra Isbaza.

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VHS. We meet again.

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George Yog

I'm happy for her father, he was a legend

Aqui e lá

Essa chinesa é perfeita. Maravilhosa. Foi uma disputa e tanto. Shawn, Nastia e a Chinesa não sei o nome foram extremamente incomparáveis


1:18:18 - so close! she almost went out of bound there and potentially have lost the gold :O


That analysis of Shawn vs. Nastia at the beginning is cool, never saw that before

Carissa D

It's July 2020 and I'm still watching this. Nastia's floor routine is my all time fave. I know the tumbling is not as difficult as the other gymnasts nowadays, but the whole routine is just amazing.


I love that they are best friends now and Shawn's a mom. Such incredible girls!

Vitor Hugo Santana

The commentators never see Shawn’s mistakes, she didn’t hit a single split on beam, her chest is super low on her dismount and standing full. On bars she was super close on her releases and had bent arms. Jiang’s beam routine was cleaner than Shawn’s and they were shocked because they got the same E score. Ridiculous.

Kenia Hdz

Still sad that Ksenia Semenova didn't win a medal in Beijing :( She did her best the entire competition

Luz Maria G

Hubiera sido padre de que nistor llevará su propia medalla olímpica pero las cosas no fueron así ya que las rumanas han sido fuertes en la gimnasia.

Heather Jay

Actually both Russian gymnasts were amazing on floor! Wow.

aji bumiserpongdamai

1. Nastia
2. Shawn
3. Ksenia Semenova
4. Steliana Nistor
5. Anna Pavlova
10. Yang Yilin


Wow these announcers are hating on every gymnast aside from Nastia and Shawn. YiLin’s beam to me was not that bad but they acted like she had the worst set of her life. Also claiming Yuyuan got help from the judges and calling her meds up on the turn “silly” They year the Chinese gymnasts to pieces and I am not here for it! Cmon keep it professional!

Pequeña Iris

Shawn is a such incredible girl

Jorge Castillo

Queen Nastia ?

Tracy Latak

Is there a reason there not showing routines instead of people standing around there is 4 event going on right

Timothy Chow

The scoring in gymnastics back in 2008 had the all around winner be good in uneven bars. Now a days I think the high scoring apparatus is vault. I don't think they can ever make gymnastics equal for all four apparatus but I feel the floor or beam should score the most because the routine last the longest about 1 1/2 minute. Vault only takes about 1/2 minute but whatever they do the scoring can never be completely fair.

Caden A

These are great !! Keep up the good work for the content you post


the camera shot at 47:42 is very awkward and taking very long

Caden A

Will you be able to upload 2008 Olympics women's event finals? I can't find them anywhere :(

Megan Irvine

it’s so bizarre to me how much bars was emphasised in this COP, like a 7.7 start value??? i started watching gymnastics this year and looking back it’s genuinely astounding to me that you could get so much higher just by being good on bars lol


It still bothers me that Valeri Liukin said that winning silver was the “worst thing” Nastia could do. I think it says a lot about what kind of coach he was...and that seemed to be confirmed by several gymnasts in recent years.

Emmanuelle Pons

Nastia un papillon!


The ridiculous scores on bars during this quad meant that had certain athletes competed under later or earlier CoP, they wouldn't have been anywhere near as competitive in the all-around.


Why did everyone think that Shawn would clearly win? They even compared the start values and there wasn't that much of a difference. They probably were looking at national scores where Shawn mostly won, but she got credited and didn't get deducted for her dance elements on floor. She also got a 9.5 execution for her Amanar-ish vaulting which is just crazy. Nastia was overscored as well but overall was cleaner, it's mostly her bars dismount where she got hammered in international competitions, but the rest of her elements - especially on beam and vault - weren't deducted much more different than at nationals. Shawn's beam is great but she finally got deducted for landing with an extremely low chest on many elements and her lack of flexibility. This was a deserved win for Nastia.

Joey Hawkins

https://youtu.be/w-01sY97-9o 2:14:00 (Nastia's dad 1988 Olympic ceremony, he won silver medal lost by 1/10 of a point!)


Ok but the step to the side is not uncharacteristic for Shawn honestly. She took a step a lot. Even when it looked like she didn’t need to. I guess maybe she thought her difficulty was enough that a step here and there to be safe wasn’t going to hurt her...

Luz Maria G

Creo oí la canción del clásica pelicula anime memorias 1995 de la voz de Eva friedel de rosa magnética. En estos juegos de Beijing 2008

Leigh Rivera

I love watching the Chinese gymnast they float in the air

Leigh Rivera

They complained about score first time she hit higher than Shawn HOW!! NOPE shit is wrong Shawn deserves the gold

Cole Smith

Shawn was grossly underscored on bars and beam. Nastia's bars were gross and messy, and Shawn's were perfect other than one of two handstands and bent arms. Shawn stick her dismount and Nastia didn't, yet they both scored around the same on execution. Considering how generous the judges were with the Chinese on beam, Shawn should've had an E score well about them. Shawn was robbed of a well deserved gold medal

داهية العرب

Those judges? ,nastia got 9.3 for execution in floor routine??seriously?? Izbasa’s routine was more perfect and she got only 9.1 . WTF??

Leigh Rivera

This was rigged Shawn should have won in but just saying that cause I like her I like naustia too! Both diff and amazing gymnast but shawns difficulty so much higher and she diserved higher in beam naustia floor or beam isn’t as difficult as shawns Shawn is tumbling on a 4 inch wide beam doing blind flips she should have been gold


41:42 damn Shawn’s L turn was crazy

Aqui e lá

Aaah fiquei emocionada junto?


Tim: “Shawn told me there is nothing wrong with saying you want to be Olympic all around champion”
Elfi: “Ksenia Semenova said she’s so excited to be doing all around... felt she could win the title“ scoffs

Leigh Rivera

Than the other girl goes has multiple errors multiple and obvious but gets 15.75what??? Makes no scence way too high way too high Shawn had no errors but a leg movement 1 thing and this other girl gets multiple visible errors and comes close to shawns score nope they are playing favorites

Zero afro heritage only Wizard and prodigy


Eric Cable

it's a shame the quality of this video is so bad


1:38:35 nastia: “hm let’s do another medal pic” shawn: sigh

Heather Jay

Anna Pavlova's floor routine was gorgeous. I miss Russian gymnastics

aji bumiserpongdamai

Yan Yilin Bronze AA .. it doesn't fun anymore


I can’t help but feel sorry for Anna Pavlova. She’s a phenomenal gymnast and don’t feel like she is acknowledged enough

Jaycee 1200

Along with Aly going back in 2016 and finally making the AA, this is one of my absolute favorite moments in gymnastics. Watching Nastia (and her dad) win the gold still chokes me up no matter how many times I watch it.

Loyann Parker

Still love watching this. Nastia and Shawn!! Queens.

Mardy Campbell

Commentators are the worst part...


At 1:24:17 you can hear Shawn’s father whistling loudly as Shawn searches the crowd for her parents. Such a sweet moment.

Raymond Firmo Narag

Thank you for uploading! ??????

Zero afro heritage only Wizard and prodigy


Eric Cable

1:28:00 Bob Costas is an asshole. Remember, I think it was the Winter Olympics in Korea when he got pink eye and we didn't have to listen to him for over a week? That was awesome.


I can watch this over and over. First, Nastia is the epitome of what gymnastics should be: perfect balance of ability and grace. I’ve always
Been drawn to gymnastics like her, I.e. Julianne McNamara. Second, knowing that Shawn intentionally (in her own words) didn’t talk to Nastia for 9 years because she was bitter about losing tells me much about her character at that time and seeing Nastia literally runaway with the gold here is so satisfying. Yes Shawn has matured since but still. Third, I think Nastia was robbed of the gold on the bars also. There should be two gold medals awarded.

Libby O'Neil

I count at least 7 different pronunciations of "Jiang Yuyuan" from Al in this

Andrew Martin

17:45 Yang Yilin didn't fall, it was Jiang Yuyuan who fell.

Mercedes Judson

The Rumanian gymnastic is perfect

• DancingRick101 •

We must love NBC only showing 8 different gymnasts, that are all in the top 4 countries (2 per countries duh). Meanwhile the rest of the world probably got like one routine from close to the 3/4 of the competitors... Yeah?

Pamela Chacon

Nastia ???

Leigh Rivera

Nope Shawn should have had the all around period.

Susan Di Laudo

The chinese coaches shouldve had yuyuan do a double, like Yilin, instead of that amanar

God i loved shawn’s fx routine. Such great music. Nastia’s? Never liked that piece of music. Nails on a chalkboard


46:13 jangjuangjuang hahahaha


1:11:33 who used to have this music. Was it Kristen Maloney?

brad simms

I’m so used to hearing nastia’s voice along with Tim. Crazy how much can change in 12 years


Anna pavlova should have gotten the bronze
Yang yilin was given way too high scores

Jamez Kpal

Three little heros. And Ksenia. She should get something.

Barbara Reis

The chinese were SO overscored those beam scores were a joke