Low cable pull ins

Low-Cable Pull-in

Low-Cable Pull-in18 Oct. 2017
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1 Killer Lat Exercise To Build A WIDE Back: "Lat Pull Ins"

1 Killer Lat Exercise To Build A WIDE Back: "Lat Pull Ins"6 Jan. 2015
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Video Summary:

1 Killer Lat Exercise To Build A WIDE Back: "Lat Pull Ins"


Basic pull ups, pulldowns and rows have always been the basic bread and butter for those who want to build a wide back, and although these are all fantastic lat exercises in their own right, today I want to introduce you to a very uncommon lift that just might be superior to them all.

They're known as "lat pull ins", and if you really want to build a wide back with lat muscles that really stand out, you definitely need to give these a shot.

Performing cable lat pull ins is pretty simple...

First, place a bench or box that you can sit on a few feet from a cable machine. Set a single pully high up on the machine and grab it using an underhand grip. Place your upper arm at a 45 degree angle and then pull the resistance inward toward your side until you feel your lats contract. Repeat for 5-12 reps.

I only started using these pretty recently, but I'm now convinced that they're one of, if not THE best lat exercises out there to include in your lat workout. You can certainly build big lats using the standard pull ups, pulldowns and rows, but including a lat pull in somewhere in your routine will definitely give you some additional gains.

This is because, unlike most traditional back exercises, the lat pull-in aligns the pull of the resistance with the direction that the fibers of the lats run. If you look at the basic anatomy of the lat muscles, you'll see that most of the fibers run at about a 45-70 degree angle. The lat pull-in trains the lats through this exact angle, allowing you to get the deepest contraction possible.

Give this lift a try and see what you think. If you're serious about getting the best lat workout possible and want to build a wide back as effectively as you can, I guarantee you'll be very impressed with these.

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Karthik Ramasamy

So this is an alternative to pull ups/pull downs or to any other horizontal movement exercise?


seen it before but never get to do them


Hey Sean, what do you think of the seated row with a close grip as a lat exercise?

I also found a video by Matt Ogus about a Lat Pulldown Variation and I'm interested what you think of it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ImATh1ZTffc

Gilles Verbruggen

Tried it out yesterday, while doing the excersise i was like meh, not that good, but than in between the sets my lats felt pumped as shit... crazy sore today as wel hahaha

Alex Stulens

I tried this one for the first time today, all i can say is, thanks man??

Sean Cook

Between this and the standing two-handed shoulder width straight-arm pull downs to your upper quads, these would be a perfect mix to burn out at the end of back day. Thanks Sean!

Anirban Mookherjee

I always wondered why don't people work out the back like this. 45 degree angle from a cable station very logically seems to be the best recipe for wide lats. But I never tried it though because I've never seen anyone do it ever and also, I'm happy with my back development.

Matt Mona'

Seriously a badass shoulder exercise!!

Ken Lal

Hey Sean you look awesome! I can see all the hard work you've put into your body. I wanted to ask you, does the size of any guys belly or even having a pot belly affect the back itself creating stress on the vertebrae and back muscles. Thanks

Angelo Krizmanic

Can these be done sitting on a gym exercise ball?

From Earth


Sahil Desai

Wow Sean you've been making some gains !

Steven Ouk



Your shoulders are freaking aesthetics for a natty

james jacob



Sean do you bodybuild ?


cool thnx man! 


i tried this exercise yesterday and man you were right, you definitely feel a huge difference.  I've been doing lat pull downs with different hand positions and never felt my lats working like this before. i felt a difference just in the first set.  great exercise for anyone who needs to revamp their lat exercises.


Hey Sean I dont know  if you already made  a video about it but I want to start loosing weight soon, should I do a low fat diet or a low carb diet ? I want to keep as much muscle mass as possible. As far as I know the low fat diet sounds much better but can I keep as much muscle mass as in the low carb diet ?


Excellent workout Sean! I believe this workout is the closest thing to achieving Bruce Lee's 'wings'.

One thing I noticed, when I do it with forearm facing up (like how you demonstrated), there're several clicks in my shoulder. So I switched to forearm facing front and felt a lot more comfortable. Just to share =)

Keep these rare but highly effective workouts coming!

Stephen Cole

Is this technically an isolation exercise vs a more compound one like pullups, doesn't that mean that it will have less results in overall growth? 

George Hewett

Thank you for this terrific movement education. I'm going to sub these pull-in's for the wide-grip pull downs next workout. I'd like to get as close to "geared up" wings as I can get in my natural training endeavors! Good video; a movement I wouldn't ever have considered had I not viewed it.

Okan Bilgin

Sean, I have been doing this exercise in the last 2 months after watching this video and the result that I achieved in 2 months is very much significant in comparison with my previous training routine. Considering that I am eating the same, the only difference for my back routine is this exercise and the difference is obvious. Thanks again and please keep bringing useful stuff like this. Greetings from Istanbul.


What is the proper range of motion for these? I mean, how close your elbows are supposed to bring to your sides?

R b

cant i do this on a lat pull down machine?

tt !

Does this follow the same movement pattern as Lat Pulldowns?

T Money

Thanks for the tip trying this next back day.

Sirichai Aksarachaipruk

Can I do this with Cable Pull-over or choose one in Back Routine? Thanks

Sean Wong

Interesting. Thanks again! Gonna try this next.

Roho Nagi

Would you substitute this with Latpulldowns? My back routine is...

Latpullovers (withc able)
Overhead Shrugs


Now, this is what I've been doing to isolate my lats over the last few weeks and I'm loving it. Way to go, Sean!


You have impressive shoulders for a natural! Nice video!

Ever Burning

I've done this at the typical lat pull down cable pulley, but with one arm and sitting at 90° off front, left or right. Even that difference activated the lat all the way down to the lowest insertion. Will try your description at 45° instead of directly underneath.


Cool I'll give this a try... Thx

Hell Boy

Your workout videos are awesome. Your workout tips really worked for me. Thank you so much.

Usman Mohammad

God damn sean. You making all kinds of gainz

Joe Miller

I am going to add this to my workout

Edvin Nilsson

Thanks so much!


Sean from your book a that you have written the truth about building muscle, muscle gain truth, to body fortress training from all these which one got you the biggest and strongest. You said that you were 230 at one time so which books workout would you recommend too achieve that type of size.


Thanks, Sean! Will try :)


best bodybuilding channel by far!!No bullshit only scientific facts and tips in 5 mins! Great work man,many thanks!

Dallas Van Winkle

Wonderful explanation, probably the most informative back width video I've seen. Thank you!

A.G. the God

Very effective exercise..been doing this for 3 week now and will continue using in in every back workout.

bud knowitall

any suggestions for someone who doesnt go to the gym for lat pulldowns, i do these at home, pull ups, bent over row, one arm db from fb,deadlift,pull overs, bent over db row, same thing as bent over row i guess , do some bw back exercises at the end nothing major, what could i sub for a lat pulldown


What do you recommend substituting this for...a vertical pull down or a horizontal row?

Canadian Supplement Reviews

Love this exercise, contraction is nearly PAINFUL.


i saw jason genova perform this exerise and am using ever since


Giving this a try


revisited this exercise with my wrist straps...Now that ive been doing pull ups and have a better mind muscle connection this exercise hit the lower lat like no other...and the more you face out the more you get that horizontal stretch which really contracts the muscle in which the fibers are designed to work...excellent

Nelson Jonson

Good information, consider me officially subbed


Everyone should get Doug Brignole's book. He's really got the straight scoop on which exercises are best for what muscle. He debunks the idea of the "big compound lifts" to get big. It shows just how much folklore and myth saturates this sport.

Cable Pull-Ins

Cable Pull-Ins5 Aug. 2015
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