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Ground Marketing Series: Gyms

Ground Marketing Series: Gyms22 Jan. 2019
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Episode 1 of The Ground

Episode 1 of The Ground Marketing Series.


I honestly think this is the most appropriate tactic for the time of the year. We all know everyone's New Year's resolutions is to become healthier, fitter, and basically a greek god (kidding). So, why not be where your new potential patients are at right now!

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Wow great video love to watch more,nice video thanks for sharing with us

Comfydent Smiles

Michael Arias... you are just amazing! I love that you did this video to show how it is done!

LA fitness pranks round 2

LA fitness pranks round 26 Aug. 2020
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drummer at la fitness a a legend

Now Open ?LA Fitness ?Boca Raton palmetto & powerline ??? Ramona flowera - strangers

Now Open ?LA Fitness ?Boca Raton palmetto & powerline ??? Ramona flowera - strangers3 Aug. 2018
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Now Open ?LA Fitness ?Boca

Now Open ?LA Fitness ?Boca Raton palmetto & powerline ??? Ramona flowera - strangers #drone #instagood #lafitness #bocaraton #gym #fun #share #like #comment

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Macculus Macculus

Who 8s gonna get out of bed early morning to go to a gym if you dont belong there. For someone to ask "Do you train with us here?" 2nd time now my friend felt interrogated by 2 LA Fitness employees at Beracasa Way in Boca Raton. Is this a private club for a specific race and not others? Is it just for Caucasians? If you know of a good gym in Boca please let me know where ALL people are welcome!!