How many minutes in 2 weeks

My 1400HP Twin Turbo R8 vs C8, Aventador, Ferrari, R8

My 1400HP Twin Turbo R8 vs C8, Aventador, Ferrari, R89 Feb. 2021
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Just a whole video of

Just a whole video of driving the speed limit! I had this car for 2 weeks then broke it so I had it twin turbo’d at sheepeyrace and now it might be a little too fast ???


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Hiro YoshiKuni

Let me drive it

Tyler Reichel

Yoooo whistiln diesel vs the hoonicorn would be sick!

Pusy Slayer

Must be nice to be rich and white. The world is your rl GTA with unlimited respawns and no jail time.

rasta fariano

I love all your cars bro


Need an actual harness now. that seat belt aint cutting it

wesley mattes

How cool would it be if you put a 12v cummins in it and made it role coal

Big Daddy_Goose

Bro, that was one of your best videos... you killed it, man!! I cant wait to see what you got planned next! Much respect!

blakenolimit 1

That is badass.. I would love to drive that??


Biggest douche on youtube.

Bret Morgan

Bro meet up with effspot that would make the craziest crossover ever

Oskar Thompson

Eat the rich

Adam Spencer

Rich kids not respecting what they have

preston degeer

@whistlin She seems more Intrested in ya then ur own mrs does lol


Ever seen the video, Two Carrera GTs terrorizing LA.?! Go watch.

Charles M.

Take it to the track my man, keep the public safe! Great cars!

Noah Sheehan

Hell yah whistlin diesel in the street scene. Take it to 1320 haha

Huzaifa Omer

Please don't bury this beauty

Jedidiah Forrester

I absolutely love whistleinaudi

Jim Dandy

Seems like the car means something to you.

master b

never understood why people like the rear bumper off

Ian Dougherty

when worlds collide

Mr A

Went to the city but still threw some good ole turbskies in the pavement princess ?

Dave Wheeler

Can I get a ride in that beast

al belanger GARAGE BUILDS

More content with Emelia Hartford and trips to L.A !! Awesome car

Mikey fresh

Audi gang

In Truth We Trust

8:45 when you got a 6" but she's had 8" before

Patrick Saring

This guy is living his best life. 100% love all the content! Thanks for spend a f**k ton of money to entertain me! ?


LAX Took your hammer so you got beef now.. and you're probably on a watch list now...

Alex Zaldivar

Hit up daily driven exotics on youtube. They cruise all over U.S and Canada in lambos, even in the snow lol

The Dude 100

Please go to LA more!! Love it

Jacob Lopez


Bimmerstreetlyfe Entertainment



This video gives me Forza vibes

Levi Campbell

I miss they are a 1% more than the General lee


me just getting a audi a7 like :/

Weslee Miller

Cool car.

Andrew Marietta

Is it just me or does he keep changing what side the steering wheel is on ?

Shane France

Umm u no we r the mid west right fastest street cars n the world we do the same shit here bro ?

dave johnson

Is that a rhd or a lhd it keeps switching lol

Eddie Maniac

Whats up with the montana tags? I know it's cheaper to register here but i though they where stopping thay

Trey Praduktionz

I need one just to put onna dese kits on ?

Jose Faticati

Damn wish I had a car like that


You guys had way too much fun
“Say something funny for YouTube! Hahahaha”


I want that but in an rs6 body. Wagons 4 lyfe

chuck hudgen

You must have a awesome lady. Mine would shit if she saw those girls

Marxelo world322

White people weird???????


wtf i want a go

Dan A.

Sounds like popcorn popping


I guess we aren't talking about what happened to the Hellcat?

Spencer Guy

You need to take a shower your hair looks greasy

guido changaras

WD, cool channel, not like the other boring guys on youtube, WD ain't predictable, cool guy

chuck hudgen

Goog god

Ben Slagel

I miss Jason and cleyton

Bootleg Caesar

you look at people rocking guccy and think they they flexxin mad, i look at whistlindiesel and his whole life is the wildest flex.

Lederlie malones

2:00 thats the guy from sheepytace that modified the DDE cars

Mia Moore Mi Amor


Weslee Miller

Sweet car.

Anthony Benjamin

i’m suprised she knows how to drive it

Steven Wilson

I bet you won’t lift the R8 and put bigger tires on it

bill lemons

should have bought stradmans r8 and do a complaint blog. lmao

mario rowe

That's a lot of power to trust a woman with.

Damon Van Dalsen

Yo diesel I live in Indiana, I recently moved from Lafayette to live with my girlfriend in Monticello, it’d be dope for you to stop by sometime in one of them cool cars

TJ Shoop

That thing is WILD!!! love it


u r a fucking bitch


That down shift @ 10:49 tho, gaaa damn

Fidel Breto

Man his wife is gonna be pissed hanging out with all them females ?

mitchell giambattista

Keep doin your thing ,ya savage

Darvin Ortiz

You should buy a slammed truck?

Caleb Banton

So when are you doing laps at the freedom factory?? Gonna send it down the 1/4 mile at Bradenton?


Definitely do more stuff like this

Aidan Sadeghian

This bitch... “1000 hp is still fun” like it’s a downgrade ??

Praise the Wendigo

Favorite video so far


These kids and all this money ?, just hire me dude... I want to enjoy that life. I won’t let you down


When my rich uncle gets out of the poor house... I tell you what...

Spencer Guy

Love the vid and the R8

Drake Mackay

The fact that you let everyone else drive your car is awesome brings joy to others besides yourself

Weslee Miller

Great video.

The Shop


Salvador Lopez

10:20 I need a women like that

David Pinto

Scum bag

Riley Banks

My goodness. I'm bigdog status in my tiny little town with 650HP (s63). This thing would murder everything I believe in....


4:44 Imaaao


this video actually makes me feel bad because of how badly i want to be there

OTB Gardens

Where's my hammer? I've been missing that hammer. ?????

Marno v.d Merwe

This thing is mental ?

What you mean Thirsty?

Is this becoming a street racing channel?

nate-the sale

What’s the MPG on that bad boy?

D. Batt

Gotta love the Eswing

Nishan Hunsraj

I feel Emelia's car should be a lot faster for 1000hp??!

salty Owen

This man has that fuck you money and I love it

Mr Farmer2012

Man that r8 is friken epic i absolutely love how the exhaust looks!!!!!

Jonathan Badham

alot of those cars are based off of the awd audi r8 platform the mclaren bmw motorsports powered car is a more outdated design

Noah Collazo

I want one now, like I thought Supra’s were cool.

What you mean Thirsty?

Fucked up. But I can see this channel being on one of those “before they were gone” videos. Shit

GhostLab Gaming

BERNIE SANDERS owns the R8....
claims to hate capitalism....
what if communism is just a company that sells ideas to morons via free markets?


Ps ams in Chicago could easily work on them

James Sword

I'm amazed you're trusting those thots in cars that powerful ?

JDM Engineuity

Blonde chick. Oh just a 2000hp viper....
Oh only 1,000hp I guess we can still have fun...

Senator Wax Davis

Where’s the farm and the trucks


R8 is one beautiful piece of technology

How To Cram For Your Exam (Scientific Tips)

How To Cram For Your Exam (Scientific Tips)28 Feb. 2019
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Try these study tips when

Try these study tips when you are down to the wire!

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http://science.sciencemag.org/content/354/6315/1046 https://www.cbc.ca/news/technology/exams-studying-tips-brain-science-1.3864360






A big thanks to our translators this week:

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Klara G

Sofie B

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Jiaxi hao

2years till nexdt exam :)

Leo F

Who else has a test tomorrow?

Communist Simp

Am I the only one who read "Gram for an exam" in the thumbnail???


I don't have exam tomorrow, I have it now

Jimin Park

I hav elen i 1 h im. Urrently at holme Werner hinna have it at 8 man wth in not egen halv awake then


It’s chai ????

Samuel Wang

Me, who has finals in 2 weeks:

Nightcore Musician

I have an SAT exam tomorrow. I hope this helps.


4:25 yeah let me just grab a rocking bed real quick


I have 5 exams this week:
Physics 1
Calculus 1
Technical Design
Optional Psychology Course



Me: tries to cram instructions on how to cram.??
I'm writing my chemistry final today. Haha might die idk yet.

Edit: I'm writing in 3 hours.??


the problem is that i take a whole hour to memorize only two pages... help

Marty Dahley

Studying but without the stu

Alina Rai

A single paper cannot decide my future


my chem exam is after 1 hour, and i didn't study


i've got finals starting in 19 minutes oops


I have a good way to study!! Listen up!! If you wanna study well, think about it’s a really nice gossip or a really cool thing that you want to know and remember it! I passed a few exams this way, it’s foolproof!!! Good luck ?



Nigga dog

3 hours left!!! Pray for me guys

Rubal gill

who is reading comments to see if the video is
useful..?? ??

Atomic Apple

It doesn't matter if your exam results are shitty what matters is that you actually tried to make a difference and that you actually did something to be better. That's more than what most students ever did.

anchal baheti

It’s 2 23 am and my exam is at 10am
Hope this helps

Ritvica Ramesh

Memory palaces
Mnemonic devices
Don't re-read
Don't stress
Practise tests
Look inward (metacognition)
Rock yourself to sleep if short of time

Wiid hed

Oh boy i had all the time i needed why i did do this to myself....

Vivi Bonner

0:57 anyone else switching the square thingy between a cone and a pit...

BeastGodSlayer Gaming

I’m cramming for my computer exam tomorrow ?

Icecream Cat

Me watching this not having to cram

paul ouano

so here's me watching this before our final exam 2 hours from now lol


1:03 at first I thought he said demonic devices lol

Evlad-ı S.P.Q.R

3:15 I had this issue. I distracted too quickly turns out I had ADHD.


what was this video about again?

Lord of the Beez

video: make a memory palace :D
me with aphantasia (inability to visualize things mentally): about that-


Tip: Listen to LoFI. It is scientifically proven the brain picks out the differences in sound and in turn helps it get into a mindset of focus. It is great for if you need to cram and you can't seem to sit still, it can give your brain something to work alongside with.

Lady Cabral

I only have 10hrs before our math exam...


So how was the exam?


aight where's my rocking bed

Nick Li

I don't read textbook until 2days before the exam, because I am afraid to mismemorize or forget some informations if I start too early

Winter Snow

cram tips: (summary)
- memory palaces (associate ideas u wanna memorize with familiar places)
- mnemonic devices (rhymes, songs)
- DON'T re-read
- destress: use practice questions, exercise
- find out how u study best (metacognition)
- rock yourself to sleep


AsapSCIENCE: "short term memory"

People with ADHD: visible confusion


Try the Pomodoro technique guys! Instantly gets me out of demotivating and stress

Awais Khan

Memory Palace Always works for me

Ahmed Irfan


shaurya rajgarhia

Repeating some terms help in remembering or it would just slip from your mind
I think so re reading is benificial

Gam Jam

AP Physics 1 makes me wanna die


What if my bed can't rock?

The Donuts

I regret leaving my Indonesian oral to the night before 30 an hour before I go to bed


this is a first time my online friends said im cramming on studying, and i don't even realized that i am.. it's such a blessing to have friends like her even my irl bestf doesn't even care about me

That Degenerate Weeb Shit

I have an exam in 2 days and I've just studied now ;-;

Gio Flynn

Exams tomorrow

Jethraem Evangelista

Here i am back with this video again

Raven Claw

I crammed studied so for a hour. I got a 86 the ones I got wrong was because I read the question wrong

All I did was outline the history chapter


Its literally 8am and I have a history test in an hour, lol give me luck

Belieber forever

I'm more addicted to reading comments than watching videos.??

A human

I found this after writing my exam lol

Leo F

Fun fact: you searched for this

ConeTop tpwp

When I study I just put the question on the left and the answers on the right next to it’s coresponding question. Then I cover up the answer and say what I think the answer to the question is in my head, than I pull down the thing I’m using to cover up the answer down just to see that particular answer. If I got it wrong than I try to think of a way to relate the question and answer or to make the answer funny. Than I just keep doing it with all the questions than once I get them all right I do it backwards to make sure that I can still remember it if its in a different order

Lauren Ellen

Me watching this on 2x speed xD

Uhhitzmahad !

Mid terms tomorrow at 8 am it’s 11 pm and literally haven’t done ANYTHING ??

Father Dearest

imagine watching this whilst being anxious about exams tomorrow crying + laughing couldnt be me


I am too mentally incapacitated for the memory palace method.

「 g r e e n t e a 」


weareone 1255

who actually has a rocking bed ? im stressed

Imaze GD

Sped up the video to 2x speed so I can actually have time to cram


Me watching this while studying for exams lol. (At least exams are still on Monday, but hopefully I won’t cram.)

IGNOU Audiobooks

Where to get the rocking bed?


Imma go sleep in my brothers cot to get a better score i guess

Arshad Dev

I have a final exam tomorrow 0_0

Mickey Tran

Watching this sitting on the toilet...maximum efficiency!! ?

Karim Ghaddar

The moment I knew I was fuc*ed Is when i looked at myself and realized I'm learning about memory palaces and I still have a test I didnt finish yet (and writing this comment)

Levern Jansen

After all it's not a war, it's just an exam.


Information ℹ️

Let's make Earth Green!

Make a video on how to take notes and get good marks

Oskar Tiisma

i have never needed to cram and i am in high school

Potato Dude

Semi-Pro Tip (?): QUICK SUMMARY SHEET (Basically, Write Things That You Just Can't Seem To Instate Into Your Brain, And Read It Every So Often)


you know you're really screwed when you have to watch this video in 2x speed so you have time to cram


just scrolling some yt videos the night before my online exams:

How to me Cutie Loulie

Thank you so much❤️❤️❤️❤️????

Arshad Dev

Reading your notes twice might not directly help you remember things better, but it might make you more confident and reduce stress.


Cramming has become my habit so now I always leave study til the last minute and do all of it overnight ?

huang leonjin

i've got a chemistry exam tomorrow and lets just say that i'm prepared but i'm also NOT prepared...lol

J. D .C

I'm having a mental breakdown because the exam tomorrow is the most important.


I have 5 exams tomorrow,, ?

Silver chariot

I got a midterm of science tmr... its 12...

sun star

i googled this not expecting a answer

Leo F

I literally can't study

Sama R


Birdie Giovanna

I'm totally not watching this in 2x speed pfffffft

Kenma's video game

Ok ty I love your videos



JJ Lempz

Smoke meth.

Musa on sticks

this guy predicted everything in 2 lines
exam tomorrow or few hours

• sunset salami •

Bruh thank you SO much. This saved my life.

dylan mae

i should be studying for spanish now...

Ahmed Irfan

No one:

Me sleeping on a rocking bed before an hour of the exam and falls into deep sleep

Lucian 853

4:30 ooh so that's why i fall asleep immediately when im drunk,the whole room is spinning so its like the bed is rocking side to side

CeeDee Comedy and Animations

I need motivation!!!!! Imma fail


When you’re supposed to be studying but instead you are scrolling through YT comments Like me

Mbuso Mabena

Rocking?...fully grown adults don't have swinging beds ?


me cramming for my finals tomorrow ??

Sama R

I have an exam tomorrow and help help help

Border Collie Puppy 2 weeks to 5 months in 3 minutes (Canon 70D and Tamron 24-70)

Border Collie Puppy 2 weeks to 5 months in 3 minutes (Canon 70D and Tamron 24-70)4 Jun. 2016
94 388
MariekeSubscribe 438 721

Shows Abbey the Border

Shows Abbey the Border Collie from 2 weeks to 5 months in 3 minutes.

Abbey (Nice of you to come bye - Mark the line) is a chocolate and tan Border Collie from a working line. She is trained using only positive reinforcement and a clicker.

Most clips are shot using a Canon 70D with a Tamron 24-70 f2.8 lens, and a wide angle Canon EFS 10-18 lens. For slider shots we used the Konova Slider.

Music is not owned by me: Redwood by Waterstrider

Comments (64)
Mia Alka

I love it. You're an amazing dog owner. Border collies are very active.


i'm about to get a border collie and i'm so excited

Rat Bastard

Ahh, when I’m older i’d love a Border Collie. I’m sure it’ll be pretty hard to handle in an apartment, sadly.

tomomi takayama


Vanessa Flores

It's a good video but you should label the months

Rodney McGiveron

thankyou...love this vid

Tim David

Such a handsome booyy ?

Nicole Stevens

aww so cute!~We have a border collie too! her name is Macy and she is beautiful! ur dog Abbey is beautiful!


Love it so much I can't hardly stand it LOL perfect


does your border collie have naturally short hair or do you cut it? beautiful dog!


was she fully potty trained by the end of the video?



ashlyn conner

getting our border collie puppy in 4 days!

Ananasek Star Stabul

U make mistake:
Border collie
from 2 weeks
to 5 months
in 3 minutes 28 SECONDS

Jinju Ha

So cute~I have a border collie called George He is beautiful


Smart puppy!

old economist

Gorgeous pair.

Nicolas Daré

Sou do Brasil, seu vídeo é profissional, parabéns ?


Awesome vid! So her coat and tail did eventually start to grow in! I have a 8 week old border collie and was beginning to think she was a short hair haha.

Hristo Konov

Just subscribe yesterday and I am really happy you're posting more videos,great content :)


I just brought a border collie TODAY, picking her up in 2 weeks as she's too young right now :^)


So adorable!!! Hope to see more!

border collie

meh, I am asking about border collie for 8 years but my father, I'm worried that I will not be able to raise him, I know only about 20 commands and what if he jets it badly?

Virginia Connor

Pup almost reminds me of my r/w Gypsy Rose Lee as she grew up. Her narrow white blaze went back to her collar too and she had a right blue eye and a left brown eye. She lived to be 14.8 yrs. Next time, I hope to find a tri-colour girl with brown pointed eyebrows and make her T'Ami, a Vulcan name.


Great video- she's so cute! We also have a border collie called Abby! She recently had puppies and it is so cool to see them grow up! Looking forward to more :D

Louise janelle ruiz Channel

Mine is so brownie she’s name is brownie❤️❤️❤️???????


This Chocolate and tan Border Collie is my go to in terms of coats/colors. How has Abbey been since this last film? This video was well edited and I would love to see more content of your dog as well as and travel videos. Cheers from Canada!

Natasha sands

I'm getting a choc tri!

Ale Sorren

I fall in love with the puppy and of course with you, Marieke what a beautiful smile ?❤️?

Vishal Chanana

I ALWAYS WANTED A BORDER COLLIE 1 like= high spirits for getting a Border collie

Hantzebra James

So cute.. So adorable.. So cleave dog.. So faithful too.. U are so inlove with ur dog.. I can see that.. Lets keep connect... Stay safe..


why u no upload :(


he is beautiful. awesome coloring

JohanneMarie XD

I also have a border collie puppy. she is everything for me.

Dr. Julio Voget

Very nice video! Why did you stopped posting videos of Your beautiful dog! Hope to see more!

Poppy Payne

best 3 minutes of my life !! x

Keyser Söze

Border Collies are the most beautiful dogs AND the most intelligent. They really are elite.

Kennedy Armstrong

I love that colour of Border Collie! It's my fav colour!

Paul Danaher

beautiful puppy.

Zoe Loves Animals

Aw im getting one :)

Treasure Ikedi

I have a border collie. She is everything to me

Melis Topoyan

I just adopted a border and came across with this video. She is 4 months old, we started her training the very first day. She already picked up the basic orders. But your dog is so amazing for the age? Do you have any other tips and tricks to share for beginners? ☺️

Carlos Piñero

hi i am watching your video and border collie seems twin my border collie mine now 6 months I hope every day to see another video of your border to see how it has grown to compare it with mine to see if they are still so similar

Jacob Phin

? wish I had a dog

Adrian Martinez

This is so cool! We’re picking out pup up tomorrow! We’re so excited!

Ceri James

Picking up my tri colour border collie on Friday can’t wait

Sanne Bos

the love between you two is so amazing and i’m so happy for you! My border collie is born yesterday, so in 9 weeks i can pick him up! i’m so excited!!!

Sai Charan

The cat walk is only possible with border collie right!!!
Am i wrong?

Kushagra Bajpai

Shooooo cute...??

Nathan Knaebel

Wonderful video and gorgeous dog. I’m getting my first border in about a month - have always loved borders. Can’t wait to get her and start working with her. Excited and nervous all at the same time.

dario sanvito

Bellissimi tutte e due, un po' ti invidio, ciao


Saw in the first few seconds of the vid that you brought a border collie pup home to a small apartment, & I was already formulating an angry lecture in my head. Then I watched the next 2:40 of you & your beautiful dog working working working working. It's so great to see! That is a happy, challenged border collie that loves working with its human. This breed is so special, especially the working dog lines, & it's great to see someone who really understands them & is willing to put in the long hours of work & attention to keep their border collie happy & healthy. You two are a great team.

Ben Huot

My Border is not very intelligent so far, almost 4, not clean in the house at all.

Peter Williamson

Hi what treats are you using , we get our wgp in june , need something affective for training thanks

Jeff Rehnberg

A wonderful slice of life story told in a truly beautiful country. SOOO! well done!

random things


camila bachur

you trained your dog so well. Im amazed. I hope I can traine mine as well.

Jack Russell Pafy

Lexus Fox

How do you manage to teach it to do complex tricks? Do you force his body and reward him after that and later after repetition, or do you wait until he figures out the command on it's own?

sisuusd wiqdg

give me that dog

Tanya Valentine

If I let my 11 month old border collie off the leash she would run away

Ethan Edwards

It's so adorable ????❤️

Daniela Canal

Please upload more videos of the puppy.???

Bri-Anna Edwardine

Don't know who's more gorgeous, the dog or the stunning owner!