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New You in 22 Review - Sneak Peak Inside Jonny Bowden's Diet

New You in 22 Review - Sneak Peak Inside Jonny Bowden's Diet5 Feb. 2014
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http://newyouin22review.com/details - This video is a New You in 22 Review about Jonny Bowden's Metabolic Transformation Guide. Full review here: http://newyouin22review.com

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Lauren Carruthers Kincaid

Please check back in after you do the 22 day program and let us know how it's going!


Eating Carbs at night, huh? You will definitely have to let us know how the results of this program come out for you. As a serial exerciser, I find it hard to believe a 20-30 walk will deliver ALL the benefits we need.

Good luck

Ken D

Do they have a vegan option?


interesting! can't wait to read it.

How My 57 Year Old Wife Optimizes Her Hormones to Help Her Lose Belly Fat In ONLY 12 Minutes Per Day

How My 57 Year Old Wife Optimizes Her Hormones to Help Her Lose Belly Fat In ONLY 12 Minutes Per Day27 Dec. 2017
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How My 57 Year Old Wife

How My 57 Year Old Wife Optimizes Her Hormones to Help Her Lose Belly Fat In ONLY 12 Minutes Per Day: http://gl12.net/ytwifeshormonesvideo

Inside this video I'm going to share how men and women in their 40s, 50s, and 60s can optimize hormones and quickly lose belly fat in only 12 minutes per day. And this is something that I've coined metabolic zone training, and we've used this system to reach well over 100,000 people across the globe.

And inside this system, you're going to learn about metabolic zone training. So up here on the board, you're going to see three zones. You're going to see prime, you're going to see release, and you're going to see burn. So I'm going to teach you inside this video how to quickly reactivate and optimize hormones in only 12 minutes by entering these three zones.

So here you see the metabolic effect, here you see the strategies that you'll use-- very simple strategies to follow-- and then at the end of this video, I'm going to talk about how to eat before you enter zone 1 and how to eat after you enter zone 3. And this is very important, because you can greatly increase the body's fat-burning efficiency by just following a few simple pre-workout rituals and post-workout rituals.

So let's quickly dive in and talk about zones 1, 2, and 3. Zone 1 is prime, and when I say prime, we want to prime the body's number one storage hormone. It's called insulin, and when insulin is elevated, it makes it nearly impossible for the body to access fat as a fuel source. So before you move or exercise, you have to make sure that you flatline insulin, and there's two easy ways to do this. The first one is simply by going for a five-minute walk before you move or exercise.

The other thing that you can do is just go into the workout in a fasted state. So I'm going to dive into great detail on this when I get to the nutrition part at the end of this video, but just know that, if you wait three to four hours after exercise, or you do it in the morning upon waking up on an empty stomach, this also means that insulin is flatlined, and the body will readily access fat as a fuel source more efficiently.

So zone 2 is called release because, after we prime your storage hormone, insulin, now the body's in the perfect metabolic environment to release hormones that can help shrink stubborn fat cells, in particular adrenaline and growth hormone. So what we've done inside of our system is, we've given you 20- to 60-second movement patterns along with strategic rest periods and intensity levels. And we provide modifications for anybody who has limitations. And again, it only requires your body weight.

Now, you've entered zone 2, you released adrenaline and growth hormone. Now you've released all this triglycerol into the bloodstream where it's converting to fatty acids, and they're floating around, and now they need to be burned. So zone 3 is burn. We need to burn them off, because if we don't, it can restore them into other areas of your body.

And we call this fat defense for a simplification, but in the scientific exercise world, this is called re-esterification, and you want to do everything in your power to stop that defense and re-esterification. And a simple way to do this is just to walk or do steady-state cardio for 10 to 30 minutes afterwards, and this will burn off these fatty acids and help you prevent the restoring of fatty acids, and help you shrink stubborn fat cells.

Let's talk about the nutrition for the pre-workout nutrition, before you enter zone 2, and the nutrition for the post-workout nutrition, after zone 3. So the first thing is what I was mentioning earlier, is that fasting for three to four hours after a meal and then entering zone 2. That primes and flatlines insulin to get your body in an environment where it can efficiently access fat as a fuel source. Now, what do you eat three or four hours beforehand.

My recommendation, if the goal is to quickly lose belly fat, is that you keep starches and fruits out of that meal. If you want to quickly lose belly fat, have a protein and an oil, or a friendly fat.

So, like, a protein shake with a tablespoon of raw almond butter, or a protein shake with a tablespoon of coconut oil. It's a great choice about three or four hours before diving into zone 2. You could also have a lean protein source and some veggies. You could scramble up some eggs and throw some veggies in there.

Now let's talk about what you eat afterwards. So my recommendation on what to eat after you're done entering zone 3 is nothing. I recommend that you have water for 60 to 90 minutes.

Then go ahead and feel free to have a starch or a piece of fruit with some protein. And it's important that you have the protein to fuel the muscles.

I want to thank you for taking time out of your busy day to check this out. I am extremely grateful. Have an awesome day, and keep going strong.

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Ruth Felix

I am over 60 and gaining belly fat

Jean Kinde


sourav sikdar

Your system helped me to get out of a fat loss plateau. After losing 27 KGS , I got stuck. Nothing seemed to be working. Now thanks to your method, the weight scale has again started moving downwards. I am from India.

Virginia Sblendorio

Half way through and still here and learning.

Michele Lewis

I am a 51 year old woman who has tried all kinds of things to lose the excess weight I have put on in the last few years. What worked for me when I was younger and was easy, doesn't work for me now. I have your program, and I have watched most of your youtube videos, and I think this particular one is one of the best, if not the best. Hearing your wife's story was a big selling point for me. My husband is a cross fitter and thought I was not committed enough or doing the right things when I didn't shed the extra. He couldn't understand it was different, and that you understood it and worked to figure out how to fix it SOLD ME. Menopause and my thyroid were doing a number on me. In the last 5 weeks, I've taken off 7.5 pounds. Between your advice and my fitbit, I'm finally on a track where I feel I have my power back. Thank you.

Amy Bethea

Love your videos! Thanks for sharing and especially sharing what has helped your wife! Very encouraging for me!

Julie Burgoni

Yep, you lost me at the dry erase board. Bummer, I was really looking forward to this. Way overload dude. You said you wanted to keep it simple and not over complicate it. Miss.


Can you include her in your videos? I would like to see her results.

jay wellington

The best in the field. Thanks for such a great detailed explanation!

Jolanta Kafka

that's clear

Ramsy Lawal

I am a it confused about the zones especially for periods of intermittent fasting.  I fast from 8 PM to  12 noon 5 days a week and I work out in the mornings from 6:30 - 7:15 AM.  When during this period am I in any of the zones?  Thanks.

Lisa Christon

Is this possible with no gallbladder? I am almost 53 & packed weight on after gallbladder removal & turning 50. I do HIIT workouts, weights, eat plant based & I fast for over a year & no weight loss. Almost at my witts end.

Benjamin Cass

The Zone 3 is missing in our work out and maybe why not getting results.

Pam Clark

The words you spoke at the end of the video blessed my heart.
I want to try this,I'm 52 yrs old. My body is changing and I'm lost on what to do. Today at 9 am I'm going to my last spin class. I love it but it is not loving me back.

Ramsy Lawal

Learnt a lot, thanks. wen doing an intermittent fast and I work our in the morning, do I have to break the fast and eat carbohydrate post work out?

Vicki Vakoc


Joan jett

Man... What are you on about

Tiko Adam


Lourdes borrero

Very helpful, explained very simple and things I had never heard before. I am 50 and anxious to start making real changes to my body. Thanks, Gb.

julie bell


Irene Smillie



I am in Naples, Florida...can I integrate this in aqua fit classes?

Tonya St2021

Is there a Facebook group with people and their results?

wynne baker

Will this help a man with low testosterone?

Prof. Dina Reyes

Your the best in YouTube!

Linda Vicknair

Yes Got It!

The Plant Paradox Review Afer 8 WEEKS on Diet

The Plant Paradox Review Afer 8 WEEKS on Diet26 Sep. 2017
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Both of us have autoimmune

Both of us have autoimmune diseases so we decided to try Dr Gundry's Plant Paradox Diet to see if it helped us. We committed to following it 100% for a minimum of 2 months and make daily vlogs of our experience. This video is a review of the Plant Paradox Diet after being on it for 8 weeks.

In short, if you have an autoimmune disease we think you are crazy if you do not give this diet a try for 8 weeks. We were highly skeptical at first but after 8 weeks and both of us feeling significantly better the skepticism left and we are now committed to keep eating this way the rest of our lives.

Watch the video to see our story so far. Watch our daily vlogs to see how each day went for us in the beginning and the struggles we had, the food we eat and love and just basically how to live on this diet with little to no more effort than you put into your current diet.

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Joan Hoedel

Thank you for this video! My husband and I just started this new way of eating and it’s really helpful to hear your stories. It’s easy to criticize what’s new - and there are tons of critical comments out there, so your positive feedback is super helpful. I’m curious how it’s going now, 3 years later.


If you don't care for the taste of MCT oil in your tea, put it something else: eggs, smoothies, guacamole, salad dressing, pesto...there's no reason to suffer!

Louis Brien

Am very impressed with what you said about arthritis.....I came down with it about the last part of April caused by my pigging-out on a large bag of Hershey’s little chocolate candy bars. I figured since sugar obviously brought it on that if I stopped all sugar it would probably go away. Well it got so bad Ihad to get help getting out of bed. Right now it’s still so bad I have to use a wheeled walker in order keep all weight off my hips and lower back. It got a lot better, but I still can’t walk without my walker. I’ve been watching dr. Gundry’s videos for a couple months now and am very impressed with him and the list of over 800 human patients. I am 86 years old at present and about 22 years ago I spent 11 mos. on a vegan diet and have been dieting most of my life. I also have Ideopathic pulmonary fibrosis and heart problems (arrithmeia......had surgery for that in September) am taking a fist full of medication twice a day. Iong story made short, I think dr. GundryHas got the answer!!! Watched your video 3 times ......need help with shopping. If you could please email me any info on that subject. .....Thanks......Louis Brien
[email protected]charter.net


What is the name of the supplements...mtv or mvt????

Christos Volikakis

If you check Amazon reviews, you will see either one star or five stars. This video does not seem unbiased and is more like an infomercial. The ad prior to this video as well as during The video is from Dr. Gundry. I’m looking for reviews that are not compensated by ads which make it seem like a conflict of interest.

James Thompson

Too many ads. It interrupts my internet connection too much


Awesome! Now look into the carnivore diet and be free from all of your ills.

Raider Fan

AZ Life Cooking-My feet also are killing me! I can hardly walk because of the severe pain in my feet. Jan what did you eat to get relief from your foot pain???

Leina Wolcott

There's hope! I'm like 2 days in and feel like death lol

Steve Jones

Lee Tresigne you need this diet you stinky winkie with a stinky pinkie. ???

abdulelah khunji

Thanks for your review but most peoples are not readers so if you just Simplify or
Abbreviate us how to follow this book , i think like this will be easier to most the people ❗another thing is not all the people will understand the book ❤️??❤️??❤️??

Marilynn ward-tluszcz

On day 2. Thanks for your videos. Appreciate all your tips. ❤️


Hmmm seems more like an ad rather than review.

Pamela Stanley

The only fish oil I can take is the NOW brand

Richard Breeze

Gundry is a quack, do your research !

Louis Brien

What about oatmeal, can we use it if it’s NON GMO or organic?

P.G. Brexit

Eggs are Great, So many ways to Cook & eat them. a Fairly Good Quality Egg in the Uk is about 15p - 20p. Even the very best Direct from the Farm would be about 25p- 30p.
1p Uk is about 1.25c. USA. one dollar 25 to the 1 GBP. ( UK Pound.Money )
So Add 25% to My UK Prices. ( Not Accurate Exchange Rate, Just Approximate )

Eggs are Cheap , Boiled, Fried, Scrambled, Poached, & Hard Boiled & eaten Cold.
A Very Efficient Food Package DESIGNED 100% by NATURE !

A Great Method of Measuring A Portion of Fruit or Veg is,
1 Large Apple, Orange, Banana, or Similar sized Fruit. = 1 Portion.
NATURE is very GOOD at Portion Sizes !!
Smaller Fruit & Berries 1 portion = As many as you can Hold in Both Hands Cupped Together.
Nature DESIGNED Our Hands to Be A very Good Measure of 1 Portion.

Nature all Stacks up & MAKES VERY GOOD SENSE & LOGIC.
( or approx, A small Coffee Cup Full. ) ( Maybe about 1/3 of a pint Glass ? Approx'. )
For Raspberries, Blackberries, Strawberries, & all other Small Fruits.

Kids Have Little Hands, 6 ft 6" people have Large Hands, So this Method Delivers about the Right amount for your size. All By the Magic of NATURE.

Robin Rubendunst

The doctor is a cardiologist, not a surgeon

That Lady

You guys look better!

gourmet cavewoman

Being a food snob means you go for the best


You guys seem very legit but there were multiple ads throughout & every one is of Dr Gundry SELLING his products! That makes me very skeptical that this is just an innocent overview.

Rafael Juarez

I've just started reading the Plant Paradox and subscribed to your YouTube channel. Thank you both.

Ruth Butler

Is it better to buy the supplements from the website?

Donna Doble-Brown

Would love to know how you’re both doing now . . . This was incredibly helpful . . . . Thanks so much for sharing ?


Congratulations on your success! Just getting started with my own Lectin Free Diet! I suffer from Arthritis and occasionally gout! Ouch! Worst pain I have ever had. Gout is an arthritis flare!
I also found out that arthritis is an autoimmune disease. Never knew that. My reason for commenting is to ask if you are familiar with Word of faith ministries. Reason being we so easily get caught up in claiming things that don’t belong to us. It’s an easy habit to get into. For example: I’m just dying for a banana split, or “My” arthritis is “Killing” me! My point is that our words matter. Have you considered watching your words and being accountable to each other when you slip? God bless you both on this journey!

Ray Nabozny

This video has too much yapping...you can make your point quicker


This diet is not evidence based and is a scam to sell supplements.

essy Hosseini

I also suffer from ulcerative colitis. I have been On his pills for a month and a half. I saw absolutely no improvements. It is soooo obvious that these two are paid actors with no shame.
I researched scientific evidence about lectins and it's effects. No research supported any of his claims I also read opinions from scientists who have reviewed Dr. Gundry' s claims and reject his statements in whole. This is another scam!!!! He is praying on people who have medical issues. I emailed him on the issue and received no response. Instead, I got bombarded advertising with emails from him trying to sell me his other "mericle" supplements. I knew that I will have a hard time getting a refund.

Dr.Bruce `Masson

Inflammation is the root cause of over 4000 diseases....once it reduces and you start to feel better, that is a great motivator to carry on.

Ge Yoh

I started the diet for a couple of weeks, just my way. I got very sick after eating some beans. How is your experience? is it going to be like this when ever I eat lectin?

Ladies of Purpose TV

Are you both still on this plan? Thanks for sharing your tips and journey with us:)

Wellness Path For Me

If you are still on the Crohn's drug, look it up in the Drug Muggers book to see if it depletes essential nutrients so you can replace them. Or, just mention the name and I will reply with the details.

Lost Boi

Anyone that believes The Plant Paradox is retarded

M69 Crimson

Damn! You don't look so well fella. Maybe you should eat a steak. Or at least put on a few pounds of make up like your wife to make this diet more appealing.


Dr Gundry's Plant Paradox Diet is far better than a Big Mac... so yeeaaaaa, you will "benefit" from it. ???

Holly Skerritt

There are people strongly against Dr. Gundrys philosophy, but in my PERSONAL experience... he has been 100% on the money. ALL digestive issues gone, ssooooooo much energy, no more cramps, sleeping better, less panic attacks before bed (i still have some due to anxiety, but that has even gotten better since the elimination of grains)

i feel amazing, and i feel happier every day

gourmet cavewoman


abdulelah khunji

Can you eat meat of all kinds or its just vegetables ??


What I want to know is what is the 'secret' ingredient he talks about to add to your diet

Jeri Sanchez

Where is the link for the blog ? If you subscribe does that link you to receive the blog ? Thanks for the video , I followed the diet last year when I was diagnosed with severe GERD . It worked very well and I was symptom free in 2 weeks , alas I fell off the health food wagon , now I am looking for some motivation and help with what to eat !

Pedro Beltran

I like the way you change your life I don’t understand everything but everything you do give me hope I been taking Gundry product and already feel results

Lance Baker

For every couple who had incurable diseases resolved by following a low-lectin diet, there are 50 who got no benefit and likely had low nutrition. No diet is in a vacuum, so who knows why you two are perfectly healthy today.

John Guy

Thank you for your comment. One thing that will help people starting out is that
pressure cooking certain veggies...potato and beans... removes lechtin... another
thing is that the Eden company has canned beans that are pre pressure cooked and
are tasty. Dr. Gundry does say these things as you progress in his info...


I agree about your comment regarding Gundry's products he wants to sell. My immediate thought was that he left his profession because there was a lot more money to be made selling books and the supporting products by claiming the opposite view of most established mainstream nutrition. He had a lot more credibility in my mind when he wasn't trying to sell me something beyond the book. However, I believe your results and may actually try his diet. The guy got his undergraduate degree in 1972. He has to be 70 or so. He looks a lot younger than that. Maybe there's something to it. Hope it has continued to go well for you!

Heather AhernHuish

Thank you so much for this video. I have had RA and fibro for about eight years, and I’m putting a lot of hope and faith into this nutritional plan. Your video helped to convince me. ?

Chelsea Upholstery

Great review...???

Adam O'Dwyer

Dave, I wonder if you’re taking longer than Jenn to feel better because you are still taking the medication

Wayman Simmang

Thank you for the review!

Cam Holman

Great info and content but I can t listen thru it all because your mic or pick up is low tech. This is great stuff for every one /please use good sound equipment!- thanks!!

Rodney Johnstone Prime

This guy is a quack. Please do yourself a favor and see what actual doctors think about this guy. He is fraudulent.


Thank you for the video. I have question, do you have to make the recipes on the book or can you get more creative making your recipes, just using the recommended foods on the “yes” list for Phase 2?

Best Water Guaranteed

This is so good. Thank you!

Terry Dyon

Thank you both for sharing your experience, our gut is significant to our overall health. Fix the plumbing and the electrical and structural issues resolve.

Kefir Heals

I hope there are some snack ideas on this protocol. My husband has to take blood pressure medication. And he takes it at night, and he has to have something to eat with it, or it will upset his stomach. So, I have to make sure there is something he can have to take with his medication. I'm tempted to try Gundry's protocol after watching this video.


Thank you for sharing. I too have been fatigued, not as bad as yours, but it is good to know it just isn't me! Bless you both!

Noe Berengena

Why are these Gundry related videos so long? People yak needlessly about details that are not helpful.

Curious Carpenter


Robert Serna

Well done, very honest review

Mary Abraham


abdulelah khunji

I think if you care about the audio little for better audio thanks ??

Lovely Flores

She's fat and he's skinny. Some diet!

Natalie Barrett

There is a brand called “the tea spot” that helped me love tea, heck it out! The green tea called “ keep fit” is so lovely and yum :)

P.G. Brexit

On All Diets you are Allowed to Cheat Occasionally. Diets are there to be FUN & Enjoyable.
If You see them as a TORTURE, You will Never Make it to the End Result.
You are allowed Ice Cream if you go to a Birthday Party, And B'day Cake. ONCE IN a WHILE. Not Every day ! !
If You Make Your Diet LIVING HELL, Then after a few days you will Quit. & Go back to the JUNK Food.
Empty the House of Junk Food. Give it away or BIN IT.
Nibbles Watching TV ? Nibble Grapes, or Eat an Apple & you will soon feel Stuffed Full. Or Whatever Fruit / Veg You have around.

My words are :-
THINK do i really need or want that JUNK Food.
DO I Want to Smash the Last 3 days or 3 Weeks of Healthy Eating ? BEFORE You Eat the GIANT Chocolate & Cream Cake !! BEFORE YOU EAT IT.
In the UK we had a Gov't advert that said " JUST SAY NO " ( illegal Street Drugs. )
apply that to JUNK Food.
JUNK Food is Far more Expensive Than Real Food.
A Pizza = £7.00. an apple, A Banana & a Pear, = about 25p / 30p Each item.
4 pineapple rings in a tin costs 30p - 50p. = Healthy BARGAIN !!

The Cheapest Food is Healthy Fresh Fruit & Veg.

I Only Ever eat JUNK Food / Takeaways If i Am working Far from Home on a very long day.
It is still Faster & cheaper to Call at a local Shop & Buy 2 apples or 2 Bananas , Than it is to Wait for a Pizza to Cook, Or Que at a Drive Thru.

Bonn Luedkie

Foods can really affect your muscles and digestion. I have a hard time digesting milk (not half and half or coconut milk) wheat, tuna, almonds soy etc. Can only tolerate small amounts of the above foods. I take digestive enzymes and that really helps.

Nurturing Her Roots

Where do you buy your meat? I can’t find a place near me...

Aleta Higgins

you really sound genuine!! just bought the vital red, and will get the book

Autumn A

Take the plant paradox book and throw it in a garbage can. I received a heart transplant sometime ago. My heart transplant team who are the best and have been doing this for years , recommend the healthiest diet possible. This cardiologist who wrote this book is really out to lunch. Literally....

Jeff Rath

you might try also including elements from the bulletproof diet

Mary Abraham

Thank you so much for sharing that I have leaky gut‘s for years and auto immune and I’m in pain all the time and I have a lot of food sensitivity and most of the food that he recommend I’m sensitive to so I don’t know..but do you think this diet will help me???????

Mind Drip

Glad to hear that the diet worked for you! I'm astounded by how much criticism Dr. Gundry receives when what he is doing is mostly helping people who are suffering from serious conditions. I think it's partly the way he presents his information, which is why I took it upon myself to create an animation that summarizes the content of his book in an easy to digest format. If anyone is interested, it's on my channel and I'd be grateful if you checked it out

surfers paradise

oh..8 minutes in you mention RA...

R Kens

Dr Gundry say's it's not a diet, it's a way of life!

Celia Cavalli

You both look so good!!

Amy Louton

You guys are a very cute couple. Kind of a shallow comment, but looks and charisma (and authenticity) sell, and you guys kept me watching!! Also, thank you for the review; your personal information is informative and appreciated!!


Good to get this feedback. I went on this to help my husband who is pre-diabetic. I am doing ok but my poor hubby hates it. Unfortunately, we are underwhelmed by the recipes.

Rebecca Hale

Its easier to fool a person than to convince them they've been fooled! Such BS..

Miami Sammy

Great to hear of your success on the Plant Paradox Program! I felt better day one! Although you can do the diet with pasture raised chicken and grass fed pastured beef, I felt cutting out the lectins and animal proteins helped me.

Sydna Little

Commercial was not in sync with this video

Juan Soli

What's also helps to reverse arthritis is to stay away from dairy and refines and processed foods. Most of those products are laden with Monsanto's glyphosate whice kills your bioflora in your gut. As an addition I've been using chlorine dioxide solution (CDS) which helps prevent inflammation and infections

Alan E

This diet was a disaster for me. Did some more research and am now whole food plant based. I’m very active and simply could not function on his low carb version. He did convince me to ditch the refined sugars and I have been somewhat good about that. Endurance sports need carbs, at least for me. But he makes some outrageous recommendations that could be very harmful long term. Check out Dr Greger’s critique as well as this: https://youtu.be/e0leFsZc7zY

ryan gray

Sounds like she had gout and diet is key keeping flair ups away.

Jonathan Sonnier

Here is another great video on this diet. Enjoy.

Daniel Cristea

I felt a huge difference in my brain after two weeks. I feel that I need to keep on track with this lifestyle nutrition and I am waiting for the most important improvement to appear. Effort resistance is something that I had problems with since I stopped doing professional sport at 16 years old. I especially feel funny when running and I hope that this will go away so I can run more. Regards and keep going guys

Darren Williams

Pretty simple, just go vegan

Tomika Cox

How much weight did you loose. I heard your husband's results but I don't think you mentioned your weight loss.
A nurse practitioner just told me about this way of eating this morning. I just ordered the book as well as cookbook and the 30 day weight loss plan book.

Sydna Little

I take coconut oil capsules from online Puritan’s Pride good price and very effective (mcg)
Dr. Gundry sells plant based substitute for omega oils also♥️ Enjoyed your testimony, thank you!

Happy Trader

MCT coconut oil is a antimicrobial that has the ability to cross the blood brain barrier and destroy fungus that cause dementia, also Bactria and pathogens in the glyphatic system, it also kills the bacteria in joints, bone and cartilage that cause arthritis and washing your mouth with it kills the bacteria that cause gingivitis in your teeth, I am sure it does wonders for the gut microbiome also as it destroys only bad microbes and leaves the good ones alone.


You can call whatever you want; all you got is an organic diet primarily vegan and that means no nightshades. All that sugar and meat causes body inflammation that causes all kinds of problems...exercise and good sleep is key too.

Jim Flynn

Shorter video please, my ADD was in full force here just looking for does it work what your results were , the Disneyland type details were killing me. Sorry


Thank you so much and your so right mins 17,18 lol so true!!!!! So expensive.....

Misti Condrey

How about pressure cooking eggplant? Any advice would be great.

surfers paradise

Does Jan have arthritis or Rheumatoid Arthritis? The difference is really important....

Nini Kiki

my boyfriend and I am on this diet. we are really happy with result as well


Dr Gundry: venal, quack supplement seller. These guys are being payed a mint to gab about crap.

Luisa Plantier Martins

Thank for the update! Search youtube for "Cannabis Oil and Crohn's"....it's natural medicine with no detrimental side effects.... you may longer have to take that drug injection that you mentioned which has negative side effects. Be well!


Still on this?

aaron moskowitz

Very in depth summary of your experience :)

Nurturing Her Roots

I definitely need help. Everything I’ve tried and made is gross. What do you recommend? I have an issue with dairy and stevia