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improve your game in 10 minutes with basic pool practice drills

improve your game in 10 minutes with basic pool practice drills5 Mar. 2017
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Ran RefaelSubscribe 438 721

10 minutes of great basic

10 minutes of great basic pool practice drills by Ran Refael

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Daniel Patrick

Nice drills. Why dont you get down lower on your shots though? That's pretty basic technique and would improve your game in itself, no?

Joe Cue

3:20, horrible form and follow through.


I never seen a guy with headphones playing pool

Ginger Scholes

Those pockets are massive, compared to an English pool table!

Shawn Weeks

I don't think you will see a pro wearing beats headphones on thear head

Eunis Christensen

Thanks. I'll try the drills.

TT Underbridge

are you choosing your next shots/pockets before or after each shot ?

good drill routine, btw

Promise Ndlovu

good drills..... what's the name of the 3rd song?

Johnny Gutierrez

You have a funny Stance,kinda your pooping stand up.

Scott B

I'm wondering if I'd wear headphones on the hill.

TT Underbridge

this is like naming a video " how to get from new york to las vegas" and then showing some guy driving a car on some random road.

it's really pointless if you dont explain how you are gaining position on your next ball, or go over your thought process.


No no no, you're doing it wrong, you're supposed to dance around like a jackass while Paul Newman looks at you angrily.

y deb


Mark Halvorsen

His hair was perfect


What's the name of the first song?

Poly Nikes

Nice vid. Would be cool if you added a graphic showing where you hit the cue ball to get the next position. But I guess most players can figure it out...

Uncle Wreckum

What state you reside in ?

G Sam

Came for the pool, stayed for the song.

Boss Man

he did something with his hand at 1.50

Lou Bomm

You're playing on a 7ft when there is a 9ft behind you?


Werewolves of London by Warren Zevon

Todd Doyle

Good ideas here. About the earphones, I see a couple different players using earplugs or earphones. Because of all the loud whining last night at our weekly meet, I was convinced that earphones will be added to my pool kit.

Harry Hamburglur

Needs to learn basic things about the stroke and stance before he does these drills. This is a 7 ft table and is barely making a lot of balls, even balls close the pocket. Once you get a good stance and stroke then it's time to practice cue ball control.

Robert labrado

name second song

Gerardo H

Nice routine
Name of the first song please ?

Pool Practice Drills - Open Table | Pool School

Pool Practice Drills - Open Table | Pool School9 Feb. 2018
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Pool SchoolSubscribe 438 721

This video is about a pool

This video is about a pool practice routine called Open Table. There are two variations of the drill with a slightly different layout of the balls. The focus of the routine is to improve cue ball control, shot planning and potting consistency.

The demonstrations are done on a UK pool table but could also easily be carried out on american pool or even snooker tables.

If you like this video and want to catch all our tutorials and demos as we produce them please subscribe with the link below


Products used in this video

Elkmaster Pro Tips


Super Aramith Pro Cup pool balls (with carry case)


Balls without case


Triangle ProChalk


8 Ball Cue Rack


Comments (16)
Sean Wood

Brilliant. Wish I had this skill

Jamie Singh

Hi, where did u find this pool table if u don’t mind me asking


I just stumbled across your channel through YouTube recommendations. Very nice camera setup combined with simple but effective video and sound editing!


Really quite beautiful

Ben 8ball Pool

Hi pool school what are the measurements between the rail, pockets and the balls

john cooper

Hi a bit advice if you can, I’ve been playing a couple of years, I was playing quite well, but recently I find I’m having trouble with my angles when potting, I’ve gone through my stance and it seems fine, done the bottle practice and the potting of the straight shot into the corner pocket, and no problem with either, don’t know if it’s a mind thing or eyesight thing any advice would be appreciated, enjoy your videos , very helpful to get me where I was until recently cheers John

Pool School

You can see all of our practice drills in this playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkequvHFHo7GHA6-ucodpKSZQNmQQx79A

jon gerrie

Great drill set up.
I feel very confident in trying this and improving my standards.
As it is, I'm just hitting and hoping.
Well, no more smack and go for me.
Thanks for the tips


Love this

Harminder Boughan

Where did you get your pool table from?

George Paton

Any more drill variations? Or know where I can find them? Thanks.


Lovely stuff chief!!!

Ted Contreras

Is that felt or cloth??? Seems to roll really slow??

jeff powell

What size table looks smaller than 7 foot.

Ben 8ball Pool

Hi can you please tell the measurements of the objects from the rails because i like it to be perfect

Joselito Caceres

I love and appreciate your videos! I'm considering getting a pool table although my space is limited. If you don't mind me asking, what size table do you have and what are the dimensions of that room? It would be of great help to me in making this decision- thank you!!

Corey Deuel - Ep 6 - Pre-Match Routine Get in Stroke Drill - Pool Tips - Billiards Training

Corey Deuel - Ep 6 - Pre-Match Routine Get in Stroke Drill - Pool Tips - Billiards Training18 Sep. 2018
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We all want to do well on

We all want to do well on the pool table. What does "Get in Stroke" really mean? Why is it important? Also, what's all the fuss about a consistent pre-match routine? Does it really help you get in the flow on league night or in a pool tournament? Listen to Corey Deuel, 2018 Mosconi Cup Champion, as he explains a very simple drill to do before a match to help you in "Get in Stroke" in another installment of the "Corey Deuel Teaches" Billiards Training series.

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And, of course, Jeanette Lee's Billiards Instructional Series is here:


Comments (3)
sean willz

Makin it look easy i like it!


Awesome! Keep them coming!

Norm Williams

What kind of chalk is he using;? Not Chalking between shots?