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Lat Pulldown - 5 WORST Mistakes (STOP NOW) ❌

Lat Pulldown - 5 WORST Mistakes (STOP NOW) ❌16 Mar. 2020
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This is Lat Pulldown - 5

This is Lat Pulldown - 5 WORST Mistakes (STOP NOW) ❌

Lat Pulldown is one of the best exercises to develop a bigger, stronger and thicker v-shape back. But What's the point, if you're doing this back exercise completely wrong. So, I assure you that after watching this video you'll get a better clarity and would know that how to do lat pulldown correctly without doing anymore mistakes. Make sure to watch this video till the very end and do like, share and subscribe if you find it helpful. Thanks

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Md Shameem

Nice video

DDM Debnath

Bro number message me

Mohd Faheem

Thanks bhai

Abhishek Jaàt

Bhai bad posture ki video bnao plzz aap ki pichli video pr bhi comment kiya tha Hunchback forward head posture or round shoulder


Bro gym close hey 31 march tak ye sab video mat upload karo dimag karab hai??

Sundar Vel

Receptionist ???♥️

Azfar Alam

Very informative video for beginners ?

zeeshan hanif

Do we have to feel stretch each rap , at the top ? By force ? Coz mostly it’s don’t feel.

Jeet Dasgupta

Thank u for picking this sir. Plz also make a video on barbell rowings or dumbell rowing


Bro.... Ur traps?

Vishal sharma

Are bhai piche wali ladki continuously dekh rahi hai??
Btw rahi baath information ki.. ?% real hai..bhai..
Gym partner tere jaisa hona chaiye tab maza ayega workouts me sab dekhte rah jayenge??

Xhaheer Azeem

Apka gym open hae?

Hungry For Muscles

Love from Pakistan. Keep up the good work bro. You inspired me to do hard work and today i am a great bodybuilder

Sami Kureshi

what Laàaaaaaaat pulldown

Eazy world

Bhai understood properly ??

Mukesh Sen

Sir App barwali or kisi bhi parkar ki chij na ho or home jo puri date karke saman se bani ho jo subha utnesh lekar rat ko sone tak ki daet video kab banare ho

Steven albert

First comment bro❤️

amlan dutta

Are u brother of jubin nautiyal?

Rahul Devrani

left chest jyada pump hoti h or bekaar b lgti h jbki mai left handed hu ... to esa kyu

Rohit Chobe, Ph.D

Very nice explained

DDM Debnath

Nyhi to call me 9764458060


Bro my gym is closed till 31

Devansh Soni

Please make a video on how to get wider biceps


Nikhil bro make video on 5 wrost mistakes of skipping rope and also its advantages

dheeraj Kumar

Bhai best technique wise explain exercises ???

Golla Naveen

Hi nikhil bhai

ishan gupta

Mountain climbers mistakes

BARBARIAN Lat Pulldown Machine with Lee Priest

BARBARIAN Lat Pulldown Machine with Lee Priest16 May. 2015
121 731

The Barbarian Line Lat

The Barbarian Line Lat Pulldown Machine and Seated Row is not only built like a tank, but you can do so many different exercises. Here is just a sample.

BB-9070 - http://samsfitness.com.au/lat-pulldown-seated-row

BB-9071 - http://samsfitness.com.au/lat-pulldown-machine

Comments (61)


S . S H R I K A N T

The sliders to which weight plates are attached to this pull down machine are round hollow pipes or they are round solid rods ? Please let me know

Gar Bear

Thanks lee great workout

Jay N

Pretty cool but you can get a full on functional training tower for the same price as the deluxe model. Although this one deff has the advantage in space saving and you can overload the weight.

Louis C

What's this song???

Juanpablo Marín

Esa pulldown Barbarian es fantástica y muy hermozo diseño congratulation....

Williams CACHERO

Do you a measurement???

Cedric Nshimiyimana

This video is amazing, so many creative ways illustrated in on the different kinds of workouts that can be done using this machine

Rob H

Would love to be able to buy this in the U.S.

Marcello Capone

A lat machine would be a game-changer to my home training. Problem is, they're either way too expensive, out of stock and there's literally no used machines for sale - which is crazy since before the pandemic hit you could easily find one of these for 50 or 60 quid from people who just wanted rid of it for space.

Érico Sechini Filho

Vale a pena assistir até o final do vídeo ????

charles christian

seems like you guys have hit a nerve. I hope some of the Australian Gyms are using your stuff Sam.

Daz Jones

Hey Sam and Lee. I am in the market for a new lat pulldown station for my home gym and have come down to this Barbarian vs the new 2016 Powertec model. Having messaged both companies I get varying measurements regarding top of pad to bottom of carabiner and am concerned that at 191 cms tall I may not get a full stretch on one or either. Can you help me please? Which would you go for?

Bram Driessens

He looks old. I bet he drinks alot these days. He sure looks like a drunk. What a shame of such a legendary body builder

Delinquent Jon

Where is Jason?

Steven Rothrock

Pissining fuckin workout mate!!


Tell Lee to stop lifting that little bo peep weight. He needs to start doing heavy isolated compound movements like future IFBB pro Jason Giovanni

Steve Adams

That form 10/10


What is this song?!?!


BARBARIAN line?  You stole that shit right out of Jason's old school barbarian training methodology.  He tries to train like a fuckin barbarian at least 6 times a day bro.  The audacity...

Bhim Singh

Wow amazing machine ..sir can you tell me how i can made this machine please


Here's what I have to say about all of this:

Lee Priest > IFBB > Non-lifters > Boston Loyd > Jason Giovanni

Sandeep Salunke


Peter H

Who is that ???


How much do these cost Sam?


Useful video thanks

Juanpablo Marín

Lo mejor eske le puedes poner tus propios pesos en discos, genial!!

Fer S

I'm interested in the machine, but
  Why test the machine with a bodybuilder and with so little weight ??
  This machine supports 180kg, I would like to see some video with the machine moving 120 / 160kg weights to see stability, etc

rydershortboard Mcleod

I think Lee is demonstrating correct technique, not how strong he is .

Châu Nguyễn

How much?

Darrell Campbell

I am also interested, when will you start shipping these to the US?

Badhon Ebrahim


David Jordan

What rock song was that?


Please bring this equipment to costco

Érico Sechini Filho

Em um só aparelho faz todo treino ?????

John Smith

Sam - this vs the Powertec one?

Armando Gallegos

Hola, qué precio tiene esta máquina? Realizan envíos a México?

Excitation of Stereocilia



Where's Jason?

Saunch_ Bodybuilding


Nick v

Lee what do you think about the new mad max its epic you should of been in it

Antonio Carlos

Show de bola man

TimeTo MakeGains

can u ask lee if he is a ufc fan? and if he has any favorite fighters ? ty

Mijnheer W

Lee, don't take these comments seriously.
You seem like a great guy and you got one of the greatest physiques ever. Mirin' waist to shoulder ratio.

Ron Chamberlain

Gym Rat politics should stay in the gym. Better to be an idiot and silent than open your mouth and prove it. smh


Why all the hate.. this is a gym equipment channel

leandro da silva nascimento

Aparelho muito bonito e eficiente para se execultar varios tipos de exercícios. Gostei e me parece ser de boa e muita qualidade gostei muito pelo motivo de ser de colocar anilhas quem dera se tive-se um lindo aparelho desses.meu email e [email protected]hotmail.com e numero 27 996277293 se essa empresa me desse um de presemte de aniversario. antecipado seria muito grato e divulgaria ate os materiais e aparelhos de alta qualidade de vcs.sou do brasil

amrit singh

I wanna purchase it tell me where I get purchase


Any idea when this or will this equipment line ever make it to the United States?

Good boy Ringo

All those muscles and no lats ( time 1:55)


Lee Priest....one of the most genetically gifted bodybuilders to ever walk on stage! Thanks for illustrating all the exercises Lee.

Juanpablo Marín

GRANDE LEE PRIEST!! La IFBB te deve varios Olimpyas, un abrazo hermano!!.....

Rajeshwar Sharma

How long do the pulleys and cable last? Are they good for intensive use?

Bon Zo

Lee has always been about good form


Genova has been calling u out in his latest vidyas, the youtube war is on

Marcos Andrade Molina

Como consigo esA mÁquina en el Perú

Matthew Sisk

Lee looks so bored doing these

kevin stj

hey Lee- how much synthol is in Rich Piana's triceps?

Juan Medina

so, i can work almost everything with that machine?

Gozleno Gzolen

Before this video I was want to make home gym with 9 machines and now just 2 and this (:


get the fuck out haters. Lee Priest don't wanna deal with you little kids

19 Exercises you can perform on the ATX® Lat Machine with LEE PRIEST

19 Exercises you can perform on the ATX® Lat Machine with LEE PRIEST21 Nov. 2019
13 281

There is no better person

There is no better person to ask, when it comes to a variations of exercises than the MR UNIVERSE Winner LEE PRIEST.

Here is 19 Exercises you can perform on a lat machine with a single cable Attachment!

Lat Machine - https://samsfitness.com.au/lat-pulldown-machine

ATX® Lat Pulldown Bar - https://samsfitness.com.au/atx-lat-bar-blackline

Sam's Fitness - Gym Equipment is the Australian importer of Barbarian Line, Megatec, ATX, Ironmaster and Powertec. They are quality international brands of gym equipment, and you can buy them direct from the importer.

Sam's Fitness - Gym Equipment: https://samsfitness.com.au/

Follow us Facebook - https://goo.gl/uKtsUx


Instagram - https://goo.gl/nF3Kfq

Comments (17)
Opulence Luxury

Is he training for a movie?

Gus H

Or get a cheap D bar and do a ton more stuff. I can see this being really handy in a home gym

Rabeya khatun Mitu

Hi...I want to conversation for buy this. I am Bangladeshi

K Aguilera

Blonde myth getting it in on the Demo ! ??


Me desperately would like to see more videos like these!!!!!

Felix Vargas

Lee, when do we get another one of those cool short films you made??

King3X_Xavier L

Is the bar changeable?

Mike Hammer

Sam cam you ask Lee years ago he did a video possibly an advertisement for a self spotting Smith type machine.
It would stop and hold itself when you took your hands off of it.


Lee always has strict and perfect form. My favorite body builder. Down to earth and has no ego. Thanks

Harry D'Amour

Hey it we

Strongest Fan

At least being that short you can scratch your ankles without bending down

Turbo Turd

Huh? This is Barbarian Lat Pulldown Machine not ATX.


What is this cool music?

Bob Builder

Do you have pricing for your equipment listed ?

Yung Money

So basically the same exercises you can do on any lat pull down/ cable cross at any gym. But oh lee priest doing them with generic rock music playing makes it special. Amiright ??

Bill Carson


Gabriel Silenzi

More videos like this, pls legend!