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Play Golf From the Heart—Wisdom from the World's Greatest Ball-striker

Play Golf From the Heart—Wisdom from the World's Greatest Ball-striker15 Feb. 2021
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@Todd Graves discusses the final message he received from Moe Norman in this Valentines Day conversation for everyone who loves the game of golf—Play Golf From the Heart—Wisdom from the World's Greatest Ball-striker

Graves Golf Single Plane Academy is the worldwide authority on the Single Plane Golf Swing of Moe Norman—similar to the Bryson DeChambeau golf swing. PGA Tour Legends such as Tiger Woods, Lee Trevino, Ben Hogan, Sam Snead, Tom Watson, and others have called Norman the 'World's Greatest Ball-Striker"—someone who truly owned his swing. As Moe's legacy becoming more widely known, he continues to inspire golfers worldwide to play with his one-plane swing for a bio-mechanically correct motion that relieves stress on the back, simplifying the golf swing to consistently make solid impact—what Moe called the "Feeling of Greatness."

Learn & Practice Moe Norman's Single Plane Swing the right way—experience feel vs real—by letting our certified instructors help you start your journey to better golf!

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Graves Golf is the Worldwide Authority on the SIMPLE & CONSISTENT Single Plane Golf Swing© of Moe Norman—the legendary Canadian golfer who many Tour Pros regarded as the World's Greatest Ball-striker. Graves Golf is a hub for complete golf game instruction across the United States with in-person golf camps and online training at singleplaneacademy.com.

We're led by Todd Graves—known as "Little Moe" after spending years training with Moe Norman himself and mastering his move—and Tim Graves, PGA certified and Callaway Master Professional named the 2020 Senior Player of the Year in the South Central PGA.

Beginning at grip & address, the Single Plane Swing simplifies the most important moment of the golf swing—impact. Consistency off the tee and fairway combined with a fundamentally sound scoring game can help you have fun playing golf at any level.


Website http://gravesgolf.com

YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/GravesGolfAcademy/about

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/GravesGolf

Book by Todd Graves "The Single Plane Golf Swing: Play Better Golf the Moe Norman Way" https://members.singleplaneacademy.com/the-single-plane-golf-swing-book/

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Richard Prosser

This is where the game, or art, transcends to a whole new level. There are only a few who probably understand this and get this meaning to life, and they are probably the more senior golfers!
Live every day, or in golf terms . . Round, as if it your last because one day you will be correct.
The saying is a Cornish Comedian. . Jethro.


Nice story Todd...thank you! I like to tell my non golfing friends that golf is one of the few endeavors in life that a creaky 62 year old with a funky swing can do and at least once during the round I’m going to hit a world class shot.

Single Length Golf and Instruction

Todd that was pretty powerful and insightful. Thank you for sharing. One day you'll look back, like Moe did and truly appreciate all that you've experienced through this game we call life. Count yourself as very blessed and fortunate that you and Moe met. If you weren't struggling with your swing and game at the time you were you may never have come in contact with the genius of Moe Norman.

Joe Conn

Thanks, a new perspective of this great game and man!!


More than a philosophy, being "in the moment" has the power to free us from every other moment. Regrets of the past, anxiety about the future invade and disrupt our presence which is the key to achieving that which our heart desires ... playing from the heart makes that manifest.

Don Podlas

Golf has been a Zen experience for me for over 50 years. The absolutely perfect way to find your self, if you pay attention and never contest the results of any shot. Exactly, acceptance is key. Thanks to Moe and you for sharing this.

Terry Wells

These story’s about Moe compliment is thinking process and how he live life. Great video.

Todd Graves

Thanks Keenan Garrett for such a great production.

David George

I'm reading Zen Golf by Dr Joseph Parent. So much in common with Moe's philosophy. A fascinating video. Thank you.

John Dausner


Michelle Hover

Amen, possibly the best instruction yet.

Arden Christopherson

Thank you for that inspirational redirection of my attitude. It brought back my heart of a champion mentality. Who wouldn’t play better when there is peace and healthy perspective within. Blessings in Christ.

R Kid

Wow. I committed to SPS last summer at a time when I could easily have walked away from golf. With many challenges last year I decided to take on golf and reinvent my swing. At that point is was about "fixing" my swing which used to be decent-and no longer was. I committed to Graves Golf and watched video after video.
I mostly skipped the Moe stories in pursuit of "the swing." The breakthrough for me as well as my swing came when I let Moe into my consciousness or better said, "into my heart." I watched and listened to the videos and stories about Moe Norman. That is when I felt the essence of learning from an utterly different perspective.
I have watched hundreds of videos by Todd, Tim and Chandler along with many devoted instructors in the Graves Academy. Yet THIS video is easily the best. Why? Because it points out the obvious lesson which few golf instructors are capable of delivering. It is a life lesson rather than a golf lesson.
Moe clearly gave Todd all that he could while leaving much for Todd to figure out for himself. Here Todd offers us what Moe felt...not about the swing, but about life. What a gift! Thank-you, Todd.

B&L Addison

A brilliant and good human being. Thanks Todd for bringing him to us.

Alan Carlyon

There is more than one moment in time! If I get out in the golf course with golf mates is a great moment in time! Here is Scotland most courses are closed due to the snow, So many are missing their time of not being able too play! I do not play in competition, anymore as like you, I can't stay in my moment , Moe's phases in your video Todd were/are so true, we have one life, so enjoy the fresh air and your surroundings for the day will come when one won't be able too! Great video Todd -Many thanks!!

John Dausner

The more I see Moe and the more I see Toad the more you gotta love 'em.. Always was taught to live in the now - past is gone future doesn't exist yet. Live in the NOW. For me nothing brings me into that focus more than a round on the course. Gotta love it, gotta love it. Thanks for all you do to keep Moe alive and ever present!

Shane Matzen

Don’t have to think very hard or long for my comments on this video:



Moe was not only the best ball striker ever but also a phylosopher and an excellent poet. I met Moe through Todd's information last year and now enjoy golf with Moe style SPS here in Japan. I would introduce those profound and poetic words of Moe to my golf friends here, in addition to his SPS. Let's enjoy golf from the heart.
Thanks Todd, as ever.

David Rodriguez

Awesome piece no matter if you are fan or not. More golfers need to be introduced to Moe. Thanks Todd. The poem is fantastic. Sharing this with my mens group.


A truly wonderful game with truly wonderful people.


so many words of wisdom from wisdom from moe, thanks for sharing

Jeff Johnson

Beautiful Todd! I’m gonna try to practice what you and Moe preach.

Joe Conn

Thanks Todd, a new perspective on this great game and insight into Moe..

Dan L

Thank you Moe and thank you Todd for sharing this experience, it brings a joy to and thought to playing this great game with a new perspective.I really enjoy the single plane swing and golf that much more.

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