Olympic gymnastics training

Training for Rio with India's first female Olympic gymnast Dipa Karmakar

Training for Rio with India's first female Olympic gymnast Dipa Karmakar3 Jul. 2016
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Dipa Karmakar will become

Dipa Karmakar will become the first female gymnast to represent India at the Olympics. We join her for a training day to see how she is preparing for Rio 2016.

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soumya official Bisen

Thank you Dipa di

Catherine Alexandra

Why are there so many male coaches, .... and it’s india

Neeraj Yadav

should proud of Dipa to be an indian

Parth Agarwal

thanks Dipa Karmakar this i am also doing gymnastics for last 8 years now i am in 8th class i love to do it . I have a dream to represent my country just like you do i have a mooto in my lifer that i will never give up and become just like you me and my 2 more freinds we are the 3 girls in the school who only do gymnastics regulary and have a mooto in our minds that we have to become a big gymnast just like you this video inspired me alot and finally lots of people know know about gymnastics i love my school that for students of their school they have put on lots of efforts if our school had not make gymnastics a sport i think so that we had never evebn knopw about gymnastics but know we have earned a lot of tryophies aand medal and our school is proud of her last thing that my gymnastics sir Arun siris the best if we have not met our sir our guru so we have not been as this post i and our team had met you in your training area we clicked aloty of pohotos with you in indra gandhi stadium lots of school held ther for the compition and i loved it after watching this video it inspired me alot so i will do alot of hard to work to just be like you

JoJo x

good for her!!!! she and her country must be so proud!!!

Sunshine Fitness

I love gymnastics I can do cartwheels handspring and head stand but where I live there is no gymnastics school :(


I can do better

JoJo x

its crazy to think there are still countries out there who don't recognize gymnastics as an actual sport. this going lady is truly a pioneer for her country!!! I have read she has had quite a bit of criticism because of the leotards etc and I'm glad to see her push thru adversity. that is what makes a champion. I wish her well in Rio!! as much as I love my team USA it would be great to see her nail that prudonova and get on that podium!!!

Claudia Patiño



I have read about you in my book . congratulations, for being the first Indian gymnastics ????♥️??

Razia Ayub

I'm from Pakistan but I'll be happy if you win a medal
good luck

Isaac Neaves

Greater than gold

shaik Gafoor

All the best!!!!

Isaac Neaves

YES! They have GYMNOVA eqiument the best!

Michie Oo

You go India ‼️


It is so amazing to have new things and ways for the Rio 2016 Olympics, with the Refugee team and all the different things it shoes all that everyone can follow their dreams.

Kshitij S

Girl you are gonna rock... Work more hard... You will surely beat Simon biles one day. India bless you. You ate gonna make it

Hui Ggg

love you Dipa!!

Maya Mohite

Deepa the best mighty girl.. we all indians are proud of you...

anil raj

u will,jai hind

Keep Guessing

i agree that we stand no where in Gymnastics compared to the world ,,,,,,but its a beginning that will take us into a long and bright future.......good luck Deepa...you may loose or win ,,,,,,you are our inspiration..........

Mika Kaukonen

I'm cheering up for you

Saheli Das

now she goes??

Ashley Savell

Making ?? india proud


This girl it's amazing.. Hoping the best for her. She nailed at the vaulting Olympics Test Event and she will also nail at Rio this year!

akshi Kaul

I also want to become a gymnasticsrar sir plz tell me where you give training of gymnastics

Sakshi Malik


Total tech and fun

Very good

Aarya S



Us Indians couldn't make sports a priority for a long long time. But things are changing and it's exciting to watch :)
You did us proud girl! and disproved all parents who say sports isn't a career path! ;)

Usha Raina

I love gymnastics . Gymnastics is my life ????????????????

Chandhan D

Girls like her will make India proud. ??


go dipa ..... you can do it


we are proud of you Dipa.. ?

rishabh Raj



India is proud of you Dipa, you are true inspiration for all, good luck Dipa......

Megan Oliver

Dipa is amazing! It's great to see her getting some coverage!

shailesh malviya

best wishes for dipa'success. we indinans are proud of you.



vikash kumar

Best of luck dipa.. even if you don't win a medal... we will not cry.. we r happy that u have shown the path, inspiration and motivation for future generation

Patrick Ramsay

The thumbnail makes her look like a Simpson.

Parth Agarwal

thanks alot Dipa Karmakar didi love you


Finally !! Happy to see a gymnast represent India! I always wondered (since I am an Indian gymnast) whether someone from my country ever go to the Olympics!

Mahesh Ghadge

proud .....tusi great ho

Yougi G

wait what? India never had female gymnast?????? ... anyways Rio is still far from being ready


Dipa didi ami oo gymnastic kori

A. M. Croitoru

Best Wishes Dipa!!! I am so happy for you.

Nigel Henriques

She may not suceed given the fact that india could care less about the olympics(its all about cricket) but greta for her trying!!

Maia 536

The vault she did I saw a coach do that in my gym and he stuck it


Get it, Dipa.

Eli F


Mahir Zain

Common indiaaaa common

Raj Madhvan

Best wishes
Deepa Deepa .....

Pranav Doshi

Will be watching Olympics only for you!... first and may be last time... All the best!

ChelC FrosT

You're living my dream, Dipa - give your best @ Rio. You make India SHINE (:


So cool :3

Consejos Tontos

Me parece impresentable que los vídeos tengan sólo subtítulos en Ingles.

Madhuri Jadhav

Dipa didi I m ur very very.........big fan. I m also working hard for gymnastics, because I also want to get the gold medal in Olympic. And day after tomorrow is my first gymnastic competition!

120CZBT018 Chandana s



u can do it dipa


Best of Luck. Proud of you. Jai Hind!

Vijay Kumar

Mehak wristler

Usha Raina

You are the best gymnast in the whole world.ILOVE YOU ??

Mahesh Shelke.HERBALIFE Green Planet Bio Products


Mikey Ramos

Go check out BLAZE JOKER for some nice gameplay videos some god of war

Gymnast Awesome


The Hindvi

best of luck

Vic Per

I love her :)


She need wax !!!!

Lukas Draven

kadosh shabbat salom adonai kadosh shabbat bebe miliard sory amore.

Debu fitness

she's from my hometown, Agartala.. Go Dipa..

Shankhadeep Nath

India is proud of you.

Mishika Sharma

this girl is surely gonna make India proud


Women's Vault at Rio 2016:


Nirmal Pudota

all the best dipa karmakar..am sure you will make us all proud...go #rio .:)

Sweet Cookie

This so awesome.An Indian gymnast first time on the Olympics.This girl will surely give it for the west countries.Her Produnova
was incredible.She will shine on the spotlight of the Olympics RIO 2016.Although I'm a Sri Lankan I'm so happy and proud of her.

Ellie Holden

Good training ??


Dipa didi ami oo sai te kori

Vinayak Kadam


Debayan Choudhury

Gymnastics is the toughest sport I think and It should be most famous all over the world. All of my best wishes for u Mam.

T K Narayanan

way to go Dipa :). all the best

Samrat Debgupta

If U wish to Shine Like The Sun u hv to burn like the Sun.#Dipa di U r the true light which will b scattered on the podium of Rio#Fight Hard & Win the best. Jai Hind. The National Anthem of India hv to b played In Rio beholding the Gold in your brave heart.


nice try.... chek de india!!

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Comments (100)
Kristine N

Thank you for the video. Nice to be able to watch.

Enerel Buyanzul

Hi I love gymnastics so much

Allison Cannatti

your? YOUR? oh no.


I love that Mykayla gets spray tans for camp. Get it girl

Erika Pennella


Arieanna Lawrence


Lydia Bentley

I think the big question is- Are you going to do an investigation? I think you owe it to a lot of young girls who are in a lot of pain and need support from the organisation they belong to/did belong to!!

Hudsen Gabriel

Can you show more images of the judges paper please

Crystal Herington

My coach has coached teammates at this gym

Luly Rosales

I can’t wait ???

hannah Spanner



am i the only that caught that part of the girls floor routine was renegade? @2:49

Grace Bernal

They actually look happy and healthy. Happy to see how things have changed, but there’s still a long way to go.

Nicole Green

Where is Kara Eaker?

Gracie Bella

looks a lot different from before ?


There is only 2 spots remaining

Crystal Herington

Simone biles was literally in my state 2 hours away!!! Ahah i wish the practice wasn't closed so I could visit...

Erica L

I love the girls but I HATE USA Gymnastics.

Leila Louzada

????????? ...

Whitney Neugebauer

YOU'RE = YOU ARE. YOUR is not the correct spelling...

J Protege

It's so great to see these young women enjoying themselves...so talented, so strong, so American!!????

Queen Bee

So great to see happy, smiling faces and outward joy during training - would never have happened on the Karolyi days!

B Porter

Imagine the Károlyi’s watching this feeling ashamed of themselves

Candice W.

I don't see Laurie :-( I know, I know. But she appeared in another camp video.

M Exxter Smart

keep women's sports female. no trans people born male

Richard Magsig


Tony Casciano


Kennedy L.

2:53 ... renegade?

Samantha Lifson-Neubardt

USAG Gymnastics is like: Look! They're smiling! Laughing, even! We did it, all fixed here!

Unknown User

Good luck to all of them! They're all so talented and deserve to make the team!

Jake Javier

Team - simone biles - sunisa lee - morgan hurd or grace mccallum or riley mccusker or mykayla skinner
Individual - jade carey (vault/FX) - kara eaker (beam)
Just my thoughts? What do u think?

RJ Scrimo

Go Shilese Jones! #FutureGymnasticsAcademy


But it’s you’re

gilbert laylay

Whose your bet to make the Olympic Team?

Catherine Alexandra

Imagine training with simone

Laura Ramirez

My top 4 are Simone Morgan Jade and Sunisa

Nerdy Scientist Angel

Omg so excited. The girls are back!!





Stephane SAINT

top bien

Sister Catrina

Its exciting to see all the girls but I just gotta say its 10x more exciting to see Laurent with his leg up on the high beam like that at 1:23 lol. I didnt even know he could do that!


Anyone catch Laurent standing with one leg on the beam @ 1:26??! hahaha

Genevieve Orlewicz



Love seeing one of MY fav gymnasts from a different generation. ? Kim is a wonderful person and coach!

Madi Aguilar

I always wonder how the practice Was

Miel Mani

Their strength is amazing. A typical male teenager probably couldn't do a lot of what they do to stay in shape.

marymary oyede

Yes... Can't wait, am here for Simone and mongan

Marieke Dufresne

Was the gym built for them? Or is it rented from another team?


Looks SO fun!


Was Laurie even there? If she was, I totally missed her

Roman Lightman



Where is laaauriiiie <3 good luck to all the girls

Elizabeth Winterbee

could not be further from the Karoyli camp style, for sure!!!!!!! theyr enot lining up like robuts, theyre SMILING LAUGHING, and the gym is in good condition!!!!!!  i LOVE that older gymnasts are coming back and doing well - i think it can only hlep the sport.  16 is too young IMO for this intesnity fo training, and competing at that level on a world stage.   I so want Mikayla and Morgan to be in teh team. think theyre both awesome.

Brian Patterson

Well with the Karolyis not in power anymore I doubt they'll be more injuries or hurt lives. From here on out. Although I don't believe what the compensation given to Nassar victims was enough, they are going in the right direction and it takes a community. So yes. I applaud the changes.


It really sucks that there are only 4 gymnast for a team. I’m sorry, but that is Not a team!
Biles, Suni, Riley if she could stay calm & Jade Carey would be a great team!


Riley!! ?

Brian Lau

Laurent stretching while working between 1:24-1:28 is so me, and a whole ass mood lmao

Ferdinand Tambungui

Where is Kara Eaker?

Aashish Aribam

Heaux I need more. I'm gymnastics starved!

Lyd The flipping kid

that’s sweet Jordan was wearing Simone’s leotard ❤️❤️

Ryan Germany

@ 2:54 she really did the renegade

Jill Foster

That same place

Ta G

A place like this and people running it much needed and what these gymnasts deserve!

Jessica Samulczyk

Yay!!! I'm so glad to see the girls back in action!?‍♀️

Max Shrapnel

lets hope USA gymnastics is doing what they need to do to protect this next gen of athletes

Jill Foster

I was there for tops nationals Testing as an eight-year-old

Kelli Knight

That was a really poor choice of words. We are going to hit that like button for these amazing athletes. Not to show our support for usa gymnastics. It's not about you. It's about them.


The coach stretching and working is the best part?

Belle Wong

This feels like something new and fresh is just over the horizon! Can't wait to see what they do to breath new life into the sport

Victoria Flows

Thank you.

Jillian Howell

So happy to see Riley there and smiling❤️

Marquita R

I'm going to show my daughter this is 6 and a level 4 gymnastics

Justin Lafond

What a cool look at the camp! I always wondered what went on there to produce such amazing talent.


I love how relaxed the girls and coaches look compared to the ranch ☺️

Corey Dyer


Loya Frostwind

Awesome! Getting excited for the Games. I hope they're not cancelled.

Just Call Me Annie

Thanks for sharing!

Linda Humes

Good luck to all these talented ladies ❣️

Josie FA

What is Jordan Chiles still doing there??


Love this sport!

Lewis Ingram

Well that didnt really show us anything...

Lissette Ramirez

So sad they moved the olympics this year but I hope all gymnasts and other athletes stay safe at this time especially

Besouro Verde


D L.GrayII

Emma is back!

Damond Barbee

All that talent!

RaganSmith Gymnastics

Good luck Morgi at American Cup!

Piper Robinson

I can't be the only one who noticed renegade at 2:49

Charissa Blaauwijkel

These girls all deserve to go, but it is so difficult to choose.... My team would be: Biles, Skinner, Carey, Lee.... Alternate: McCallum, Hurd, McCusker

Ri M

Simone - Riley - Mykayla - Suni or Grace for 2020 and Jade of course individually!

Elizabeth Price

2:51 lmaooo

Michael Silverman

I think Riley McCusker is my favorite gymnast that can qualify for the 2021 Olympic Games.Finally,the United States has a gymnast with grace,and poise.Riley took ballet,and that really made a positive difference in her floor routine.GOD Bless Riley,and all of the talented girls at this camp.



Alina Reybey

Please everyone stay healthy ?❤️❤️??I love all these ladies too much for any of them to get sick would be devastating.


i want more

Linny w

Didnt see Laurie Hernandez...did anyone else see her?

Hudsen Gabriel

They looking like they are having fun and enjoy the practice together because they don’t willing see each other that often , compentions and training camps

Rachel C

Where was this held at?


I'm glad that Riley looks really happy

Nina Zuccaro

I hope we see MyKayla Skinner at the Olympics. She’s so sweet, and she’s been working her ass off.

Evilwarlord Gt

2:50 she's doing renegade lol

Simone Biles training

Simone Biles training29 Apr. 2017
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