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Best WOD of the Week: 5/2/20

Best WOD of the Week: 5/2/201 May. 2020
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Ampersand SugarWOD Tutorial

Ampersand SugarWOD Tutorial16 Jan. 2017

Hey guys! I wanted to give

Hey guys! I wanted to give you all a quick tutorial on how to use SugarWOD! We are really excited about this app and hope you find great use for it in the gym!

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Gergely Pászti

Not for the performance, it is amazing, but for the quality of the video/sound that is not worthy of a routine like this.

serkan balaban

christmas music playlist

Nicole Perkins

They didn't even w8nt the winners season one les twins season 2 the lab season 3 the kings the kings best of all time

Starri night

now onwod the danccers suck

Cheryl Kelly

Watch it from World of Dance channel, sounds better

Woke Bloke

4:05 the score that won WOD season 4

Hailey Seales

they deserved it though , great job

Nicholas Murungi


eloisa quintela

I hope lisa to her next dance film, this will be the concept... I've been dreaming of this to happen in her future films. Just hoping

Kandace Ajiboye

Neyo ???


와.. 서.. 서커스 아니냐

Simen Haugland Mikkelsen

noooo dont tell me i ruined my headphones rn cuz i thought it was broken

AnneMarie Wood-O'Rourke

JLo "What the hell was that"?
Me at home "What the f**k? How did they do that"?


Oliver Smith

The kings you my army


3:40 Not gonna lie, I got chills

Shay Star

Flawless performance ✨✨

Steven Robalino

Off to the comments! Let's see what the experts think...

Carmen Oyarzo

Karen y Ricardo eran superiores


This should be one of the youtube cursed video for giving one hearing only

Rachel Sim

Poor vivian...

Ariane M

song ?

Bob Stacy

Perfection. Incredible. Loved it


This routine deserves an Emmy nomination.

angus cuvas

The fact that I only had my right headphone in thru the whole thing- ???

Elsa Lydman

im really mad they didint win

#nerves of steel

Just came in here to check if the reaction given to the kings final was ever given to any other dance before ... Answer is NO

Vanily Evs

If they had saved this for the finale, they would’ve won.


점수 보고 들어왔는데 받을만하다
와 진짜 잘하네

Bobcat da Kitty

Delightful simply delightful


무술인디 춤이아니라 ㅎ


This is the kind of content that makes me want to become another dancer. If I could even get to that skill level, I would be sooooo happy. Meanwhile, these people not much older than me are getting perfect scores on a TV show.

Shalisa H

I thought my right airpod was broken

Eli Niu

no sound

Keira Law

Jennifer: what the hell was that!
Me: laughing, exactly what the hell was that
This dance was amazing?

Glory Onyinye

Can never get over this routine

Xzavier Ellis

sas asmr

emily cott

i honestly just realized that the music and audio was only coming out, that makes a lot of sense now that my ears hurt

Corra Heart

That was awesome.

Dee Edwards

Just freakin awesome ❤️❤️❤️

QueWed'ta Learning Services

This duo is absolutely inspiring!!! Definitely on my "Must watch at least Once in your life" playlist!!!!!

Jonjon Gaspar

What is the style or genre of their dance?


Charity and Andres are great but Sean and Kaycee we're something else I felt that Sean and Kaycee had so much raw emotion. Charity and Andres just did things that we're difficult idk there's just isn't that special thing with them.

Nanda Choerunnisa

And also i think he's so handsome

HippityHoppity I’mTooPoorToOwnAnyProperty

This is why I think Charity and Andres should've undeniably been the winners of this season. So many people, especially Sean and Kaycee fans (no shade, this is just from how I've seen many of them act when they lost to Charity and Andres, I love Sean and Kaycee too :)) say that Charity and Andres only do flashy moves and acrobatics. Yes, it is true they do have a lot of acrobatic moves, but they also have just as much dancing incorporated in their routine too. In fact, I find it extremely commendable that they're able to show off so much jaw dropping dancing while still including those flashy moves and making the transition so seamless. As a dancer myself, I can see their dancing techniques shine through their acrobatic moves (something that acrobats alone can't do), not to mention their musicality, creativity, and storytelling, ESPECIALLY in this video are top tier. You can literally turn not listen to the lyrics or turn off the music and you'd still be able to see what kind of story their telling and what emotions they're drawing. When I saw these two, I was so sure that they would win. Congrats to the Lab though, they're definitely a super well coordinated, talented dance crew, it's just that personally they haven't really done anything that I haven't seen before.


Never ever 100




Can we just take a moment to say their outfits are amazing ?

bori Soo

와... 중력이 없나? ㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷ


My headphones right side is dead, trust me it feels terrible.


Totally amazing dancers together.

Regan Beck


Sylvia Montcho

World of danse ????

Ma'Ree C

Vivian Ruiz was probably like 'yes. I have a good chance of winning.' Then Charity and Andres went and got 100's and crushed her dreams....

Click Play 4 Kay

This is still the best performance of that season

Charlie Yuan


Alyson Johnson


Benjamin Li

Thanks, I spent 20 minutes reconnecting my wireless earbuds thinking they weren't synced.


I do feel bad for the other girl, cause she was also SO GOOD.


쩐다 저 동작들이 가능하다니..

Nya W

The soloists reaction was just like great I'm dead now.

Tjine Eikre

Knowing that they actually made a mistake makes this choreography even more insane.
In the last jump, Andres landed wrong and he had to improvise a little. You can see it in a behind the scenes video.

Hi Bubbles

Can I just take a moment THEY ARE TOO GOOD!!! They should have a YouTube channel!

Isa Mash

January 2020 and I am still amazed!!


I thought I was left-handed but I didn't know I was left-eared,too

Viviana Kendall

That’s gimnasia

Gerry Gold

Once more with feeling

johnny poppin26

Hip hop is still better than interpretative

McKenna Wolfe

is it just me or does the audio only play in the left headphone

Stephanie Mikyla


Echo Dollhouse


aaliyah dias-williams

First of all that couple is AMAZING. secondly why isn’t Jenna a judge.

error 404

Pls someone answer to me?I beg you!!!how that dance called!???pls pls pls someone answer

Julia Li

I genuinely still believe that Sean and kaycee has stolen the performance more then they did but just my opinion

ershad sulaiman

The kiiingzz!

Brian Galgano

i loved it

Hallelujah Mathewos

Please tell me how they have a perfect score but Sean and Kaycee were literally blindfolded and didn’t. These were good but...

Sathaporn Keawreing

binaural beats

Isabell Kim

환상적인 춤 너무 멋져요

Nicel Niwel

When you're just like: sorry Vivienne. You have no chance

Jonjon Gaspar

Who is the choreographer of the dance

Elysia M

One of my fave dancers ever!❤️❤️

Viviana Kendall

Is that dancing? I don’t see them dancing any moment. Where are the dance steps of something? I can’t believe the judges score that as a dance.

tran trung tin

colby brock

Chris T

Damn i know Vivian was like i lost

Ethan H



어우 쫄-깃

رزان العنزي


Fly Nights

What’s the song that’s playing in the background when they are getting their scores? I’ve been trying to find it for a long time


Sono di una bravura pazzesca

Summer Dav

That was more gymnastics to me and less dance I didn't feel a connection. It was great don't get me wrong but it didn't make me fall in love. Just go wow nice jump nice flip

BNK Franco

I love how Derek was like “do you know what you just watched today?” Because it’s true. You see good dance routines but to see charity and Andres dance this was WOW. Astonishing.

Big Son


Max Fax

This is not dance, no more... Sorry


이정도면 올림픽 금메달도 따겠다

jamal balima

polo g pop out

margarita bastilla

gacha life songs

Addie Myers



Fast forward to Season 4 and we see a semi-finals score of 89???????


❤️ ~✿~❧~?~❧~✿~ ❤️