Hafthor bjornsson before and after

My Journey to Recovering from Bell's Palsy

My Journey to Recovering from Bell's Palsy30 Mar. 2014
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CC: English, Español (Spanish), हिंदी (Hindi). Don't hide from the world! :-) This video diary documents my ~97 day journey to healing from Bell's Palsy. I had a severe case including mild deafness, and still made a full recovery after approximately five weeks.

I credit my recovery to: quick diagnosis; starting oral steroids within 2 days of first symptoms; twice weekly Chinese acupuncture and daily herbs; plenty of vitamins, water, exercise, and sleep; weekly acupressure massage on hands and feet (to trigger facial twitching through acupressure points); and keeping company with positive-energy friends and trying to keep an optimistic outlook.

There were a lot of days where I felt depressed at times. It took at least 23-24 days before any significant signs of healing appeared. After around day 23, movement began to return quickly with each passing day. There were noticeable improvements every morning in days 23-30, and by week six I appeared normal.

If you have Bell's Palsy, try to be patient during your recovery even though some days you might feel depressed or hopeless that movement will ever return. Some cases require 6 months or longer to see improvements. What I believe worked for me is to keep going to work, going outdoors, and to not let the condition interrupt my camping plans or anything else I wanted to do in life.

During recovery the only thing you can really control is your attitude. Try to stay as positive as you can. Explore non-traditional treatments such as acupuncture or electro-acupuncture (where muscles are stimulated by low current). These treatments can get expensive but I think it's worth making the financial sacrifice to make sure you try everything you possibly can to experience a full and rapid recovery.

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Comments (100)
Corinne Agor-Doyle

Thanks for sharing. I''m on day 10, hating life. You give me hope.

degsie mcdegface

Third bout for me over 40ish yrs, same side. Sucks every time. Face gets a little weaker each time. Nerves also get a little rewired, I tear when I eat.


Wow....well done Sir <3

Mitchell Hargis

I already have a hard time when one of my nostrils is clogged and yet this man keeps on living his life. Kudos.

Jouey D

I'm so happy that you've recovered. I'm on my day 5.

Ari G

My daughter was diagnosed with this today and I’m scared to death. I feel so helpless at the moment cause I just want to cure it from her. So far we got checked and now we’re making appointments for a neurologist. Also want to get a head start on exercising her but I read that it can do some damage if the wrong ones are done.???

Dave Pants

Thank you. My brother just got bells palsy 3 days ago...we suspected the worst but after MRI they determined it wasn't a stroke but palsy...standard symptoms to face ...hes 40 and it hit him emotionally pretty hard, "why me?"...but hes learning more that's giving him hope thanks to vids like this...if anyone's a prayer who reads this his name is Jeffrey, thank you...


This is so scary as a 17 year old waking up seeing ur face this way,for anyone can be scary. I started to have a panic attack

Carlo Yatco

I suffered Bells Palsy New Year of 2019. I was horrible but thank God, the meds and therapy, I recovered too

Daniel Gorski

I was having bells palsy 3 years ago after neck massage and sleeping under open window. I’ve excercise my face everyday during first two months and have face massage plus accupuncture sessions (10 visits). After this period all have gone with no visible sights left. Don’t worry in majority of cases it is going away :)

Abhishek M

Very happy for you man.

Diana Garcia

Congratulations on your recovery I think your positive attitude really helped you!!


I've searched for this video because I have bells palsy right now and I'm scared


I remember watching this video when it came out i had never heard of bell's paralysis before and wondered how it worked , little did i know is i would get it too , i'm officially suffering from this condition since today and i just hope it takes me only 97 days to fully recover , wish me luck guys ;)

Ade Atmadja

So happy to see the results, God Bless you


I just got diagnosed with this on Friday October 2nd 2020, today is October 4th. Thanks for your story. I realize now I have a long journey ahead.

V4R1 H

Thank you ? for you’re journey video
I just got Bell’s palsy yesterday
You make me cry when I saw you healing in the of video
God Bless You Always ??


the Coyote Peterson was already taken. great vid

Nitish Murpani

Hi on 20.05.2020 I diagnosed with Bells palsy. Medicines and electrical simulator with excercise are going.. let's hope for the best.

Thanks for sharing your journey your smile is priceless...


Please also watch this important video from a physician in Chicago who specializes in Bell's Palsy. Because Bell's Palsy can become permanent, it pays to self-educate, listen to your intuition, get second or third opinions, and do everything you can to own your cure. Don't assume the first doctor you see knows the best ways to treat this condition.

Hinton Levi Hall

I ended up going to the ER because I felt the sudden paralysis come on during my COVID infection. It has been almost a week and I feel that it’s gotten worse myself. When I saw that by your day 18 you had some motor function back, I about fell out with excitement. Gives me hope. Thank you!!!

l1222214 jnv111

Well done mate, that must have been a tough period

Madelyn Gonzalez Rodriguez

I got bells palsy during covid and i first noticed that my left side of my lip and tongue were numb. Then the next day i couldn't move half of my face. It really sucked having it. I had it for like 2 weeks but i've recovered, i've tried to not stress out because they said that stress causes this. I also had to take steroids. By the way i thought you were coyote peterson.lol


Thank you for this video. I am at day seven of my Bells Palsy And feel inspired from your video thank you.

Monica G

I was scared when I heard that this was one of the side effects of the COVID vaccine, but your video was heartwarming and courageous. I appreciate you sharing your journey, and if you can get through it, I can get through it. A heartfelt thank you and glad you are doing well.

Julie Ostoich

Were you vaccinated prior or recently before developing Bell's Palsy? It is connected to v a c c i n e s.

Zizi Nessrine

I have been suffering for a year and I have not improved from this disease????

Q Ho

Hey mate. Great video and great for you to put this up. I am also from Melbourne and have just started my journey on the bells palsy journey (now day 3). Can you let me know how you felt with acupressure and where you got it. Thanks in advance


this is so crazy because after watching your video about two weeks later i had it, then i remember watching your video about it and knew what it was, you’ve helped me a lot, thank you !!


My mom just got belly’s palsy and we were freaking out . Thanks to this video she has hope that she’s not the only one or alone we are all in this and hope she can overcome this with positivism.


Does anyone else with this feel eye pressure, bad headaches and tenderness around the eye and in the cheek??

aitchghee studio

Hey man! It's great to see you are reaching back to 100٪ capacity with your facial muscles
Keep going man! And thanks for the video! You should do an update!

Dakota Knott

Great recovery, God bless you man!

Casey F

I have had it for 3 days now thank you so so so much for making this I feel less alone now and this brings so much hope

Mike Ockslong

Hello, my dad is a doctor and I asked him what he thought about acupuncture. He said that it doesn’t work. Did you notice any difference in how you felt physically and do you think it helped with your Bell’s palsy?

Nyi Soe

Where did u do the needle thing ?


This guy had a great attitude about it. If this happened to me I would flip the F**K OUT

Christian Castillo

So inspirational.

Peter Kruse

Fortunately it wasn't caused by the covid vaccine, or YouTube would tell you to SHUT UP and CONFORM. Great video though!!

Zee Man

did this just appear out of nowhere?

Aamal Khan

I'm so happy for you

Anubhav Singh

Thank You for motivation.
I faced same.?

Random Guy

You look just like Coyote Peterson. Love your channel......glad I found you


I’m at week 3 and no improvement, I feel disappointed ?

Fombut Ghislain

I might probably be the tenth thousand person to say this but thanks so much for this video. It's been two weeks since I had bell's palsy and your video is all that kept me going. Right now I am 90% fully recovered and I still watch your video daily. You are like a hero to me and probably a million others. To anyone else battling with this, believe me it all gets better with time. "Stay Positive" and have fun. Hope I can one day inspire others to be strong as you did to ??

Angel for Truth

I got diagnosed with this plus tremors, and a psudeo tumor at once on 9/11/2020 at age 39. Active like yourself, it’s tough. Thank you for the inspiring message of hope. My story is still going. I update on [email protected] ???

Angel without wings

Thanks for motivation......suffering frm same problem.

Okxay Sara

Every year I come back to this video to remind me of the pain I went through it brings me 2 tears the was the same video I watched when going through it realising that someone else was going through with me I want 2 say a massive thanks for uploading this

karine emond

On Day 8 here.. also 4 days before my 27th birthday.. did you feel any tingling/little shocks in your face before it started to move again?

Kaila Momie


Cassie Levron

Thanks for sharing and making this video! Glad it didn't stick around for too long and looks like recovery went well for you. That gives me hope. I'm on day 5. Everyday it seems a little different and I'm just trying to stay positive!

Kimberly Spencer

Glad to see your beautiful smile. Handsome man. This is day 12 for me slow recovery? I'm not winking this is my facial expression. I hope to smile again.


How long did you get acupuncture’s for ?


? god bless you ?

Volksy 72

You picked a great Cory to recuperate. Dude, you rock. I hope your life is kicking ass. X


I was diagnosed with Bells Palsy December 26, 2019. I’m affected on the right side as well! Christmas night my tongue felt weird and I didn’t even think about it and when I woke up the next morning, my right side was paralyzed. I went to the ER and they put me on a steroid and antiviral for 7 days. I sleep with my eye patch and use eye drops. I have been so depressed (as if I wasn’t depressed enough before)! I’m really hoping I can recover soon! I miss being able to smile!

Mingy WantWingy

Glad you recovered man. Im fresh into this and very worried currently, as i feel it getting worse by the day. Seeing that you had the same experience, but ended up fine has brought me some relief. Thanks for sharing.

Carl Malmquist

I was diagnosed this Monday after waking up with my left side of the face completely gone and then rushing to the emergency. It’s not painful but very tiring, especially when talking and eating. Even though just a few days have passed I have come to turn that I want this to become a positive experience in my life. I already started a soul searching journey. And I’m glad I found your video to further inspire those believes. Never take it down. Thank you!

Miller Markoz

My left side of my face is named because of the car accident. Any advice or help to recover?? I've been in this for 16 years it's so so hard

So Unsure

Hey anyone did you receive anti virals too, also I feel like crap is it the antivirals and steroids or it the virus that caused my case . Exhausted all the time day 7

Rin Nohara

Im very happy for u congratulation ??????
Also i have a question, its been 14 years that i got paralysis face ,if i do acuponcture its gonna be better for me ?

Deviani Sher

I’m on day 3... THANK YOU


This man has got a beautiful smile

hitesh chand

Great recover... Wish you great health ahead


THANK YOU! My mom just got diagnosed with Bell’s palsy and this was a big inspiration, which took my mom from being depressed and staying in bed to going outdoors and trying new things!

ReeceDavid Thomas

i watched this video around 2016 and thought to myself i wouldn't ever experience this kind of condition. now 2020 and 4 days ago i got diagnosed with Bell's palsy. my early signs were noticing my right eye was blinking a little slower than my left as well as watering a little more than usual which i just chalked up to allergies swelling my eye. 2 more days down the line, I wake up and am unable to fully move the right side of my mouth, cheek or eye brow and my eye no longer closes fully. I have also begun to notice my taste gradually diminishing. Right now i am not at a stage of full paralysis, i have retained around 30% of movement in the right side of my face but have been told this can change the longer this goes on. I am on a course of steroids to treat this as well as taping my eye down to go to sleep and applying eye ointment for irritation. It is really reassuring seeing someone with this condition still remaining positive and seeing how well this can recover with time. Unfortunately as much as i don't want to let this condition keep me indoors, current corona lockdown is restricting a lot of that. Working from home is helping me take my mind away from the fact that i can't move the right side of my face and trying to go on regular walks also. Thank you for the video.

Asep F Mursidi Zein

thank you, for this video.
update 6 month bell's palsy, now i can smile again :)


I'm really happy watching the end of the story :)

Cosmin Ungureanu


michigan trapper

I just got it 6 days ago and its something that takes getting used to

Jazzy Girl

Awesome im really gonna have to check out acupuncture



ComiXProvider FTW_02

So you can't blink in that one eye?

with nosheen

Ahaaaa gosh same with me like today it's 2nd day of suffering with this problem anyways its so much motivated video ??


Sweet video :)

Conrado FMC_Ny

Wow man, congratulations for inspiring people in recovery. What treatment did u have? And DID u have cold sores? People say that’s the reason? Is that true?


I had this shit back in 2006. It was annoying and took a long time to get my face symmetrical with movements


Thank you for posting, your video got my hopes up again.

the ufc fighter

Aww im so happy for you i hope in god and with a hard work i will be good from this ☹

Ace Gaurav

I am feeling really good that he is vegetarian, its all about the karma and believe it or not but he is a vegetarian that's why he cured!
#nooffence #truth_is_truth #dont_debate_now .

Urvi Nagpal

Was the recovery slow in the time between day 29 and day 97? I am 58 days in and the progress is really slower than what it was in the beginning.. wondering if it will get better or not.

Prashant Shakya

Its my day 7 with Bell's palsy. Whenever i feel low i watch you video. It make me feel good and motivated... Thank you buddy?

Mary Paz

If someone is reading this in 2021 and if you woke up with Bell’s palsy, I recommend you to go make an appointment at your nearest acupuncture but before that you must go to the ER so they can prescribe you with steroids and anti-viral medicine. Acupuncture has helped me so so much that my Bell’s palsy only lasted a month. My acupuncture doctor told me he suggests to start your sessions really early on, it’ll help a lot. If you wait within weeks or months there’s a possibility that your nerves can damage and you don’t want that. I really hope I can help someone with this information.

Alba Reyes

That's because the body is eliminating it and doctors know it but honestly it can be very dangerous, please eat healthy.
May God give you wisdom.

Dr Durpy

Does this cause discomfort or any pain?

Sol Mendiola

You’re so lucky you did the exercise religiously and the medications..and good for today’s patient we have the internet snd diff.approach in treatment,but unlike in our time ..back the in 80’s where no access to this technology,it’s so hard to find treatment,but i have get to used it and justdo some exercises and it helps a little and feel good.

chris downes

As having gotten bells paulsy for over 6 months it fucking sucks I truly know how good it feels to finally regain full control of you're face good on you man for spreading awareness


When something as simple as a blink can feel like a victory. Excellent video sir.

Joana Lor

Wow. I have bell's palsy around 7days. And I was inspired with this. I think I'll be doing a diary as well

Megha Sharma

hi where in melb did u get accupuncture from???

Bill Foty

Your story is so inspirational. I just got this. I’m going out of my mind and my emotions are out of control. It would be good if I can talk to you. My number is (954) 449-3280 Bill

Jamal ‘

This happend to me yesterday ??

kun jiang

Hey brother. Thank you for sharing this video. I am having the same issue as yours. My right face, and it's my third day after I see the doctor. I still feel hurts in my face and behind my ears. So when should I start getting some acupuncture treatment? Thank you.

sapna dhanki

Really feels good to see your recovery channel movement so fast. I know for us it is fast but for the patient it must have been a whole decade. Can you please let us know few more details about these Chinese acupuncture


Thanks for the video man. Glad to see youre doing well. I was just diagnosed 3 days ago with Bells Palsy on the left side of my face and to say the least, its deffinetly an extremely frustrating thing. Esp the dry and constantly watering eye and the taping of it at night. Good to see someone trying to keep other people with this crap upbeat about it, as Ive deffinetly been down the last couple days. Thanks for that, its deffinetly appreciated.

Roy C

What an incredible person you are for making this video. I'm so glad you are all good now. How did you know you would get better?

HRM 9229 Harsh Prasad

Thank You ❤️❤️❤️❤️


Thank you for this. Thank you. Day 5 Bells

English Garden

Shit he tape’s his eye’s Shut at Night.

Sv N

on day 11 it was a little better. see your eye.

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Comments (100)
James Holt

I don’t usually comment. And I know the likelihood of Thor seeing this in about 0. But I hope his daughter sees this and knows her dad is missing her, he is thinking about her- he my be one of the strongest humans to ever live... but he sounds like a brilliant loving dad. I’m sorry you don’t get to see your daughter Thor- I hope that changes for you.

Philipp Stäuble

All the best, big man. My payers that you can see your daughter soon again.

Andrew Murray

Hafthor, your dedication to being a champion is second to none but your dedication to being a father is amazing!! I have been there and totally understand where you're coming from. This video has given me hope and a determination to get things sorted no matter how long it takes - your real strength is in your heart and makes you a champion of champions!!

G m

as a father hearing this choked me up. I hope this guy keeps going hard in life. keep moving forward

Dave Bayliss

Stop talking of your ear hole

Dicky Mint

Icelandics are a strong proud race because they have been left aloan...

Bernice Copeland


දිගු ලී නැව් වල රුවල් සහ තට්ටුඒ මත නැගී සිටි සොල්දාදුවන්

Trade MAN

Thanks for the Video - Very Motivating ?.I have replayed it over and over!!.



Sambo Sinti


Skank Hunt42

Another great man being hurt by a cruel woman

Penchester Fan

For him, losing to Eddie Hall is the same as losing his daughter.


great short, .........


I had to stop watching when he started crying...so sad :'(

John Higgins

So why can’t he not see his daughter?

A. S. B

Giant with a painful heart ????????

Brisk Tea

Very sad this is, I wish him to see his daughter

Brisk Tea

Man if this dudes daughter dont want him in his life that's on her, she missing out on a great guy


I knew there was something big lying in his heart, he had something sad about him. Now I know why I had this impression/feeling. May Hafthor should take a look into Mens Rights Movement maybe they can support him and provide a solution.

I wish him the best and I also know what for cold monsters some women could be. I guess that the mother in the this case is the problem.

Aaron Barlow

Why hasn't he hugged his daughter in 3 years? WTF?

Chris Hayes

great interview but the sounds muffled.

raymond blood

I have had the same pain from being denied access from daugters mum broke my heart like no pain ever she now 25 and medical prof im very pd hope you get to see her soon

Dani Good Boy.2020

Congratulations to Thor for lifting 501 kg we made history proud lol

Timothy Estes

Be strong ?? brother. I haven't seen my daughter since 2016 . I know what you're going through. In due time. Pray to our heavenly ? father for spiritual strength ?.

Do you Comply?

The background music is fucking up this vid SMH?

Mr. Niceguy

Shaw would clap halfthors cheeks easily, get outta hereeee


That's a real viking???

alex ghugs

I would wholeheartedly support the inclusion of strongman competition into the Olympics.

Forest Taniguchi

Damn brother. That made me cry. My ex wife took my kids away from me. I still can’t see them because she turned them against me now. I hope one day.


Good interview but please get better recording equipment as the audio quality was subpar.

Darlene Griffith


මුදල්ටොපී කීවේ මඳ වේලාවකට පසු මුළුතැන්ගෙයෙහි අපි උදේ ආහාරය පිළියෙළ කරද්දී ය

TheBass SOL

Why isn't he able to see his daughter?

Estef Figueroa

Damn! His wife should give him baby's

Kevin Guo

Who's here after his 501 kg deadlift?

keith gordon

If you think man dont cry you just got proven wrong in this video

The mad lad

We got you bud . We know what women have become not all but some it is a sad state.

seba games

Sound is very bad


Wow an inspirational video Thor, a huge guy with a bigger heart ♥️ we all love you big guy


Who’s here after the 501kg deadlift?

Posy Kennedy


හදිසියේම ඔරලෝසුව යථා තත්ත්වයට පත් වූ අතරසූර්යයා යළිත් දැල්වුනේය දැන් වෙනත් කෝණයකින්නමුත් තවමත් අන්ධකාරයේ කලාපය තුළ ය ආවාට තට්ටුව හරහා සීතලස්ථාවර ආලෝකයක් අළු පාෂාණ සහ පර්වතයට රිම් බිත්තිය

aabhishek choubey

i am glad he is now the man to lift the heaviest weight in history

ALI 13


Mark Spurgeon

I really feel Hafthor's pain when it comes to not seeing his daughter.

My daughter was stopped from seeing me by her mum about 4 years ago, while at the same time being given a really bad impression of me. So much time passed and I've not had the chance to spend any time with her, so she started to believe the bulls**t.

I miss her all the time and hope one day she will understand that I love her, I've always been here for her and I'm not such a bad guy.

Emperor Bugenhagen of Creatyne III

I find it so humbling that he would trade in everything, his strength, his medals, his fame, all just to see and hug his daughter.


I come to video when im down when he says shut the cameras down it gets me every time... I cry with and for him...

Slim JB

I love all Fathers out there who're proud of having kids and miss them whenever they're apart. My children's father left me 6yrz ago for another woman. I had no where to go with my kids. I left my children will there Father's mom so that they can at least see one parent instead of non..I left my country to look for a job in a different country. My son was 1yr and my girl was 5yrz old. I left them for 3yrs.couldn't stop crying every day when I think of them.when I went back home they told me that there father never visit them or even talk to them through the phone just because the new wife's rule doesn't allow the father to see his own children ?(I haven't seen this kind of woman before though)I bought a piece of land and I built a house for my mama and my kids. I had to leave the country again for I must provide for them since I have no one to turn to. I miss them big time but at least now days I talk to them every day through video calls..I feel this guy's pain of not seeing a child.

Jan Sveen

To not be allowed to see your child is the hardest. I haven't seen my son for more than 1 year. But I hope that everyday we are closer to meet each other again. Stay strong!

Ouki Dono

We love you big man, you are so inspirationnal for us, please continue to makes what you do the best, continue to be yourself, big love from France !!!

Ares Apollo

When his daughter gets older, I wonder what boys has big enough balls to try and date her

Zacch Canavan

Massive respect. Very relatable story and any father going through the same, please keep your head high. It's tough, but your tougher.?

lord Beerus

Congratulations for the 501 deadlift

Timothy Estes

You are the man Thor ???. Rock on brother.

Lextech Lighting

Tell your daughter you took 3 bad reps you didn’t deserve and lost strongman 2017 and she’ll respect it more than what history is about to write. This BS with Eddie is unwarranted just because you wanted to win for her.

Gotah Gemini

As a woman I find this so sad. A child needs both its parents in their life and it's so wrong to keep a child away from their parent. I hope you'll see her one day! Hopefully, one day when she'll grow older she'll look you up and watch these videos.

Saif Malik

Sore loser

But this was pretty emotional

Kristian Mælum

Had me crying man ❤ first time in 2 years ❤

Frank The Tank

Leave boxing to boxers. Thor is a strongman not a boxer


Hafthor you are my inspiration. I believe in you and know in my heart your situation will improve.


80% of the time i had to struggle hearing what he said..pretty bad sound

Patrick Johnson

Wow, that audio though.


Fawaz Saleh

Life without God is not fair and has no meaning Because life has suffering in it

Fulgencio Marquez

Worlds biggest crybaby

Sura’s Life Stories

I hope u get your daughter back Thor


The strongest and most peaceful Giant in this world?

Sophie Bennett


තට්ටු නිවාසයේ ඇති පාද සේදීමට සුදුසු ඕනෑම බේසමකපාත්‍රයක හෝ බහාලුම්වල පිරිසිදුකම පිළිබඳව මම අනුමාන කළෙමි දැන් එය අවශ්‍ය නොවනු ඇතස්තූතියිටොපී


mean to use childs as a weapon. or what i do get wrong.

Clementine Payne


හෝර්සා පරණ රයිෆලය මත දෑත් තට්ටු කර ඔහුගේ වීසර් එකේ ඉහළ කෙළවරේ ඇති ens නීභවනයේ මීදුම දෙස කටින් පිට කළේය ඔහු සිතූ ආකාරයටම එය වඩාත් නරක අතට හැරුණි සමහර විට ඔහු තම දර්ශනය විවෘත කළ යුතුයදැන් ඔවුන් පෘථිවි වායුගෝලය තුළ සිට ඇත

Robert Lindsey Jr

This man is a badass.

HashBrown Doyler

i cant understand anything with the awful mic quality

Jonas Förman

Thor ”stroke” Bjornsson


It reminds me of the time 30 years ago when my first wife left me and took my 9 year old daughter away from me. I loved both of them and it almost destroyed me, so that I lost my job and my house and suddenly I owed 90,000 DM. It was hard to cope with, finding a new job, working 12 hours a day, paying it all back. 3 tough, sad years in which I became totally disillusioned and despised myself. But in the end I stood upright, and today I have a good relationship with my daughter.

Michael thapa

His English is not so fluent but so understanding that how painful it was to express in words
Thor will break many records for sure
He's Strong ?


How can his former wife forbit him to see his child with what legal bases isnt his right as a father to see his child?Hope he wold his daughter in hus arms soon.


Why cant he see his daughter ?

Richard G

You should have been disqualified in 2018... the way you disrespected Eddie.... you are a chump... not a champion. Anyone that can support such a sore loser and bad sportsman... irrelevant the life story. You know what you did when you robbed Eddie Hall of his well deserved win... Disgusting team of people.


didnt even know he had a kid


Hes a natural born viking.

I dont know what to write

is his daughter still alive?

MR Mister


Snapon454 Gaming

Lmao, more like poorest sport in strongman history.


Anyone after 501?

Shawn Michaud

Enjoyed watching this, but would not have kept watching if it wasn't about Thor. The audio was really poor.

Alex VanDeVoorde

Never thought the strong man guys would get so popular I always thought they were tanks

S Lax

I hope he can see his daughter :(


Massive thank you to Thor for opening up and sharing his story, thank you to Runar, please go check out their instagrams in the description.
We are happy to share what we have filmed with you guys and we are getting closer to our goal of Netflix as we master our skills every day.
Thank you all for the support and if you like the video please feel free to share it as that will help a great deal.

There is more of the interview to come as we have been working on a gym video where Thor talks about hard work and mindset in the gym.

Jacob GT

I can't hear shit

aabhishek choubey

the heaviest things we lift is not our weights, but our feels

Everett James

The liberal construct. Separate man from home, strip away his rights and dignity.

M. Thorsen

Hafþór is a great person. I have always respected him so much but now I respect him even more.

Bet VR

All strongmen Ive seen so far has a reason to get stronger, Thor his daughter and eddie his wanting to protect his family

Nicholas Plesko

I want to get as big as the mountain but I couldn’t afford to eat like him.


Eddie Hall kicked your ass

Michael Chander

Please tell me I'm not the only man who struggles to watch big strong men cry or feel pain? I remember at my grandmas funeral I never cried untill I saw my dad crying. I dont know what it is.

jesse stringer

Probably shouldn’t be lying on your daughters name then huh? Come on man.


And here he lifted 501kg a few days ago....


Me: inspired
Also me: didn't understand anything he said lol

Andrew Simar

Are we gonna unite and stop this massive kidnapping that is organized by feminists or are we just all cry on our own? Seriously men became bitches, then never unite.

Elizabeth Church

His daughter knows deep down who her daddy really is inside.

Vitaley Simonovich

Sorry but the mountain is one of the biggest complainers and babies in the strongman world, ya the guy is strong as hell but he complains so much and he is such a bitch about it all

scotty Dees

Thank you for the video boys.
Unless your a threat to your child, no Parent should be inhibited from seeing and knowing their child.
The only bright side is that the child grows up and sees with their own eyes what the truth is, and then God help a parent that has lied or used them as pawns. This has been my experience. I couldn't be prouder of my child, and have a wonderful relationship with them now, but I feel saddened every day for all the lost years, when someone chose to punish me for not accepting their infidelity and lies.
If for some crazy reason you read this Hafthor, find a guy you trust, to talk to regularly.


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Pedro Oliveira

I don’t think Thor understood Conan wheel joke ?

Alexander The Great Eminem Fan Stan Shady



Thor wearing an ice-skater sparkling shirt

Luis Andres Alfaro Rojas

Hafthor is one BIG guy.


28cm taller than me and im not that short either

Aaron Barlow

"I'm vegan"
Said no strongman ever.

Manuel Nunez

I LOVE both these guys!!!

Stalwart Shinobi

Hes sp big but my love for Arnie is bigger!

Dragon Knight

that's like tiger's daily meal amount of calories.


A lot lmaoo

Alex andre

Incridible monsterman! Would can fight m.m.a.!


Thor is the only one who could take the mic from Arnold


Steak and potatoes

Rohit Kumar

that mic looks like a lollipop in Thor's hands..?

Peter Dabica


Tarun R

So much muscle and heavy accents in this video.

dreamcode dreamcode

steak and potato :)

Kevin P Carey

I like those sequin Rogue shirts

Abhay Raichand

6'9" Huge Giant


Arnold’s a big guy. Thor is a BIIIIIIIIIG guy.


501kg just now. ez.


I eat every day 10 000 calories ...That what you are doing is called doping in sports because you pump everything into you...

juan carlos Gonzalez

Arnoldo looks so small ?

John Janssen

He cant sleep without CPAP? Oh wow thats aweful, it means he's too big it has become unhealthy.

Kevin P Carey

a lot...<rubs stomach> that was AWESOME!

Adan Angeles Mori

No entiendo nada !!!. No se hablar ingles


I like how Arnold is huge but he still looks like a hobbit next to this guy.

Stalwart Shinobi

He is the only person in the world that can lift that award with one arm!

Growlzee !

Lol when he rested his hand on arnies shoulder..


Just how small would i look next to these guys. I'm 1.75, at 85 kg

Josh West

The Terminator interviewing the Mountain.

Joel Troconis

Que bien todo un campeon ???

Native Swede

Thor is a shame for the sport.


Schwarzenegger is so funny. Thor: "Steak and a potato.", Arnold: You guys write that down, okay.

Max Longo

A gentle Giant


In the 80s Hafthor could have played the most badass vilain against Arnold.