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Musicians of Johnny's Garage25 Apr. 2011
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This video is for the

This video is for the folks who requested pictures with names of the Musicians of Johnny's Garage.

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ubald robitaille



Love the music, and am glad for a chance to see some pics of the people who make it. Thanks!

john allison

Are any of these wonderful musicians still playing? I come here almost every evening to listen. They sure do know how to make a body feel good.

john allison

Great music from a bunch of Musicians who look like they are really having a good time. Thank you so much for this music guys and gals. Love it.

Col B

what a great session you men have, and the lady, I would love to be sat in the middle of that for a few hours. It is nice to see the names of all the musicians and it seems like I know a few of you already, Thank you, Col, England....


Musicians indeed!  Great job and thank you for sharing.  Anyone know the name of that tune?

Kathleen Smith

Such beautiful music.  Wow, no one can sing or play this way anymore.

margie steeves

Where are all these great guys these days. Some of them are missing in the newer videos. Its not the same without them


Thanks to you, Peter. The pictures don't do them justice but the music sure does.

Bill Brown

Great music love it God bless you all

Old Guy

These guys were great and we miss each of you here 10/18/2019 thanks for the years of music

Old Guy

I loved you guys from North Carolina we miss you so much.


Thank you so much for the names....they are in our homes on a regular basis so it is only fittin' we know who we are being entertained by. thanks again!

Ed Dudley

you can,t get better awesome for sure

Maxspop Online

Thanks, Guys, for all the great music you have given us over the years.

Peter Hawkins

Thanks for letting us know who is who..Great music....Peter

B Jones

I really enjoy you musical abilities and in fact I play along with my guitar. Thanks so much for what you have done. Big Thanks!


@guitarlady690 Thanks for leaving a comment Margaret, you have a great channel with beautiful gospel songs.


@Ansalems. Thanks for the pics and was that piece of musis "I'll Be All Smiles Tonight"? First song I heard you guys do was the beautiful Westphalia Waltz and boy was I hooked. Thanks again.

Carroll Hallagan

this is awesome !!!!  just found a month ago . Love it

Old Dog

If we could all be so lucky to have this in our later years.

Kathleen Smith

Where can I buy this most beautiful music?  Do you sell C.D.'s  Thanks,I want to buy some.

Joseph Demma

You Guys are Great !!!

Bob Watt

Sad to think that so many of these boys are gone now. RIP

Margaret Hawkins



I love it. Thanks for sharing all the names of the fine musicians from Johnny's Garage. I love your channel, and so enjoy it. Take care. Gwen

Bud Maxwell

Eric is a great dobro player,is he still playing.

Elaine A

What a Wonderful group!! I have so very much enjoyed watching & playing with them.


@Jrebindixie Thanks Reb, your comments mean a lot, coming from someone who knows his history, music and military!

Don Kimble

Wow...! Except for the faces, this could be the jam we have had in Big Flats, New York since 2001. It's amazing how many GREAT "pickers" there are in this Great Country of U.S.A... God Bless you all...

Paul Bombardier

This is beautiful. Great music, and a dapper bunch of mature codgers. can listen to this forever. Uncle Arthur(itis) has made me switch from 12 string to resonator guitar. My Fender is a Dobro whanabee. Keep up the great work. You use it or you lose it.

Judith Square

Wasn't there a guy with a metal hooked hand playing a guitar there at one time...he was awesome!

Ronnie Widener

Great Real Country Music. I grew up in the Ozarks and spent time in Nashville when they had real country artists and you guys are right there with the best. Thanks for the memories.

Maggie Cousineau

What a beautiful idea, showing all the musicians with a very moving piece of music. Carolyn you forgot to put a clip of yourself in the video, without you were would not be able to enjoy the Ansalems. BTW what does Ansalems mean? Maggie

Tom Lockhart

Where is Johnny's garage?


@thechambersable And what a beautiful thing your friendship and comments are to us Lorraine! Thanks for being there for us.


......thanks for the names and the still pictures. You sure picked a great song to go along with the pictures. Sure is a bunch of nice Southron Gentlemen. Keep up the fine music and don't change one thing. Y'all are making history by keeping real music alive and well. Jreb

John McCall

Where are they from and are they still playing together?

Marlys Sluggett

Bless your hearts  true musicians  true country music  beautiful  thanks for sharing   i live in Prince George British Columbia Canada   love it

pewdiepiepe pie

have you got any cd if so please tell me where i can purche some


That's some beautiful picking to go alone the pictures. This group has given us all a lot of smiles....thanks

Gordon Laboucane

the talent is awesome.Just awesome!!!!!!!

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Saab 96 was produced for

Saab 96 was produced for 20 years (1960 - 1980) and was equipped with two strokes (3 cylinders) and four strokes engines (V4 cylinder, Ford origin).

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Stirling Moss - greatest British race car driver OF ALL TIME. Excellent video. Grazie!

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Beautiful Condition

Beautiful Condition

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