Hips fat exercise


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K Khan

Nice ?

maniya rocks

Thanks you ??????

Tamo Sana

Can upload video for belly fat please

vimal gambhire

Thank you so much yarr

Kadheeja Akbar

Thanks sister❤

k.Geethanjali geethanjali

Thank you

sree iswarya

I have the same hip size as in the figure... Do I really need to loss fat???


Meri leg me join bone me fracture hai but i'm so faty i can't do jump and more exercise so how could i loss my weight ?

Arafart Hossain

What means there sets


Nice work

Mehak Aulakh

I will start from tomorrow .hope it will work

Jogi lalitha

Thank you so much for this ?❤

Anshu Priya

Thx mam


I love your videos and how to get bigger bum from flat bum. Can you put a Vidio ?

Aahana Pradhan

Am just 15 n i weigh 69 kg okay almost 70
Do u have any workout to lose up to 8 kgs in 1.5 months?with time n diet and all information like just morning or evening or both time?

Mrs Ansar

Should we follow the diet plan of day 1 again from day 6?

P ramchandra Tayde

Bahot mat he ??????????? 77 din karungi to vajan kam hoga na ?

Sk Sana

It will work for 10 days

Bhavanireddy Kunchala

Thanks mam


I have 4 mnth baby shall i do this exercise. I have done c section too

Abdul Samad Kayani

Very difficult exercises

Annaya Marwat


Abi Kumar

Is it reduce butt fat?

Nandhu Saranya ns

Mam IAM feeding mam can I do night time morning he not aloved to go morning

yukta gajja

This is not going to bulk thighs up?

Aman Deep

When I can do this like free stomach or I can take light anything plz mam reply

Shayra Khatoon

Thank you

ragini shrivastava

Very effective and thanks ??

Brother&Sister Fashion Store

Which time i can do this exercise?

Zeba Bushra

I want to reduce the size and fats of my hips please tell me does this exercise really reshapes and reduce the fat of our hips?

Aliya Fatma

मेरा प

Bakeeru Sujatha

Thanks sis


Nice ❤️

Mamathasaranraj Mamathasaranraj

Medam can we do poast dilevary

SV Home

Nice sharing stay connected


Easy n effective ?

Selena Gomez

I'm starting this frm today nd I'm gonna do this for 21 days let's track the change
Size of my hips 44inch
Day 1:done
Day 2 done
Day 3 done

Zeenath Begum

In how many days we can see the difference in our butt??

Sasikala Mahendiran

When I do mrng or eve pls tell me


How many times we have to do in a day

Chintan Patel

Gonna start fom tomorrow
Lots of love

Sandhya Matta

How many times

Naveed Zaidi

Can u tell me what does day 8 or any other day number mean.....?????

Baby Cartoon 3D

nice video. kids love it

Soumyasuresh P

Thankyu, i will do it... ?

Yours Multi Channel

Very effective excerises, thank you

Vino Vinu

Day 8 completed ?

Jannat liza

Thanks sister?

Zeenath Begum

After doing dis exercise can we have a mug of flaxseed milk ??
Pls reply

Dungroth Prasanthi

I'll start from tomorrow onwards

amrutha lakshmi

It's really loss back fat and leg fat

Workout 4D


Blessy Uma

Very nice ?

Best Videos

I will starting it from tomo..❤️ please share about belly fat lose exercise

fatima .khakwani21


Protiva Saha

I dont want reduce hip..big hip and breast increases beauty

mahesh kirte


pushpa kushwaha

Kbhi bhi kisi time kr sakte hai kya

mohanisha athvik

Mam wait reduce pananum adhuku solunga

Saranya Ramprakash

Hello mam. Can do this exercise after 4 months of c-section

Shilpa Mahajan

Mam I have sleep disk problem
Sujjest me

Mohammed Sajeed

Yeh Exercise din me Kitne Time Karna Hai Plz rply kijiye

Gulshan Kumar

Can we do this exercise for thigh fat burn???

Khushi Sharma

After exercise we can't drink water ?

Kavitha Kavi

C section lady's can do this exercises

Akashdeep Kalyan

Mam I am 18 years old or mere hips dino din badhte hai mai bhot he jada pereshan hu

Rekha Panjabi

I am thyroid patients
Kya me bhi ye exercise kr skti hu evening me

Talk about Celebrity


Ĥãŕłëŷ ķĥànñ

This exercise reduces hip fat


Tnq uh and plz share some ideas ??


Can c section people can do these especially 5 months completed ? Pls tell

Saraswathi Boomeka

Akka nice, when this workout morning , evening and night can u please tell me akka

VOLETI pravallika

Which time best mam

sakeenah kasim

Gonna start it

Mintu's kitchen Neelam

Thanks dear will surely follow this ?

P ramchandra Tayde

3 bay ho gahe ???????????????

Yusufali Sayyed

Can 14 years old can do this exercise plz tell me


Thank you...❤

Mohamed Navedh

As I am mother 2nd time c section After c section 3 months completed can I do this exercise

Akansha Wasalu

Finally I got this

ritu parmar

Nice video

Afsheen Chougle


yasmeen fathima

We have to do all exercises for back fact or eny one of them???plz reply

ashif Nobe

Hello mem kiya khana jo chahe wo kha sakte he

subhashini s

I was searching for this..thank you❤️

Anusha Hada

It really works?

Ayesh Khanum

Super video

All About Food

My L4 L5 is operated 2 years ago,,, can I do this excercize because my hip and thighs are very faty?

Fatima Syed

I have loose weight only by watching the video.. Thank you

Sudha Tech Guy

Hai mam I am a new subscriber I will do only one time per day or twice

Maliha Fatima

Yes, please tell me how many days you have to do this exercise

Gigi Jose

Weight loss workout over 45

رفيف تايه


Daily Routine With Sana

Mery qamar ma pain hota ha aksr kia ma ye excersize kr skti hn coz mery hip kafi bary ha...plz reply

shikha Paliwal

Hello mem I am new subscriber

Dahal Nissup


Harika vaddadi

Very different from many other videos

Darshna Darshna

I need this ???

Amarjit Kaur

Thank you ma'am it's very good exercise but one video make for fat breast thank you very much

shruti sharma

Mera pcos ka operation tha kya me ye kr skti hu


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Let's burn Saddlebags,

Let's burn Saddlebags, hip fat and total belly.

30 Seconds Exercise with 15 seconds rest.

Do 4 Sets.

Ye Exercise HINDI/URDU men Dekhain


شاهدوا هذه التمارين باالعربية


Mira este video en Español


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Prajakta Bagwe

Thank you So much.... ?

Abdul Wahab

Day 1, 2,3,4,5 ki video kAha hai plz give the link

Zizyana Koki

Thank you ?

Sametha Ganesh

How many times should I do this to see results

Abbas Nosheen

I have done AlhumdulilAllah ❤️❤️???‍♀️??‍♀️

Luppy Luppy

Oh! All the comments you will rplyed?nyz

Monika Avaghade

It's useful for 15 years girl
When this exercise Want to do in morning.. In evening... In afternoon

Yogita Ghodke

Ky is exercise se hip fat Kam hoga

Noushad Ep

Day 6 completed for 4 set of exersices?

Jab's channel

Day 6:✔☑✅?

Swati Gupta

mera to diet or workout se km huaa h ...weight ..67 kg se 55kg hogya h 4month me

Zareen Ali

Sari exercise ko 4 set me krna hai kya daily...???? Pllzz help

Hira Fatima

Day 6 ☑️☑️☑️

Hanaa Whyte


Sakshi Dattu

Thanks you so much

Ambika Chouhan

Thanks mam

Farid Ahmed

I did this for one week
And i lose about 2 inches
Its really effective
Uh all must try it

Salman Numan

Rest time is the best time?


Today I star

Paru Krish

Does this reduce inner thighs as well?

Ambika Chouhan

Kya iske 4 sets karna

Nimi Khan

Your workout videos help me me a lot


Tq so much......

Anjali Uprit

Thnku so much.....lv doing excercise by watching ur videos today completed day 6 n finally got results....?????

Prathibha Gurumurthaiah

Day 6 : Done?

kavitha rani

How many hours we have to do this in a day

Tatheer Zahra

We have to do 4 sets of each exercise???

Sylfia Ilavonga

?????? Can it work for me

Thaiyib S

Super thanks

Shreya Diaries

Challenge accepted from today let's do it workout

ABF Kitchen


Sutha Sundhar

How many days do it

Ishal Times

Usefull vedeo

Kiran Singh

Nice! Keep going ?

صمتي لغتي


Muni Msr

I'm 5th month, C section. can I do this?

sonali porwal

Only morning me hi krna h kiya

Priyanka Nikita


Salim Virani

Mam my age is 18 and my weight is 80so please give me best exercise ?and my thighs are also very fat so say me best diet plan mam plzz..

pretty Life

Hit like who's seeing it while eating ????

zAiNa aLi

Is shoe compulsory while doing exercises

Chellathulasi Esmeen

Thanks for sharing


6day complited

online modest market


Paru Krish

Oh my god. This seems easy but dying rn?

Muhtiar Khan

If we done for two weeks our butts gonna get thin or no plz reply me back

princess sabaa

Thank you so much ?

Rudranita Creativity

6day complete.. Thanku ?

Hemalatha V

Is this exercise works?

Fahimida Mohammad

Day 6 completed ?

kalai selvi

My age 17..I'm not fat...but I want to maintain my body in a fit way..can I do this..?...mam..

Garima Kalwan

It really works ?very effective exercises ?

Mounika Nandyala

Mam do we have to do these same exercise dialy r do we have to change it regularly

Zizyana Koki

Thank you ?

Гегецик Закарян

А на русском языке озвучкой можно

Kshatri Saroja

Day 6 done

Afroq Afroq

how many can we do this exercise

nacera az

Thanks so much

9432Jaspreet Kaur

I will start after my periods Day 1.. ?..

Jass Kaur

Compleated ??

Simran Sarsua

Day 6: I did it

Twinklestar Twinklestar

It looks great..
But I'm scared of getting bigger booty..help me miss doe's it make my booty bigger??

Roha Zameee

Day 6 Done ✅

Ms. Vinodhini Deenathayalan

Let's starts today

Sana Baig

Day 6 completed

Aanvivaan the star kids


vidisha _12

Haiii !. Am really counting on you to reply me !.. can you just tell me if this is going to burn my fat in my butt??... please i'll be pleased if you reply to my question!.. counting on you !❤

srilaxmi shivva

Can you please suggest me other exercise insteqd of bicycle crunches...It's very difficult for me to put my legs in that position..

Abdul Wahab

Plz plz tell me yeh hi exercises 14 days krni hai ya nhi ???? Plz plz

siri reddy

after lunch or mid evening can we do this exercise

Diana shahmorade


ramesh vasi

Thank you❤

Afroq Afroq


Pallavi Singh


Ambili Venugopal

Thank u so much dearr☺ for sharing this helpful video??

Reena Gupta


Vyshnavi Galipelly

Can we divide the sets like 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening?

Mufeeda Shakir

4 set means??

Arizma No

Mam how many should have to do


Kabhi bhi kar sakte hain kya

Chary Varun

At what time we should do this.
Shall I do at bed time

Nidhi Sharma

It is very helpful... thanks☺

Sonu Khurana

Thankyou so much??

Pooja Ajish

Done ?????



Vino Vinu

Can we drink a water after we finished those exercises

Taman Surga

I hope you all get guidance and wealth, aamiin, bisirril fatihah !

Arif's Tips


Divya Palani

Hi mam i am 19 weeks pregnant can i do this saddle bag exercise

Muthu Rajalakshmi

I'm having a doubt will this reduce my glutes


We have to do only these 6 exercise everyday for 14 days?

t vidhyasri

It's going on well... Mam pls post few workouts to improve e breast size nd saggy

Syeda Zohra

In how many days we can see the results???

Ali Hussain

Day 6 done

Syed Salman

Yaar kisine try Kiya hai Kya reply back karo

Prajakta Taware


Sucheta Kaler

Always appreciate this but ker nahi paaty

Fatima Attni

Great work, I like it ❤❤❤??

Nadia Nirmala

thank you❤️


Was badly in need of this thankyou ❤❤how long will it take to get rid of bags ?

2 Weeks Get Rid Of Hip Dips - Strong Hips Routine

2 Weeks Get Rid Of Hip Dips - Strong Hips Routine25 Feb. 2020
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In order to reduce hip

In order to reduce hip dips and improve its appearance, here is a body-shaping workout that you can do everyday to achieve curvy hips and firm glutes and get those hip dips looking better!

This is a 2-week firming and toning exercises for you to do everyday for 14 days until you see results!

Do this workout everyday and prepare to see amazing changes in your figure in 3-4 weeks! Good luck and let's begin!❤️?

**If you want to be notified when I upload a new video, make sure to subscribe to our channel. I upload new videos everyday from Sunday to Friday!

Comments (100)
Jess Smith

Do you have to not eat any junk food and be super healthy or is it okay to have a milk shake or some cake since I’m trying to get a curve?

Marta Lenartowicz

I started yesterday. Funny, cause first day was better than today. ? maybe i had more energy... But i wont give up. If someone will be interested, i can share my opinion.

Caitlyn Rowser

THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH?❤️ it’s day 4 and I see and humongous difference!!!! My dip hips are going down and they are starting to get curvy.??❤️✨

José Willigenburg

I had a big knee surgery and as a result I can't sit on my knee for longer than 5 seconds. What can I do instead of the exercises that require sitting on your knee? I really love your work outs ?

Msailih Naéla

I will try it for week and i'll come back !!

Usa Country


Mya Contreras

Guys doesn’t it work?


Is there a need to change diet too with this exercise? Like every Indian our staple diet is wheat, rice, vegetables and pulses.
Pls reply


It's day 3 , and I see biggg difference !!! Thank you so much. I totally recommend it!!! I forgot to update?, but my hip dips are goneee??. (It took me longer than two weeks, but it’s worth it.)

layan _Tube

Guys don't try it, it is all fake i have been doing it for a month now and it made my hip dip worse then before so don't waist your time with this stupid video

Hemamalini K

Is there any alternative exercise for T plank and side plank pluse bcoz I cut do these two it's very hard for me

Yazhini Bernice

I have nice butt size ..but hip dips spoiling all of that ..if this workout will reduce the butt size ...?

pie sweety


Shardajha P

Roberta..... where are my hip dips they have gone missing!

Bianca Chilari

What if i do this exercise 3 times a day for the next week? Will i get rid of them?

Showkot Osman

Day :1 done...hard?
Day : 2 done...little hard,?
Day :3 done..becoming easy?
Day :4 done...?

Nagham Daghlass


Nehal Chhinpa

Day 1 ✅ COMPLETED. Wasn't so easy ...Roberta please tell me that how much days it would take to reach thighs 60cm to 50cm by doing your lean legs workout ........have a WONDERFUL DAY AHEAD....

Xena Rosales

thank you for roberta gym,i always do it in two weeks i already seen the result,thanks again

Mary Harry Dela Cruz

@Roberta's gym can it affect my thighs too?

Anne kagwiria

I really love your exercises,but What's the best time to do this????? pliz reply pliz..

K & A

I love this channel! I have seen great results on other videos and I finished those days, now to get rid of my hip dips! if y’all are wondering all of them work ? GREAT CHANNEL!

Catalina Muegues H

Day 1: ✅
Day 2: ✅


people are saying that there seeing results in 2 days but im my third day in and see no changes in my body and i understand that for some ppl it takes longer to see the change but its kinda discouraging, are you supposed to do this workout everyday or am i supposed to do other works with it, becuz i have been working my ass off but i just don't see a difference, i'm going to do this for a week more and if i dont see any type of change im just going to call it quits on this video.

S lakshmi.n lvg

Very good result Thank you so much Roberts gym ?

adenuoye Stella

Pls, can a pregnant woman do the exercise?

sapna Namdev

Mujhe aise exercise batay jis se curvey shape khtm ho

Lyndy-Ann Phillip-York

I can see the difference and it's only 3 days. First day my hip tried leave me but tomorrow is day 4

Königin der Nacht

I am starting this today ;)
Day 2: ✅ I had hard muscle soreness but I've still done this... I'm so proud of myself
Day 3:
Day 4:
Day 5:

neith olczyk

day 1 : it's really hard and i'm really tired
day 2 : i didn't workout
day 3 : it's kinda easy

nilupul ariyarathne

Should i do this in the morning or can i do it at any time??


Can I skip “side plank pulse”? Because it’s soooo hard

Lamy j

Its working great thank you after 2 days a saw differents ?
I do this whit your leg exsersice but that is a bit harder To do ❤️

levi’s creamy cupcake

I feel like mine are getting worse every time I do these exercises??‍♀️


Starting 02.12.2020.
Please reply to remind/update

1 day:done

melin rosado

Puede ser en Español el entrenamiento..
De Puerto Rico.
Me interesan, echar masa muscular..

Sunitha Kp

Will this exercise reduce love handled

Joan Ndagire

My fifth day big change ????thank you so much

Tasnia Sania

I can't do the side plank pluse will it work if I don't do it??

Aaysha Rajput

Muje phle hip dips nhi the,,, mne to big butt k lia exercise krni suru ki thi 15 days Se....but hip dips ho gye aesa ku ho rha h plz reply kro ...?

Aseel Ammra

What to eat after exercise?

Usa Country


Dan- L

I did it for one month routinely but didn’t change anything

Usa Country


dipika pathak

Hello ?
Will this loss my belly and leg fat ???

Kiran Raza

I'm not able to do side plank pulse lifts so plz suggest any other exercise to replace them!

lily iris

22 minuts is a loong time , i always do your 10minuts workouts are better ..

Black Barbie

Thank you so much❤ its day 4 and am seeing the results am so happy?

Yunisha Neupane

I can't do that side planks can i skip it???

tashnim moyuri

I can't compete this work out in time...it takes 40 to 45 minutes always... will it work ??? ???

Caitlyn Rowser

Y’all I tried this about September of last year and I got results in 3 days. Im back because it was an amazing confidence booster and also summer is in like 4 or 5 months and I wanna get a head start? my hips haven’t dipped anymore after I stopped doing the workout btw. THANKS ROBERTA’S❤️❤️❤️wish me luck
Day 1: ✅ I’m tired but I kinda like the burn so. I might do it twice a day because it’s honestly a stress reliever.

libi abraham

I skip plank

Miss Argesa

Hey!! i‘m Ellie and I‘ll try too do this workout 3 weeks to see the results!!

Day 1: Its hard and burn so fast.

Day 2: Its burning but not SO hard.

Day 3 Its a lil bit better and my muscels hurt a bit but I have this feeling which I‘ve never got bevore

sapna Namdev

Pls suggest me some exercise I have curvy shaped lower body...my upper body is perfect but lower part is so heavy 34-36-44

Mou Sahu

I've been doing these exercise for one week...my hip dip had not gone completely..but I've seen the difference... I'll continue this.. Thank you?

Zainab Rajpoot

Please write all exercises names in description. ??

Dehat ify

I wonder why I haven't seen any result. is there any think that I should do with exercises?
note: I did it for more than a month, at least 4 days per week.

Zainab Pinjara

It's very helpful workout in quarantine

Amila gunarathne

Im in my mid fourties, do u think this will work for me? Too lazy to do these..?

shazia doll

We work hard but some days later again wait increase becuse we stop execise

S lakshmi.n lvg

Once again thank you Roberts gym?

Silvânia Cerqueira Alves

Contínua Mada video que tá ajuda muito eu estou perdendo peso obrigado

Heidi Lee

day 1: Very tiring, I skipped the side plank pulse, it’s too hard.
day 2: tiring n hot
I skipped a couple days ?.
day 3: honestly it looks a tiny bit better bc a month ago I was doing some workouts I put together

Samantha Love

I love this so easy and tiring at the same time?

Manpreet Kaur

Please , tell me this exercise also helpful for legs shape ? ?

Estrella Martinez

I started this workout today, phew was it tiring, it sure was but I want these hip dips gone cause one of them is deeper than the other I hope this workout will work, I'll post again in like a week or 3 days

Bollineni Jhansilakshmi 7-A,roll no-15

Side plank pose is very difficult and all the remaining exercise are good

Phella Luxdel

I'll be watching this video for 2 weeks

Abelle Can

Will i lose my hourglass figur??
I have hips dips i hate it?

Melitza Palacios

I got a little love handles and I love this exercises she helps me a lot but I’m trying the love handles and I’m not sure it’s working a lot for me so can someone tell me which Roberta gym video should I do??


anyone else afraid that their doing it wrong? or am i just over thinking it...?

Harshita Batra

Lateral Steps -> 00:09
Side Leg Raises -> 00:43
Fire hydrants -> 03:06
Squat in and out -> 05:32
Side plank pulses -> 06:38
Lateral step reach -> 08:05
Side deep squats -> 19:09
Jumping jacks -> 20:52

Annu Swami

How much time it takes toget rid of hip dips

salma khamlach

I just couldn't not leave a comment .i ve tried it for a week and i saw a really big difference . Dont scroll anymore just do it .

Mehral khan

I have been doing this exercise since a month and the results are amazing the hip dips didn't disappear completely but I will do it regularly and you have to control on your diet also thanks for this video?

Soni k

Its day 3 and i start to see results my hip dips started to disaper


Day 1: Very Hard

Real Taste

Can we take water during workout?

BTS _ army girl

I am gonna do this for the next 2 weeks :
Day 1: done
Day 2: done
Day 3 : didn't do cuaz i didnt get enough time

Hana Baher

How long does it take to see the results

Stephanie Ocegueda

I like it this exercise

Laxmi Lashkare

It's my first day I got feel little pain it's because I started first Surya namaskar than this exercise in Middle when rest time is there just sit and do breathing so your fast beat will be normal and exercise easy others when rest time come they lie on surface that's wrong if you want to complete it without to much pain so do breathing in rest time good luck

Stella V

Here from Argentina. Does anybody know which is the song playing over minute 14:00? Does anybody have link? 11:45

Wiam Zouaoui

I will start this day so after 2 weeks I’ll tell u the results guys

Ashka Juliana

Doing this for 2 weeks!!
I'll back on Feb 21!!

Khadeeja Khalid

I cant do side plank pulse help me out please I weight 92kgs

sapna Namdev

I have confusion is workout se lower body curvy hogi ya straight because I want straight

Tasnia Fatema

can i do this on my period days?

Martynka Aaa

Doing this for 2 weeks
Day 1

Amelia X

has anyone found this actually works?

shazia doll

But same days later again wait gain start

Courtney Truax

How many times a day would you recommend doing this workout?

Mya Contreras

This workout

_ohh_mona •

did this work?:))

Treasure Avakin

Hey I got a question that really needs to be answered ... Is hip dips Body fat because if it is then don’t we need to loose our stomachs fat and then our hips will be curved ??

Chhaya Verma

This exercise can doing ?daily 2 weeks .tell me plz.or gap one day then do these

Furaha Nyagawas

Am starting tomorrow doing this ,I will come back to give results ?

Vineesha Vineeshamani

Only 2 weaks??? To get wider hip?? Rply plzzzzz

Stephanie Millie


Shabir Hussain

Thank you so much Roberta