Nike metcon 4 release date

Nike Metcon 4

Nike Metcon 430 May. 2020

Nike Metcon 4 on feet.

Nike Metcon 4 on feet. Excellent shoe for workouts and cross training.

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Unboxing and Review of Nike Metcon 4 |Solid Gym/Workout Shoes

Unboxing and Review of Nike Metcon 4 |Solid Gym/Workout Shoes11 Nov. 2020

Here I go over one of my

Here I go over one of my favorite pair of workout shoes. The Nike Metcon 4.


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Ok so just to let you know when you’re smiling I’m smiling back. So are the rest of us ladies ??

Just wanted to say thanks for making the videos. Love having a window into your journey and life. I appreciate a lot goes into making and editing content.

Keep doing what you’re doing Bruv!

ifeoluwa elizabeth

You smile so good and it motivate me to always smile often or more???

Nike Metcon 5 Review & Comparison! - Release Date: July 8th!

Nike Metcon 5 Review & Comparison! - Release Date: July 8th!4 Jul. 2019
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Jacob HeppnerSubscribe 438 721

In this video I'll be

In this video I'll be going over reviewing and comparing the major differences between the Metcon 4's and Metcon 5's that Nike will be dropping on July 8th for you all to buy! Just want to make sure you understand the differences between the two of them!!!

Discussion will include:

- Tongue

- Weight

- Heel Height

- Tread

- Side Walls

- Sizing

#Nike #Review #Metcon5

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Divan V

Buying the 5's just to say I'm working harder than my partners!!

Marques Wilson

I don’t support Nike anymore. Made by kids in third world countries that burn the scraps and poison the villagers while over paying a guy that hates America and half its citizens while living in luxury but calling the other half incentive thieves and murders.


Just got the 4XD chalkboard, the gimmick of drawing is Dumb, but i'm having so much Fun. And they look classy too

Joshua Chia

physics ??

Martyna Xox

Are they good for body pump, kettlebell, spin exercises? Thanks :)

Thomas Herskind-Carlsen

How is the width of the shoe? Not only toebox but all around width.

Bertie Miller

wAiT aRe yOu SpOnsoRed bY nIkE? CoulDn'T TelL

Nicholas Cadwell


Diogo Fernandes

I got the mat fraser edition, and i love them as well, really good shoe .

Halie Paige

thank you this helped a lot!

John Urschel

How's the comfort for things like jump rope and running?

Daniel Matthews

So what you're saying is that the fact that if I weigh more than a workout buddy and we finish at the same exact time, that I won?

Smooth Is Fast

Screw Nike and their sjw mindset.

Road Runner Sports

Great video!


Some of your informations was wrong

Joseph Rhees

How are they for running?


Just because something weighs more doesn’t mean it has more mass

jennifer berry

How much are they and where can I get some??

Wally Pollock

who doesn't like a thick tongue........

John E

What, no dragging? I disappointed... LOL Great review man, thanks!

Jacob Mahoney

How are they with running are they better than the 4s

Laura Gonzalez

Great video looking for an new pair of shoes so might have to look in to these....

Yannick G

lets be honest, the metcon 4's look way better than the 5's

Bernardo Fonseca

can you stop reading the nike file they sent you? ahahah keep up the good work and good luck for the games!

ATR 08

So is VersaLifts going out of busy now then since Nike is taking there idea/concept?

manuel j n

those white romaleos are puro pinche fuego!!!!

Benji Jones

Hey Jacob. Are the hyperlift inserts included with the shoes, or are they a separate addition?

Nikola Todorovic

12.6 - 11.5 oz = 1.1oz? Unless I'm missing something? I love the reviews though. You are crushing it!! Keep up the good work

Christi A

metcons are horrible rope climbing shoes


Nope.. No money and the few times I tried Nikes I had trouble with their weird sizing

Dennis Mocheniat

Do the inserts also make the running in Metcon 5 more comfortable?

Pastrana Digital

My Nano 2.0s won't break so until they do I'll use them. This is a really nice shoe though.

Meek Rodriguez


Brian J

7:37 for Corgy action. The real reason we are all here let's face it.

Sam Alsop

Is There going to be Nike ID with the metcon 5 like they did with the metcon 4? If yes when?

Jacob Heppner

Real Question is this ..... You Going to Buy a Pair?

tj byrd

My bday is july 8th

D. Brian Rodriguez

Can you run a 5k with it?

Guido W

Can we run with this schoe


Much better review than asmanyreviewsaspossible

bridges 101

4.40 corgi passing by


Do they feel slim fitting like the 4 xd or a little bulkier like the 4x xd patch?

Christopher Durst

One more thing... Rope Climbs

Benjamin Hawkins

Silly advertisement. Not a review.

Carlos Ram

I love this review. Keep it up Jacob ????

That Tattoo Guy

I clicked this video because there was a dog in the thumb nail...

Mats Göransson

That was not a review, that was a comercial.