Fix overpronation

How To Fix: Over Pronation (part 2)

How To Fix: Over Pronation (part 2)17 Nov. 2016
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This will also help fix the dysfunction in the hips causing Runners Knee (ITBs).

Like in the last video, once you start to feel the "burn" you should try do 3-4 more reps.

Aim for 3 sets twice to 3 times a week.

The stretching should be done every day to reverse the amount of time you spend in a seated position.

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I like this geezer he's good. I've got plantar fasciitis and I reckon it's down to over pronation.


i thought the hipflexors laterally rotate the femor and not medially?

Maddy Maddy

Hi bro my problem is right pelvic is forward knee inward and foot over pronation and right shoulder is tilted also pls tell me this exercies good for me?pls reply?

Tim Yatcak

you should investigate RESEARCHED reality and not this crap.


christian rodriguez

awesome !!! this helps a ton ! :)

Tiffany Allen

What i also think is people have this problem due to weight gain and it causes to much pressure on our joints. I have problem as well, I’m thinking i have to lose weight.


I owe you my life,thanks for this video

Chanel Nunez

What about the opposite where you walk with outside of the foot and you still have weak hips

Hassan Anwar

You saved my hockey career i had have problem with my Proneal Tendons from last year but I tried everything but I didn’t have the idea that it’s gonna work but it worked love you mate I can’t do anything for you but i can just appreciate ???


Thank you thank you thank you! I have had back, hip and knee pain, particularly in my right side, since I was a young teen, I was diagnosed with ehlers danlos syndrome so it was just put down to that. When you explained so clearly the probably caused i noticed my right knee faces inward. I tried the exercises and my right side was significantly weaker. After just one round of the exercises it was already straighter. I'm so excited and so grateful to you. Thank you, you are a legend.

Alex Teoh

Thanks Sully! This really helped me alot

Alixsus 96

When I run my calf muscles become quite painful and I can only run about 1 mile before it becomes too much. I've been to podiatrist and got custom supports which don't do all that much. I recorded myself on one leg while squatting down and my knee does move inwards. If I started these exercises would you say there's a strong chance my muscles won't hurt after building my strength up? Cheers.


Great stuff

Wendy Walls

I have been in so much pain for a year now. I’ve had problems with my knees, calves, big toe (painful calluses)and most recently the boney area above my arch. I can literally see my ankles turning inward and all my shoes are worn down along the insides.
I’m about to give up but since seeing this video I have hope!
Just sitting straight and turning just my legs in I have a lot of pain.
Thanks for posting this video and I pray it works!


These videos are excellent. Thank you


My daughter is a ballet student and has very high arches in releve, but is overpronating on flat. It's very strange. She is going to try some of these to strengthen. Thanks!

Gary Martin

Very helpful thanks

Eoin Gleeson

hi evan, i realised i've got overpronation only last week..started in my foot last summer, moved up to tired, aching and hot calf mustles, then all of a sudden knee and hip pain at the same moment... and now i have knee pain, hip pain and lower back pain (all on right side) ... i previously had left lower back pain...I am going to try both origin foot and origin hip anyway to try to overcome it...have you ever dealt with someone with it so advanced?
thanks a mill for vids
eoin in cork

Ben & Jerry's

I have been running in natural shoes to fix my arches and pronation and i feel my legs getting stronger... But also really sore.... The stretch you showed for the upper part of the quads really helped me relax the soreness and tension thanks... Should i buy a supportive shoe like a asics gel Foundation.... So i can be able to have runs on days where my arches and legs hurt from the day before in natural running shoes... Which have no support what so ever?

Emily Martin

What would you think about taking an adult ballet class to strengthen glutes/hips? Any dangers? I seem to show all three of the causes and have been pronating for 13 years.


Very cool Evan,,, Subscribed !!!


Hey Evan, thanks for posting this and the first video as well. I'm a timber faller and amateur triathlete in British Columbia. Not training right now as I'm working a ton but I noticed a wrecked my work boots - they're caved in suuuuuper hard and I'm having pain under the medial ball of my foot, right where the little sesamoid bones are. Hopefully the hip flexor stretch, combined with the two glut and ankle/arch strengthening will help. I'll post again in a few weeks with results! Really nice explanation here, I love it. Cheers sir.

Alex Savi

Thanks so much for this! Big help

King kong

Thanks for these videos mate! Helping alot

Fitness Lifestyle Coach Danny Fisher

Nice and straight forward - Very good ? Looking forward to more from you

Rahul V

Thank you..Very informative video.


I've been looking for a video like this the past 2-3 weeks bro... Appreciate it a ton

Carlos Horas

How can you know if the problem comes from the hip or the foot? (or both) I've had flat feet since I was little

Samantha McMillan

This is great! So clear and concise and love how you show it from different angles.

zuhair khan

Jane Fonda's , why did I acc get that reference????

Ron barnett

Thank you sooo much I have been suffering the past few months with this problem ..

Rapinder Dhanjal

Very good video. I will be doing this together with the exercises in your first video.

Emma G

Thanks Evan. This was very helpful and informative!


Great video. Perfect explanation and the exercises have worked wonders for me. Thank you so much!

Dance Masala

Love you, mate. Love the style of your delivery. Good exercises.


I am struggling with medial shin splints for years now, do you think doing these exercises+ the foot exercises will help? I used insoles for a year but that only made my feet hurt.. I will deffinetly try these for a coupe of months to see if it helps. Shin splints are a nightmare:( thanks for the videos!

Issac Real

Thanks for this video, it's surprising that we don't learn this stuff competing in school, will use this info to work on my overpronation.

Tom Mueller

wonder if he has tried Morton' toe Inserts. That's supposed to bio-mechanically correct over pronation.

Shane RM

Evan, thanks! Gonna sort out the right leg that's been a problem for a long time. Looked over a lot of advice and yours' was spot on and simple.


So what glute are you trying to activate exactly? Medius?

Thats Damn Right

great vid - and amazing accent "tink of de amount of toimes..."

Pronation & Overpronation

Pronation & Overpronation5 Oct. 2015
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Learn what pronation and

Learn what pronation and overpronation mean for runners. Overpronation is a symptom of another problem and is often associated with various injuries. Shoes and orthotics will not truly correct your overpronation.

In this video, Dr. Gangemi explains how overpronation is a symptom, indicating that the tibialis posterior muscle is functioning improperly. An improperly functioning tibialis posterior muscle can relate to many lower-leg issues such as shin splints, plantar fasciitis, Morton's Neuroma, a flat foot or a high foot arch. To help the tibialis posterior muscle to function correctly, he suggests the use of minimalist shoes, barefoot running & walking, and other health changes. Watch this video to learn more about overpronation, tibialis posterior fatigue, and how to improve lower-leg stability and natural mobility.

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dont u mean inversion and eversion?

jonathan kaplansky

Hey SocDoc,
first of all thank you for all of these wonderful videos and articles, i seriously learn so much from you that i must thank you.
second of all, even though your videos are interesting well orgenized and awesome, one problem is the audio.. it's all very clear but yet not strong enough and i find it really difficult to listen sometimes.. i'm sure that comes with a price as far as views and subscriptions..

thank you once again! big fan, Jonathan

The Rogue Scientist

Wow I thought I had high arches! You can see light the arch of his foot.


i figure the incredible good info on this video the hard way, i got the shoes people recommended at the store and injured myself every time i wore them, thinking that i was doing something wrong....I went back to minimal cushioned shoes (neutral ) and problem solved. Great advise doc, i just wish i saw this before ....thanks!!

How to Fix Foot Over Pronation - Dynamic Calf Stretch

How to Fix Foot Over Pronation - Dynamic Calf Stretch16 Jun. 2018
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This movement sequence is

This movement sequence is great for increasing mobility up the kinetic chain, starting at the feet.

Improve ankle range of motion, reduce chances of developing plantar fasciitis, re-align over pronated feet and reduce ankle, hip and upper back tension. Ideal for anyone who takes athletic movement seriously, but especially useful for runners.

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Ben Lee

YES, this is the video I've been trying to find, THANK YOU!