Leg bouncing anxiety

Leg & Feet Anxiety Symptoms!

Leg & Feet Anxiety Symptoms!17 Apr. 2019
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Today I discuss leg and

Today I discuss leg and feet anxiety symptoms! There are so many symptoms of anxiety and our legs and feet are no exception to dealing with them! Anxiety can cause, leg pain, foot pain, leg cramps, foot cramps, leg spasms, foot spasms, leg twitches, foot twitches, leg tingling, foot tingling, toes tingling, leg numbness, foot numbness, toe numbness, cold feet, leg weakness, leg tiredness, wobbly legs, jelly legs, and leg fatigue. So how do we overcome anxiety or beat anxiety disorder? These are tips that you should be trying every single day to stop your anxiety! Dont skip any days and remember that there will still be bad days. Its how we handle the bad days, that determines how we progress in our mental health. First, discover and work on your root causes of anxiety! Practice gratitude everyday! Everyone has something to be thankful for! Make sure you are exercising daily, eating healthy, keeping a journal, taking a multivitamin, practicing meditation in the mornings and evenings, practicing cbt, keep counseling or therapy as an option, watch positive affirmation and asmr videos, join online support groups, and most importantly do this everyday and dont give up! Thank you so much for the comment, please keep in touch, and please Subscribe if you haven’t gotten the chance!

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Comments (100)

hot feet?

Hawaii Action.

im just starting to get that.

maria jocelyn segovia

while sleeping last night my leg feels weird, my leg can't put at one place it keeps moving and i can't sleep

Zach Boylen

Same here

Brandon Lee

My legs are sore like that been sore about 2 weeks tho

Evy Gassi

Does this happen when your not stressed at the moment? I have the cold sensation in the legs and feet

Santiago Jimenez

I don’t feel anxiety in my upper body, I only feel it in both legs and in left foot. Is this Normal.

Throwback Clips Tv

I’ve been dealing with mines for almost 3 weeks feet are cold , stiff , a lil cramp here and there. On both of the side of my feet are little blue veins, and I only saw it during my anxiety attack. Idk what to do and how to get rid of the veins.

Joyson MeiTei

Hi I'm 24 year old , I have a burning sensation on whole my body even in my face and stomach indigestion problem, and I lose my weight, and on feet I feel pain ?
So it this a anxiety problem?

Kamlesh Borkar

Does anyone have thighs & hips muscle weak

Jay Tee

You're the man Trey

Miguel Salami

Ya Ya da razzle & dazzle Ja ja da bloopem veenerschnitzle & doosledorph YA YA twysum cweemfum sumyunguy soup Ja ja GRATSKI & DANKE???


Sometimes after sitting for a while and then standing it's like I can feel blood running back through my legs to my feet and it feels like water running down my legs anyone get this

Rida Najeeb

Trey jones did u cured your anxiety and all these stuff without medications ?

Rooted Rotor

Does anyone get a sensation like your legs won't "go"? Like its not getting the message and you have to think about your next step in order to walk? Just hate it so much :(

Ruben Hillier

My legs constantly twich and its annoying

Craig Tampin

I find this symptom really confusing and bad. Been to doctors loads as you do when you have anxiety. Went in regarding numbness in my leg- thought it was anxiety. Ended up being a blood clot. Now i get random tingling and i dont know whether its a new clot or anxiety and im getting sick of back and forth to doctors.

Karen Eyescream

4:40 I've been suffering with this for 4 years and thought I had femoral neuropathy. This symptom came out of nowhere and causes me to walk weird and that's true because people make fun of me and a teacher even asked why I walk weird. They don't know I'm actually suffering.


I have tightness in my left lower leg like my blood isnt circulating. Cold feet too. Blood tests showed no signs of blood clot. I wanted my doc to do an ultrasound to be sure but wouldnt since he deemed it not necessary.

Lena D'Huart

Soooo very true ???

Angvehlic’ •

anyone have burning feet which makes their feet pink

Jason Sands

Sometimes, when I am anxious I get hot flashes in either my right or left foot. Never both at the same time. It’s weird.


I can’t understand your pronouns so kindly request put English words what you say on below videos

Mirian Rivera

Has anyone experienced swelling sensation on legs?

Joker Joker

I have twitches in my legs and I feel like cold spots in my feet come and go, another symptom that I'm facing is feeling the beats in my feet I know it's weird but yes I feel like heartbeats in my feet anyone facing such symptoms?!

Lil Jumprr

I cant tell if I have RLS or ACS I have a tingly feeling in my leg that makes it feel weak sometimes mainly when I lay down sometimes when I'm walking i hate it.

Zoe Carpenter

I’ve had severe pain/ weakness in my legs for weeks now:( Can hardly walk or sleep. So scary!! This video is reassuring that it can be due to my anxiety I had no idea?

Samuel Bullivant

Anyone here get a sharp pin in there left leg like the groin area??

Jeremiah Longo

I quit drinking and had a lot of anxiety and stress afterward. About a month into this anxiety and stress as my body was getting accustomed to going without alcohol some leg muscles started twitching. Then both legs had multiple muscles twitching a lot. They now twitch non-stop and my muscles feel very tired and exhausted all the time. Just curious if anyone else is in this boat. I’ve worried that it could be something like ALS, but want to reach out to see if theirs is common for my circumstances.


im a 13 yo skateboarder and ive started to have some problems with my legs. everytime i did tricks it like stings my leg muscles but its not too bad yet. so im trying to do some leg stretches everyday but it hurts like a ton when i wake up from bed and then i need to carefully walk around becouse if i put too much weight on my legs then its the worst pain ever.


does anyone here experience calf cramps and pain?


did anyone experience any groin pain

You always were a kidder Steve

Hi I’m 19 I’ve noticed veins in my shoulders chest and arms that I think weren’t there before, they’re very blue. Can anxiety or chronic anxiety/ more blood flow cause this? I’m under constant stress

froilan anthony

panic attacks anxiety and depression
numbness, vision problems maybe some liver problems, im low in potassium , my ekg is fine

Mr No BUNNY zone

Does anybody have a warm feeling in thier left lower leg like towards the foot ? I also have bad anxiety....it just started happening when I started working out...not sure if it has anything to do with it but my anxiety of course has me thinking its cancer or blot clots ?‍♂️

Ruben Reyes

I goin through this right now don't know what to do

YouTube monitoring

I am facing in health anxiety

Selmer Reference54

You have great points, but you need to write down what you are going to say. You talk all over places so that it is hard to follow.

Sarvesh mahajan

u always give symptoms but u also have to give treatment for this

Phillip Jacowski

right leg feels heavier than other leg, other leg i don't even "feel"

John DeAnnuntis

Does anyone have numb big toes ?

Night Owls International

"I'm not a medical professional."

Really? I thought with that sideways hat and earring.....


My legs keep falling ?


Why are you yelling? You GIVE me anxiety!

freedom Uk

I get cold hand feet and also feel my legs shake pls help it’s been 1 week am confused why am getting this

Godly Superhuman

Shaking body and heart every single day I can't sleep or eat it's extremely painful

Marc Mason

My symptoms - head feels like had a stroke, hands and feet tingling and extremely cold. Sensitive to touch and all temperatures and even light. Jelly legs. Constant worry. Exhaustion to the point of not being able to leave bed. Literally you feel you are slowly dying. Unable to sleep for 2 weeks brain won’t allow you to pass out. Irritable bowel. Cramping. Increased appetite. Weight gain. This has been happening for 7 years but it’s get slightly better every day. Hang in their guys it’s the toughest battle!! Just be glad it’s not life threatening.


Does anyone ever get any weird nerve pain type symptoms? It freaks me out so bad ugh

Vicky Georgiadou

Hello. I am so anxious I believed I had any possible psychosomatic symptom (facial tension, fibromyalgia, muscle tension, stomach aches, chest pain) but no... Last night I was seeing a nightmare, woke up suddenly and one of my arms was sleepy (not the one I was sleeping on). After 20 mins it went away but I have started experiencing tingling in both palms and feet. For the past 4 hours I have this tingling and I was so scared there is something wrong with my blood flow or that I am getting ms (because of the facial tension on one side of my face - which is not constant though). Jesus I hate anxiety.


pins and needles sensation under feet???


One thing you don't want to do is Google your symptoms. Just make a Dr. Appt.

Michelle Quezada

I went to the hospital they gave me medication it was the worst I panic real bad and And anxious felt like I was going crazy :/ it’s barely going down

Solorzano’s Channel

This gave me some peace! I feel this exact things and is so painful on the legs and arm weakness is crazy ?

Rooted Rotor

Does anyone get the sensation that they're legs won't move? Like the legs aren't getting the signals from the brain? Yet you can still walk - feels soooo awkward - like I'm going to be paralized, yet I'm up to run a few miles. So strange.

Matthew Supinsky

This makes me feel so much better it happens to me all the time thank you

faiza javed

I have plz help me how to forget its. Its really hard for me.


If you weren't trying to help people, I'd call you a wankster.


Anyone ever get dizzy or off balance like they’re in a boat when they move their legs?
It can happen to me if I walk for a good amount of time?

Sometimes even if sitting in my car and I move a certain way I feel that dizziness/vertigo-ish/off balance sensation... and I feel it from the bottom of my back, up to my neck

Paul Morton

I deal with anxiety alot. Head and body

Supratim Roy

Does anyone feel left foot sinking down and heels getting soft?


Does anybody experience buzzing/humming feeling in leg?

Bling On YouTube

I’ve felt like I’ve had an anxiety attack because I was out of breath for no reason and it ve felt that twice and also I feel like my legs are cold and it feels like they beat

Elizardo Rivera

My left feet i feel it pulsing with a stabbing sensasion and pulsin it is so annoying what can that be also I feel tired and my hands numb my back also feels like i have a heavy weight in the middle of my back giving me headaches

Phuong Tran

It really helps alot. Thank you


Freaking out. My left leg has pins and needles in it and I’m lying down. For last week. Every night. My heart is healthy apparently,


My left leg has been numb for a while with some pain and my fear of cancer has made it worse. Been to the doctor like 13 times for so many other possible diseases I thought I had and now it’s a numb left leg. I hate hypochondria

Max Dun420

CBC works ???

Nascar Revolution

I’ve been having anxiety for the past few weeks and this morning I woke up to toe pain. If anyone knows what this is please let me know ?


I feel like my leg needs to be moved constantly ;restless leg. ?


I have this weird pushing sensation on legs and feet, it feels like someone’s pressing my leg with their fingers

gailene benally

I been having leg pain for about 5 days. So it all started with my legs shaking uncontrollably one night, like I just got off anesthesia and me being cold. Than my panic attacks / health anxiety kicked in. So I started calling the emergency room and talked with a nurse, she resured me I was ok. But I was still left with legs pains after that incident. Is that normal? P.s. I have been having panic attacks since May and they never end. Would that be the reason?

Jupiter Yumang

Why does my symptoms worsen on cold weather,?i feel to cold specially on my hands and feet

Jay Perez

I've had cold feet , jiggly knees felt didn't have any strength , also on my left leg had a vibration sensation.. cramps behind my knees and calf. Restless feet... hate it!

faiza javed

Plz tell permanent cure

steve sweeney

Medical Pill Lorazepam Does It For Me. I Fall Down Jelly Legs Has Weaken, Spasm In The Brain. Can’t Walk 2 Bathroom I Walk With A Cane. Trying 2 Figure Out A Other Way 2 Stop This Cause Need 2 Take 2 Pills At Night It Becomes A Nightmare Cause Can’t Stand Up. Help If You Know Any Other Way.

Shirley Cottle

I’m gerring a cold but numb feeling on top of one leg

Rashaun Craig

I've been diagnosed with generalized anxiety and chronic stress along with reactive depression but I dont know if that's what causing numbness and tingling sensation in my legs I had so many blood test and ct scans ultrasounds I visited heart doctor and everything was fine but idk what's causing this btw it only happens if I'm sitting in a leaning forward position


my feet and legs are cold all day. when i wake up its fine but then like within an hour i notice its cold and it freaks me out and it just gets worse

cori brickell

does anyone having stabbing pains in thier feet and eletric shock feelings ?x

Chad Davis

Trey thank you for all these videos!! I am in this prison of hypochondria for 20 years!! It’s miserable you have really helped


anyone here feeling only numbness on right foot? im very anxious

Hanx Visual

?It's like I can't feel my legs and my hands are so shaky shit I hate it cause it creeps me out ? ?

Laura Whizzums

Anyone has leg lump or bump under skin?

Adam Sims

I'm going through the anixtey muscle fight or flight response everything's body muscle's and more other's

Trey Jones

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Trinity Grace

Does anyone somtimes get a sharp stabbing jabbing pain in thier legs sometimes? It's terrifying That anxiety can cause these feelings yet nothing be wrong.

Mason G

Does anyone get muscle weakness? Ur legs feel heavy and hard to walk cause you feel weak? I have been so highly stressed and I feel muscle weakness I get scared.

fannie suling

I chewed gum to fight my nervous ness

Michael Nicholas Lim

I cant really bend my legs because if i do i might fall out. Also having a hard time standing up in sitting ang lying position. Feel my legs are in pain when i try to stand up .my hands kinda numb. Im in a point as if im a bedridden person.

tony grace

I feel fasciculations and my left leg is so weird that i cant walk feeling good. Like jelly

Mikey 137

I fell right leg cold and my feet when I drink beer my legs gose weak then I losing my balance

Jefferson Bautista

i have it to

Ahmed Ali

Actually I have bad anxiety and I feel heavy arm and my feet pain

ty ty

I have bad anxiety my legs hurt when I walk and I shake it feels crazy it messes with my mental I'm a mess

Reece Cooper

I had a mini stroke episode... blurred vision and excrutiating stabbing pains and the nuerologists cant find a thing and say its anxiety. Ive medited daily and took meds prescribed for 4 months but my leg spasms are still there at least 12 hours a day and its really frustrating and gives me doubt im recovering.

Robert Elliot

Anyone else feel little spasms all over the body all day every day? Please help

steve sweeney

Anyone Have Trouble Getting 2 The Bathroom Early In The Morning An Have Jelly Legs.. . (Please Help, Need Answers) Got Spasm Attack In Brain Legs an Feet. I Take Lorazepam Pills

Jefferson Bautista

is anxiety make you palpitate

Krs Hanlon

anyone’s feet seem red? and your veins pop out


My toes feel weird... I’m not sure if it’s in my brain or my toes are actually weird. The toe next to my pinky toe is curled and I always have the urge to uncurl it because it feels uncomfortable... This has resulted in my toes between my 3rd and fourth toes being wider apart because I have been stretching them trying to uncurl my fourth toe. I have been struggling with a long time with it and I finally realized It might be because of anxiety, because when I focus on them they start feeling weird. The realization came when I was thinking of how weird of a position my fourth finger was in on the keyboard when I typed... and it made my finger feel weird once I started focusing on it. I’m not sure on how to fix the problem with my toes because socks are always uncomfortable and so are shoes, so I like going out with sandals all the time.

How To Stop Legs Shaking From Anxiety / When Nervous

How To Stop Legs Shaking From Anxiety / When Nervous16 Jan. 2020
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Having shaky legs from

Having shaky legs from anxiety? Well if so take a look at this video now.

BLOG POST►https://naturalhealthevolution.com/legs

Almost every week I get a couple of emails with headlines like “Leg shaking due to anxiety” or “Leg shaking when public speaking”. I am not surprised by these emails since this is something that I had problems with myself, a few years back,and I know that many others also have this issue.Leg shaking due to anxiety is actually very common...but that does not make it any less embarrassing, of course. So, since I get so many questions about this, I thought I’d make a video about how I personally overcame it. It does take some practice, but that does not mean it has to be a long process. In fact, many people can master this in just a couple of weeks. The key is to never give up though, even if the first attempts may be difficult….just keep going.

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Comments (29)
Iqra Ch

Y my body shaking?? I can’t stand sometime I feel floor is not proper

Hassan Sheikh

Blood flow is restricted in legs how to do that?


Respect to people who came before Yub



YuB army RIse UP


Bro pls do video about rasing Androgen recptor...

Enzo Torres

There are days my legs feel lazy and a little shaky and some days its just normal


Hey .. .what if I'm in bed?
The sensation always starts when I'm relaxing or about to sleep, and even when I'm sleeping. Do I have to get up and widen my stance? Or what do you recommend? Please I need help with that. In advance..... thanks a lot.

Wes Turnbull

I stopped the Parkinson's medications prescribed due to severe side effects and started on natural treatments from VineHealth Clinic (VHC) in California, the herbal treatment has made a tremendous difference for me. My symptoms disappeared after the months long treatment! Go to ww w. vinehealthclinic. c om. This treatment is simply amazing!

MIHAI Matcas

Jimmy hex thumbnail

Мишероп Тур


Aldebaran Logan

Sir, you have the best channel on nofap and anxiety i have ever seen, and i have seen a lot. Your voideos are short and direct to the points and that´s great. Sir, i would like to buy a supplement for libido. Do you think Vigrx Plus is a good one? I suposse ther is nothing natural in the market with the power of things like Viagra but...

Gordana Georgina Jovanovic

Shakes from abuse

Re Deg

It’s been a week my legs are shaking a little bit and I’m 18 I thought that my floor is shaking but no I’m shaking and I’m actually scared

T h e t r u e F o x o r e i g o n

yub army rise up

Michelle Flores

I get so nervous when it rains I start panicking and I start shaking and feel like throwing up I asked my mom and she says it’s normal but my cousin doesn’t get nervous and I have a older cousin and he has anxiety and I don’t know.

yeshua and eduardo

It only happens when i fight


I'm learning to drive and when i put my foot on the pedal it starts shaking uncontrollably and it affects my ability to drive

Marc Elijah Parale

if u having shaky legs from anxiety, focus the pressure of your weight on your heel, not on the tip of your foot


Please sir make a video on how to improve concentration power because of a fapper it's a very difficult thing to do..

Osama Ahmad

you sound like roadkilled zombies

Swaggy Sulocki

I'm not even stressed about a thing and only one of my legs just shakes 24/7

hello po

Is it anxiety when my knees and arms are shaking whenever I lift or do some exercise??


Right now i just got out of a panic attack and my legs are shaking like crazy lol

Nived Poduval

I mainly have trembling legs and hands whenever I try to field in cricket !!!

Emma Rich

It didn’t work on me my legs are still shaking

Drago Markanovic

Is it an anxiety if your legs started shaking after squatting? ?

Deepa L

Why I'm unable to stand in attention for sometime also..
I feel like falling down- giddiness and my legs also shivering..

Darren R.

I have shaky and weak legs 24/7, it's also important to target the cause of anxiety / stress to reduce physical symptoms.

Alex Johnson


Restless Legs Syndrome and Sleep - Diagnosis and Treatments

Restless Legs Syndrome and Sleep - Diagnosis and Treatments22 Oct. 2013
128 519

Charlene Gamaldo, M.D.

Charlene Gamaldo, M.D. Johns Hopkins neurology sleep specialist and medical director and Rachel Salas, M.D., Johns Hopkins neurology sleep specialist and assistant medical director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Sleep at Howard County General Hospital explain restless legs syndrome, its symptoms, causes and contributing factors, over-the-counter medications that can exacerbate symptoms, and treatment options. Appointments: 1-800-WESLEEP


Comments (100)
Debra Colter

I have had this since age 13,to me it's an insidious.tickling feeling that starts in feet moves up my legs sometimes in my hands moves up into my elbows and shoulders. It used to come and go when I was younger now it's worse. One way to tell if you have it is like if your wearing jeans sitting on the couch or chair awhile sometimes it will creep up then your feet start moving and you just want to stretch them because they tickle, I feel for y'all doctors never knew what it was and would think I was a crazy. I just started taking ropinarol and it seems to work. I would like to hear anyone's input on this drug,I'm taking Gabapentin but I'm weaning off of it since its now considered a controlled substance. I don't like taking drugs but I don't like this RLS thing either. I agree with the THC I believe it helps too,but it's illegal where I live. Tight shoes if you have them laced up tight then it can agrevate it. Almost any kind of sleep aid or volumes even beer when you come down off some of these the RLS will act up. Prayers for y'all who are dealing with this and I hope some of my suggestions help someone.

Scott Stokes

Typical doctor, play, pushoff and ricipocate




i may have this - it feels like a craeling sensation especially at night right? i hate it ive had panics about it thinking it was some sort of bug

XSuntsetbeach_VibesX :0

please tell me how to stop it it is scaring me and I always pray for my self and cry please tell me how to stop it :cccccccc and im 10 im scared D:


If my legs are bent as I fall asleep I wake up with the violently jurking straight n it wakes me up with pain in my lower back and vice versa if I fall asleep with straight legs

Matt Bragg

Lately my left foot feels so uncomfortable like I need to move it and it’s so uncomfortable I can’t sleep cause of it

Akira Khan

I have this uncomfortable pain in both of my legs and it feels like I have to move my legs so that pain can go away. This happens only few times and I don't even know if it's RLS or not. I'm 18 should I consult a doctor?

S Gill

Magnesium really helps but only for like an hour or 2.


THC and CBD work amazingly. Try an Indica strain vape pen. A few puffs and pain drops very significantly in under 5 minutes. I’ve advocated for cannabis and hemp for 10 years now. My severe RLS pain is managed easily by THC and CBD. It has been a life saver.

vsv nrg

tried everything-fail! a naturopath put me onto oak tree bark or pine tree bark extract. the cheapest that fixes it for me is grape seed extract. heriditary? more likely what the family is fed at dinnertime. if the household diet is not satisfactory then everyone is eating the same stuff. opioids? for god's sake! highly addictive. valium or marijuana will mask the problem satisfactorily.

Boijun Tv

3:44 am??


I would like to ask some questions, to both speakers in this video, also to anyone who know the answers. So, from this video:
• What is the correlations/relationship between antihistamines/corticosteroids and higher/increasing of dopamine levels? How it could be? How's the mechanisms of it?
• How is the mechanisms of relationship between antihistamines/steroids and higher dopamine levels which induced and increasing the number of Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) even to be a Periodic Limb Movement Disorder (PLMD) ?
Those the questions, I'll wait for some replies.
Thank you.?


restless leg is caused by jinn possesion, i did ruqyah on someone who suffered from rls for 13 years and could not sleep when i met him he was wearing some type of patch prescribed by the dictor. When i did the ruqyah the jinn manifested and was very aggresive but after an hour of reciting and dua it was forced to leave by the will of Allah swt. the patient was immediately cured All praise is due to Allah lord of the worlds. this happened about 6 months ago and patient is fine previously for 13 years he was unable to sleep due to rls.

kamara ssakka

Thing is o thought it was normal because I move my legs every time to help me sleep till I was told it isn't.

Now am scared, won't it be annoying to my partner if I ever get one


Shit ? it's happening again 2nd day to not able to sleep due to pain

Linda B

I’ve added magnesium and my cut off for any type of sugar is noon. Noticed that when I ate gummy bears before bedtime, my RLS was horrible. So I figured the sugar was part of the culprit.


I tried kratom and it worked for me But it seems to be habit-forming

Just Brittany

For awhile my legs keep crossing when im sleeping... i lay on my back and I will cross my legs in my sleep... idk what that means and I cant find anything on it either.. my sister says I've been doing it for about a year now (we share a room)

J Money



Can't believe she just mentioned opioids the only time I've dealt with restless leg syndrome is withdrawing off that shit ! Otherwise I don't deal with it at all.... yeah get them on opioids idiot then they got a whole world of problems to deal with

Ava Lee

It runs in the family and it sucks :(

sumguy 2020

i use to feel like this all the time. i couldn't even sit or lie down for a minute. i was having hot sweats for no reason too. felt like i had to stand 24 7 just to ease the pain. i think it all comes from inside your brain.

Blood Rain

My eyes are so tired being awake, bruh


Hello there! I have been doing research for 15 years about this rls....my years of study, involved with psychiatry patients, and poppy seeds, UNWASHED, will get rid of your rls....take 1 gram in a pill 00 and take about 3 to start with, they remove Charlie horses, leg cramps, antpd so, so much more...reason....because all of this put a. Medication shrinks the water in the brain, there for, dehydrating it...I promise! It works...if it takes more , DON'T take more than 1 tablespoon for 100 pounds of weight, no more than 7, or you will get a little loopy....but..my dr..is helping me try and promote this...for all this horrible , horrible lain...so, stay tuned and if you know any family, PLEASE TELL THEM TO WRITE ME,...OR, INBOX ME..I WILL GET YOU THE WHOLE UPDATE ON HOW TO GROW YOUR OWN OPIUM POPPIES, AND IT ONLY TAKES ABOUT 18 PLANTS, IF YOU HAVE NO GARDEN AND NEED POPPY PODS, MESSAGE ME...I CAN GET YOU HOOKED UP,have friends with a floral shop and I make medicine let me know, would love to help. Had this CRAP for 15 years...now..not a day...for 3 years..and,.I still take pushy meds....no problems..good luck and I pray for you! Take care and please don't buy the UNWASHED seds...they are no good. Stay tuned...oh...and if anyone has kidney trouble, let me know, I healed my dad, he was on metamorfim..not now..I grow Roselle jam, from australia. And it use to be illegal to import here..but my help beats laws and have friends all over the world....more that willing to give you the recipes, for evertpyrhing...and how to make you kidney jam..for heslth..my dad was near dialysis..not now, after 6 months of eating my jam...he is not pre diabetic, and I want to,share with you..but not on here..please email me at
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Bella James

I Strongly recommend Dr Awase to everyone here. After few years of suffering from Restless leg Syndrome (RLS). I finally got cured of this life long illness through natural herbs. It unbelievable after spending much on medications which came with high side effect. It an amazing miracle in my life and wishes to pass it to anyone. You can reach Dr Awase through Email: [email protected]gmail.com or WhatsApp number +2348168535145. He also have herbal remedies to the following deseases.

patricia prince

Elevating my legs at night has helped some ?

michelle fain

Close. 3:18 am!

Nicholas Holder

Does anyone know if drug withdrawal can cause it to occur? And if so does it usually go away after awhile or will it be permanent?

Za Ninja

My stupid legs wanna move

Arvind Patel

What the fuck

Malinda Smith

2019 she would never say opioids were an option now!

Halo Cayro Landaverde

3:30am? Anyone ?

joshua raglin

Every now and then I'll be laying in bed and feel like I'm falling and my leg kicks out automatic, WTF is that

Arun kumar Acharya

Use pillow under legs so that you raise your legs above heart level and thank me later. I resolved this issue year back and nevee had sleep disorder there after. It is migraine that catches your head and legs in night. Makes you stressful and loss of sleep. Just use pillow and mystery resolved. You start breathing easy, lose stress, gain your mind back and go to peaceful sleep.

John Michael

What actually happens during the onset? Muscle contractions? Spasms? Lack of soemthing? Constricted? Anyone have like an mri image of onset ?.....

Dakota Broekstra

For me, my calfs tence up to the point where they feel like they are going to burst if I don't stretch them out every 10 minutes. I normally massage my legs, stretch and I also crack my ankles which give a bit of relief. I'm 15 and have only recently noticed this maybe within the last 3ish months. I need tips cause it's sooooo uncomfortable and it's keeping me up at night.

Yesenia Rodriguez

I hope this can help your issues as it did to me. I’ve been suffering from this for many many years and just recently I was told that I was vitamin D deficiency even after taking a multivitamin every day and low with magnesium; I started taking these two supplement in addition to my daily multivitamin and I can almost swear that it has cured my issue immediately after taking D3. I say almost because I think after so many years suffering from it and not sleeping well I am still having a hard time falling asleep thinking about my previous symptoms. I also started taking sunflower seeds since I saw a video stating that it may have to do with vitamin b1 and that sunflower seeds has lots of vitamin so it could also be that what cures my RLS. I started taking vitamin D3, magnesium’s and sunflowers seeds( vitamin b1) all at the same time so I’m not sure which one cured it.


I have an unknown skin condition that I MUST take antihistamines for EVERYDAY.
....So that sucks...I'm also on antidepressants. Which I have no desire to come off of just yet.

Brendon Goodwin

Something that helps me is having a blanket and wrapping around both of my feet making sure the blanket is in between my feet and wrapped around the out side.

Dessie Macdowell

"I recommend this guide:
So grateful it exists in 2020."

Viral Kambli

I have seen someone was suffering and after following this the problem disappear.
1) please detoxify your body with lots of water 3 liters daily. Drink warm water.
2) stop having tea, coffie, alchol, smoking,
3) take sun bath if possible.
4) walk for about 20 mins in a day for 2-3 times.
5) if u have digestion and gas problem please resolve it.
6) check your iron deficiency.
7) stop packed foods alter it with organic foods
8) in morning eat fruits like apple, banana, mango, orange, watermellon. Fruits will help to detoxify your body and provide important vitamins to ur body.
9) stop food that is not easy for u to digest.
10) if possible stop eating meat till the time u recover from it.
11) do some streaching exercise For legs.
12) no fried foods.
13) reduce patato intake
14) reduce sugar and other refined items.
Remember Ur main aim is to have a very good digestion system.


Please DON’T DO THE OPIOIDS OR PSYCH DRUGS. IT WILL ONLY WORSEN YOU. That’s what happened to me. No Anti-Epileptic drugs. It will worsen you.

Florian G

Last night was hell. Probably less than 1 hour of sleep

Jessica A.

Who has tried the Restiffic device for RLS? Did it help your restless arms, too?

Scott Stokes

Having to move my feet really doesn’t explain how I feel, only when I eat sleeping pills my feet feel like I have to move them. It’s no good, bad very

Sunit Gupta

My mom having same problem as described.
Please suggest any treatment. I am from India

Geese Plays Gaimz

Like opioids? I mean, wouldn't that just cause opioid addiction which would cause withdraw down the road as the body gets used to the opioids and you have to take more and more and it creates a vicious cycle?

and the same thing with those dopamine agonists, I hear that if you take those for a while and then quit, you will have permanent side effects and not in a good way.


I had this even as a child.My mom kept telling me it's growing pains. I was put on psych meds at around 9 which I now know made my RLS worse. I also jerk a lot when falling asleep (sometimes when i am asleep) which keeps waking me up.

Jose Rojas

As soon as I fall asleep, my legs get numb and start shaking, it’s real annoying. I hear you could take cbd to treat but not too sure

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Don Flamingo

Thank god!

Za Ninja

I hate this

Slane Design

Iron or magnesium...check it out

Kyley Locke

My legs is twitching again and I hate it

Drizzy Drzz

I just feel like I have to move and they start feeling like a big rush of uncomfortableness up my legs n I have to shake my foot really fast or aggressively move my legs around

cathlyn maldonado

It’s like getting leg anxiety. The urge to move your legs when you get that tingly sensation but stretching won’t do it. Like a good run in the middle of the night would do the job but not really omg this feeling at 2:24 when you are sleepy af is the most annoying!!!!

Jikooky Nom

every night this happens, my legs feel so uncomfortable and i always have the urge to move
or stretch them. it happens in my arms too.

Bruce Bronson

I have RLS and the reason it happens before sleep is because it is an emotionally based problem, it's an avoidance or suppression of emotions and is trauma based. When you are going to bed, you remove external stimuli to distract you and your mind slows down even though your body is still avoiding emotions/trauma. This energy having nowhere to go, gets pent up like a dam, and funnels itself to a limb where it is shaken or moved in the attempts for the body to release the energy. We have to rely on meditation and prayer to resolve it and it may take a long time. Modern medicine cant cure it because they are materialistic in nature and are limited by their approach and world view.

thebest songs

I suffered for years and i still but i just find out it's a real disease it's not just me

Bill Green

cool info thanks be safe in Christ

Anju Bansal

Please tell me why legs strech at same time 7:30pm at that tym so many pain in legs and back .what do so that legs starts works and suggest medicine .from many doctors take medicine but these medicine don't work

Nicole Kalasuva

They shouldn’t be giving me opioids for this that’s how you get addicted. I was addicted to opiates because I had back problems and it actually caused restless leg because I was withdrawing

Sweet Butpsycho

I'm so sick of rls. Gabapentin doesnt help anymore. I'm almost suicidal over not being able to sleep. My dr is horrible.

Roblox Boomer

Yeah sometimes it’s very light in the day.. but right now it’s aching
And idk if it’s a syndrome for me but it rarely happens for me

I woke up at 1:?? AM and I didn’t feel tired, but my leg and foot was aching

caleb productions

Just get to the point geez

Ade doyin

its the bed just replaced a new bed today and I'm still having that pain for the past 3 days I was sleeping on the sofa no problem what so ever then I replaced my bed thinking it was the bed now have wasted my money and the pain came back. ill probably be on my sofa it's a hard surface and I don't have that pain problem on my leg .

ally h.

My brother used to have this, he was I think six or seven years old. If you have this mild, try drinking green juice with greens such as kale and spinach. It may help you, it did for my brother.

Thank you for reading This comment

For people who ask me why I move and swing my legs so much when I sit down or lay on my bed THIS IS THE FUCKING REASON !!

Megan Harch

this used to happen to me but it went away so i'm good

Josue Gonzalez

I’m shaking my legs watching this video. Anytime I stay still this sucks.

Joshua Leonida

my legs are tickling idk y but i cant sleep with it

Perusing Person

Last night I experimented: If RLS bothers me lying down then what happens if I sleep upright? I slept on the corner of the couch where the head is above the heart, heart above the waist, waist above the legs and legs above the feet, possibly a 20 degree incline. I fell asleep sleeping uninterrupted until morning. I never got up to go to the bathroom and awoke rested and ready to start my day. Eureka! I’ll sleep this way from now on. I wonder why RLS is kept at bay sleeping on an incline?

Mark Robby

Mu son don't have problem falling asleep, but he always tend to tie his two feet and moving his legs as he sleep and also his breath is rapid at times and moving his body every now and then even though he's not awake.

Cheesecube 101

Its mostly in my foot


It's 2:20 am

Fufu shOoTa

Nah it only happens before I sleep when I sleep theres no problems

King Croc

society: durrrrrrburrrrppdurrrrr
anyone (jesus): do this and it will work
society again: durrrpp arrest that man for malpractice
go fuck yourself doctor



chris baez

i have had this way before they gave it a name. i have learned over the years that the more sugar i consume, the worst it gets. try drinking more water and less sugar. cutting down on sugar and taking vitamins really helped.

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I’ve experienced this a lot during my years of opiate addiction (Vicodin, Percocet, heroin, etc)
This is one of the major symptoms of opiate withdrawal, except that it’s not just limited to the legs, so you’ll also feel it in your arms, back, shoulders, thighs. If you decide to take tylonal pm to help sleep, then the antihistamines will intensify this 10 fold. I remember one time, it got so bad one night, I got on my weight bench at 4 am and did a very strenuous full body work out and try to strain my muscles to the point they’d be too tired and sore to feel restless.and I could lay still for a while.

Adeel Sharif

It's all about going into deep sleep. I discover it using sleep pattern observed through apple watch app of sleep patterns. It happens only in initial or light sleep phase. It doesn't occur during daytime sleep because that is a deep sleep due to non sleeping perfectly last night. Pls guide

Jenny long

I take iron with C. if i take that i dont get it. if i forget i get it.

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I used to have rls and after few months mine gets better from rls and turns into leg aches and numbness while waking up. I thought I am the only one but yesterday i complaint about this my mother is also going through the same.


When i was about 9-12 years old, i always had it in my legs everytime i'm about to sleep. Now, my thighs are now hurting even more than ever. I never got to sleep properly.


Oh why me...

Danial Howe

my doctor prescribed fucitall and it works for more than just legs

Roy Reeder

Opioids not an option, in process of getting off . Taking 4mg Requip @hs.

Get your PCP To refer you to a sleep lab.


Is it RLS if im moving my legs at night to get to sleep but i don't feel any pain etc? Please help.

Code: 016

I slipped and crush my leg and when I try to move it it hurts what do I do

The IndianMan

I should seek help from which specialist ?

Karel De La Rosa

Smoke some weed youll be fine

C Kearney

I suffer from this during the night i can get to sleep no problem but wake up sweating and have restless legs i usually stick a pillow inbetween my legs it sometimes works, its more annoying than painful. And sometimes just having a walk about or climbing stairs 2 at a time to strech them off seems to work for me getting back to sleep ?????????

Miss Juicy

i never got RLS until i started using kratom

Oliver S

She looks tired


I have this all over my body even in my head

Sheryl Haye

My partner entire body shakes during his sleep any advise as to what could be going on


I don't get this alot but whenever I do my legs hurt bad and I can't control it

Trevor Clark

takes me two hours of to fall asleep. it’s just like a creeping itchy feeling