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KT Tape: Dolor de Hombro

KT Tape: Dolor de Hombro27 Jan. 2012
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General Shoulder

General Shoulder Pain

The shoulder is a complex and relatively unstable joint that every person uses extensively on a daily basis. There are many muscles and forces that act on the shoulder, and when any of these is overactive or underactive, problems can arise.

Caused of general shoulder pain are extensive and can be due to injuries of the many muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves, cartilage, or bones that make up the shoulder complex. Stress, compensation from past injury, or inflammation due to poor biomechanics is often the cause of continued general shoulder pain.

Though shoulder pain can have many different root causes, it is often associated with raised shoulders. Dropping the shoulders will almost always create more joint space and relieve the stress and pain in the shoulder.

Use this application to create a gentle reminder to keep good posture and relax the shoulder muscles to bring the shoulders down into a healthier position. Regardless of the source of shoulder problem, this application can greatly reduce the pain and improve biomechanics. Use this app in combination with other more specific shoulder applications for the best effect.

For additional resources, please visit the KT Tape website at www.kttape.com.

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KT Tape

When you are trying to alleviate a point of pain or provide a lifting support (like to the knee) you would use more tension. The higher tension allows the tape to lift the skin more over the point of pain which will help reduce the pain by decreasing pressure in that area and will provide excellent "brace-like" support for the knee.

Irvin Rome

I tried this on my shoulder to minimize my shoulder pain, and now I can't sleep at night with the pain going twice as hard now on my head also and right neck

Evelyn Reyes

this stuff is awesome. loving it


Chris, I really admire your videos. Very clear, to the point, and excellent explanation for each step. Brent, OT Chicago

Mitsuko Ito

Thanks for the reply! Very cool - sounds like there are lots of ways to apply the tape!


How do I know to use this shoulder taping method or one of the others?

KT Tape

They are 10 inches long.

Reuben Lahav

is it good to relieve  calcification on my painful shoulder.thank you


I wanted to combine this with the taping method for a rotator cuff. Which of the two taping methods should I do first?



Josh Abbott

Hey Chris, i don't have the pre cut strips. How long should each strip be? Also can i use this same method with Kinesio Tape?

KT Tape

This is a great method to use for all purpose, general shoulder pain. Start with this and let us know how it goes!

Michelle Mills

Can this be used to help with arthritis pain?

Vibeke Klovning

Hi I hurt my shoulder some how in gymnastics and i just some KT tape and i was wondering which shoulder one i should do (General shoulder or rotator cuff)? like it hurts the front of the shoulder blade when i lift my arm up.

Santosh Guduru

Hi There, I play cricket. During playing I dive on the ground to stop the ball but my entire body weight went onto the shoulder. I do not have much pain now but when I rotate my arm there is slight pain or unrestness. Could you please let me know if I could use KT like shown in above video. Thanks and Regards,

Catherine Conner

Are y’all father and son?!?

l van

a football player has some nerve damage from the neck to shoulder is there a way to tape that? Thanks


How long are the "strips' ? The KT Tape I have is one continuous roll and needs to be cut.

Mitsuko Ito

Why the stretch? And what difference does it make between the 25%, 50%, and 75% I hear/see on this and other video of yours? What does it do and/or what effects does it have?

KT Tape

Natalie, Unfortunately it is hard to do this one without help. If you have anyone to help you that will facilitate things a lot. As far as placement, for this one just do your best to feel the muscle before you lay it down so you can get as close to the placement shown in the video. With the rotator cuff you'll want to follow the top of the shoulder blade down toward the spine. If you still have other questions send an email to [email protected] and we'll get you taken care of.

prasiddha lama

Cheers for the video. Really enjoy You tube because of this kind of stuff...My step brother used to be bullied. He explained he was planning to get bigger. I chuckled... Until out of nowhere he packed on 40lbs of complete muscle. He tried the Muscle Building Bible - look in Google. No one dares to bully him nowadays. I subscribed earlier this week. See what goes on. Not to mention the mans emails are fucking excellent...

KT Tape

This video features KT Tape Pro.

vaniko k

I do Mountain Biking.my shoulder is dislocated by big crash.How this tape can help me during the race or hard training?Thanks? thanks

santiago eckardt


watermelon girl

how do you take the tape off


My tape is not pre-cut. How long is a "full piece", 25 cm ?

Joy Lane

James harden.

SwagGod 22

just got kt tape put on my shoulder I trying to figure the name. of it I was typing in james harden to find it. lol

KT Tape

The tape will provide great support and stability for your shoulder. It will hold it in place and help your body heal faster. Let us know how it goes.

KT Tape

It sounds like you might need a custom application. Visit our website and go to the "ask an expert" forum and one of our pros will send you customized instructions.

Doug Sunn

I paced the floor for hours, holding my left arm with the right in excruciating pain. My wife "KT'd" my shoulder as soon as she came home, WOW what relief ..I  feel recovery is on the way! Thank You KT TAPE FOR A GREAT PRODUCT!


Can this work with a possible pinched nerve?

Albert Ledezma

Would it be ok if I were to add another piece of kt tape to the front part of the shoulder ?


I'm a massage therapist and I over work my shoulder all the time. I was wondering what would be the best wrap for sits issues. Thanks

chester garcia

oh damn!? they do look alike!?

It's me

I have a torn rotator cuff in one shoulder and tendonitis in the other. I bought this tape but even with help unless I'm a antomy specialist I find it extremely hard to place tape in proper places...not to mention I'm a girl and don't have defined muscles...any suggestions ??

Bebe G

give it a good rub


Will this app help my Pitching shoulder pain? My pain is right where the bottom of the Blue tape is placed.. I'm in desperate need of a relief, please someone that has KT experience let me know what's the best way to apply for my pain Thank You

DTrey FloatGoat

Hi Chris harper, good vid. Do you happen to also know about how to help treat a badly sprained thumb, the thumb was hyperextended back with force a. Happened in a split second, it was re-aggravated twice, thumb is very stiff. I can do the Ok sign ad thumbs up, but difficult to put thumb in middle of palm. The knuckle area feels jammed and stuck.

prabin khadka

Crazy clip. Nice clip. My younger brother was once a fat. He remodeled himself from 283 lbs of fat to 207lbs of purely natural muscle. I used to be floored. I just subscribed personally because I'm planning to get more impressive muscle mass. He used the Muscle Building Bible (Search on Google)...


Damn )) Copies :) Congrats Doctor)

Jerry JerrBear Ravalohery

His son??

rohith reddy

I got the tape and used this Meathead but is there any other way to muscle tear in shoulder ........ please help me

KT Tape

Sounds like you may need a custom application. Visit our website and check out the "ask an expert" forum to get some help from one of our pros.


Is there a way you can apply the tape on your own? In my area I cant find anyone that does the KT Taping, and cant really find someone that can really apply it well.

Jon Perry

I do very heavy lifting aka bodybuilder not sure what application method to use. It hurts to lift all the way up in both front and side raises

Mark Mosby

Thank you for the lesson & tips.


so im a male cheerleader and i had a shoulder dislocation from stunting is this good for support and getting back into elite coed stunting??


Hello, how long can i keep tape on my shoulder? Thanks? :)

KT Tape

Sounds like you might need a custom application. Visit our website and go to the "ask an expert" forum, post your question with as much detail as you can and one of our pros will come back with a customized app for you.

Michael Brown

the PDF says to hold the arm elbow back when placing the second strip/ but this video does not repeat that instruction. Which is the best method?

Yaron Rosenstein


KT Tape

The amount of stretch depends on the injury and body part you are taping. For some you need more resistance and others less. It will give support and stability and increase circulation.

Reuben Lahav

Please answer my question if KTTAPE good to relieve painful calcification on my shoulder ?


Is this good for a past anterior dislocation of the shoulder?

Brenna Bresee

I have an entire role of KT brand tape and no matter what I do it doesn't stick! I have my guys shower first, then I wipe the area with alcohol to remove oils, I've tried everything and the tape just comes right off.... I've even used a hair drier for heat to activate the adhesive and still get the same result! Suggestions?


Hello, in this video are you using KTT Pro or KTT normal?

rohith reddy

The muscle with I got Tore in shoulder is supraspinatus tendon and infraspinatus tendon .........help me

KT Tape



Is it better to apply this the night before a swim meet or the day of?


they look like father n son

Mitsuko Ito

Thanks for the reply. Could you tell in what cases you need some more resistance and the others less? I.e. When targeting deeper muscles, then more stretch??

Daniel Gutierrez

What about for pain in the anterior part of the shoulder when doing shoulder presses. I tore my labrum and was wondering should I use this method in order to relieve the pain.