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Julian Edelman: Undervalued or Overvalued in fantasy football 2020

Julian Edelman: Undervalued or Overvalued in fantasy football 202019 May. 2020

Julian Edelman:

Julian Edelman: Undervalued or Overvalued in fantasy football 2020. Now that Tom Brady is playing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Jarrett Stidham is going to be throwing the rock in New England. The Fantasy Whispers answer the question "Is Julian Edelman Undervalued or Overvalued in fantasy football in the 2020 season?" Let us know in the comments below if you will be drafting many shares of Julian Edelman this year in fantasy football.

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Jacob Bley

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The Fantasy Whisperers

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He's a real gym rat. Brings his lunch pail to work. Deceptive speed. Scrappy with a high motor. Reminds you of amendola/welker/stokley/jordy

Jacob Bley

Travis with the Mahomes style headband ?

Christopher Hannon


Brett Szabo

That meme at 1:03 had me rollin'

Leroy Gordon

He will be overrated this year

Travis Caples

Alot of question marks this year for the Pats but Jules is likely going right where he needs to

Johnny Jrs BBQ

Yeah Edelman might not be as good this year, but I don't mind taking a late round flyer on him

Mike B

Staying away from most of the Pats offense this year. Edelman has always had a nice PPR floor — he’s never been consistent enough with the TD production though and I certainly don’t see that improving in the post-TB12 world.

Frankie Lofton

Yall will be regretting this if you dont get Edelman this year i will take the best player on the Patriots any day belichick is a winner and edelman will be highly involved 90 cathes 1000 yards 6 td
Thats an avg of 6 catches and 70 yards a game please dont sleep on belichick favorite weapon he loves edelman

Austin Cyr

It's going to be hard to roll with Edelman outside of a full pt ppr. Come playoffs I expect someone else to get ahead of him on the depth chart. This offense is about to be cranking out 180 yards/game

Jacob Bley

I'd take Edelman late, but I would love to go upside of one of those rookie WRs like Lamb, Jefferson, Ruggs, etc. over Edelman.

Brett Johnson

No quarterback, suspect wr support, running backs who average 2.4 ypc... gonna be a long long long long year. Over valued no matter where he ends up

The Guru

PPR only- safe wr-3

Chelsea Byers

I can totally relate to how Julian Edelman is feeling... why did I get abandoned like this?

Jacob Bley

Something worth mentioning is Wes Welker in 2008 with Cassel in for an injured Brady had 111 receptions, 1165 yards, and 3 TD. It shows that Bill Belichick can have any QB throw to a slot WR. Maybe Edelman puts up those types of stats and is a quiet WR2 in 12 team.



John hicks

I'd say for most of his career he has been underrated. But this year ???

Eric Dickerson talk deeply about Patriots' Julian Edelman expected to play against Bills

Eric Dickerson talk deeply about Patriots' Julian Edelman expected to play against Bills20 Dec. 2019

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Comments (100)
Jordan Hall

These should be where you do the challenge no trades

Gavin Kim

Can dez bryant play an for the cowboys ?

lucas ungurean

Nice ending to your video??

Jenifer Newton

Can the Seattle Seahawks win a superbowl with no trades for 10 years?

Finn Torello

Rebuild the ravens

Crow Monty

Do a all out of position team

Ethan Dalberg-Pils

Julian Edelman was arc offensive player of the year

Dominate Sh3dows

Because Dion Lewis is the best so watch his highlights rbt

Brenton Lang

Malcolm Mitchell should not be a 66 overall he is beast

Pinche Chango

I was dying

Damien Bissonnette

Hogan also good and mingo

Jacob Rider

That is what you get for saying that about tom Brady


Every team must use their starting kicker at quarterback


could antonio brown lead the steelers to the playoffs

Alex Schuyler

42 to 2 vs the rams lmao

Xavier Magana

First trade includes patriots and falcons. Coincidence?

Trauma Entity

I would've just converted Tom Brady into a WR.

Jackson Bartram

There's no pats left


Can Antonio Brown as qb take the steelers to the playoffs since he played qb at Minnesota

Chance Collins

That owner name is beautiful.

Dontavious Jackson

his controller is not even on


My boi edelman

Zen4real fight man

lane Johnson is my qb in my all lineman team

Slender Steam

this is even not a patriots line I expected to be Julian Edelman at QB and the others stayed the same but it didn't

HennyGod Gaming

can Mike vick lead the steelers to the superboul if he still played for them


Does anyone else look at the owners name 1st

Wimwic 22

Go bengals

KJC Skywalker

I have julio jones and antonio brown

TD Gian

I wish madden 18s trades were still this easy lmao

packs on packs

do could A team full of free agents make the playoffs

Shawn Webb

could dez bryant make the playoffs at qb


do the same with terrelle pryor

Gus Hooley

I love them

ralph HICKOX

you can see through his body at 1:12

jonathan bailey

Showing how useless brady is

Ashton Allcock

could antonio brown lead the steelers to the superbowl as a quaterback

kpshea kpshea

Try to do Patrick Peterson at receiver

Kaden Nowak

shoulda got Aj Green



Jayden Oyster

do a throwback play madden 8 plz

Jose Garcia

y not just try to have him at qb and not change the whole team

Crow Monty

Brandon cooks at running back


lets play a drinking game

take a shot every single time he says dude


Zek and dak switch positions

Hemi Galpin

can terrel pryor win as the browns qb

Lone Lek102006

Please don't cuss

Communist Bench

I'm not being butt hurt but what if Edelman got injured and then where would you be? Also he basically traded away the entire patriots team

Jenn Taylor

L That’s what you get when you play the bangles

Christopher Salinas

Real vid starts at 1:50 I think well he stops talking there

Dominic Churba

a team of only recievers against a team of only Corners

Jeo Trillio

"can Julian Edelman take the Pats to the superbowl" trades away most of the patriots

BabyPerez b

Do all the NFL teams a 0 overall anda see who wins the superbowl

Clyde Waters

Patriots already have one of the best O-lines

Stephen Case

Terrell Pryor as qb for browns

Daniel Arnold

you should do rayn tanihill at WR

Neithen Cruz

blount is a good player u should stop trading him


Damn so freakin close to 100,000, you'll probably achieve that soom

Jamie/Zaden Reed

here is a challenge do can a team with only 1 overall players get into the playoffs


Mark Sanchez at every position

Gurshan Dulai

do more normal rebuilds

Da Taternater78

"We always lose to the bengals in the playoffs" wow because the bengals are under .300 in playoffs record

Shelia Ellison

new challenge, make entire video without the word "Dude" once used xD between 10:00 - 17:00 Total "dude" count = 47 hehe

Riddick Shook

Rebuild the raiders

Robert Marshall

Do what if Drew Brees stayed with the charges

Robert McDermott


"Julian Edelman will forever be remembered for winning the AFC's Offensive Player of the Award this past year."

Anthony 99

He never pooped

Ian Plays

Make a player with the same stats you would have and see if he can lead his team to the playoffs!!!!!

Mr. Awesome

How about Peyton manning at running back or tom Brady

Dominate Sh3dows


Frizzy and Toons

Make Vince wilfork the quarterback for the texans see if they make the quarterback

Madden Mkh

Do a team of the shortest players in the NFL

craze station

At 9:41 RBG this is the reason why Madden 18 Trading is harder in Madden 17

Kyle Zawaski

Why trade blount

Nicholas Kinget

why would u trade maathew slater, he is one of the best special teams players in the nfl

Evan Schaffer

All do respect i dont think u can say edleman lead the team to playoffs. Cause tbh it was prob the receivers and running backs.


Why is the title "could Edelman lead the Patriots to the playoffs" if you proceed to trade off 90% of the team? This isn't even the Patriots team in the slightest, it's a ridiculous fantasy team...


You should play your games instead of simming them

william pledger

Can a Kicker at QB lead a team to the superbowl

Cody Tressler

rebuild the colts

Brock Beamish

Put OBJ at kicker

Xavier DeLeon

Rebuild the Texans


Use Tom brady as a wr


Why do you never get AJ green???he's amazing

BabyPerez b


One Broccoli Looking Boi

A team of tom brady vs a team of matt ryan (i was going to say rodgers, but he is more athletic, so it might not be fair)

Nami ?

could odell bring the giants to the playoffs as qb? we all saw the odell as qb incident ?

Real American Studios

Challenge Suggestion: Can Ryan Tannehill lead the #1 scoring offense on the Dolphins, throw 30+ TDs, and make the playoffs without upgrades on defense.

Bandana _

Can Terelle Pryor lead the Browns to a playoff? ?

Damien Bissonnette

malcolm Mitchell Dion lewis hate solder and sebation vollmer and malcolm Brown brisett are goats

Deshaun Watson #FutureGOAT #Willbebetterthandak

RBT it would be cool if you did this with terrelle pryor but trade him to a better team in case you dont wanna use the browns

Thomas Morgan

Put denard Robinson at QB

Avan Gaming

go 9-7 and not make the playoffs

MarkussPearson Personal

Use the Texans Sometime

Zach Bittker

Could Colin Kapernick play QB for the 49ers? NO!!!

FinalFantasy Guide

Mail Him A Mitchell is on fire his season

Nicky Romano

Dude, your intros are so long, I like your videos, but please shorten the intro


Offensive linemen are wayyyyyyy too easy to trade for in this game


Can Tony Romo play an entire season with the Redskins?

Peyton Enns

This doesn't count if Julian Edelman would lead the patriots because the trades that happen are so unrealistic and the team isn't the patriots it's practically a pro bowl team

Gene Day

Do a franchise with Julie almond being a quarterback