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The Dictator (2012) - Nuclear Nadal - [Full Scene]

The Dictator (2012) - Nuclear Nadal - [Full Scene]29 Sep. 2012
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Timo Klein

So basically i am here again because of Elon

Aaron John Reyes

It has nothing to do with aerodynamics.

Ya Boiii

why they cut some parts of the scene off???

Eromosele Felix

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Woof's World

Elon musk be like

Charles Levy

Who's here after Elon said that the Starship was made more pointy after this scene?


2:36 he put it too easy...

Franco dadci

If this movie come out in 2020
The alt community would be offended


Supreme Leader, let me explain to you.

Bobby Nixon

Elon loads this video up daily to show people ?

ᗰσħⱢαşħιm Ṩħαḭ?ħ

People: Aladeen is not real he cannot hurt you


Alvin Viklund

I love how the research facility went from a clean lab to a dusty barn once Nadal left

Daniel Pedraza

Glad to see this movie is getting more popular

Devo Mike

Rafi Bomb!

Karambit Productions

Holy crap pimento from Brooklyn 99 is a scientist?

Barrios Groupie

Not as funny as Bruno film

Abd Ever

Did you know there is a Muslim Indian emperor name Alauddin Khilji, one of the few in history to defeat the Mongols as well as the first Muslim to take the precious diamond kohinoor

Brendan W

Anyone else here because of Joe Rogan and Elon Musk? LOL

Aiden Arkham

Elon Musk sent me ?

sleepy ghost

middle eastern captain obvious


We need Aladeen in these times

Network Engineer

Elon Musk did the same thing??


Rogan vs Elon musk brought me here!! Pointy rockets!

Tenzin Tenzin

Who’s here after the Elon interview?


So funny

Angry Combat Wombat

"The tip of the missile has nothing to do with aerodynamicy"

Uhhhh I don't think that's he's very qualified...

Charlie Rode

I have been sent here by Elon Musk

Turbo Stew


Matt F

I’m here because of Elon Musk.

Adela Nicholson


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Who's here from Elon Musk

Yrj art

Israel has sl strong defence because they feared aladeen

40k warlord

here after the Joe Rogan Elon Musk interview when Elon told them to make the rocket more pointy because of this scene

Mitu Aktar

“Pretend that I’m an idiot.”

“Okay I’m there.” Me in a nutshell

Hedi Baumgartner

Just like Elon...

El Lino

This movie is damn funny!

Joshua Brown

Elon Musk and Joe Roegen brought me here


Half of this scene was cut out of the Netflix version like they didn’t show the pretend ima idiot or sooty faces

First Last

As an Engineer, I had the same experience when explaining stuff to the Project Director.

sarrou Marbeu

The bg music is an imitation of a very famous Algerian one ?????

2020 LOVE X.X.X

Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh .

Yabsira Girma

I love how he talks ???


whos here cause of the new jr podcast

Ali Arani

Ahmadinejad needs Elon musk for next round:*


Came here when Elon Musk said on JRE 1609 that he decided to make his rocket more pointy because of the dictator.


Who's here because of Elon Musk ?

Roco Dux

Hahahaha a robot dildo ????

Srajan Jain

If you are dictator of my country then I would prefer dictatorship and f*ck democracy ??❤️?

Alex Gons


Door Matt

Who's here after Joe's podcast with Elon

Timothy L. Fanai

Who's here after watching JRE with Elon Musk, Elon told his employees to make pointy rockets because of this Scene ???

Coolio T

Who’s here after listing to Joe Rogan & Elon Musk Podcast, talking about “more pointy rockets” ??

Derek Tolcher

Proffesor Bobeye

Life Reaper

This will put a smile on the face of the enemy. They will think this is a huge robot dildo flying towards them.


griff t

Lmao Elon musk said on JRE that he told his engineers to make one of their rockets more pointy because of this scene

soweb Ansari19BMT036

huge flying dildo flying towards them

Mazdi Khan

This aladeen movie is very aladeen.


Tehran be like

الأسود العنسي

I did a COVD19 test and the result came back Aladeen.


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Joseph Mac

This aged well LMAOO

Hrishikesh Ramani

Is every day in Iran casual friday :) LOL

Jonathan Matthew Weston

Elon musk brought me here...


Is everyday Iran Casual Friday? ??

RealValley ً

Man so funny hahahaha ???


Holden Caulfield

This must be how trumps advisers feel

B Mah

I'm here because of Elon Musk interview with Joe Rogan.


Who's here after the Joe Rogen Elon Musk interview?

Rosinante Donquixotte

it's brilliant how after nadal left the facility turned into a farm
it shows how all the money was stolen

Cognac Mind

Fun Fact: Elon Musk was messing up with his engineers and actually told them to make his Starship rocket more pointy because of this movie. They did, even though it arguably made the rocket slightly less effective in terms of aerodynamics. True story no cap (listen to his interview to Joe Rogan)

Tanmay Jyothis

Who's here after elon musk on joe rogan?

Raunak Jain

Donald Trump sure looks weird as an arabic

Pazar 500

Pointy is scary!


0:02 that's how you greet kim jong un

Art Lover

Trump Logic!!!

true romani

holy mother of god, elon musk literally made his starship's top pointy just from this scene! WHYYY!!?lol

Faramarz faroghi

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Muhsin Mohamed

Combine this scene with Elon musk’s Clip ?


Easily entertained ?‍

Joachim Voldseth

Elon Musk said the same thing to his engineers, haha :)

Someguy Jaeger

Aladeen : I can't hear you

Arie Pratama

All my friends have got nuclear weapons, Even Ahmadinejad!

And he looks like a snitch on Miami Vice.

Inner Version

This movie is a prime example of why woke culture destroyed comedy.

Filip Stancetic

Who is here from Joe rogan - Elon Musk podcast

Chrollo Lucilfer

this is how they execute scientist in iran hahahah

Huynhnguyen Nghi

Yang milih Allah SWT like.

Dez Caught It

Anyone else here after Elon musk on his Rogan

Tom Moore

Elon on jre brought me here


Nuclear nadal, the name itself had me rolling

Suresh Okheda

I aladeen it

Mo Salah

I bet someone will deepfake aladeen face to elon musk and change the missile to look like his pointy starship ??

Kim Jong il


NWJ gh

Lol my name is nadal

A Haunter

This is hilarious

Cause Iran’s nuclear scientist always gets assassinated ?. & just happened again recently


Today an Iranian nuclear scientist got killed.

I instantly remembered this video.

Inner Version

Is Aladeen CoVID Aladeen?

Charles Ngolanye

Brought here by Elon. Can't believe Joe didn't get to see this movie!

Prabhakar Dhar

La la la la
aladdin madafaka


Elon to his enginner


If he was a real person, we would have a lot of dumbass tankies here in the Western world claiming he is a great leader beloved by his people and anything else is just some Cia propaganda shit

How DEEP is Elder Scrolls Lore Really? | The Elder Scrolls Podcast #32

How DEEP is Elder Scrolls Lore Really? | The Elder Scrolls Podcast #3214 Feb. 2021
21 827
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WELCOME to the Elder

WELCOME to the Elder Scrolls Podcast with FudgeMuppet. In this episode, Scott, Michael & Drew find out just how deep the elder scrolls lore rabbit hole goes.

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Comments (100)
Coffee Succubus

"Aldmeris does not exist"

Every Mer: and I took that personally.

Wirr Ling

My favorite Phantasy world to date ^^ maybe next to Phantasien (Neverending Story) and followed by Thedas (Dragonage) and all worlds connected to the dark tower (Steven Kings work)

Big Ch33se

The temple withholding vampire cure is a reference to how the book series talking about vampires has a fourth novel. The fourth is the only one that is banned and is the one that talks about curing Vampirism in its entirety.

Also the whole point of Legends is that it's a *legend*. The forgotten hero and the titus mede being absent is a literal campfire story without any proof

Karthwasten Massacre was a cut town that was in the lore/maps before the game Skyrim. Little information about it exists outside the peace meeting quote. Implying there was supposed to be more about it ingame with a ruin or survivors to hammer in the Nord nationalist thing being a very ugly thing outside "muh talos worship"

Giant mudcrab also might refer to the one you hunt down during the Kyne's Trials, implying there are more out there. Or the Skar, the giant crustacean that the Redoran carved out and made their HQ in. And in fact brought back from the dead to fight the Argonians during their invasion.

The secret tunnels refer to multiple things, of which you mentioned but also the starting dungeon in Arena. It's just a fan theory about how *many are actually under there. And what the hell did the Ayleids put down there*.

Akash Chakraborty

I was late for a Valentine's Day date because I was sitting through this. Well done boys

Bob Page

The only place to study the deepest lore is true STL

Square Pickle

I really want Elder Scrolls and Fallout to exist in the same universe... Not the same planet obviously, or maybe even the same dimension for that matter. It would be cool if the Creation Club did more non-canon crossovers though. I'd pay for that.

John-Doe McAlias

MARE. Bannered mare.
Thats 2 michael.


The ankh is referring to how you can find them all over temples in Arena

Lliam Lee

I seriously enjoy you guys very much, always such an amazing podcast. As I say all the time, I look more forward to this other then any podcast. You have made sundays my favourite days.

All you guys are looking awesome. Sound is awesome and equal between you all.. Video is super clear.
Drew I love your library above your head. Is that Canterbury Classics above your head? I have a few of those books including Robert Stevenson 7 stories and the brothers Grimm.

Drew I love how well you just listened and only put in when you thought it was needed/ had something to add

Micheal I really enjoyed how you checked your information so you weren’t mis-quoting. Man that beard is coming out great!

Scott, I feel you set the tone for how the podcast continues going forward is just Vonderbar (I know it’s not spelt right, im trying to say it in phonetics) you just constantly want to explore more

BUT!!!!!! Can we please get the 36 lessons of Vivec!?!! You say this one was long, can’t wait for that one! ?

Editor RBR

I hate to brag about how deep it goes, but you should ask Lydia. ??

Follower of Jesus Christ Hallelujah


Rui Leite

Three dudes arguing about fictional history like it's real history is going to confuse the hell out of future archaeologists... or alien archaeologists!


make a van helsing vampire hunter build for skyrim.


They were about to get to the deepest lore.

That sound behind Michael's window... it was the Dark brotherhood.

Next episode they will all be here... but they will not.

And the Fargoth cycle will just be a meme.

Tristan S.

I cannot wait for the next part

Smogre Child

I hope they mention how Reman was concieved by someone having sex with either the ghost of Alessia or the land of Sacre Tor

King Change

I have 2 ideas for fallout 4 builds it's both Zach and Mike from mikeburnfire youtube channel

The Primary Antagonist

Bro I can't wait for episode 12

Dagmawi Zewdie

Gat dam


I think the infinitely large planetoid is a reference to the fact that the aedric plane(t)s are "infinite" planes of the divine taking a spherical shape in the sky for some reason, just as the daedric planes are infinite


Tin foil doesn't exist on Nirn.

Adam Thompson

Another awesome pod cast thank you sooooo much Lore ? kings ? ? ? ?? . Learning a lot and having fun and also my elder scrolls addiction keeps getting fed. I was in silver blood inn with Lydia on Valentine’s Day ? had some Nord mead ?. Spent the day adventuring ?. Keep it up also hope maybe Lord Camel ? can do a podcast one day please ? thank you ?

Tyler Wagner

Out of my 3 favorite Fandoms being star wars, Fallout and elder scrolls this is the hardest to learn elder scrolls got some complex ass lore ?

Manhattan Valley of the Dead

The idea Michael was trying to reference there at the end with the Flat Earth stuff is the firmament, if you Google "firmament" you'll understand what he meant.

Chandra Iyer

Like the matrix and star wars, its based on vedas

Rami Moussi

Scott looks like Taylor Lautner ?

Hoody K

I wish i never would have saw that moustache...


There's a pretty solid foundation of symbology within the Elder Scrolls series. I think the lore is able to get away with a lot due to that, as well as the sheer density of content throughout the games.

Andrew Taylor

CODA. I also do think that Fallout and Elder Scrolls could be easily connected through CHIM / Amaranth. "Creating a new world" is just playing another game, and our own real universe is one such game.
Elder Scrolls characters are unique in that those who achieve CHIM are conscious of the fact that they are video game characters and accept that fact. They have realized the truth of their own Matrix and may even be aware of the world of their creators.


Self reflection is about how when you level up in morrowind there’s these texts that talk all what you’ve learned about yourself in a way.

Ben Turner

1:36:00 if you activate the painting (i.e. use it) it tells you what you see when you look at the painting, and it goes into some pretty big details. The queen asks if you looked at it, if you say yes, she's pissed, if you say no (even if you lie) she's happy. AFAIK it doesn't really matter either way.

bob fty

Nice podcast. Next can you tell the people who submit the theories to provide a basic description of their theory, so we get a clear idea of what they are saying? There was times in this podcast where the entire crew didnt know what a theory meant lol


damn first time seeing scott and first though was: "damn, he looks like a character made using the oblivion character creator."

Devon Ingle

They just need to put eso in a different timeline so it fucks off the lore


deeper than the pain of not being able to go through a doorway because lydia is in the way

Ben McCoy

Dwemer magicka is using the same power as the thu'um

Jeshire Katt

TES canonically exists as a game in the lore, so there's no reason Tamriel couldn't be a simulation on a computer somewhere in the wasteland, I guess.


25:30 You see and fight one such army in Tribunal's main quest. You go down into the sewers of Mournhold and destroy the mercenary golbin army hired by King Helseth against the Temple. The army is explicitely said to come from Summerset and it is led by two Altmer slavedrivers you can also kill for extra gold.

Slurms Mckenzie

Great content as always guys!


Other lore: ok this is long so explaining it will take me even 5 minutes
Tes lore: we know very little about akavir
15 minutes of explaining

Magnificent Ed

Scott's hair makes me angry

Darren Lopez

The ankh might be referring to the use of the symbol in temples in Elder Scrolls: Arena.

Kyle D

Anybody else feel like Drew should talk a bit more. He has really great insights into things, but doesn’t let em out too much.


Lol this episode is a perfect example of why r/teslore sucks. Everything at the bottom of the list just screams of someone’s dumbass head canon

voist magina

considering length of the video - pretty damn deep. Blackreach level of deep


Best podcast so far

Rigalic Reign

I have my own theory about the motier one, I think when he left and got to Skyrim one of the first things he did was see the face sculptor so that nobody would know who he was while he was conducting the Black sacrament and spending all the time around that ruin, it's either that or he changed his face so he could leave Skyrim without anybody noticing so in my head he either changed his face before or he changed it as he was leaving

Ronald Doyle

My life is complete

Tristen Roberts

Your video's are everything please keep making more!!!

Aidan Vaughan

Fun fact: My favourite races in The Elder Scrolls are Dark Elves and Nords!


the "giants are orcs" refers specifically to the appearance and location of giants in skyrim (specifically their ridged heads and pointed ears) when compared to that of sea giants and i believe wrothgarian giants in eso


Ready for tin foil hat conspiracies next episode

The Goob

You guys are cool


Khajiit fur trader build when?

Emperor Ezekiel

"Giant are Orcs" is a roundabout way of saying Giants are malacath's people in that they are pariahs. Giants even take over a Malacath Shrine from the Orcs in Malacath's quest in Skyrim.

LilSaucer -

The Amaund Motierre theory is weird because it only appears for some people. For example during my playthroughs he doesn’t change at all and looks the same


Portal to the Shivering Isles is an interesting one.
There is dialogue in the DLC about that.
When asking Haskill about the door he replies: "Because my Lord wills it to be so. It poses no danger to Mundus; no compact has been violated. It is a doorway, an invitation. Perhaps you will accept it for what it is."

As I understand it, this implies that gateways between Mundus and Oblivion can be opened if there is no hostile intent, nor any intentions of its in habitats form Oblivion to move to Mundus.
Or in simpler terms, if the gateway can only be used by Mortals, and only if they are not forced to use it.
Due to how strange the rules of Gods can be, let alone their machinations, I actually believe its plausible.
Especially considering Sheogorath's story's are always about showing how in his madness, he finds loopholes to rules that nobody else can see or even use.

Gabriel Inostroza

I ask that people upvote the comments trying to answer what the guys missed

Patrick MacNeil

I fall asleep to your guys videos every night. Soothing accent lol


Sees the title
Gets warm fuzzy blanket and favorite hoody and straps in!!

abe rami

52:55 Scott solves the pronoun problem lmao

Austin Miller

The Marukhati Selective is onto you guys, be careful

Todd Howard

Probably the deepest lore I’ve encountered is that Atmorrans actually are survivors of a previous Kalpa, and fed in a spaceship.
No, I’m not making this up. Someone told me this.

Ahmed Elsayad

I have a question if the elder scrolls gods had a physical from whould they be like really big

Architecto Tonal

I believe that the concept art for the dwemer centurions in skyrim calls them mini numidium or something

Arwan Rhys

Wayrest Painting, There's a quest to recover a stolen painting, upon examining it a murder is revealed. This is from Daggerfall ESII.
You had to complete a number of quests for it to trigger, Cheers


The best part about tes is that everyone plays different games at different speeds & levels of completion to the point were you almost create your own version of the game in your head as you go. Playing eso and being able to go to all the historic places and having so much content available is insane. For example The imperial sewers is way different in my head because the version in eso is not like oblivion at all. I can visit the psijic order collect artifacts for their museum or visit my psijic manor. Love your videos they really help flesh out such a amazing game series




Lmao you can see how bored they are

Gref Steel

Hahaha nice ep

Forgotten Riot

The auger of dunlain caused the collapse

abe rami

57:39 Scott has existential crisis


Can we just de-canonize Legends?
Its a fun game, but by the Nine, that story suck.


I laughed so hard at the look on Michael's face as the windows got cleaned lol. What's happening!? I didn't understand anything else any of you said lol

Square Pickle

I've been getting into Oblivion again recently and I'm sad to see that there are no Oblivion builds on Fudgemuppet. So many possibilities. ?


This is the true LOR

Chronicler Cassi

I'm convinced that Bethesda doesn't want to do "half breed" solely because they don't want everyone to be cat girls.

Peshky Bee

In addition to be a massive TES lore nerd I'm also a massive Star Wars lore nerd. Everytime someone says legends my brain immediately goes "oh... cool stuff that's not canon :<" and I get sad. Then I remember this is TES so get unsad :>


"The nords were part of the old elhnofey"
Altmer: incoherent screaming


"Infinitely large planetoids" is a reference to how other dimensions/worlds work.
The Daedric realms are said to be infinite in size.
Its assumed that the Aedric realms/8 divine realms are also infinite in size.
However they can be seen when watching towards the sky from Nirn.
But due to the mortal mind being unable to understand the concept of an "infinite" world, all they really see is a sphere in the night sky.

I've been rattling my brain over that one for years now.
I mean what would the sky look like to a divine being?
If all realms, including Oblivion and the void itself are infinite, then logically speaking they should be seeing all realms, all at the same time while looking at the sky.
Even though they should be overlapping each-other so only one would be visible, somehow they should be able to see them all at the same time, everywhere.


why does this seem so half assed and low quality?


hollow earth deep literally there is a lot of hollow earth references in elder scrolls.


10:30 I heard lunar lettuce for a sec there, sounds like a euphemism for that wacky tobacky lol


Skyrim Game Jam is what that video was called. ??

Austin Correia

Amazing episode as always! Man that bit at the end had me dying!


If Mantling is true and the Fallout universe is linked, does that mean The King has successfully mantled Elvis Presley?


11:07 “Night of Green Flame” sounds like both a Big Trouble in Little China AND irl Kristallnacht reference!

Nameless King

27:56 That's a mod. Dres Slavemaster Outfit by Mihail.

Zanther the scarred narga

That title in the pic is what she said ?



Ferris the Red

Huh, busy Sunday meant I'm a day late on the biggest episode yet. I found that iceberg awhile ago, and I love it, despite the meme-ier bits. Happy Monday, guys!
I really enjoyed this episode, and I look forward to the next part, in a couple weeks or so. Random lore bits below.
Camel presented an excellent theory on the Great Collapse, suggesting it's tied to the Augur of Dunlain. I don't know that I'd necessarily call it canon right now, but until/unless Bethesda fills in that lore, it's in my headcanon.
Scott - when you brought up a mod mash, I think you're referring to the Gamejam that produced gameplay threads for both Dawnguard and Hearthfire.
I forget who said it, but there's said to be only 3 "true" Elder Scrolls, located beneath the vault containing the "false" Scrolls - and it's the false Scrolls that seem to randomly vary in location and number. I can't remember if that comes up in this iceberg thread.

House Falcarac

Is Michaels hair purple now?


Regarding the Great Collapse, the idea is that the conclusion of the College of Winterhold questline would result in the Great Collapse (like the player would destroy the Eye and the explosion would annihilate Winterhold or something like that). But, that storyline was too ambitious for Bethesda's ability and/or release date, so it became more cut content. Why Bethesda decided to keep the idea of the Great Collapse even though the explosion that was supposed to cause it was cut from the game is beyond me.

Dylan McKeen

I really like camelworks theory that the great collapse is associated with the auger of dunlain

Ahmed Elsayad

You guys could probably do a pod cast on every one of these topics keep up the good work

David O'Dell

How deep? Too deep ! I think they just went too far and dragon breaks are a cheap cheat. Loved the ES games but when I tried to dig deeper they have over evolved the lore making it complex just for the sake of being complex. And are they really trying to link starfield into the same lore now?? Rich detailed game lore is great, but ES lore has taken it to a whole new level, which I think is a shame as it is not approachable any more. For me you start with the lore in the early games and it makes the games and world more engaging and interesting and then more and more get's added on top (especially dragon breaks) and then suddenly the believability and immersion is broken. The same thing can happen in a movie, the action becomes so OTT and unrealistic it breaks the immersion of the film


Why make a canon when I can cast a spell that does the same thing for, essentially free and also you do not have to reload or maintain.

If you wonder why technology wouldn't progress. Magic would prevent it. Magic is better in every way.

Galarian Drifloon

This was the best one so far ? you've pandered to my exact tastes: long, memes, galaxy brain lore takes, debunking ?


The thing about the Kartwasten Massacre is that there's a theory that it was The Thalmor that killed everyone there and then blamed it on the Empire or Stormcloaks. Also ESO is barely Canon at this point.


My character is a vampire, and she's a Legate in the Imperial Legion.