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INSTAGRAM Q&A: 5/19/2015 LIVE FROM SEA-TAC (with booze)

INSTAGRAM Q&A: 5/19/2015 LIVE FROM SEA-TAC (with booze)21 May. 2015
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Comments (13)
Andrew Bailone

Enjoyed this video man! Who was the guy you talked to behind you? Another competitor?


The photo bombs by Spencer are awesome.

David Gilbert

Thanks! Good luck this weekend in California!

nahid falsename

I did not expect that monty python quote.


he pronounced my name wrong but answered my question its safe to say year made #starstruck

Josh Hillan

Scottish subscriber here. Was wondering, is that was a scottish rampant lion tattoo on your left bicep?

Bryce Martens

Next product: HVIII brand bar glass?

jon mathews

Didn't realize Andy had played at A&M, Gig 'Em

Billy Brothers

Where do we send a letter for the tickets too the highlands game in LA?

Rob Galbraith

Hey Matt thanks for answering my question.  Very cool. As a pro, do you get your travel paid for? Example, going to Victoria did you get your flight covered? Thanks again.

Matthew Buntyn

I don't carry Dapper Dan, I carry Fop. If you want Dapper Dan I can order it for you, have it in a couple of weeks.

Jah Tzu

Thank ya'll for taking the time to do shit like this. Real, funny and informative, you guys are champions of life! God bless ya'lls family


Basement Brandon

Good q&a, spent a lot of time at that airport.

ST Classic Meet Prep + 680lb Squat for Reps!!

ST Classic Meet Prep + 680lb Squat for Reps!!30 Dec. 2017
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Athletes at Super Training are prepping for their lifts at the ST Classic, and Marcus "Filipinothunder" attempts 680 for 5 reps on his Skwaat!

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Ivan Velez

These guys inspire me everyday to keep going.

Jordan Corral

What version of Nothing else matters is that?

Mogul Lifting

I miss silent mike

Blue Collar Bad Boys

Was this an exhibition of gay mustaches?

alan li

where can i get those shoes!!!!???


Should do an evolution of philipino thunder vid.

Stephen Post

Great lifts Marcus!


Was looking for the GNZSZN stuff on the website, where is it? Or when will it be available?

Alex Mora

I'm literally doing half of what ur doing. This is amazing!

Kevin Callahan

Thx for having a classy channel unlike those strength cartel chumps


Good thing he was smart enough to not attempt that last rep, shit

Jon M

Is Filipinothunder chewing?

Quinten Wallace

Love how you always have a pac song on.When rap was good !!!!

Logan Poindexter

Omg fat dans back! 6:20

Michael Fuller

nice squats/skwaats


3:00 pro tip - the hat goes under the ears dawg.

Peter S

what is Filipino thunders total lookin like nowadays? like if he were to realistically hit the weights he wanted to hit in his next meet where would he be? dude is lookin strong

Jennifer F.

Nice job Mr thunder some serious leg power

Jack Zwick

how much is that Slingshot bogo worth on the resell market?

Jesse Gamble

Marcus, what is your pr dip of choice? Asking for a friend.

chris mccall

Big Marcus Kill'n it!  CAN I GET A HELL YEAH!

Muscle Gamer

that white guy with cap squat suckzzzzzz. he didn't even go for a half range


DUDE Filipino Thunder put on some weight! Good to see this channel lifting heavy again

Manuel Gonzalez

Does fat dan still train with st


good depth on the 680


ST Classics....where you can bench with a slingshot?? wtf

olivier arnold

Goddamn. Is gaining 80 kg in 16 months realistic?

Pizzaboy Roman

??⛈killing it

Stefan Cupovic

Dam i gotta get on that dog meat crazy strength

Jonathan Phlek

Make a spotify playlist supertraining

Grave Flower

Marcus is such a beast, I love watching him lift. Also nice to see Fat Dan in the background, shame we didn't see him tugging on a big deadlift.

Tyler Harte

is that third guy prepping for the ST classic or to lead the Nazis in the second reign of Hitler. That stache!!!!!!

Squat, Bench & Deadlift, keep it basic Ft. Jen Widerstrom

Squat, Bench & Deadlift, keep it basic Ft. Jen Widerstrom28 Jul. 2016
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Showing you guys one of my

Showing you guys one of my friends and clients (Jen Widerstrom) training leading into her first powerlifting meet. Jen is a great athlete that dabbles in all strength sports. Be sure to subscribe for more content and Follow her to keep up.


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Comments (84)

1:01 thank me later

Ibrahim Kamoun

Mike my love you sound sick! ?

Mat G. Sma

holy glutes!



Drew Pak

j dilla on the background beat I see you mike


Swedish roots, aw yeah.

Brady Blackwell

Damn, she's a beast

Isaac Campos


Alex Del Real

Great breakdown and ques, especially like the ending ??? thanks Mike

Brian Evans

That Lupe beat, good shit man

Fer Ortega

Technique on point, I wish my "greasing the groove" was as smooth as her "rusty". Keep her coming, would love to see her progress.

Mark Davenport

I didn't hear a word Mike said.... I mean turn the sound off it's not really needed.

leon flowers

+silent mike can u eamil me a plan to help me get stronger on my main lift?


Is it better to deadlift with or without lifting shoes?

I assumed without to be back on your heels?!


I'm sperming

Drake Santiago

Correct me if I am wrong. In minute 2:00 - 2:51 it looked like Jennifer Widerstrom had 6 plates on the barbell that, from their size, must have been at least 45 lbs each. Add the Olympic bar weight, and that puts her bench at 315 lbs! Am I seeing an illusion? If not, It amazes me that she has such strength and yet looks so amazingly feminine and beautiful. When I think of a woman who can bench anywhere near that amount, I don't think of someone so gorgeous. She defies expectation.

Mark Davenport

Man perfect execution on every lift!!!! WOW!


3:57 Could you be more obvious?


They should make a bodybuilding porno, the women would be so HAWT, I don't think it has ever been done before? Staring Silent Mike and his boy Smelly! Agree????

Colin Leppert

Why can't women near me look like this

Benjamin Allen

I like Jen, more of her in your videos!!!

Jason Phillips

Saw Hank Spotting for Jen....

jamal fikes

more Jen!!!!

requiem 4 4 dream

Thank you sir for sharing this magnifcent creature with us


The beat reminds me of "Paris to Tokyo" by Lupe Fiasco :)


Mike sorry but I can't take this videos serious ! Why cause she's a crossfiter all those rubber plates look like she's deadlifting 500lbs that arch is looks ridiculous bro!


bet you enjoy training jen alot more then fat dan!


wow 15s ago

D3rrty D4n

She moves really well for being rusty, for sure an athlete.

Martynas Norkus

Your friend is hot, Mike


She could teach mike a thing or two about squat form

Butch L

Jen will alwasy out do you Mike cause she is SMOK'IN HOT

Chris Hoepfner

Definitely a Starting Strength advocate! Awesome job, Jen!


Shocking overhead press.


how much was she benching??

Naya Genggong

that women are so sexy

Meat Bag

What happened to your voice?

Violent Beggar

1:08 aaaaaand peek

robert boyle

Is a woman's center of gravity different, because her shoulders were over the bar in the deadlift and it seemed to be ok for her.

August van sickle

I didnt know Jen was a Jayhawk! Awesome, RCJH KU!

Allan Rimban

Her squat from looks like from Rippetoe's starting strength.


wow she can deadlift more than me... dang girl

Andy T

Her form is on point


I hear most bumpers (rubber plates) are a lot lighter than the metal ones. True?


man i like her pants


Jen is a badass. Love watching her progress and im sure she'll do well in comp.

Zha roon

Lmao, that arch. She doesn't compete in benchpress, what's the point?


I've been thinking about deadlifting in oly shoes. I've been squating and stiff legging in them for years. I see she is wearing them on her deadlift. yeah or nah?


Did you record this audio after the crossfit games? Cuz your voice is gone

Luke Dunford

1:10 my man trying so hard not to look ?

karlo pebs

Paris, Tokyo - Lupe Fiasco (If anyone was wondering)

Gorden Litzinger


The Flather

You sound ill




Jenn's so F'n Sexy

Kevin Richmond

the YouTube comments section never fails to amaze me..
Jen update your YouTube channel more!


Jen is an absolute fox.


1:11 "we got the squirt?"

Alex w

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

Justis Cousins

I love Jen! Just something about her ?


I'd let Jen take my last chicken tendie, and I wouldn't even scream REEEEEEEEE.


just a question. it seems like she is dropping her torso like alot on squats and deads to where she is almost parallel to the floor. should she not be keeping her chest up more? she is hitting depth and everything its almost like s good morning at the bottom.

Caden Pardo

1:12 That man HAD to peep, no shame. Surely he was just checking her form, though.


Your outro is the best

Stacking Saiyan

Damn she's hot

anthony didonato

Mike, whats the best powerlifting program for a soccer player? im looking to get stronger in the coming up offseason thanks


Hey Mike, do you do remote coaching based on video footage?

Elias Yazigi

Her legs make me UGHHHH


Cleavage clickbait preview that is being delivered in the first seconds of the video.
This should be a general rule for every yt video.
You're the man mike

Huber Hernandez

she not only very explosive, but very hot too

Vanilla Cookies

1:00 could have been edited out, but hey, great for the views right.


Jen is making me horney I like so much


Dat dog doe.

B Smith

Booty booty booty booty rocking everywhere

Cade Barrett

Hi Mike, I am 8 days out from my iron man football competition. We have a competition in the Bench Press and Squat. I need help on my bench. I'm stuck at a weight right now though for my bench. I am nearly getting it successfully. It is usually my shoulders that fail me but today I got it up to mid-upper spot of the Bench motion and failed. I'm assuming it's my lockout that is the problem. what are some things I can do to be able to get the weight in about 8 days? Thanks


1:11 "we got the squirt?"

Dominic Vu

There are some really creepy ass people on the internet... straight up.

Jeff Milburn

is she benching 315??

Pierre Jean Levy

Jen is a real sweet-heart

Shawn Leveille

She's strong ??????

Bonifilio Soto

oh Jen, you have the curves in the right places....*sigh

Tim Z

i envy gyms with squats rack that have adjustable safety pins or none at all.


jen baestrom


People say you have embraced is islam is that true?