Flexed back muscles

MMT Trunk Flexion

MMT Trunk Flexion22 Oct. 2013
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Brooks Andrew

You performed the test wrong . She isn't supposed to use momentum. And you aren't supposed to stabilize the legs. Source: Muscle and Sensory Testing 3rd edition Berryman and Reese.

iqa iris's cooking

Where is the resistance?

Back Training | feat Flex Lewis | Project X 18 Flex Lewis v1

Back Training | feat Flex Lewis | Project X 18 Flex Lewis v122 Dec. 2017
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Back Training Featuring

Back Training Featuring Flex Lewis at the Arsenal Strength Showroom.

www.MyArsenalStrength.com / 865.333.5444 / [email protected]

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One of my fav bodybuilder. I think he almost ressemble lee priest when he was in his prime

Safest Assets

Why can't we see the equipment in any of your videos?

Adel Arad Fitness Track Owner

Arsenal Equipments is a hard core for all gyms .

Taylor Lee

I don’t remember this scene from Bladerunner 2049...

Shahzaib Riaz

1000th subscriber ;)

Lean Life Coach

Guys, please tell your videographer to include fewer closeup shots are more full-frame shots. We want to see the equipment in action and not just the faces of the users.

Patrick Wagner

Not enough views for the really really good quality Vids!!!!!
Keep up the work

Paul Murphy

Flex’s arms are 4D


Where you find your music?


A midget of a man, the dwarf surely has a ton of muscle!

Angel Arvelo Jr

The best bodybuilder ever and he looks like hes a good person down to earth

Zenvir Travolta

Superb... All r outstanding.. Nice video.. Background music is outstanding.. I liked too much.. But when will u invite me?? I really wants to join with you guys....

Lance Pruitt

Right on all of you I can't wait to be able to train my body hard again especially my back is had major stomach surgery 7 weeks ago so I have to lay off training for awhile until my surgery heals don't want to tare anything and have to go back under that knife even at 52yrs old I still can build quality muscle those genetics have always been in me my 52 stomach staple scar will not stop me.

Lumbar flexed, rotated and side-bent left - Muscle Energy Technique (M1)

Lumbar flexed, rotated and side-bent left - Muscle Energy Technique (M1)21 Jul. 2010
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Physical therapist Tom Ockler demonstrates his Muscle Energy Technique for treating a lumbar flexed, rotated and side-bent left. For more info, please visit www.tomocklerpt.com.

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Tom Ockler

We just tested this video and it plays and sounds good. It may be that something is turned off in your computer that has made the volume not work.

Adam Schefers

Tom, I'm a physical therapist, and I believe the FRS techniques weren't explained very well(if at all, we' primarily focused on manipulation, McKenzie, mulligan, etc) I recently bought your M1,2 videos and manual(I'm very excited, hopefully my son will look forward to watching you instead of veggie tales :) )
. Is that concept explained in the videos? If not, can you please explain how you determined that the patient was flexed, rotated and side bent? Thanks!

R a m

Great video Tom.......  wish you were in Oregon !

Steven Quiring

very well explained! just learned this in class a couple weeks ago and wanted to find a video for reference.

Tom Ockler, PT

The barrier is the very first movement of the bone that you are monitoring or tightness of the tissue surrounding it. It is the feather edge of the muscle spindle tightening up.

Juan Salinas

I like that... good technique... thanks

Kaye Maq

what do you mean by "there's my barrier"?

Tom Ockler

HI Mike,
A common misconception is that contracting a muscle assists in the correction by the direct action of the muscle you contract. It sometimes works this way, as an example with a backward torsion L on R of R on L where you end up contracting the external rotator and the piriformis (by way of its anterior sacral attachment) actually assists the forward movement of the sacrum.  Most of the time, the correction is made by the repositioning toward the barrier and the muscle you contract INHIBITS the muscle that is holding the bone in a less than optimal position. Hope that helps!

Adam Schefers

Hi, I saw your website and am interested in learning more(possibly buying DVD's, etc...gotta see what my boss will pay for :) ) Do you have any literature that supports your manual therapy technique? Thanks.

Tom Ockler, PT

Muscle Energy Technique has been aorund since the 40's-50's. There are two subsets or themes of MET one for lengthening muscles and the other for making changes for articular issues. The eveidence for lengthening muscle is abundant. The evidence for articular issues is less supportive. They do not mean that the technquies do not work, just that the research variables are difficult to reproduce. For what what it's worth, I teach 18 two day courses a year and they are always full.

Mike P

Hi tom, I like the video. I'm new to the language of MET. My manual training is primarily in kaltenborn/evjenth. In any case I am wondering if you could briefly explain how contraction of the hip muscles (after you find the R SB barrier) contracts muscles responsible for producing L SB of the segment (I am assuming we are contracting the muscles thought to be maintaining the dysfunction).


I can't hear anything. Is this video file's sound OK?

Adam Schefers

Thank you for responding. I have been looking at your research and have only been taught the "basic" MET techniques, with only "good" results with mainly pregnant women or patients with a lot of hyper mobility. Anyways, thank you for the video.