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How Much Swag Is Too Much?

How Much Swag Is Too Much?27 Mar. 2020
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How Much Swag Is Too

How Much Swag Is Too Much?

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Comments (69)
Charley Carey

I hate swag. Shut up and do your job. Act like you've been there before.

Jim Dawkins

To me, this isn’t showboating; and I stood with this opinion even before you made this video. Hitters are at such a disadvantage nowadays and are always walking on eggshells.

Ryan Thomas

Clearing turf tho?...

Huston Hooten

People act like they’ve never watched baseball every baseball player does something like this

eman man

Lol where is the controversy? I thought he was going to do a backflip or something.

Eddie McCartney

S w a g

Gavin Nolan

Swag is not objective. Its different for everyone. Do whatever you gotta do to go frickin yard!


Slumped shoulders =no confidence = ugly girlfriend

Jake Eggen

I need help figuring out my pre-pitch routine. I’ve always jumped around to different ones and never had a consistent. If we can’t play games right now, what’s a good way to practice this?



Anthony Orozco

People who said he should’ve been drilled are born in the wrong generation, grow tf up, the sports changing for the better you boring fucks (disclaimer: I love baseball, in every era) I just think y’all need to let the kids play now ?

D Bach

Agreed. Walk big. This is nowhere in the same league as the morons who run for 3 yards for a first down. Or make a catch for 1st down. That'd your job, Dummy. Why are you celebrating like you won the superbowl. Barry Sanders had class. Jerry Rice. Roger Craig. What has happened to make these idiots look like they did something other than what they are getting paid an exorbitant amount of money or getting a world class education. Act like you have been there before and know you will do it again. Owning the box is nowhere as obnoxious. Hitting in baseball is the most difficult thing in sports. And getting in the frame of mind to hit is good. What about the pitchers and the fist pumps, stalling, freezing hitters, throwing over to first with a Prince Fielder type runner on 1st. Noone whines about the pitchers owning the mound.

Grest video and subject, Matt.

Israymer Valentin-Arias

Theres no such thing as too much swag. Just strike him out and make sure to hit your mark on inside pitches but pitch him snug. If one happens to hit him oh well. Next at bat face him normally and shut him down with your pitches normally like you would do any batter but with extra motivation. Best thing a pitcher can do is give the batter a goose egg and remind or teach him that this is your field. Did I like it? As a hitter Yes. If I was a pitcher I can respect it but i would approach it like I said.

Octavius Woods

There's never enough Swag, whether its leaks from your pores or you're an emotionless rock!!


Be like Mike Trout, everything is said with play. The kid in the video is a dork.

Shiloh Thompson

Why does someone have to control what we do? Why can’t we play the game and do what we want? Let us play the game the way we want to. All you older generations got to play it the you wanted to. Now let us be us.


I didnt see anything wrong with what he did. It wasn't too over the top. Coming from a pitcher's perspective we take notice as well. When someone is walking up to bat i 100% notice if their body language is off, their routine isn't quite the same. If they "aren't quite being themselves". If they are lacking confidence. You definitely can notice these things which in turn give the pitcher more confidence because you can tell this guys not fully locked in. It goes the other way as well. When someone steps in and they look comfortable and are having fun, now you know you need to bring your A game as well and can in turn possibly make you over think your pitches. Overall though that's probably the biggest downside i see to having a sort of over the top batter's box routine because you have to do it the same way every time. Even when you are slumping or what have you because if you don't, people will notice.

John Mack’s highlights

Wfat are u doing with your players because of coronavirus like affecting works outs

Josean Thompson

There is never to much swag.

Goody G

I love the walkup ritual of batters as long it's only once an at bat not after evey pitch


I like my entertainers to be entertaining.

Eric G

My routine is I don't have one

Chris D

My batting routine is very subtle. First I turn on the PS4.......

Justin Gonzalez

I agree with your point Matt , but i feel you have to be established before you can do things like that , I feel some teams would not like that yet

Mickey McMurphy

his walk up song should be the Electric Slide, "now you can't hold it, its electric, Boogie Woogie,Woogie." but seriously the most annoying was Nomar I can't spell his last name without butchering it, he would contantly readjust his batting gloves, so annoying.

Meme Lord Ant

Even if something is done to show up the pitcher, or anybody really, there isn’t an issue with it. To me at least.
Baseball needs to feel fun, players need to be able to show emotion.
That being said
The clip in the video felt really cringy and excessive. Also, your whole head down point is exactly how he walked up. Shoulders down and dragging the bat.

RC from the NYC

I had a routine in JV but it was more out of necessity. The back of the batter's boxes were usually dug/worn out so I would drag/shuffle dirt into the hole so I have a solid base to plant my back leg on. Only once was I told by an ump to not show up the pitcher doing that.

Mr. J

Baseball is kind of stupid

I Make Pablo Sanchez Road To The Show Videos

I wanna see some fringe MLBer take up that strategy. Be as obnoxious as you can possibly be so you can get hit all the time and inflate your on-base percentage.

rose onyx female

The intro amps me up everytime! Anyhow imo showing some personality is cool, but not constantly showing off and overdoing it.


Anyone who is offended by that is to sensitive.


Austin martines bat drag is so cold ?

Notorious PFG

Most intimidating part of Bonds' routine had to be not stepping out between pitches. Pitcher is wiping sweat, fixing the dirt, and taking giant deep breaths while Bonds just standing there. Waiting.

Carson Sturtz

When I wipe the dirt I normally just try to fill in the holes. Normally I am about 5'5" and when I get in the box I become 5'3.5" and I am not joking because I measured.

RI Smith

Love the Deac gear. '10 grad

Monte Gonzales

First comment, loved the video, keep up the great work!!


I was fine with the clearing the box thing, the dragging the bat though was pretty annoying


Too much swag is when your chains poke you in the eye on every swing.


I was a catcher that pitched occasionally (average of 4 appearances a year in college). If someone was too confident when I was on the bump I’d make them move their feet. You feel confident and so do I. But I wouldn’t even consider throwing towards this guy. He is just doing his thing.

Red Leader9209

Hey Matt you're the best, keep up the great vids!!!!!!!! I can't wait for the next the show vid!!!!!! Thanks for all your tips they have made me a better overall player thanks so much for everything you do!!!!!

M.L. Flagg

This is such great advice, not just for baseball but all sports. Big believer in - Look good, play good

Tom G

I totally agree with “walking big” to the plate. (the kid’s approach in the video was totally fine, in my eyes) Once you’re there, you can still act confident without being an ass. I used to do this thing where I followed the pitch to the mitt, like Pete Rose although I never did it to mimic him, strangely enough. Thankfully, I never had someone put a pitch in my ear hole.

TrapKing Productions

People saying they didn’t like this were probably pitchers intimidated by this. It’s all a mental game. And confidence is everything. Example: Soto

Super Duty 455

Right up until it gets you ear-holed.


My routine is i basically jog up then I do a little shuffle look at the pitcher wiggle my bat in a circle lean way far back and my hand is up to so I cant get quick pitched then I check my hands and I hit bombs


Theres never a thing called too much swag ever point blank period.

Emmit G

It's kinda fruity, but you do you I guess. If the pitcher dosnt like it he should do something about it.


when you wear wrist tape over your arm sleeve...


Unless they are doing WWE type entrance, it's fine. Seriously some baseball people get offended by everything.

Brian Last

Speaking of routines, two players come to mind: Rickey Henderson, who took his time getting into the batters box. Got into his abbreviated crouch or stance, but always looked confident at the plate. No pitcher wanted to walk Rickey. Then, there was Mike Hargrove. AKA "The Human Rain Delay". Both players had their swagger, but also very successful.

bLaCjAcK Daniels

I Buffed up this winter.

Charlie Woolshire

Austin Martin is a beast and wish we had baseball on right now

Coach Mike DDC

There are no HS or College baseball games, so there won't be a MLB draft this year...

Patrick Mahomie

Thanks, my coach is very concerned about if we are working at home and if we are even confident

Bailey Smith

smooth. i like it, just think it is annoying if he puts a massive hole in the batters box because i have to go step into that later

Eamin Yashed

I thought this was going to be about players being weighed down by huge gold chains


White ppl the only ones who would ask “is that too much swag” the most non stylish ppl ever. And then have the nerve to want to drill a guy for having too much swag . I love baseball but that type of shit is a turn off

Maxwell Patterson

My routine was take one last warmup swing roughly halfway from the on deck circle, step in the box, adjust the helmet, tap the left cleat with my bat, stomp, left cleat again, tap the plate, get into my stance, slow swing, then stare the pitcher dead in his eyes. Oddly specific but it worked


Unless someone is purposely trying to show up the pitcher, I don't see anything wrong with a little personality. This kid's routine is harmless. He slides his foot across the box and is immediately ready to hit. Short and quick. Let's play ball!

Brian T

I'm tired of talking about this. Unwritten rules suck. Let the kids play.

Jack Lansdale

Too much swag is when your swag is bigger than your game...

Louis Smith


w c

The intro is exactly 10s. Attention to detail.

Joseph Toelkes

I quit baseball because I lost all of my confidence. I was on all star every year and hit a double nearly every at bat, but one season I lost all confidence and couldn't hit anything. You have to believe you can hit and your body will hit it. If you believe you will strike out then your body will cause you to strike out. I play softball now and believe I can hit and I can actually hit (to the right spot) when I believe.

Cking0 7

My routine is kick both chalk lines out pine tar tap plate twice hit


Remember the Human Rain Delay aka Mike Hargrove?!?!?

Clutch Lul

Too much swag is a good thing


I would of drilled his rib cage. Save that shit for the clown pitchers

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Comments (17)
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this training kit is awesome. What size you use for pants?

luke higgins

Nice Video, What's the song/track called? :)

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Kick TheBall

Super Video! :)

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New Nike Soccer Gear!

New Nike Soccer Gear!20 May. 2017
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Rocking my new Nike Strike

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Comments (2)

Bro why u working tris first? Grip way too close for bench, match ur width on pull-ups and ur review sucked dick too


Hey, what size were you wearing in the video? i ordered size S and it looked liked tights on me, was wondering if i should go up to M or L.