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Muay Thai Warm Up & Stretching Routine

Muay Thai Warm Up & Stretching Routine17 May. 2019
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Here are a few simple

Here are a few simple stretching exercises you can do in order to properly warm-up before your next Muay Thai training session. It's always important to elevate your body temperature prior to working out. This will prevent injuries and also get your mind and body ready for the more intense training session that is to follow.

Train hard. Train smart.

See you guys in the next vid!



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that felt like a whole workout. lawd

Seventy 7

Great video


These are great warmups. Coming from a middle aged guy, these will allow you to train more and be injured less ? Thank you Sir!

Stephany julieth

Great video, this helped my sore muscles before a workout


Thank you for this great video. Clear instructions, good pace. Excellent camera work. I feel thoroughly warmed up.

Matt Brown

Great video. You wernt chaty which i hate in vids, just great info. Liked the vids gonn like, subscribe and share lol.. and see additional content. Thanks man.

Kropotkin Pyotr

Great video :)

Yumn Organic Farm Falaknuma, Hyderabad

?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??


Cool thanks coach, Beautiful gym!

Stretches for Muay Thai kickboxing and head kicking.

Stretches for Muay Thai kickboxing and head kicking.20 Jun. 2012
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How to stretch for muay thai kickboxing to get a higher thai roundhouse kick!

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iam champ

i do this everyday or not?

Afghan Tornado

yeah brother keep doing what you love so will i i have a fight in 2 months do you have any tips on how to preaper for it also i have been working on my cardio i could go 10 minutes of solid kickboxing but i can only keep up being explosive ex: flying knees anyting that involvis me jumping or exploding. for only like a minute any tips?

Awin Francis

tq...its working dude.....now i can kick people who do crimes..

Kevin Li

question: i always feel like my hips are locking up. i mean like i get to a certain height and i feel my butt/hip almost lock up and wont go higher... is that still a flexibility problem?

Afghan Tornado

should i stop training for like a week so i recover because it feels like my muscle tissue is not healed whatsoever or should i stop running and just do 1-3 hours of training and take a day off like friday does that sounds good?


dude stfu u are like 6 foot!!!!! u need to make a video for guys being 5 foot trying to kick someone "with power"

Afghan Tornado

Thanks you very much you are very helpful very good instructionals.

Josh Coleman

How many sets of these stretches should I do? I just want to be sure how many times I should do each stretch in one session.

Ronaldo Melgar

How long does it take to for the flexibility to come in

Afghan Tornado

my teacher already does that he has these weird Mauy Thai bells ringing every 20 seconds and stuff so i guess i have to pay attention to them.

Полина Грищенко

Все привет


Awesome, cheers! Going to start these stretches before training really helped mate thanks ;)


great stretches, thanks. from that hip thrust stretch, i also like to grab rear leg for quad stretch, 


I'm already lithe and nimble, but now I can kick so high. Thanks brother!


Though I think this is great example of static stretches.  Static stretches tend to stretch ligaments more than muscle. I am not a martial art instructor(though I do Muay thai) I teach gymnastics and human movement.  What would make this better is Full pulse raiser/ cardio warm up .  Then dynamic stretching such as kicks starting to parallel then has high as you can go( Variation on ballet Barre works well)  Then as muscles/tendons and ligaments are warm then the above stretches. I am 17 stone power lifter that still does Muay thai and can still do full head kicks and splits.  this works


Wow those are some long limbs! lucky guy.

Christian Gonzalez

Just spent about an hour and half watching your videos Will, very high quality stuff. Rarely do I feel motivated enough to sign in and comment on a youtube video, but cheers you have an amazing channel! I'll be dreaming about training at your facility later hahah


or maby i didn' stretch before high kicking, so wich stretch should i do for my hip?

Eder Xavier


Kieran Mills

Okay pretty sure you could kick me in the head when you were 2 man hahah! Awesome stretches mate last one looks like a killer defintaley need to start doing this. Great video!

Afghan Tornado

oh no sorry i ran 10 miles only for 1 day but for the past month i have been doing 5 a day but i stopped than i did 10 miles last week since my body felt weird and started getting head aches other than that regularly i train 2-4 hours of mma a day. i get around 10-14 hours of sleep since im 16 i don't eat healthy but i get my self bananas, protein shake. also i get 60- 80 ounces of water since i drink 2 32 ounce water bottles in the duration of my training day. still i feel like im not 100%

Xavier Castillo

Thank you so much. Doing these has made a world of a difference.


@WhatsGoodWithWill  The one laying on the ground for your hips is called a single leg over, or at least thats what the Military calls it but what I've noticed is if you try to leave the foot that is on the ground facing upward it will give you more of a stretch as well

Eric Twoeazy

doesn't count. your like 6'10.. your leg already gets up there

Josh Sumpter

Thank you much man! Wrastler here transioning into muay thai. Wish me luck! 


when i do that 5:10 move i get alot pain on the outside of my hips

Олег O

Georg is a good fighter with a channel Dmitry Shilov Radisson and I will come to your club


Do you recommend doing those warm ups (e.g. shadow boxing) before doing any stretches whatsoever? Or are there some preliminary stretches that you would recommend doing first before anything else?


I've been doing these streches for about 5 days and my inside leg kind of hurts is that Normal

Luke Neville

Lots of good info.  Bending your head however, will not necessarily stretch the hamstring more...a good progression would be to try and sit up straight in the stretch...keeping weight on both legs, sinking to the floor.  I also caution kicking immediately after pushing the limits of your ROM.  Thanks for the vid!


Some great videos on this channel, deserved a sub.

Afghan Tornado

Secondly i try my best to recover but still i feel like i my muscle tissue is not recovered i have crazy middle back pain like the muscle is really stiff i try to stretch like you do in the video but i do it before i work out not after or in the middle. another question concerning flexibility than i throw a side kick or spinning back kick my leg wont come up higher than my hip and the spinning back kick is always facing down as if my butt muscles and hamstring of my leg wont stretch.




It's not a flexibility problem. Everyone has certain lenience to their hips, and in your genetic code you are only aloud to get to a certain height before damaging your hip. By the sounds of it you have hips like mine, you and I can't kick super powerfully to the head like Mirko Cro Cop but we can break legs with low kicks. Up to you weather you want to believe me but everyone's hips lock up at a certain height.


This really help me since Im getting back to kickboxing thanks for uploading it

Afghan Tornado

hey thank you for your videos i had a question i do mma and i did a 10 mile run than for the past 5 days have been training non stop 2-4 hours in mma and my body feels really weak it feels like im dragging extra 100 pounds than im climbing stairs and im not as explosive as i am normaly or faster is that something bad.??


Thanks a lot for this video. just a quick question do I have to do stretches every day or it is better not (like when we work out the muscle must recover)

Север 89

Hello from Radyson!

JK Lucy

Thx doing this for 6 weeks now and been able to do the splits

Samuel Santa Cruz

Man, you do great videos. Keep them coming.




Chokchai for all

Дмитрий Трифонов

Hello from Radyson!

Егор Боталов

Hello from Radyson!

David Lopez

I've been looking through stretches for high kick videos and this is the best one I have found. It's been almost a year since the upload, any updated recommendations on this topic? Thanks regardless, Will!

shawn soto

any one near by

Misha Danielyan


How to Increase Flexibility for High Kicks | Martial Arts Stretching

How to Increase Flexibility for High Kicks | Martial Arts Stretching17 Apr. 2014
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Here is a comprehensive stretching and flexibility guide on getting higher kicks for martials arts like Taekwondo, Karate, Muay Thai, and even MMA. Be sure to properly warm up before doing these stretches, as you never was to stretch with cold muscles (you risk pulling something). Like anything else, it takes a lot of persistance and dedication in order to get flexible and kick high, so do these exercises as often as possible -- at least once a day!

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Toni Poole

I been try to do a 180 slit for 4 months

Nadine A.

Never knew stretching helps increase my flexibility.
Question: how would I know if I’m overlay stretched?

Tyler Big boy

Thank you

tony montana

Love your video thank you


Stretching is so important for us regardless of training. Good info!

Hannes Z. Edel

I made a quick overview using screenshots of all 23 positions on one printable page https://drive.google.com/open?id=1DvePwDiKo7rN6UAxguKrHTEH_gfxT-2G

Graphic World

I started doing Taekwondo when I was 4yo and got out when I was 12 yo, now I’m 19 and kinda frustrated because I can’t kick higher anymore:(

Bravo Six

Jesus these are killing me.

Isléem Fh

Thank you sm. ❤️

L.F Sader

How do you do the 180 split without having your balls turned into mashed potatoes

Ozzie Anxiety

Great video. But Shane does look like that guy who tried to dropkick Fred Durst on stage lol jk

The Tattooed Ronin

Thanks Shane you always got awesome tips

Evan Thomas

Anyone else’s knees just start hurting thinking about stretching lol

Ian Anders

I could really get lost in those eyes

Mr Z3r0

nice, i just wish that last ''do not do this'' advice was given in the beginning and not at the end of the video....

Marco Reus

Ur awsome

Szilveszter H.

there's room for improvement. my 180 is a 110 tops ?

Pratham Choudhari

Hey Shane! How much days until I start to feel a difference in my flexibility

David Casarez

I was Groening through the whole thing lmao


I wanna be like the dude from bone and blood

Xi Jinping

2:26 what the fuck that's flexible af.

Қазақша Әрекет

Thanks man, may Allah be pleased with you,and i wish you to go to paradise

Sudais Khan

can i try it
my age is 18

Jack Fleming

At what point do you notice improvement? Ive been boxing all my life and I started thai boxing a few month ago, ive only started properly stretching so im wondering when ill start noticing results


I could barely move my legs apart, I'm doing taekwondo will that help Me do the splits some day?

Ester Plank

is it ok if i use this in dance class?

Ijas Iju

Is it the way zlatan ibrahimovich did kicks


I wish I continued doing the routine because my legs are so awkward now when trying to do higher kicks. It's been years since I stopped.

Shahin Tr

Thanks dude. Currently practicing Silat, my years of boxing has ruined my once high kicks, my hips feel as if they'll snap any moment. This helps a lot.

camo dread


Myfon User

After this video, I can see some improvement in my leg flexibility. Thanks for this video, brother


Of course stretching is important. But in my experience kicking, weight distribution and kinetic linking are key.

my page

best kicks goes to Jose Aldo

S11 Laborha

Does your back need to stay straight for this?

Kabir Ahmed

Thank you bro. I like your video. this exercises helps me for snap kick

Ralph Robert Cayanan

He can do splits?! Holy shit!


How long doing these regularly does it take to get results?





sreedevi ramachandran

Thanks bro
Very usefull

Supah Killer

How long do you think it takes to be fully flexible if you start from 0

Scotty Hore

Shouldn't static stretches only be done after a full training session/workout ?

greg lamb

The stretches that start at 2:39 - I really struggle with these. I can barely sit with leg and back at 90 degrees, let alone pull towards the leg.

Is this uncommon? Are there other stretches which stretch the same places but are more 'beginner'-y

Would really appreciate some advice!


everybody knows about Cro Cop's left high kicks but no one knows about Mladen Brestovac's left high kicks. A fellow Croat himself, has about as many high kick KOs as Cro Cop, and hes much bigger too.

Rad The Mad Lad

Hey, Shane. Nice content. After how many weeks should I test my flexibility if it improved? I do this every day

Aetherius Prime

Show off

A. Iliopoulos

Works also for us older than 40??

Arthur376 13

Just wondering. I was always told to never hold a stretch longer than 30 seconds. Has anyone found that two sets is too much

Ahmed Mostafa

One for the upperbody our coach



Gurpreet Kaur

I want to do amazing kicks ?just want to kick super high..

Kevin Stoneham

I used to do exercises like this, but everything used to feel so knackered afterwards, it was hard to do any kicks. I could never quite work that out. I was better doing light dynamic stretching. May be it is just the way you are built.

Jonathan Carroll

Im decently flexible and i can't figure out how to do the stretch at 2:30. Lol

Ye et

My high kicks are crap. I need to be more flexible lol


Are your balls ok?

Akira Kush

remake this video plsssssssssssssss


5:28 Shane flexing on us with his flexibility lol


oh yeah, and don't take adderall if you're going to be doing any of this lol. Muscles get hella tense for hours and its the worst part, especially if you have a physical job...

Ivan Zora

How many times a week?

Zeks Gaming

TY so much

Kepler Armando

realy helpful thank you.

Kira Tomkins

I'm not flexible at all, but I can still kick head height with roundhouse kicks and front kicks, however I can't touch my toes and I'd like to put less strain on my legs. You see, I have a karate competition next month, if I do this every day for a month, do you think I would be able to get lower stances too? (I do karate and I'm aiming this at shikodachi (horse stance))


I am absolutely terrible at stretching. Can it be fixed past 20 years old?

Drago gaming

I'm from india i need a training in martial arts

Jesus Juan Aguirre Arredondo

Hi , I’m a beginner , how often do you recomend this exercises in a week ??


goddamn this is long

MR harris

Shane...i like your tutorials bravo.

Liam W

Half of these stretches i couldnt do

Nicollas Val

Ok, I'm Straight...

The Noob ReturnZ

That intro half split bruv I can't do that

Alfie Coplestone

how many times do you do this? as in he says twice for 30 seconds, but i mean id imagine doing on set of stretches for a total of a minute once a day wont do too much. would you do the entire set of all stretches then do them all again? or am i just miscalculating and doing just a minute is enough?


I can’t even do the stretches,my joints are so bad that they hurt when I do anything taxing

Murad Pervez

Shane make a video on why you stopped aging 6 years ago lol long time sub here.

Trap Star

How long to notice results?

Shahzad Chanzeb


Ro Ro

i use to be able to do all that

r stair

I have joint hypermobility syndrome and I still want more flexibility.


Concise and to the point ... Good

kim tyson

I do those stretches when im on a teakwondo like 4yrs ago, and now i do Muay Thai and boxing, ill do this stretches again


High Quality advice and teaching. Thanks.

Theresa Ashley

More new stretch videos

Matthew Tyndall

Maybe I missed it, but how many days a week do you recommend?

Nbl Rhn_

Bruh its 2020, and im still doing this stretches. And still making me hard to walk

Mansur Ali Bilgiç

My hip flexors are assholes...

Windigo pNshr

04:08 This is truly pain.Almost

Andy Soter

Christ I'm stiff as a board


Came here after watching god of highschool


Couldn’t find the list guy, so I became the list guy.
Each stretch should be done for about 30 secs from the point where you hold the stretch still. Do about 2 sets of each and customise your workout according to your needs.

1. Do warm-up video
2. Hamstring stretch - feet close together, legs straight and reach for the ground, take it slow.
3. Same premise as hamstring stretch but with legs apart, reach for the ground. Can also reach towards either leg.
3. Hip flexor stretch. Get into a lunge position, one leg bent in front and one straight behind you. Should feel stretch in at the top of the rear leg. Switch legs.
4. 1:50 Calf stretch, one leg in front and one behind, both legs relatively straight and both feet fully on the ground. Further legs are apart, more calf will be stretched. Separate legs more or bend front leg. Then switch legs.
5. 2:22

vinay kumar

Bro u r looking good fighter go to ufc and fight

Colin Hiscox

Hi Shane I used to practise Thai boxing in my late teens and twenties, I'm trying to get back in shape at forty three and would love to get my flexibility back, my question is can you regain flexibility when your older, I feel like I'm a beginner again and the stretches I used to do are really painful so I guess I'm being impatient, how long does it take as a guess to get full flexibility back if doing this every day as I'm determined to do this on lockdown. Thanks for any advice, I'm gonna use your routine everyday as it is close to what I was doing as a reference point and yes I was able to do splits but that's long gone.


i tried these but i couldnt get so deep as you have shown, but i felt really nice after the stretches

Isaiah Deck

How often must I do these?

Георги Стоянов

from 0:02 to 0:06 SMOOOTH

Alex H

Shane is so handsome

G.O. A.T

Where is the pre stretch workout?

Sharmad Shirodkar

When im going in gym this stretching should done before legs workout or afterwards ??? Plzzz tell


2:26 how do I progress to that?

Catalina Cat

Wowwwww awesome!!! Cheers for tips!!!

Alaska the Akita

U never said how often to do these stretches