No children by the mountain goats

The Mountain Goats - No Children - 2/25/2009 - Swedish American Hall

The Mountain Goats - No Children - 2/25/2009 - Swedish American Hall7 Jul. 2014
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The Mountain Goats - No

The Mountain Goats - No Children

Recorded Live: 2/25/2009 - Swedish American Hall (San Francisco,CA)

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Poppy Yates

Fuck I love this man

Kayla Zuest

I was at this show and it was absolutely perfect.  Love John :D

Jonathan West

I really really wish he was able to play Dance Music in this concert. Too bad he had tuning issues, the version in this concert sounds way better to me than any other version I've heard. Also a bit of a shame that these were split up incorrectly, still grateful that they are here though. Thanks.

Nightcloud PMV - No Children (By Pumpkin Claws)

Nightcloud PMV - No Children (By Pumpkin Claws)8 Aug. 2020
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DISCLAIMER: I am NOT Pumpkin Claws. I do not support their actions, either. Their channel was deleted and so was their videos, so I decided to reupload them here. If I am missing a video from them that you have the file of or you’re Pumpkin Claws and want your art taken down, please email [email protected] Thank you!

Read this post to find information on the artists whose art has been reuploaded: https://www.youtube.com/post/UgzFKpBWTSpwRaAG3294AaABCQ

Date Uploaded: January 25, 2019

Original: Unavailable

Song: https://soundcloud.com/claypup/no-children-the-mountain-goats

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DAMN, DRAIK TOO?! LORD HAVE MERCY, lol. Oh well I guess, but they hosted some great MAPs and had skill... Sigh.

Clockwork Subliminals



This video comforts me so much, i had a very minor breakdown when i tried finding it when i was upset but found nothing. I am so unbelievably happy that this is back up, it means the absolute world to me, you're doing such a wonderful thing and i can't thank you enough ?


I'm not super happy with this video and how it demonises Crowfeather, but it's cool to see it back up.


Once again, thank you so so much for reuploading these videos.


I’m so glad I found this again because I think it was deleted

procion 15

I’ve been missing this video forever


its sad that their channel was deleted, their videos were amazing :( thank god its reuploaded!

also your profile picture is cool lol

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin claws is gone because she drew CP ( CP stands for child porn) Wich is not ok i heard this from someone I forgot there name. But it’s horrible and disgusting..

Ancsi 0226

In this video Crowfeather looks like a transgirl

Day 25: The Mountain Goats - No Children (TLJ Cover)

Day 25: The Mountain Goats - No Children (TLJ Cover)1 Feb. 2018
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Day 25 of my 30 Covers in

Day 25 of my 30 Covers in 30 Days, where I learn, practise and record a live performance in 24 hours, every 24 hours, for 30 days.

This was absolutely ridiculous. In the middle of the afternoon school rush with kids playing in the park behind me and dozens and kids and their parents walking by me, I'm blurting out, "I HOPE YOU DIE." This is all your fault Joe. You requested this mayhem. Only a matter of time before they call police on me.

Love the tune tho.

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Comments (11)
Mobius Strip

This is wonderful. I like the way you play it better.

Princess Marlena

Holy hell, you are amazing!


So good!!!


this is incredible


This cover is beyond awesome! Such a talentet artist!


You're awesome. Talented and passionate! Glad I found your channel.

nate craft

Nice cover man!

Merle Rein

i keep coming back to this, i love this video so much. thank you for sharing

Kenneth Guitar Fiend




Bryan Harms

Great cover, I feel you.