My shoulder hurts when i run

Running Technique - Shoulder Pain And How To Solve It

Running Technique - Shoulder Pain And How To Solve It21 Nov. 2016
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One of the most common

One of the most common habits runners have is the tensing and lifting of the shoulders, which includes the deltoids, trapezius, romboids, simply put it's your shoulders and shoulder blades. The idea is to relax and release the tension in the area. I explain more in this video. This will also help you minimize running injuries related to shoulders, down the road.


Alexandra Merisoiu is the Founder of The Merisoiu Technique - Institute Of Health And Human Movement and known as The Body Engineer, specialising in working with runners.

Her clients are either beginners or advanced runners, who have a passion and want to excel through strong foundations. It is more than just fitness and fun, it is body mastery based on Martial Arts Wisdom and Natural Human Movement that helps runners:

- reduce the risk of injuries

- help recover from current injuries

- improve performance - speed and endurance

- run lighter, smoother and more fluid

Since 1995 she has explored how the body and mind works. She has done this through using many different sporting techniques and working with a wide variety of highly respected coaches. She is a 3rd Dan Black Belt in Karate Shotokan, WMO Martial Arts British National Champion, has been ranked 1st in the WMO BRITISH NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP, 2nd and 3rd at WORLD KARATE CHAMPIONSHIP, 2 times NATIONAL KARATE CHAMPION, WORLD CUP CHAMPION. She still competes at an international level.

It is through these learnings that she has created The Merisoiu Technique and has established her own unique training prgrammes that incorporate thousands of years of knowledge with Natural Human Movement.

Clients come to her with injuries, struggles to reach their desired performance or find running difficult. They also lack the complex knowledge of biomechanics, running technique and cross training methods.

The Merisoiu Technique was created to overcome these problems. It’s a system that focuses on building strong foundations a runner needs in order to avoid injuries, improve performance and turn running from heavy and difficult, to lighter and smoother.

This is done through five essential principles addressing the fundamentals of Natural Human Movement. After completing the first stages of training her clients feel strong, powerful and confident in their abilities and knowledge as runners.

Alexandra’s mission is to challenge the status quo of how to achieve the truly strong, fit and powerful body a runner needs to perform at their best level. This is done through building strong, lasting foundations in the natural outdoor environment; reducing the risk of injuries and educating people on the power of the fundamentals of Natural Human Movement and Martial Arts Wisdom.

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WHY DOES MY SHOULDER HURT? | 12 Home tests to evaluate shoulder pain

WHY DOES MY SHOULDER HURT? | 12 Home tests to evaluate shoulder pain27 Jun. 2019
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Why does your shoulder

Why does your shoulder hurt? There could be many causes of shoulder pain. Today I’m sharing 12 of my favorite tests you can do at home to diagnose your shoulder pain symptoms and help you to feel better. These tests will help determine the cause of your shoulder pain; an important first step in receiving the right treatment. A shoulder pain evaluation from a doctor of physical therapy.



5 OF THE BEST ROTATOR CUFF EXERCISES: https://youtu.be/s4wUKmr2xtA






Your shoulder is one of the most-complex joints in your body. It’s the most mobile joint you have, but it also has to be very strong and stable to function properly. There are multiple ligaments that tie the joint together and many muscles/tendons that move the shoulder through its available range of motion.

When everything functions properly the shoulder joint is an amazing structure.

However, due to the complex nature of the shoulder there are many things that can potentially go wrong with it. Tendonitis, arthritis, bursitis, labral tears, shoulder impingement, and rotator cuff problems are just a few of the most-common shoulder issues that I deal with as a physical therapist.

These shoulder conditions can be very painful and interfere with many of the activities that we go through on a daily basis.

Each of these shoulder problems is treated a little differently, so it’s important to figure out exactly what’s causing your pain. Fortunately there are many tests and other evaluation tools you can actually perform right at home to help determine the most-likely cause of your shoulder pain.

In this video, I’ll walk you through some of the best, simplest tests you can perform on your own to determine the cause of your shoulder symptoms. You can then use these findings to help guide you to the best treatment plan to help alleviate your pain.

Here’s the thing - this is a LOT of information and there are a LOT of tests to cover. My goal is to provide you with as comprehensive a video as possible while not boring you with the super small details. That said, this is a longer video, but my goal was to provide you with the best video possible to hopefully help diagnose your shoulder pain.

If you’d like to cut right to the issue you know you’re experiencing, please see the time stamps below to scroll forward in this video.





5. BURSITIS: 10:18


7. AC JOINT TESTS: 13:50



So what’s the next step after you reach a diagnosis? Typically the emphasis is increasing shoulder range of motion, improving rotator cuff strength, or some combination of both! Here are my go-to exercises to help alleviate the shoulder pain symptoms you might be experiencing:

IMPINGEMENT: https://youtu.be/Aq6RMo7RJ9c


IMPROVE ROTATOR CUFF STRENGTH: https://youtu.be/s4wUKmr2xtA

As always, I hope the things that I share on this channel help to alleviate some of your pain and help you to become the fittest, healthiest version of yourself.

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Just Me

Uff, I am glad to confirm that none of these conditions apply to me... for now!! :D I already have enough in my plate as it is, so pfhh glad I dodged that one !! THANK YOU SO MUCH to the both of you for this new video. I love it when Camille assists you. She is too cute! I was cracking when she laughed as you were trying to push her arms/elbows together. You two make a super wonderful team. Video very much LIKED in capital letters. Blessings forever.

Sainayan Chamling Rai

Painful Arch test.
It doesn't hurt as much but it burns a little and when I complete 3 rounds it starts burning around the upper part of the anterior felt region. Feels a little like Bursitis also.
I do a little bit of weightlifting and I don't wanna miss out on my training.
What do I do?

Mari Nordskog

I tried all these tests, none of them gave a positive result, but now my shoulder is more achy, and i still don't know whats wrong. The shoulder is SO complex! Good video though, I now know none of these are my problem! :)


Seems my shoulder pain could be a rotator cuff issue. It's an annoyance to me because I can't do my gym class exercises or stretches properly.


excellent explanation, on the mechanical aspect of the shoulder, I;m an avid cyclist with chronic rt shoulder pain i;ve had 2 shoulder operations and a AC separation from a crash, i do exercises every day, bit it doesn't help, i wish you were my therapist. i love your videos keep craning them out.

Neil Cole

I didn’t have any of those , but when l do pushups l get a pain in my right shoulder, l did have a dislocated shoulder after a motorcycle accident about 8 year ago! Thanks!

Caren Wu

I have pain in the back of my shoulder ,what does it called and how do I treat it please !

Steven Lundgrin

Jared, are the shoulder exercises different for tendonitis versus rotator cuff tears/injuries or osteoarthritis? Thanks.

Eli Mizrahi

Hi there, great video. I have a sharp pain in my shoulder and on the back of the shoulder. I also have pain when I lift my head up, and then all my shoulder and arm just get Nam, if I put my head down for 3 seconds then all is ok, but the shoulder and arm and back of shoulder is in pain, a sharp pain. The pain pint I fill is in the elbow+arm+shoulder+back of shoulder+neck. I did all your tests as you showed, I still not sure what is the source of the pain, the central cause of the pain. I did a X-Ray test and a C.T. test and they found that in my spine C5-C7 the gap is very low, but the did not think that that is the cause of the pain.

Brent McHenry

Your self-test helped me diagnose my shoulder issue in the first 3 minutes of this video, THANK YOU!!!!

Kelly Hunt-Melillo

What to do for torment rotator cuff??

lu gaines

Can a rotator cuff heal on its own?

Annette Cada

It was my neck, thank you! :D

Brad Wilson

This was great, thank you so much! I have been searching and finally found my issue. Very descriptive and helped me quickly pinpoint which problem I have. Now to study how to fix it!

Violet Burrell

Can de quervain's Tenosynov causes shoulder pain?

Gilvan Angelo Da Costa

Great job, man ! I'll share it with my doctor and physical therapist friends here in Brazil. Keep up the good work!

Fajny Piotruś

What if I got negative on all of them and experience some shoulder pain when doing exercises at the gym I mean I'm doing correct form but it's a weird feeling usally when I'm doing biceps I feel like instability and shoulder could it be like weak rotator cuff muscles or like lower traps/upper traps that are just weak because I got a bad posture and that might be the cause and not an injury.

Jo Buchanan

I did all these tests and each one I found pain in my shoulder. I get swelling in my fingers when I do arm excersises/tests.

Theristís legend

Just show us the damn exercise!! People watch this because they are in great pain!! For fucks sakes

Sujit Nair

This is so helpful vid. I got my shoulder diagnosed. Thankyou

Iwan Myroniuk

Thank you for your videos that are really helpful. Please make video how to deal with different kind of elbow pain. Thank you.

Irene Bienek

All are in pain help,,,!!

Jordan Rose

Don’t know if you can help but my left shoulder has a loud audible crack when I roll my shoulder. I am 18 don’t know what is wrong with it

Sharon Lloyd

question i have had pain in my shoulder now for 30 yrs especially when i walk fast it starts at the top of my left shoulder and as i speed up my walking it goes to my elbow and then in my bicep and triceps and its like a very bad aching feeling and when i stop walking it just goes i am 56 now and female any ideas as to what it could be would be gratefully welcome thanks


I got a positive result from the first test yesterday. My right elbow wouldn't go higher than my shoulder level. Then, I watched your shoulder impingement video and did the exercises and stretching. Today, I get both positive and negative results depending on my shoulder joint location. I see a huge improvement already. Thank you.

Claudia Fernando

Thank you so much. Really helpful. God bless you abundantly ??

Tone and Tighten

I hope these tips help you guys out in determining the cause of your shoulder pain! Leave questions, comments, and suggestions for future vids below; thanks for watching on Tone and Tighten!


Thanks for the great video... rotator cuff it is... :| going to work on some strengthening from your previous video... my massage therapist recommended you! Stay safe! Russ

Butterfly Scott

Thank u ? this info was so helpful. I tore my rotator cuff 2 years ago and my shoulder hasn't heal correctly to me . I get severe pain, but watching your video and doing the exercises its starting to feel better. ?

Maggy Ablor

My second question is, I went for a TENS therapy a month ago after having been diagnosed with Acute Lumbar pain. Do I need to repeat the process or simple exercises can help me? Thanks Doc.


Right rhomboid muscle stretches..

michelle nason

I can’t put my left arm around my back all the way like she did . My doctor thinks I have rotator cuff tendinitis . I get numbness all down my arm , loss of range of motion, pain , weakness, & I feel like something is pulling in my neck at times . I did fall right on my shoulder months ago there wasn’t any pain until months later . What do think is the doctor right cuz I’m not sure she is .

ane qaiser

You are a best at explaining things sir.....????

tk chau

Dr.Jared, Great video! Thanks! It helped me a lot.

Ed De

This has helped me identify some new pain in one of my shoulders. It seems to be the "AC". So, now I know and will look at your other exercises. Thanks! It helped a lot!

Mar Ketemimport


Sharon Lloyd

i wonder if you can answer this question i am female 57 i have had my problem since my early 20s if i walk for longer than 2 miles my left arm and shoulder at the back sometimes into my neck at the side starts throbbing and really aching could you please advise me if you can thanks

Sukhi Gill

thanks a lot for your support sir..i found pain while lift off and while labrum/slap tear test...so plz let me knw how to recover that...


Thank you

Zahra A.

Based on this video, I have shoulder impingement!

Rodger Ward

Thanks for the information. Several test, such as impingement & rotator cuff, give me positive test pain. The pain i am experiencing is not in the shoulder, but in the back of the arm between my shoulder & elbow. Would this still be a rotator cuff issue?

Maggy Ablor

I am experiencing some form of pain in my shoulder for about 2yrs now and these explanation has helped me to understand it better. Thanks Doc!

James Naga

Hi, how to fix ac joint pain?

Kyle Tuxward

I am having some shoulder pain. If I am holding my shoulder at a 90 degree and my elbow at a 90 degree. There is no pain if I try to raise or rotate my arm up. But there is pain if I am trying to rotate or push down. When there is pressure in the opposing direction. I can rotate with no pressure and it doesn't hurt. But when I put pressure against it and try to rotate, thats when there is pain. Any thought on this?


It's all very well talking about what movement causes the pain, but what is the remedies ?

beletr dire

Great job

Pankaj Yadav

Hello, this is really a nice video..
By the way i can able to feel pain while doing AC joint test..
What should i do to cure it?

Aqeela Al Lawati

Wow thank you so much . All your videos are beneficial,I started doing it practically and it is really work.

fazel ahmad

Like always your videos are the top to the limit that when I see your picture it is by itself a guarantee for me that it is a useful video.
Thank you very much


Thanks for video.. nice detail explanation.. I have sensation at right homboid muscle. Can you make video or provide stretches.. Thank you again...

Reshmi Tamrakar

My Dr diagnosed impizmemt in my right shoulder. In 7/19/20,

Sulema Escobar

Too much. Blabla

Merle Stutzman

Thank you, this was very helpful. Now I know what exercises I need. I couldn't pass the impingement test . A little trouble with the a c test. I'm 77 years young.

Kendell Wiggins

Im a bowler former baseball player. Seeing an orthopedist and had no activity and PT for 6wks. Still fell tightness when im in thumbs down position either in front or across my body. Was thinking busitis but now is it a labrum tear.? No pain in any other position. Next step is cortisone or MRI as xray showed solid stability. Been treating with an anti inflam cream...any thoughts. Thx


So I got a negative on all of the test, but the closest one to getting a positive was the rotator cuff. Only thing is the pain starts with my arm down when I lift my arm midway it goes away then comes back when my arm is raised above my head. It feels as if my shoulder needs to be popped?

David Spencer

Really enjoyed this video. I am able to narrow down now the cause of my shoulder pain. Love the exercises! Loretta

Amy Freeman

Thank you for this video!!! My poor client! (I'm an LMT). I'm out of ideas!

Mohamed Tawfik

such an awesome briefing!!

Pete Cuban

I can answer that question aswell. It is shoulders primarily function to hurt and be general pain in the ass.

Shabana Mansoor

Very informative ? I have pain when I did lift off test when i extend my hand back

Prabhkaran Singh

exercise for shulder instability


I just wanna die and come back 1000 years from today for ROBOT SHOUDLER

vineet mal

Hi I am Vineet mal again. To add it pains in the bicep area too .

Queen of my Story

My shoulder was partially out of place and I got it put back into place by the same therapist who noticed it but it’s been paining everyday and going numb when I use my hand to do a few things, I obviously still need to use my hand to get stuff done, how long does it usually take to heal?

Frog Machinery

That hawkins-kennedy test was where I REALLY felt the pain. I think I found my issue. Your videos are excellent, thank you and happy new year!

The Faster

1. Did you go over bicep tendon tear and I missed it? 2. On the first shoulder instability test and you brought the forearm forward, I couldn't do that. Very painful.

King Baba

Thank you so much.
That was alot of information.
Loves from Afghanistan ??

Thomas Martin

The problem is that if your shoulder is VERY painful. the result is "all of the above".

La Chona

Yah definitely my rotator cuff?

Ramya Padmanabhan

Oh yes i need this as my shouders still paining at work i love your fitness videos your fitness videos have exercises for pains i have Thanks Ramya

edoardo burlini

Very nice and useful self-testing. I have a sharp sting on my left shoulder when I SIMPLY RAISE MY ARM SIDEWAYS (so that, for instance, your “pushing through the doorway” exercise for posture is almost impossible for me, when I have to keep the arm parallel to the floor). Strangely enough, you did not treat this simple test. I suspect that the sting is due to some “overlapping” of the anterior and medium deltoids. Could you spend a couple of words on this “muscular” (I suspect) cause of pain? Thx.

ps: oh, forgot mentioning that I just turned 60. Maybe arthritis?

Ashutosh Banga

Can u upload video on sciolosis

Raylen Fa'ield

Very helpful

Thomas Sylvestro

Thank you so much for the great content. It feels like all my shoulders issues are coming from my traps. Any advice of trying the loosen up my traps and me pecs so thing calm down a bit.

Irshath Ahmed

Sir my mom was having pinched nerve so my mom can do all this exercise


Hi, I am a new subscriber. Could you please do a video on tennis elbow. If you have already done one, could you please share the link. I also want to know what is the best way to carry heavy grocery bags (the plastic kind). It is unavoidable for me, and I always end up with my elbow and forearm aching for two to three days following this. Is there a specific direction the palm should face, elbow should be bent vs not bent, etc. Please help.

Clare Taylor

That was sooooo helpful. Great video, awesome information, I'm feeling optimistic now! thank you.

Andy Gray

I have been several of your videos and they have been great. Resolved several minor problems. I was still having a problem so I watched this video. It appears to be Labrum issue. Any exercises that would help? I also have a pain at times with bench press that also makes a sound like two items rubbing against each other. It keeps me in a light weight for bench and an on again and off again related to push ups? Any ideas?

Christal Alley

I’ve watched a lot of videos trying to figure out what’s wrong with my shoulder. I’ve gone to a chiropractor too! Your video was so informative. I did all of the tests and just as I suspected, my problem likely pertains to my rotator cuff. ? However, it also looks like I have an issue with instability as well. I guess that makes sense though since I’ve been dealing with this for quite awhile so there’s probably some atrophy going on. Grrr.

Sunil Gupta

Wonderful information I know find out why my shoulder hurts. But didn't have information what stretches should I perform to heal my shoulder. Please suggest me. Thanks

lu gaines

Interesting...doc had me hold arms out just bit and asked me to push towards his.. said I was strong didn't feel anything but gave me a shot to ease Pain in my shoulder.
In about a week if no difference then MRI to see if cuff has a tear. Hoping not as I am active...geezz
Suggestions welcomed for easing pain. Thank you. Great video...

justin bartolini

Thanks, it seems like the AC joint test somewhat hit on my issue but another position that bothers me the most is if I bring my right elbow above my head with my right hand on my left shoulder and then I grab my right elbow with my left hand and rotate my upper arm in the shoulder socket towards the front of the body - this causes me the most discomfort. All of this is on a lower discomfort level but I worry when ever I start to have any irritation. Years ago I separated my shoulder - I wonder if this could be part of the issue? I would be beyond thankful for any information but am grateful that you take the time to produce such an informative video - I seem to not really have major issues with any of the tests yet the ac one and the one following it tend to reproduce the most discomfort - also push-ups are starting to bug me a little and I have been using the form suggested in becoming a supple leopard for a few years now - thanks again! I love this stuff and just subscribed!

Lisa Grimsley

What about calcification in the shoulder?

Shoulders feel TIGHT when you run? WATCH THIS...

Shoulders feel TIGHT when you run? WATCH THIS...3 Aug. 2016
52 340
James DunneSubscribe 438 721

Today I want to answer a

Today I want to answer a question I'm asked almost every week: how to run with relaxed shoulders. In this video I demonstrate a number of running technique tips you can use to learn how to relax your shoulders and run without neck pain.

Many of the runners I meet suffer with tight shoulders and tight neck muscles when they run, particularly when fatigued. The three tips in this video will help so many, I'm sure... Give them a go on your next run, and let me know how you feel :)


SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=RunningRevolution

MUSIC: https://soundcloud.com/lakeyinspired

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TWITTER: https://twitter.com/kineticrev

FACEBOOK: https://facebook.com/kineticrev

INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/kineticrev


ABOUT ME: I'm a runner, sports rehabilitation specialist and coach based in the UK (Norwich and London).

Since 2007 I've been working with athletes focusing specifically on helping distance runners and triathletes overcome injury and improve performance through developing their individual running technique.

Running biomechanics has become a geeky little passion of mine!

WEBSITE: http://kinetic-revolution.com

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RUNNING TECHNIQUE COURSE (LIMITED DISCOUNT): http://www.kinetic-revolution.com/running-technique-programme-v2-0/?vtid=ytd


Comments (34)
Stefan Johansson

Very good advices

Castle sky

Haha... Thats massive indeed

Bryce Little

My right trap would usually start hurting at the end of my long runs. this should help. Thank you for the very helpful and easy to understand tips!

David J. Ferrick

No matter how many times I follow these great tips I still find myself with pain. Thoughts on Kinesiology Tape?

Paul Speed

This is great advice thanks so much

Sharon Williamson

Great video again! For the clenched fist thing, the visualisation I've heard of and use (when I remember!) is to imagine you're holding a Pringles crisp in each hand and not crush it :-)

Shosho Ahmed

Thank u man! Now I know my problem I always look down

B. Bobby

That is very similar to the Chi Running pose ...similar concept and very beneficial,am I right about chi running ?

n wm

Thanks for the tips, i dont know anyone else share this problem like I do for this bother me because I have round shoulder and I especially do a lot of push ups for work out, so when I run during my 10km my shoulder gets really tight and tired.
On the other hand I tried to use the methods u mention in video, I feel my upper body not leaning forward enough for making a fast run...the posture for fast run, you suppose to lean your upper body slightly forward, right?

John Orukpe

Thanks a lot sir. I have struggled with this for a long time

Sulitha Semina

Thanks brother ?

Gill Fisher

Great explanation James. I know I have a tendency to looking down when I'm running trails and have to remind myself frequently to keep my head up :D

Benjamin Vaughan

Another thing that seemed helpful for me (and for swimming as well) is getting in a corner of a room, and leaning face in to the corner allowing the two walls to stretch my bent arms -- it really stretches the chest and shoulders.. A physical therapist showed me this stretch.. I wish I could describe it better (James, feel free to demonstrate)..

Just Me

Thank you ?

Blue-sky Thinker

Dude, dude for years I've suffered from shoulder pain. Up until now I have tried lifting weight to strengthen my shoulder. What a difference tip 1 made. Cheers man!

Bill Margetts

A great explanation, the best I have seen, you make it very easy to understand.Well done



Dheeraj Dahiya

thanx mate

Mario De Rossi

Great videos james! Have you ever done triathlons or a half triathlon?

Bryn Thomas

Cant wait to try this out been really suffering with shoulder pain. fingers crossed a solution


Hey I went for a run today and usually my shoulders/biceps would end up sore as hell but today it didn't happen, thanks a lot


amaaazing thank you so so much, I will try this today!! Before, when I would run (even just a mile or two), I would always have to put on pain patches and sit on the heating pad for an hour ? I'm so excited to try these tips out!

Miguel Mike

Any tipps for side stitch problems please?


Fantastic! I was running this morning without any pain at all, (for a long long time) by following your three steps. Now its gonna be fun to run! Thank you, and God Bless you soo much!

Willem Houterman

Thnx for the tips James! I always having to much tension in my schouders. Probably looked to close to the ground :)


1000th Like! Keep up the great videos!

Linda Maria

Again awesome video with awesome tips! Keep up the good work, love your videos!

Michelangelo Leone

hi james, i have a similar issue: while i'm running sometimes my neck keeps clicking... what could it be?

Poovi Pidiakal



I had to pause the video to make sure policemen weren't outside my apartment

David Garcia

Since i play football/soccer i run a lot because of my position. I have other things going through my mind like the tactics and where to run and go it will be pretty hard for me to think about doing those 3 things and playing in a football/soccer match. Any tips?

Zakonian King

I do all of this but whenever i run my shoulder kills me...idk why, maybe im doing something wrong

sonu ojha

For short video see from 04:30. Cheers

Harry Preckwinkle

My father jumped after Jesse Owens in the Olympic Trials at Princeton in 1936. After his first jump, Jesse came up to him and said, "Harry, you'll go farther if you relax your arms." If you've ever seen videos of Owens running, you'll see how smooth his stride was. When we were kids, my father was always telling us what you just talked about on this video. Thanks!