Offensive line training

Mike Smith Offensive Line Training Tape 2013

Mike Smith Offensive Line Training Tape 20131 Aug. 2020
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Training Camp Practice Highlights: Special Look at Offensive Line | New York Giants

Training Camp Practice Highlights: Special Look at Offensive Line | New York Giants23 Aug. 2020
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In today's Inside Look

In today's Inside Look presented by Quest Diagnostics, Paul Dottino and Howard Cross take you inside Training Camp for a special look at the offensive line.

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legrand wendeu

Can the next video please focus on the safeties, trying to see peppers and McKinny

Ray W

Love Howard since his days at Bama but hes a tough listen...

New York Giants

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Honu's Mom

Love it that they love Engram. I could just watch him run with the ball all day. Good insight from Howard Cross on the various positions and possible interchangeability.

Wilhelm Heinzerling

Engram should move to WR


What howard be talking bout?????

Kyle Bryson

Got a good feeling about Kaden Smith. Possibly could breakout like Kittle. He can possibly be the full TE package.


It’s pointless watching o line tape if they don’t got the pads on

Micah Vincent


Nicky Dulepski

im excited for the chaos that will be the entire nfl season


yall literally showed more about the tight ends than the O-line

Carson Bindert



Man Howard Cross sounds like he’s doing a eulogy at a funeral ?????

Larry Fisher

What are the Giants going to do with Nate Wozniak? He is listed as an OT, but at 6-10 and 280 pounds he seems to lean to play OT. With the release of TE Kyle Markway I'm wondering if they are going to slide him outside. There's also 6-7 WR Rysen John. I think that he should stay at WR, but what are the Giants plan. Can you picture him in the red zone going for a jump ball?

Eury Andeliz

Dave Gettleman loves the Hog mollies.

Mike C

Is Engram really helping the offense much?

Undersized blocker
Frequent drops
Hurt alot

Hope I'm wrong and he has a big year

Efrain Villalobos

TE's Dickerson and Tomlinson are depth players but shouldn't even be on the team as they have shown no real value in the past.


Appreciate ya Howard, but please put a little more energy into your analysis. I had to abort after 30 seconds...


Columbo is gonna build a great o-line for this team! He pours so much passion into his teaching and training to end up having an average line. We shall see soon enough. Let's go BIG Blue!!!

Ry Ry

Good to hear someone has good weather. We are being suffocated and the sun is being drownded out from all this smoke out here in CA.

C Mack

Howard's looking more and more like George Foreman ???

Miami Hurricanes Practice 3: Offensive Line Drill

Miami Hurricanes Practice 3: Offensive Line Drill6 Aug. 2016
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InsideTheUSubscribe 438 721

Check out the offensive

Check out the offensive line in action in the Miami Hurricanes' third practice of fall camp.

Comments (4)

to prevent unnecessary injury

Robert Goodman

why do they all have robotic knee braces on?

Derrick Landers

They can't stop head-on injuries...they should wear front knee pads...this is ridiculous.


really need these boys to come through for the offense this year