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The 8 Forms of Shin Godzilla || Ultimate Evolution

The 8 Forms of Shin Godzilla || Ultimate Evolution9 Oct. 2020
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With the abrupt ending to Shin Godzilla, a creature that showed so much promise for total annihilation, the audience was left with an itch for more. The movie which was made in an unofficial protest towards the slow reaction regarding the Fukushima nuclear disaster, focused again on Godzilla emerging from the ocean to destroy Japan, and this time it was a different take on the kaiju. Shin Godzilla was evolution incarnate, he was supposedly an ancient sea lifeform that was exposed to radiation and radioactive wastes dumped by the US and he kept on evolving until he became the 118.5 meter tall Kaiju.

According to The Art of Shin Godzilla and several other official publications, the fourth form was merely a beginning "baby" and Godzilla would continue to evolve. Future forms and consequences of this have been noted, and it was pointed that extinction on the subcellular scale is necessary to defeat Godzilla and that the blood coagulant was just a temporary measure, something that was easly overcome by Godzilla who was evolution itself. So in this video we will discuss all the 8 forms that Shin Godzilla was theorized to have and by the end, it will leave you shocked as to what he will become. Lets go step by step till we get to the final stage 8.


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Comments (100)
Jake Tranter

Prequel to the movie Annihilation?

Bill Cipher

How did you know the other forms???????

April Latham

Every song in shin godzilla: japanese chanting intensifies

A Dark Light

I'm just confused on why it goes from Godzilla form, to a humanoid, back to godzilla form

Marcus Gutierrez

Went from nuclear lizard to God

Shasta Valley Outdoorsman

I feel like drugs have just gotten way too powerful.

Julie Feathers

Youll get a good look

Secret Account

I would like to see this, not in a movie, but in a manga or a comic


Was this a good one to watch?


This is the most anime thing ever, like a JRPG where you start off saving a neighbors cat, but skip 30 hours later to the end and your facing god himself telling you about existence.
Godzilla is just a fish boi that gets exposed to nuclear waste, “wonder what he looks like at the end *skip*” Godzilla has become the equivalent of god creating life with his own universe within him. “This went from a monster movie destroying Japan to questioning existence relatively quickly...”


This got ridiculous real quick

Based Gogeta

Godzillanids are possibly the only thing scarier than 40k tyranids

Jobs Ermita

So his final form, he becomes Shuma Gorath.

WP Jalal

The worst godzilla, i have ever seen.



Sebas Peimbert

Shin Godzilla 2 plot: The government was responsible for the creation of Godzilla, Godzilla awakens and reaches it’s ultimate form and then releases a powerful new kind of radiation that causes all life forms to return to the primordial soup which originated life on earth because that was the plan of a secret organization that wants to save humanity by making it reach the next step in evolution
I swear I’m not ripping anything off


Remember when it was all about the consequences of breaking two atoms to extract the energy?

Robert christenson

Dont do drugs kids , this is your brain on drugs


Who’s ready for shin ultraman?

akbar khan

I was so scared I was going back to the home

Where is Gamabodo Gompachiro

So this is Goku but Monster Version


The flood? Necromorphs? Sounds familiar ?

That Ben 10 Fan

Godzilla earth to Shin form 4: Cute Child

Shin form 8 to Godzilla Earth: you were saying?

C Leeks

Well I certainly wasn't expecting Azathoth.

Cecilia Astorga

Damn Hideaki Anno even brought the 4th impact to the Godzilla franchise. Dont worry he'll reboot it 5 times, im sure.

Dave Masters

Ok, so basically the purpose of his 8 forms is to drop the zilla from his name. Got it.
5:25 Godzilla flying? I'm getting flashbacks from the silly movie he was on, in Godzilla vs Hedorah.

norland s

godzilla evolution to alien xenomporph

Sword Monkey

Not ambitious enough. [sarcasm]


The fish was just trynna vibe man...

Jing0826 Prince john joestar campos

Shin godzilla is too op

u need another toxic waste to make him die :)


Godzilla being created by a nuclear waste is just as realistic as the other major phony fear global warming

Window Cowboys

basicly lveling up in video games lol

YouTube Censors

So in his 8th form, will he still be buddies with King Caesar?

Phantom Freeze

yall couldnt leave Godzilla alone he went from an iconic nuclear lizard to a mufuckin Pokemon really bro evolutions ??


The more disturbing the better


It looks good but those eyes are fucking terible.

Lord of House Wolfsbane

Is it just me or is Shin Godzilla just a evolutionary prelude to Kaiser from the way his 5-8 forms look

General Tarvish

So basically you can do literally anything you want to the godzilla character as long as you're not American and it's not a weaker form got it such pettyness from the owners of the godzilla IP


2nd form: water Godzilla.and the first form

Brown's Hair

God with no zilla

Gabe The Borking Dog

King Kong will beat the shit outta him after beating the legendary G

Warrington Feaslefeet

tyranids are actually shin godzilla lol


Games Workshop really got creative with this Tyrannid backstory

Damon D

Well that escalated quickly

Life In Salt Lake City


Julie Feathers

The 5th form was in the movie just grown on the tail did you notice #shingodzilla5thformonshingodzillastail

Jim Raynor

I deeply dislike the 5th form.
This is not godzilla


Damnn shin godzilla lore is fuckin dope

- FoundersCheeze -

Every Godzilla when they roar: I WIN
Shin Godzilla when he roars: MY BACK- MY BACK


Final form: The Tyranids from Warhammer 40K

Julie Feathers


Jade Riddle

Geez...they really went for it there.

Jason Santos

Yeah it's launch our Terrifying form shin godzilla

Rick astley

All just because of a fish that ate radiation

Hej Pudig Monika

This is why Ultraman exist

I wonder if Shin Ultraman were a same Universe as Shin Godzilla


So Shin Godzilla is the Flood?


We went from from challenger of monsters and sometimes friendly-neighborhood anti-hero kaiju to this.

Mr. Blutarsky

All humans are repsonsible

blue2pinetree 147

So the infested from Warframe but smarter, evolves, and isn't just a mass of flesh running on, what ever infested run on.

GameB Awesome

So... this is Godzilla written by Lovecraft?


Great video. I would love to see more of this story explored.

P.S. Subscribed for more great content!


His name isn't god incarnate for nothing

nachospop the 3rd

But what does it mean


so then the humans make a monkey born from nuclear waste and make them fight

Goresh’s Wallet

This is still Godzilla,right?

yee haw

So basically he became the fucking space bugs hive mind from 40k


Chad monster shin godzilla, vs virgin american hero wannabe godzilla.

The thinking Griesbach

So radiation has the potential to make a god, honey bring out the uranium!

Minato The 4th Hokage

I'd rather call this as Onizilla

Kim Heng

How did we get from a giant tadpole to an undying universal lovecraftian god?


you sound like youre just reading from a script

Tyler Crowley


Xavier Tyack

Pov: describing to you're sibling how and why your make-belief character is better and stronger (infinity + 1)


I see so he becomes the Flood from Halo but without the weaknesses. Got it.

rolay 7

So the Prototype games were a prequel to this?


A few seconds in: "Godzilla is a tadpole like creature that struggles to breathe on land"
End of the video: "Godzilla is now the end, the beginning, and everything in-between. He is reality itself now"


forms 5-8 dont exist and there never was a cosmic god form 8 shown in shin godzilla media gg ez

Century CZX

Holy Thats Huge


I feel like this things existence is pure torture and pain

eli li

Shin Godzilla 2: God vs Godzilla

Alan Roger Tumiri Alvarez

No entiendo nada

ricardo gonzalez

Godzillafied flood....cool


He would’ve been the strongest thing

I forgot my name

Rip Kong.

Jose Garcia

So basically, Shin Godzilla becomes the Zerg

Caprisun Or Bust

This is my favorite interpretation of Godzilla because it’s the most “Realistic” out of the rest

Zidane Mina

It's good this never came to pass.


The country behind Fukushima had the gall to blame the oceanic nuclear waste dumping on the USA? Wow.


Those forms are hoaxes

Burning G95

In my opinion the second form of Shin has folded arms because if you pay attention to the mutation from the 2° to 3° form, the arms open up

Saumik Tajwar

Godzilla to evangelion to tyranid hive mind to Lovecraft


2019 is better but Shin Godzilla is still cool but 2019 still wins but not because he is cool

Freddy Mikaeleioane

And so a penis turned into a god


only Werbung.. reklamę.. no thanks.,!

Sonder Studios

What the actual fuck?

Jacob Burrouhgs

Sooo can we get a return of shin godzilla?????


Shin godzilla :I reject my monsternity toho!!
Even kong the monke is afraid.

paolo baluran

We are godzilla

Zor Lord

I'm having Primal flashbacks

Cain Killig

So he would essentially be the flood. Then the humans come together to become known as forunners lol

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