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How to Train Every Day for Fast Strength Gains

How to Train Every Day for Fast Strength Gains7 Jun. 2017
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Training every day is not

Training every day is not for everyone, but the strength gains are VERY fast if you do it right.

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DISCLAIMER: I give general fitness advice, I am NOT a medical professional. All claims are based off my knowledge and education. Always consult a physician before starting any exercise program.

Comments (100)
Amazing ME

I do full body 5 times a week just periodize intelligently/ no need for bulgarian


I train 6 days a week 3 times lifting weights seriously and 3 kickboxing and some tkd does that have to anything with me being a bulgarian



Justin Wilhite

I'm kinda lost. So are you saying that you just do your 1 rep max on squat, deads and bench everyday, but raise the weight everyday?

Haytham Shehade

Can I do it for AMRAP .. so everyday I try to do dips as much as I can..? because my goal is to get 60dips in 1 set?

gart 97

can i do this for dumbell curls?

William Castilla

Alex, can I apply these techniques with bodyweight exercises?

Jeraisy Bernal

That principle reminds me one punch man workout ?.. train everyday even with pain don't stop

Alecks Martyn

I work 60plus hours in construction in the scorching hot sun and train 4 times a week. I’m natural and I’m pretty fucken strong . People underestimate the body’s true capacity



Jayson Makhanlal

Can you also make muscle gains from this for example if I would squat everyday would I get bigger legs at the end of the training

ss j

What’s your job title being this strong

Aquele Que Não Deve Ser Mencionado

Can i do bulgarian light with bicep curls????

Nour Mohamed

This may sound like a stupid question, but do you keep the strength gains after you’re done with a certain exercise on Bulgarian?


Sure, I can do psycho for a couple of months, just ask my therapist

Michael Sebela

What do you think about implenenting this into bodyweight calisthenics training?

shahzad anwar

is this for beginners too? i been working out for 3 months and i have been seeing your vids for few days and i always wanted to be natural lifter and an athlete. can you recommend some knowledge?

andrew ortiz

Ty for teaching me how to program

Mark Tuason

Do you deload with this

sedol lee

Please help! I have been stuck at 5-9 reps of pushups for 2-3 weeks, I trained almost everyday and I eat enough protein I believe, it is very discouraging that I cannot even add 1 rep to my max.

Nik Boxan

Hey Alex, first great video, again awesome information. Now a question, could this work for weighted dips & pullups too? i try to get my max added weight on those two movements up for a amateur competition here in europe and kinda hit a plateau
cheers and thanks for the gread content


The workout sounds insane but risky

Johnathan. Aviles

I usually do every day trianing to bring up a weak body part. For example, when my squat was lagging I hit the gym almost every day a weak. And more recently I've been doing pull ups everyday and seen great progress. Thanks for the input. I learn a lot from your channel.

Jakob Bakkara Agerström

Does this work for every lift? Specifically pull, chin ups? Would be really nice if someone could reply :)

Omar Al shalaan

U know I did that when I first started working out I didn't research it I just went on my instincts and i was not paying attention to sleep or food basically I had zero knowledge except for the form of the exercise it was the deadlift in two weeks I got my deadlift from 135 to 265, BUT somehow I felt like my muscles were exploding and somehow I feel like my body was too weak to handle those new muscles that I gained so fast. I get that because I never lifted before that i get nooby gains but this was crazy I stopped working out for a two months because I couldn't like my hand bones hurt when i grip tight it's like my strength surpassed my bones or something tho after I got better I started to train like a human and no more these crazy stuff lol I still don't understand how that happened

permacultured and free

Need pictures or more footage? I have adult Add and you lost me mate at 4:02

Abdulla AL Mehanna

I've been doing rack pulls above the knee every day in my home gym for the past 10 days doing one reverse pyramid set and have to say its an excellent system for someone with instant gym access.
Plus I think the rack pull is the best lift to do in a bulgarian system due to its combination of both extreme overloading while also being easy to recover.


i think the most important thing to remember is that this method is not for everyone

the smurf

So if you do this for a cycle and then switch back to concurrent, you keep your 1rm gains? I think I might give this a shot.

Jim Arg

This guy is gay

B Hayes

This is pretty late, but this is how I did it for the Big 3 (Plus strict standing OHP) all at the same time. I started December 25th 2017 and went until about February 5th 2018 where I hit my goal squat. My starting number were Bench:285 Squat:375 Deadlift:425 OHP:175 all 1rm. As of February 2018 my numbers are Bench: 320 Squat: 455 Deadlift: 475 OHP: 215. I squatted Monday-Friday to a 1rm, then did a 3x3 @80% of the 1rm afterwards. I alternated Bench and OHP daily, building to a 1rm and doing a 3x3 @80% at the daily 1rm. On Bench days I would do 3x8 Bent over Rows, and on OHP days I would do 3x8 weighted Pullups. On Saturdays I would build to a 1rm Deadlift (I Squat low bar and I feel a very good carryover to my deadlift, especially with all the bent over rowing I was doing, so I don’t feel it is worth it to deadlift as often due to the fatigue it causes compared to squats) I would do a [email protected]% after my deadlift 1rm. I would work core on my OHP days and do a low impact exercise for biceps hamstrings and triceps on my bench day. I would try to add 5 pounds every time I went to the gym, at least on one movement. On Sundays I would work from and try out different feet/hand positions for every exercise. I based this off of the Bulgarian manual that Greg Nuckols and Omar Isuf wrote. I loved this program and I am definitely going to do it again in the future to peak for a powerlifting meet.
My body weight went up a couple pounds during all of this and right now I am sitting around 200lbs.

Alithei Alithei

How should I work up to 1RM or "warmup"? What should I do before that one set of 1RM, how this warm uping sets should look like.. one set of 3 reps with 80% should be fine?

Boyko Lazarov

@AlphaDestiny - what about lower back work to avoid injuries ?
Or how do you stay away from injuries?


You're fucking crazy man, I love it

Yo Ge

Can i do it with push ups? Make it sense?

Mihai Albok

Sooo...1 set 1 rep ?


Yo alex is it possible for me to do roatate everyday between deadlifts and benchpress? so lets say monday i max bench tuesday deadlift and wedsnay back to Benchpress, You understand is this still optimal?


Everyday for 1 set @ the gym =30+ dollars a week in game driving 20+ mins to get to gym lol.

Matteo Caporicci

@alphadestiny....won't all your other lifts start lagging if you're doing a single lift all week? How can one make up for this?

DRB 87

I have a serious question. Would 100 push-ups a day for several weeks be a good training program for a newbie?


I decided to do 60kg for no reason the other day and did 2 and the next day I did it for 3x5 so maybe this does work for me

dimps biliou

Man im gonna try it but when I feel like shit Im gonna listen to my body and rest for a couple of days. The frequency will be still high to the roof.

Raymakers Calisthenics

I came back to this after putting in place with gymnastics strength training and completing my Iron Cross. It took my 70ish degree hold to a full hold in ~2 months.

It can be applied to any strength movement. However, especially for stressful movements like mentioned above, recovery MUST be on-point.

ThatFootballBeast 2


Jason Sauvey

I'm a T-Rex dinosaur! So because my arms are short deadlifts are to hard LOL???????????????????

Hector the molestor

This sounds simular to a self taught technic i learned.

I couldn't do pushups when i was younger and it humiliated me. I feelt like a little girl and it made me pretty depressed. Then i fell in love with a girl and fucked up. This destroyed me completely and i had 1 out of 2 options. Do an hero or give 100% for improvement since i had nothing to lose at this point. Once every hour aproxemetly i did a set of wallpushups. It was fucking hard but necessary. I did this for a week and stoped with the wallpushups and started doing a smal but maximum set for me of normal pushups every hour. I was constantly sore and stuff but then i just raised my armes, squeezed my arms and it gave a poping, some times a crushing sound and i had full mobility again. Then i could continue my sets. After 3 months i was able to take 40 pushups as my max. My sets was 20. Now my shoulders was manly and my arms was normal. I was not depressed anymore and i felt secure about my body for the first time in years. I didn't know shit about fitness at all at the time. I just worked hard and thats it. I didn't watch my diet or sleep, though i would get bigger if i did. Now i have bought one of those pulup beems you mount over your door. I can't do a single proper pulup so i decided to place a table by the door so i can take the halfpulups insted so i actually can be able to do a set. I will take a set of half pulups every hour im home, sleep well and eat right so i can gain the muscles to do many real pulups. My fitness goal is to be able to lift my body size with each arm. I will use the exact same techneek as i did with the arms as they proved to be effective. I have te motivation since im now lifting for a girl i like. I want to get big not just for her but for us. Wish me good luck :)))


And if you don't bust through the gym wall like the Kool Aid Man did in commercials, you're not gonna get any gains.


bulgarian light vs rich piana 8 hours arm workout

michael smoak

could i apply this but do 1 set of bench squat and deadlift? every day

M Lussier

Bro, i was shitting myself but went to the gym anyways. Gains baby!

Matthew Meyer

Max out one singular time, one lift, the entire workout? Gain 100 pounds in a week? No... just... no. A one time max out does not provide enough stimulus to get 10 pounds stronger on a lift in a day. That’s just a fact

Lawson Pin

What if u fail a lift?


Can I do this with a standing ez bar bicep curl? Lol


I find it hard not to train everyday I seem to have pretty good recovery even after several days lifting heavy I don't get fatigued. Taking a day off is like hell I just sit around thinking about what I could be doing and counting down the hours until the next day.

The Bun Twins

its always a fine line for me, between, my bones aching, my elbows being sore, after a year and half of 4 full bodies routines, through a 8 day week. plus leg 6 days and all accessories up to everyday.sometimes rest day in, i guess the biggest thing, is who cares about anyone else in there journey. this journey is about pride, changing the rules and learn exactly that it takes for your body to created new existing muscle, and too always create a stimulas of growth. my journey is elevated my information system with muscle. my exercise is always in a fasted state. so its been a discipline like any formof martial arts or competitive sports or fitness. fitness love at thebuntwins instagram. love your videos, and your truly one of the great young gurus minds around in Fitness. peace and continue to beast

Jake Richards

Wait so only 1 Rep every day ?

Kiran McBanana

Will this build muscle?

Justin Blackwell

Build up to max each day or truly only one set after the first day of building up? If you use ramping sets how many?

Peetah Hernandez

can I use Bulgarian lite Training as a comeback? I've been out of the gym for about 6 months now due to some issues with my gym.

Виктор Георгиев

Complete bs


How would you approach this for full body workout? Im presently doing full body and still experiment with it. However i limit it to 2x6 of just 12 reps for each lift. Every set is at max ti reach 6 then increase but not to. failure. Funny how on the next day I am able to do more and feel fully recovered due to low volume.


Is this only for intermediate/advanced lifters?


what i do if i fail lift? do i stop for that day and try again the next day or do i try again in the same day?

Lucas Graeff

Nice tips man


I dont get it haha. .so You Do just 1 Set of a exercise and then leave? Of every exercise? Or just 1 for example ohp

HC1024 G

No wonder I'm so fucking sore the next day I always go 100% of my Max build up to it is that good for gains?


Is this a good method for Hypertrophy or just strength?

Preston and Gavin

Can you get big off of this

Adrian Bräysy

Back when I competed, I did this for short term peaking cycles, and westside style training for the rest of the year. I think Louie is right about who this type of training is for: introverts. Extroverted lifters, for whatever reason, seem to need more exercises


No way I could work out before sleeping

Jesus Saves

So true.. Many times those days I felt terrible became days I set multiple PRs. Attempting things that demand your deepest levels of intensity is where serious the transformation happens.. and when you “feel” like you don’t have it in you... that’s the best time to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Good vid! Keep pushing!!

Magnus Berg

So am i gonna build Up to the lift? or just do a single rep and leave?

Sonbahardan Gelen Yaprak

Türk müsün len sen yoksa

Robert Wilkinson

Would training bulgarian in bulgaria be even more beneficial

Daniel Dsouza

Doesnt obey the Stress, Rest And Adaptation Cycle. Bulgarian is bull


So if im doing deadlifts for bulgarian light what about chest arms etc ?

Trevor McNeill

So just 1 set of a 1rm or 1 set of 5rm

Preston Eikermann

Anouther way to do this (long term and not just a speaking cycle) is to do the same thing everyday for a week and go up 1 level the next week

Jake Richards

So a 1 rep max pr or a new top set max pr ?

Boyko Lazarov

Let me get this straight, so you go to the gym and do 1 set of 1 rep without warm up or working up to the weight ? Is that nt dangerous and maybe getting snapped without any warmup ?


Jonatan Rocha

Again im on the juice tho ur advice always helps

Angel Febus

I've done this twice in my life with heavy lifting, with dumbbell bench press and barbell back squat. I hadn't heard anything about it. I just thought the frequency made sense. I was pressing three times a day, everyday. I was squatting twice a day, everyday. These were different times in my life (i.e. not concurrent). Long story short I've never made strength gains so rapidly, PR'd almost every day. I was much younger then. Today I'd probably succumb to injury.

Tony Taylor

Suppose it can work but my life style it wouldn't I work alot which involves lifting itself ?

Joshua Michael

Blahagarian training


Convinient for home calisthenics or gome gyms but not for gym half an hour away. Ive been using it for calisthenics for some time and the gains are impressive


i finally decided to try this method last week and it was fun as fuck, i couldn't wait to get to the gym everyday and goddamn that rush i felt every time i hit that PR. But damn it was harsh on CNS, at the end of the week i felt really drained, so i lifted 6 days not 7. Now this week i started fullbody workout, but i don't know i just might go back to bulgarian, it was so much fun. I gained 12.5 kg to my 1rm to trap bar dl in 6 days and i absolutely believe i could've gained more if i would've kept going

Angel Chavez

Hey Alpha, have you applied this to bench?

Alex Kinetics

Can I do this with 5RM instead of 1RM? I feel better doing 5RM than 1RM and I like the training much more.


Just one move everyday?


It's a mindset!

Mr Grizzly

So i can do overhead press everyday, work up to my one rep max and i will add alout of weight to the bar after the first week?


Thank you for the great tip Alex. You never fail to give the best lifting advice out there. If I do bulgarian training for lets say strict curls, can I still train back on the same session? or other sessions after I achieve my 1 rep max?


im a fat guy that trains twice a day everyday and its life changing. after listening to david goggins driven speech I realized what pussies we all are

Christian Man

eat a lot than take caffeine than workout at night than eat again than sleep? sounds stupid to say take caffeine late at night and thinking you'll add 100lbs to alift in a week but whatever

Slasher Fitness

Did a 75 pound jump on a lift after watching this...

ExeKuTioN Cro

SO wait a second. I only do deadlift and leave ? Not light bench press and light squats aswell ? Or any acessory ? I would be finished in like 15 minutes ... hmmmm

Nunya Bidnis

You gotta be taking stuff

very seriously.


Does that method work for bodyweight exercises? Pull-ups lets say, or weighted pull-ups?

Jiri Pirinen

Good luck sleeping after coffee and one rep max.

toe eater

so much fun

Lift Every Voice and Sing with Lyrics

Lift Every Voice and Sing with Lyrics24 Dec. 2016
1 362 701

Things understood need no

Things understood need no explanation. This was sung by and for #ADOS. Just like the Bible was written by and for #Israelites. #ADOS and #DOS are #Israelites according to history and the Bible.

Comments (100)
Issac Conrad

This is long

Aaron H

Who here saw the Hodgson Twins speak on why they gotta take a knee during a devicive "black"national anthem? Some beautiful lyrics there though, especially at the end. God bless a diverse and beautiful gathering of all colors of people United in His blessing! Thumbs up to God

Herman Martin

We need five national anthems for 5 different races in the United States . Got to be fair to everybody or I don't know the regular one to shorting the game .?

Kenneth Neilson

So is star spangled banner for whites or just everyone but blacks. Or do blacks have two national anthems. What about Hispanics and asians the left has lost the plot.


What a steaming pile of shit

c ya

This was a song that is as black people adopted as a national anthem bc for the majority of American history, we were seen as others and separate from whites. This is a song for our unity and our own power. It was NOT written for Abe Lincoln, only for his birthday and was a message to America that there is an issue at stake. I LOVE MY BLACK BROTHERS AND SISTERS AND WE SHALL ONE DAY BE EQUAL IN THIS LAND ❤️

Alex Williams

i’m gonna kneel everytime i hear this crap

Patrick S.

Time to kneel to this every chance I get. I can't wait for the other thousands of people to kneel to the black anthem

Jin Nani

Let’s just go back to segregation


Two anthems? Has integration failed us?

Dr. Samuel Kirkland

From the previous comments, it is clear to me that you have not experienced the lack of hope that was a part of the Black American Experience...Slavery, Reconstruction, Jim Crow, Racism, and now Denial Of Atrocities. Either wake up or shut up!

Damien Beck

Plz tel me this is a joke

roxanne barton

Sounds like The Jeffersons?

Wojo Woj

I’m kneeling. If you playing a song for one group of people then you best playing one for everyone. The national anthem is for all of us not just one of us. God bless the USA

Mike k

Beautiful song .. I love it ..

Brandon D

This was your anthem hahahahahaha true to your native land that still has slavery what a joke

James Penley

Wow I'm surprised there was no bitching about white privilege.

Kristin Snell

True to your native land?.... Where would that be...?

Gabriel d

Say what you want about what is going on with the nfl and all the politics going on, this song is beautiful❤️??


Time to boycott NFL. Endorses segregation! Not acceptable.

Tom Brady

Are white people going to stand for this anthem? How will they react?


The black national anthem was written by a black Republican to denounce the lynchings done to black people by democrats

Sam King

I thought a national anthem was about a nation's people not a race


Sounds like something you play at a funeral

Duane Foley

How is this a national anthem and to what nation does it belong cuz we are one nation under God and this is like saying we are 2 nations and we are not and anyone that pushes for this shall bear the responsibility of any violence or war that comes with it.

Dan Thomas

Bye NFL I'll never watch it again!!!

Manav Patel

This song is better than the normal national anthem





kuautli tliltik

Beautiful song not going to lie speacially “sing a song full of the faith that the dark past has taught us” that part is “DEEP” as shit like forgetting our past will only make younger generations think its ok to enslave people or oppress them because it is not on our history books or statues, so lets keep those statues and replace those taken down to remember of the wrong doing we did and the ones that can be avoided in the future.


the 5th graders of my school had to performed these

Steve Bozell

Having a separate national anthem is a racist as it gets.

Chris Ridgeway

This is the worst possible way to get unity.

Mayn 90's

Can't believe they are even thinking about playing 2 anthems. Yall better not give them any fuckin money. Trying to divide the people that are making them rich?!?!

D. John McCarthy

"Lift Every Voice and Sing – often called “The Black National Anthem” – was written as a poem by NAACP leader James Weldon Johnson (1871-1938) and then set to music by his brother John Rosamond Johnson (1873-1954) both REPUBLICANS in 1899. It was first performed in public in the Johnsons’ hometown of Jacksonville, Florida as part of a celebration of Lincoln’s Birthday on February 12, 1900 by a choir of 500 schoolchildren at the segregated Stanton School, where James Weldon Johnson was principal." It should really piss off #BlackLivesMatter #Usefulidiots when they listen to the patriotic lyrics that praise God.

Imani M

If I had any faith in humanity, it's all gone after reading the top comments here. Did a Black person even ask for this anthem to be sung at the games? Or was it just a white person's decision? I bet the people opposing Lift Every Voice And Sing, which contains no words at all that are racist, already know that the 3rd verse of the Star Spangled Banner is racist and refers to Black people as slaves. It's If you didn't know, now you know. Sure, it's okay for the Star Spangled Banner to be sung and Black people should accept that it's racist and not say anything about it. As long as we submit, it's okay.


Got a 3 game suspension today at my baseball game for kneeling during this to protest that Americans should all be united under one national anthem. I find this being called the black national anthem extremely racist. We get called out for being racist but then they pull out this... SMH

Talon M

When do we play the Asian national anthem? Do we play a native American national anthem?

Micah Mielke

There's only one national anthem and its called the Star Spangled Banner

Wobble McDonald

I usually don't start watching the game till kickoff so its whatever


Song is bullshit

Owen Marshalek

This is ridiculous

kurt tint

no place at athletic events, i'll boycott sports if there has to be two anthems

Brayden Cole

Sorry wrong national anthem here you go: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N_lCmBvYMRs


I don't care if I'm called racist or not, I'm not saluting to a song in which my father, whose a veteran, have not fought for.

Adam Davys

How do liberals and leftists like that this anthem is overtly christian. I'm not a fan of two anthems but I'm all for praising God on national TV haha!

abraham nores

I'm pretty sure this song was written for Abe Lincoln, a white man. But F it let's burn his statue then honor him at games ???

Corey mowery

Never stand for this anthem. The only anthem that should be played is the AMERICAN national anthem. Not black.

freedom isn't free 20

This song is racist... Should be banned

von whitsett

3 minutes and 30 second national anthem....so while singing let's end racism!


reverse racism does not exist. Black lives matter (& ACAB. fuck every cop who ever did his job)

Dante Zonzo

This song fukn sucks

Æ SwaZe

I will kneel to this as a black man. This does nothing but divide us

Methuselah 996

The first letter to finish a word: N


This has nothing to do with America why is this the “black national anthem


This comment section reeks of lack of research. Firstly, no one is defacing Lincoln statues. A quick google search will prove this. Secondly, this song wasn’t sung FOR Abraham Lincoln it was just sung at his birthday but the song was for black people. Thirdly, this song isn’t glorifying slavery, it talking about liberation FROM slavery. Listen to the words with wisdom.

Corey Gray

Yeah, let’s bring everyone together by playing two different songs that divide us

John Carapinha

Bye-bye, NFL ?. It was nice having you around all those years past....

Madison Miranda

Segregation at its finest..Trump 2020

Felix Serin


Allison McDaniel

can't wait to kneel to this

Jerry Ellison


Jacob yarbrough

I listened to it cause I heard the NFL is playing this song. It ridiculous because the American national anthem represents everyone.

Maxime Veilleux

The ashkenazis must be laughing their ass off.

Josh Williamson

The fact that there is a national anthem made for African Americans is taking a massive step back towards segregation in the 50s. The Star Spangled Banner is for all. We don’t need this bullshit

titts mcgee

I’m kneeling to this anthem

Sam Martinez

Beautiful lyrics for a Christian. Not this BLM trash. I will not stand when they play this anthem


I wouldn't mind if this became our new anthem overall.

kurt tint

tell me why Target stores sell Black Only greeting cards. I don't see Asian, Mexican etc specialty cards

Joseph Girone

The Israelite's have the TORA and the world as a whole has the BIBLE. The BIBLE was compiled, argued over and agreed upon in the 9th century A.D.. It was NOT put together and compiled for the Israelites. This is why history is so important. It is there for us to learn from so we can make a better tomorrow. It is not meant for the ignorant to abuse and repeat in order to keep others under their thumbs.

Crazy Edd

Waiting for the Latino National Anthem...

noah madison

I like it and i dont. If you are born in America you become a native of America. Not a direct blood line if the original natives. And i dont like the name either. If you want people to listen to give it a chance that are closed minded instead of naming it “black national anthem” it should be something along the lines if the new generations anthem. I feel like then it would get more attention and more people would give it a chance. I also feel like the verses that refer to slavery be taken out. Not to ignore slavery but if you stop talking about racism it will eventually fade away. If you fight it aggressively then it will cause racist to fight the same way. And will cause them to preach about their beliefs. I also think that it should be shorter so it will be easier to remember. If its easy to remember then the less likely itll fade away.

Dani C

I wish you all were as heated over innocent black people being murdered each and every day simply for being another skin color as you all are over this being labeled as a “Black national anthem”

Ray Powell

OK this history but its garbage what does this have to do for all people in AMERICA sorry this dumb


This comment section is a warzone

Will Fuller

What kind of black power and black panther shit is this?

NostalgiaKarl K.F.

LOL I love how the channel is only hearting the comments which are sympathetic to BLM.

crusader boi

the national them for the us is meant for black white asian Mexican its suppose to be a symbol of unity and its a good song made by a good man but when you change it i will be kneeling for it this shows division and not unity

JP Beauregard

Seems pretty idolatrous for BLM to turn a beautiful Christian song into a Marxist anthem

Homerun125 72

If this is in public I'm kneeling

Michael Garbush

this is the most racist bullshit I've ever heard of... we have one national anthem.. when was this piece of trash voted in as our national anthem? this is the exact kind of crap that keeps we the people from being just that.. More racism to keep the people separate while the 2 party system we are forced to stomach rapes our country....A.L.M.


“Lest our feet stray from the places, our God, where we met thee;

Lest our hearts drunk with the wine of the world, we forget thee;

Shadowed beneath thy hand
May we forever stand.
True to our God, True to our native land.”

We sing this in church at least once a year. It’s not a national anthem, but all the folks in this nation who have rejected God and hate America need to hear these words. James Weldon Johnson (the author) was a patriot.

Walter Palmer

Let it ring aloud to an empty stadium.
Hopefully people keep their money in their pockets, stay at home, enjoy family.
Overpaid multi-millionaire ingrates.

mike lan

I like Abraham Lincoln but just because it was actualy written for him doesnt mean Im still going to like it .its boring and makes me want to plug my ears it bores me

Scott Kinderdine

Just info: This hymn was written for President Lincoln.

Landon Nettles

This is stupid they make the national anthem as its for only for white people, no it’s for all as it say in the song

D Lam

Creating a seperate national anthem is the opposite of what we need. more unity less devision. not a song to remind black people how pityful they are instead, celebrate how far they have come

only when black people considar thenselves ''Americans who happen to be black'' will things get better

Richard Lionheart



lmao, since when?

Deanna Cyr

It sounds like to me it was written for the children of Israel about their exit from Egypt to the promise land.

Ryan 14R

This was for Abraham Lincoln not for blacks. Disrespects the writer and Abraham Lincoln

Humble Dallas Fan

I’m all in for BLM, but this sounds like a song one would play at the church. Play the anthem and let the players kneel. I would not be surprised if fans kneeled or booed.

Timothy Bess

Take the lyrics and message out of this for a second. 6/8 is a goofy time signature for a national anthem and the melody has more awkward pauses and delayed vocals than The Star Spangled Banner. I'll give it a point for spanning a smaller vocal range, and thus, would be theoretically easier to sing. But at an objectively musical standpoint, this particular song is vastly inferior to the existing American national anthem. You can debate the message/culture/meaning all you like, but this is simply a worse song. We'd be better off picking a Jackson 5 tune.

Spencer Henry

Where’s the white national anthem... or the Asian national anthem. How about the trans-bisexual-female-Latinx national anthem? Are those gonna be played too? Ohhh we just have ONE national anthem that stands for all. Okay. That works.



Kristen White

Is anyone at the game- including the players- going to know the song and sing along? Do u kneel for it to show oppression?


I hate 94% of black people. It's not about being the best at the job. It's about being black

Jonny Wolbert

The bad guys always have a really cool theme

A Great Day in Hollywood | BTS "Lift Every Voice" | Netflix

A Great Day in Hollywood | BTS "Lift Every Voice" | Netflix25 Jun. 2018
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A Great Day in Hollywood

A Great Day in Hollywood is inspired by “A Great Day in Harlem” - A moment that captured the spirit of New York City, the center of the jazz world, in 1958 at a time that was considered the “golden age of jazz.”

Netflix is bringing that feeling back with a Great Day in Hollywood, representing a moment in time within Hollywood where Black people are getting more opportunities across the industry.

A true coming out celebration.

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A Great Day in Hollywood | BTS "Lift Every Voice" | Netflix


Comments (70)
luther Nelson


Colt Fn

Netflix can you please add more episode of sun and moon on Netflix from Pokémon

Surah Online

I LOVE how Justine is chillin' over there on the stairs by herself lol ❤️

Brooke Price

4th comment!!! Yayyeee

Cat named Bitches

No offense but as a Hispanic I want to see Asian leads. No one can do kung fu, anime, .....I LOVE ASIANS !!!

Timoria Weaks

I like how everyone on key yaaas kings and queens ✊?????

Akilah York

When will there be a season two of on my block

Libby Raymond



Beautiful y'all?


is that kano? lmao

Lilo Rolland

@0:51 Bushmaster with the BRDDAAA BRDDAA BRDDAA hahaha

Кларк Кент

Go to Africa.


lol heap of black actors and black crew members... all stil with a White guy telling what to do with the big speaker

Call Me Miwk

Make stranger things season three

TJ Johnson



Where BTS?

Erica Bonnee'


Yaco Aroha

anyone else thought this was about bangtan?



witch, please

I love my people ✊?✊?✊?


Porque en el título dice bts

The King

Oh please. Texas has it better.


I am here before the butt hurt white comments complaining "how come we can't sing a song" come out.

LF Drumming

The only one I actually watch there is Luke Cage. I don’t even watch much TV to be honest lol.

Jasmine Bester

When we stick together I swear we make magic


I thought this was Luke Cage

Lady Zombie



Why are we so beautiful???????


Why are there no white people or asian people!?!?!?!?!
Where is the diversity!?!?!?!

Ocatave J

The get down!

Mr Selfserve

I saw BTS and thought K-pop boy was I wrong

Will Taylor

I thought this was a new song by the Korean group BTS haha


See the top 5 best series on my channel

Oh no You better don’t

I love it

Lauren Pierce

Ahhh I learned this song for choir. I love it

Salka Snæbrá

This is so beautiful :')


This is based on the 1958 photo "Great Day in Harlem" featuring prominent jazz musicians of the time. It has the same type of background, positions of the people, and everything!


Some great singing but I don't see any White, Asian, or anything else really. Where is this diversity we keep hearing, if not screaming, about in Hollywood. Is it just case by case?

Caffeine Red Squirrel

Here we were, a peaceful comment section, we flourished for a time, but then came the others, the ones that don't understand that its ok to celebrate African Americans, the ones that scream for more white people, the ones that label everything cucked SJW propaganda.

Seyvon Genie

I love my people!


Wait it is the set of Luke Cage




My mom said they use to send this song in school. It's the Black national anthem.

Kill Kloudy

Can you please put family guy back on netflix


The clap at 00:45 with the women who are still not done singing has to be the blackest thing ever. It's like in black churches when the choir won't get the hint that it's time to stop now. ??


now do this with asian actors ! oh! they cannot find anyone :D


Ommmg Joannaa from 3% is soooooooo gorgeous


Need this in the Trump era

James Gonzalez

This is racist.


I’d me with Kano... ain’t know any words ?

The Zeque

I don't know why but i just love this type of music.

Sammy Lane

I know you guys may or may not get the licence (s) to stream these movies I am requesting but I must request these pop culture classics of SALEMS LOT (1979 ) , G.I. JOE THE ANIMATED MOVIE ( 1987 ) and THE THUNDERCATS (1980's or early 2000's is fine by me ) .

James Gonzalez



When I saw the thumbnail I immediately thought of sesame street xD just without puppets

all white = not diverse
half white half black = kinda diverse
all black = thats what we're talking about! super diverse
asians = who gives a fuck

Stanley Stewart

YASSSSS I love this! i wanna know who started it off, lol. Also kinda (okay, very) sad that everyone doesn't know the words - especially the younger ones.

Laurent Aimée

i'm comin' for caleb?

Gautami Peddinti


Flawess Grace

I kinda wish they did this for all people of color because all people of color need attention in tv shows and films. But thank you Netflix doing this????

Mikey arias.

En el título dice bts :V

ann alves



maaaaaaaaaaan I love black people. aint nothin but that melanin love

Clayton Griffith

This is so sweet

anthony whitehead

oh yea.love this.is a good time coming all 2gether as 1moment 4the black Netflix family.love this.


Netflix you need to stop acting as if shows with black leads are this brand new and wonderful thing. They're not! They've been around for decades.

Breyonna Nope

This means SO much.

Libby Raymond

I love you netflix!


Hella black people ???


Yes this song. Bless them all.