Guy thighs

My Tattoo Experience | Thick Guy Thighs | Justin Hill

My Tattoo Experience | Thick Guy Thighs | Justin Hill31 May. 2016
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I'm a fan of tattoos - are

I'm a fan of tattoos - are you? See me get my latest on my thigh! LET'S BE FRIENDS https://www.instagram.com/jus_hill



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Love the tatt! Love the detail & shading.

zuzanna bochenska

I’m getting a thigh tattoo on my thigh on the 16th I’m scared!!! Yours is cute tho!


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We'll show you how to

We'll show you how to make the best chicken dinner with this healthy (and KETO?) one pan recipe.

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Comments (100)
Doremi Fasolatido

Oh...please don't do that again. It's bad enough that pseudo-science crap is so popular. Don't encourage them.

Thea DesertMinx Read

I betcha a silicone garlic peeling tube would work on those shitty little red onions. Prolly work on shallots and pearl onions, too.

Martin Nguyen

Sam should be on America’s Got Talent with that Gordon Ramsay impression
PS: ‘oh look it & oh the SMELLL’ needs to be shirts

Danny MacDougall

It is in the oven.

Brian Fischer

Atkins died when he fell and hit his head on an icy New York sidewalk.

Baked Chef

Did this tonight on the grill! My vegetables were broccoli and cauliflower with fresh parmesan and Romano. DELICIOUS!

What the crux

It's not about the onions you peel, it's about the friends you make along the way.

Perry Malcolm

My sister is on this effing diet. No carrots or potatoes. Nothing grown under the ground or white. Tomatoes are high in sugar.

Stephen Laing

Not to be a prick but why do you need a garlic press when Sam the Cooking Guy knife is available? I love your knife ?

Timothy Elliott

Man you are the shit!!!!! I watched you’re history and I would have never thought that. Here’s to following your dreams. Feed Sam more!


Where can I find this recipe



Carrie A.

Where is my piece i deserve it i watch all ur ?..☺☺

Carolyn Vanderhoof

I freaking love this show

Michael Lancia

Carrots are a below ground veggie. They are to high in carbs and sugar and will kick a person out of ketosis

Candido B

Atkins is NOT Keto - Dr. Berg - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yXHdHJIrx0I

Guy Actual

Lol, He actually didn't die of his own diet. Very common rumor that was spread. He actually slipped on some ice that had built up on the stairs of his home, Slipped and cracked his head at the base of the skull... But, its more humorous to think he exploded like Violet Beauregarde in Willy Wonka!

Mad Craic

Thank you for the idea. Just did it similar and me and the missus enjoyed very much!

Brandon Rojas

What are people's thoughts on garlic paste and when its best to use it?

Donald Boyle

hint hint you can take the skins off the little ones the same way you take the skin off tomatoes. put an "x" in one part of the skin and drop in simmering water for 30 seconds. then they pop right out of the skin


he was a cardiologist

Jeff McEachern

Great work Sam! Love it.
I did have to start over half through however, as I assumed Tossing Liquid was hand cream....big mistake.

TJ Rohyans

I need that baking sheet! My old, wimpy cookie sheets are warped. I looked at your Amazon link, but the one shown looks smaller than the one you use in the video. A little help please.

Alix Fry

I want to be your cooking assistant!!


Love you long thyme

Jake B

For once you can indulge in your creation without feeling like a fat piece of shit lol

Matthew Burruss

I've always made a baked chicken like this in a pan of veggies.
Usually I would just throw some frozen shit in there and call it good. But today I thought to myself, "ya know what, let's go fresh and put some effort into this." Got my whiskey, opened up YouTube and typed in "baked chicken" you're the first channel to pop up, I click it.
Man did YouTube steer me right. You gave me so many ideas, and I think this is going to come out great.
I didn't have the same v3ggies you did, I used white onion (a big boi) some giant orange carrot that I decided to slice, red and green bell peppers, sliced. And chicken breasts instead of thighs. But I did use the same dressing sauce lol Can't wait to see how this comes out.

Branden Barron

You’re the Gordon Ramsey of the working class! Minus the British arrogance and plus some humor. Thank you for being REAL!

john cajka

how about salad dressing???!

Harmony Kenney, CNC, CHC

I know you’re no Keto-guru Sam, but to clarify... Keto is typically very low carb and around 70% of your calories come from fat. While this recipe could be adapted to a Keto approved recipe, what you have my friend is a fantastic and perfectly Paleo recipe. ? Looks delish!

James Stukowski

You should have done both onions..small ones and chopped the big one..duh!


I usually don't have the patients to watch longer cooking videos, but I have to say you are an exception! You are so funny and entertaining to watch???You and your son Max make a great team!!! ??❤


The one that started it all.... #tossingliquid

Rick Hubbard

Made this tonight Sam! Thanks it was great. Love the Keto stuff once and a while.

Jeremy Bowling

Beautiful!....let the youngster prep more.you guys are dope as fuck.?

Greg Pezzullo

Great, but carrots are not on the Keto list, too many carbs.

Jim Anness

I wanted to eat the salad even before you cooked them!!! Mmmmm can’t wait to cook this.


I vote for an episode of Max cooking in front of the camera doing his best Sam impression

Mike Ramsay

As Bugs Bunny calls it, "Ass-per-a (long 'a')-gus.

sharon Steward

Just made this for dinner, it was bloody delicious, thank you Sam...??

Bob Pinley

He is basically a human version of Remy from ratatouille

micky mcfarts

Dont waist your time peeling those little fuckers. Cook the shit out of them and squeeze them out of their wrappers

It's just Me

Lmaoo I love your reaction at 22:15

Danny MacDougall

The "Tossing Liquid" was awesome. That stuff could coat a lot of different things. ?

Brandon Douglas

This was a swing and a miss for us at our household.

ray toler

Why doesn't Sam use lemon or lime press similar to the garlic press?


Love your channel Sam!!!!! Great job filming Max!! I need a big ass pan! Lolo

john cajka

hey max how to boil water was a food network show at the beginning of the network

Tal Moore

Tossing liquid means something different when I'm sitting alone at the computer.


Thanks for amazing ideas! We found this to be an excellent way to prepare a head of time ... the smelllsss...and leave it for our elderly friends to simply put in the oven. They swear the super nutrition helped lift them from recent sickness. We love your videos, Richie & Jodi V.

Worth Doss

Sam you and your loved ones deserve all the good things in life you are a national treasure.

Lisa Spikes

Actually, the carrots aren’t really keto. They have a lot of sugar in them, but whatever. It still looks great!

Timothy Elliott

I cook more because of you and I considered myself a good cook but spin on food is shay I say tasty! From Houston make America taste great again!


I made this for dinner last night and it was delicious! My husband loved it! Thanks for sharing!

Vanessa Esteves

You're funny!!!'

cherie clark

"Everybody gets tossed." I'm howling!!!!


wrong on adkins. he died of a head wound from a slip on ice. he got over 60000 people off diabetes.

Corby Carter

Just made this. It's excellent - I just added it to my regular dinner rotation. Bonus: leftovers!!!


what happened to Atkins? diet musta killed him.....ROFLMFAO ha ha, you kill me..

Alec Garmoe

Made this tonight. Its worth it for the chicken alone. The TOSSING LIQUID is pretty damn tasty even though I accidentally over did it on the olive oil.

Tyler Watson

This guy is so canadian ?

Omar Ortiz

Is this recipe on the website?


This looks so good.


"I think the audience knows how to boil water, Max." Ouch!

Josh Nabours

For those that haven't seen Adam Ragusa's video and are not in the know "Keto" or ketosis diet is a diet originally created to decrease the frequency of seizures in children. It is an extreme type of diet that requires you eat less than 30 to 50 grams of carbs total in a day. The exact amount varies a little from person to person but it is under 50g. No sugar, no potatoes, no bread in general. Too many vegetables will make the diet moot. Veggies do have carbs after all. The medical keto diet puts your body in a state called ketosis that causes your body to break down fats into "keytones" for fuel instead of carbohydrates like it normally would. Since it takes 4 to 7 days to fully get your body to run on keytones and 1 meal to get it back to running on carbs, cheat days are not allowed as they make the diet moot too. I have no idea what relation the keto diet fad has with the medical ketosis diet though.


Gordon Ramsey imitation spot on! ???

kerry larouche-kuncho

Great recipe as usual from you...unfortunately it's not keto. Atkins and Keto are not similar at all. Atkins is high fat, and Keto is lean proteins. There's more to it, but the chicken skin, carrots, and tomatoes are a no no.

Vanessa Peet

Making this over the week!
Update: Made it, ate it and loved it!!!

Derek Adams-White

Are those bowls meant to be used for food prep? I have one that says don’t use for food prep. I use as a fruit bowl only. Yours may be different.


restraint is the word you are looking for at the end of video and is more a more elegant vocabulary over "self control" IMO


Self control=constraint. Just wondering, do you put mustard and garlic on your pancakes? Cornflakes? Cheerios? Coffee? How about not always doing things the same way?


Just made this with chicken tenderloin instead of thighs, and it's out of this world (had to leave in oven about an hour - smidge more than recommended 45 min)! Do MORE healthy recipes please, Sam!

Lisa Spikes

The Atkins guy actually slipped and fell. That’s what killed him. Not the diet, sorry to inform you.


Here just for the tiny red onions.


looks good!!

John Butler

Well you must be in la that must have been the money shot huh

Robert Angel

Atkins slipped on ice and hIt his head. Went into a coma and died. Do not spread FAKE NEWS!!!!!!!

Tyler Watson

Good video

Daph & Dill

11:30 Max is right shitty little small red onions 4sure ?


Robert Atkins died because he smashed his head on an icy sidewalk, developed a blood clot, had brain surgery to remove it, then went into a coma. The heart disease claim was because they found out he had cardiomyopathy after he died, which isn't related to diet.


You knew he was going to get busted on the onions.

Rod McKenzie

I don't think your reaction to the finished product was over the top because that looked amazing!


That’s what she said ???


Is there any written recipe of this?


I tried this out. It tastes great. It may defeat the keto thing, but putting this over rice is really good

Oscar Lopez

Tried listening to this while driving with my children...... Recipes are great, I've followed many of them...... How far will you go to KEEP IT REAL!

Kimmy Grant

“Doctor Sam Pak introduced me to a quantity of amazing analysis based on ancient eastern practices which has made the Asian world among the most healthy and longest lived parts of the globe,” Get more info here https://tinyurl.com/ya6wzm4v

Teresa Cornman Vergera

Oh my gosh! So good!

Biff Johnson

Maaaaan, I do LOVE carbs, but this looks amazing! The interesting thing is, YouTube doesn’t let you skip Joe Biden commercials. ?

Miklos Nagy

So simple yet so delicious and healthy....

Justin Swan

Atkins is high lean protein and low carbs ?


no green onions? REALLY?

steve g

You seem to be having a bit of trouble with seeds dropping into your creation.

An Easy way to Avoid this situation is using a Small Strainer that you squeeze the Lime or lemon through.

Blue Cord Soldier


Dewey Rayburn

In England or Australia, the term "tossing liquid" might mean something totally different. FYI

Andres Secaira

tossing liquid = ADERESO


would be nice to have a recipe written out in the description so we can copy/paste it into our notes.

kim conrod

I'm not keto but on a crazy diet for weight loss surgery and this looks fabulous

Kurt Kluge

Bouncing "Take off your pants and jacket."

P Cunningham

Adkins died of a head injury lol

Mome Boys - Thighs Like Mewtwo (Prod. ESKRY)

Mome Boys - Thighs Like Mewtwo (Prod. ESKRY)27 Jun. 2020
416 497
TraniumSubscribe 438 721

Official audio of Mome

Official audio of Mome Boys performing "Thighs Like Mewtwo"

Now available on Spotify & Apple Music

Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/track/4tgBJrChfuHFWE6G4NTObk?si=z4d3jK_2TISUEkLErTFk-g

Mome Boys:

Crispy - @Crispy Concords

Tranium - @Tranium

Hyper - @HyperNovaPuma

Edit by:


Prod by Eskry:


Comments (100)
Devin C.

I wish song will never end








Tmrw is the album releasing lets goooooooooo
Who just came here to check about it


Better than hole lotta red

Tj Scanlon

They really just put JuJu Smith-Schuster in this song... legends


Edited by sans

Mazda Miata

Ive never seen so many memes in 2 minutes

K1nG0fBl4d3s YT

Let’s not forget about backpack

The Moose

I have scoliosis :)

biggie boi

Dropping this while my family is saying goodbye to my corpse

Borat From Kazakhstan

How Is the Pp Size Off The Charts When He Picks Ur Mum hmmmm


Good taste.

Borat From Kazakhstan

If tranium is the second verse he sounds like 21 savage ngl

Godof Nothing

The music is good is but I'm confused cause there is no relation between the lyrics. The lyrics are just completely random. It's just has a good beat and rhythm. But in terms of lyrics/meaning doesn't make sense at all.


i use to think mewtwo was hot

Chris Perry

This shit is bomb asf



Noah Ervin

Fire man

Chase Cecil

"how many bitches you got on your youtube and you ain't even got your own youtoos" that's a hard hit


why the hell does this song go so hard???? low key goated

Toxic Gaming101

1.25x OMG


This reminds me of joji and nick colleti in a song together lol

Jackson Acosta



They went from making bo3 clips to making hard meme music


Tomorrow is November 13th NEW ALBUM

Nojux Bruh

bruh make it 10 hours long

Fake FilthyFrank


Michael j Breen

Oh i am so a new subscriber keep the pokemon bars coming i got a song called pikachu coming yall are so fire?????????????

Mewtwo 150

Idk why i love mewtwo and this song u can see it on my name and profile xddddd

Solid Snake

The begging so hard




Gonna tell my kids this was Sicko Mode


who got 21 savage on this?

Sylar Gray

This is the worst shit my ears have ever heard.

Jade Noelle

Ok ok ok ok ok


1:51 make me laugh so hard idk why


when he said “sippin on fruit juice” I felt that ?


anyone here after the album dropped??

fuck boy shit

Drinking to this tunes... bruh this blows us hard than hoes...

Solid Snake

"Ewww" best quote

Trikz_mix Gaming

Who dont like Pokemon/Mewtwo and shiny Mewtwo i forget WHO DONT LIKE THIS SONG

F e l i Xz

did the beat changed ?


low key a bbno$ song

1000 KD

Still listening to this banger

Yubi ?!?!

1:52 goes HARD

duck duck




Ecks Dee

This goes hard as shit

Christopher Bermudez

Anyone else think Tranium sounds like 21 Savage?

r a i n b o w

exigent missions:
a. Mewtwo diet & exercise
b. club better than Penpen
c. undie like Sans
d. best Thicc stat

Blane Cook

Im hungry


This song is fire ngl ?


Shoutout to my fbi agent- he watched it with me


Yo why the John Wilkes Booth then the beat slap so hard?


Happy 1 year anniversary

Devin C.

"Feeling like Soap my homie is Price"



These guys are like the new odd future


Tranium my dude this will be played at my birthday wedding and funeral. Its a piece of fucking art.❤❤❤


I need water

Cuz my ears caught on fire


Legit nobody:
Me: Imma flip my new balisong to this

Latex Breadmachine

based and boothpilled


why does this actually go hard

feeling like chris brown no abuse

Elijah Ussery


Taeshon Bowen

i dont care what anybody says this is the best song of the year


I wanna play this at my funeral


I like Sudas part

Crispy Chez

this vid hit harder than the sprite cranberry ad, damn.

Murlok edits

Can’t wait for this to be on Spotify

this is kinda epic

love this shit lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

Laura Baatz

This song makes me want to ride my helmet without a bike

Gon Freecss

Crispy: “Need a bitch who got thighs like mewtwo”

Kate: ?

Oga_cooper Gang


Sweet tea with the Hamilton's

Dis is sick


is there a creation video for this one like there was for some of the others? I would love to hear it.


21 savage vibes lol

Noah Martens

Crispy- flow
Tranium- voice
Hyper- lyrics




Im here for anyone with thighs like mewtwo... if you are, DM me

Material Man

Pure fire

PokéDubby ᑌ

Like number 18.000 and your welcome


Ngl that beat was ????????

jacob spreadborough

Good album but why what did you make it like this most raps or songs have some sort message what is this raps message?

Riley Day

Tranium sounds like 21 Savage here.

Built Diffirent


fearless 223s

It sounds like 21 at 40


Damn this straight fire

War Hiros

It’s not good and that’s why it’s great

Damon kowalewski

0:15 the song starts

EthanY3K Gaming

I won't be complaining if mome boys be playing on the Bluetooth


Pp go hardddddd


Not even like in a joking way, this shit slaps really hard


My favorite part “I’m takin my shot like John————————— Wilksbooth

Eren Jaeger

This goes Hard ?. This is one hell of a beat ?


Is this song copyrighted


Mome Boys - Thighs Like Mewtwo
Available on Spotify & Apple Music
Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/album/5WHLQGtSFyEAFfiYuS6gni?highlight=spotify:track:4tgBJrChfuHFWE6G4NTObk

Adrian Blair

When he said "thighs like mewtwo" I felt that

zack ownsyou


Anonymous Kids

F all the haters, this fire