Mike tyson vs ali

Muhammad Ali vs Mike Tyson The Breakdown

Muhammad Ali vs Mike Tyson The Breakdown21 Mar. 2018
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Rainy Day Boxing breaks

Rainy Day Boxing breaks down the dream fight. Muhammad Ali vs Mike Tyson. Think you're sure you know who wins, maybe this video can change your mind.

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Ali Khan

Both are great boxer ✌ but Muhammad Ali he was a king ... Ali was a teacher and Mike he is a student the great Muhammad Ali ?

Shaun Taylor

Jab jab jab, hold hold hold, Ali wins on points.


Tyson is not a brawler. At least not at his prime. Also, all of Tyson's KO's weren't because he couldn't take his opponent's power shots. It was because he was completely exhausted.

tuan izzah

Tyson = jiren limit breaker
Ali = goku master ultra instinct

Ven Geance

Tyson is not a "brawler". Idiot. He was and is a brilliant tactician. He is a boxer in the truest sense, with a name time cannot diminish.


foreman wins tyson for sure

Rampant Colt

Tyson is my goat ? because I’m born in 84.

Torin Owens

Ali! Ali! Ali! THE GREATEST TO EVER DO IT!!!! 1love

Peter o' Farrell

I couldn't say which would win because I love both of them


Why are we comparing Ali to Tyson it should be ALI and Larry Holmes, Holyfield,Lennox or Joe Louis not Tyson,to me Mike Tyson was an average.

ahmed mohmed

anyone know the name of the jazz track beginning @4:50 PLZ??


Ali would have took him to later rounds and killed him but Tyson would have probably scored some good shots in the early rounds

dude 00

I will never choose one I hold them on the same pedastool


Sorry but if you call Tyson a brawler you know nothing about boxing

Life Lessons


Sonny Fales

Even "if" these two were both alive and available...Mike would never fight with M.Ali because he feels that it would be the ultimate in disrespect to Ali..the true Master of Boxing!

Bobby Hulll

mental edge goes to Ali ..Power goes to Tyson, legs goes to ALI..Chin goes to Ali .Stamina Ali intangibles goes to ALI...since Ai was never knocked out I say Ali wins , because Tyson isn't going to win on points Tyson has more than a punchers chance ..but that's about it

Boxing Science

And here: /watch?v=jekcOMgUTSI - you can see real boxing simulation - computer A.I. simulation fight Muhammad Ali (prime) vs Larry Holmes (prime). Soon, there will be fight Mike Tyson vs Andrew Golota (prime) too. Enjoy!

syed aqib

I am the biggest fan of mike tyson but i feel really bad that ali would win against mike tyson but still i love mike tyson

Bad Brothers

This wouldnt even be a fight.only casuals that thinks it would be even.
Ali has by far the best heawyresume of everyone,the rest arent even close.and he is a alltime great.

Tyson has not a good resume,period,hes not even a alltime great.

Tillis(27 losses) was a pale Ali copy,he took Tyson 10 and 2 judges gave Tillis 4 rounds,there are people who thinks Tilli won that fight(im not one of them)Tillis wasnt nearby Ali in skills,chin,stamina nothing..this was in 86 so in Tysons so called prime,but when i write this there will prolly be any Tysonfanboy that claims that hes prime started 1 or 2 matches later,they say all kinds of bs just so the legendary "prime" of Tyson will fit their delusional dreams.

IF you are among thoose who thinks Tyson would have had a chance against Ali,watch the Tillis fight and then put in a prime Ali instead of Tillis,and then comeback here and say Tyson
would have won against Ali...

If you still thinks Tyson would have had any chance against Ali,youre just a complete blind fanboy that refuses to believe what your own eyes see.

Jimmy Jackson

Iron mike all day he was to much to handle.

Terrence PERKINS

Prime 4 prime love ali Tyson

blesed Asiamah

Good morning everyone else is going well for me to do with a new job

Ron Park

Ali was mike tysons idle.... mike only calls one other person "champ" and thats muhammid ali


Are people saying Muhammad Ali would win because he’s the face of boxing and boxing’s biggest legend? Or because he actually posses the skills to beat Tyson?


Anybody know the beat playing in the beginning?

Kris Lawrence

Ali is not a boxer,he is boxing
Tyson is not a brawler,his a killer

Ro D. rigo

It seems to me that Roy Jones Junior style it’s somewhat similar to Ali...?


No one has ever seen either man at their peak. Ali was stripped of his title and not allowed to fight for almost 4 years during his peak. Tyson was in prison during his peak years. When Ali met Frazier during their first meeting, Frazier was at his peak and Ali was already beginning to slide downhill slowly. The greatest testament to Ali's talents was the fact that he continued to be the dominant presence and won championships in the heavyweight division throughout the 70's, when in fact his prime was in the 60's.


When my man said “after viruses like Don King and Robin Givens...” I hit the floor ???

Atlantis Usa

Ali only ali

Suraj Pancholi

"His one powerful punch...i died....if he could catch me
‐ muhammad ali

Emin Ekiz

Muhammad Ali 78%

Barristan Bold

Tyson in his heydays was a beast not to be reckoned with. However, an aging Tyson adapted several forms of Frazier’s fighting style to blend with his own power punching identity. If this was prior and less experienced Tyson he would just throw combination punches and not have a plan B if the opponent successfully dodge a variety of them. Muhammad Ali had great speed, mainly his footwork. In terms of punching prowess and raw pressure power punching advantage I got to give it to Tyson. Ali has the reach, chin, and overall speed margin by a slight margin. However, if Tyson could pinpoint Ali before round 7 he might have a shit of dropping Ali. But Ali had a heart of a lion and would tire out Tyson before he even figured it out. In a hypothetical scenario, if they got into a boxing fight, Ali would first taunt Tyson psychological before throwing a few iron jabs afterwards. Any way, I suppose if this fight was real Ali (1960s) would drop Tyson ( post Amato training ) somewhere between 8-11 rounds. It could go any way though. I’m just saying. Tyson would bulldoze Ali if he could trap him in a corner. Another scenario that may occur, is if the end goes to a decision. If that those indeed happen, I see Ali winning 2/3. Tyson prefers to knockout somebody down as soon as they meet, though Tyson could knock Ali down 3,4 times maybe. Overall, Ali wins the majority either by decision or timing knockouts, but Tyson would do more damage to Ali than Ali could do to Tyson.

Angel Jaurides

We never saw this fight happen because god decided the world wasn’t ready to witness the shear destruction of 2 Demi Gods

97 Iron

I think they are the faces of Boxing. Nobody like them. Quote from Tyson: "Ali is the best. He was a fucking animal." Ali quote: "George don't do it. Tyson hits so hard and he's so fast."


Mike Tyson was a tree trunk

abdalla pro

10:05 he is to ugly to be a world champ a world champ should be pretty like me ??

Sandis Kļaviņš

this is disrescpect to muhamad and tyson like mike would never ever in the history of the hole world with muhamad he is like his kid muhamad to tyson is idle like this is disrescpect

mj jordan

Ali win fastest and very clever boxer..


To the people giving hate about calling mike a brawler,mike went in there to kill,yes he did have amazing skills and talent but he used those skills to just shred through his opponents,which is why I don’t have a problem with him calling mike a brawler

omer faruk Harmanci

??Biri elma biri armut benzer yanları ikisininde boksör olması ve muhteşem olmaları ikiside kral ? ???

khalil sb

Ali had alot of trouble against frazier, so i vote for tyson.

Bruce Scott

Aside from Holmes, Spinks, Holyfield and Lewis, the rest of Tyson's opponents weren't even inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame. They were also journeymen and tomato cans.

Mark Barrett

Ali would mix him up, slow him down and finish him..!!

Howard Harvey

Both are great, but have to give the edge to Ali in his prime. They were in better shape back then. The Thrilla in Manila and the fight with Foreman was outside in 100 degree weather going 15 rounds. Tyson fought in AC, 12 rounds.


Both fighters were too good, they had to be restrained by something.

The Chad

Tyson would crush Ali..facts.

Suraj Pancholi

"His one powerful punch...i died....if he could catch me
‐ muhammad ali


Mike Tyson is not a brawler. He's indeed a boxer with brawler intentions.

Бай Хой

Casuals seem to forget that Tyson was one of the most technically sound and skilled boxers of all time with superb defense, insane power and acurate punches thrown with perfect form. Textbook movement. He's not some brawler. He's just a small heavyweight with a short prime. If he was a cruiserweight he'd have a body count


What a shitty question.....Definitely Mike iron Tyson would win in first or second round.. Lol

The Real McCoy

Tyson would tear Ali's butt up in his prime

Mukdad Fashfash EK20B 363KAGY

Mike Tyson : 50 Cal
Muhammed Ali : MG-42

Big Beanos

I would have to say ali in the fights against him and joe when Ali started to seem like his prime self again he started to have the upper hand in the fight but regardless the fight would be a hard one

Canadian for Trump

In my personal opinion, Ali in his prime could defeat any boxer in history. Mike Tyson had to be the fastest and most powerful puncher in boxing history but Ali had incredible speed and skill to neutralize Tyson. Most of the punches Tyson would throw would graze Ali or completely miss. It would be similar to the Ali/Frazier fights. Ali would have to be extremely careful against Tyson but I think the fight would go the distance with Ali winning.

Muhammad Ali

M Ali was not only a boxer but he was a great reformer ,who paved the way for the blacks

Steven S

Tyson fought bums ali didnt


the buster thing was crap anybody who seen tyson knows tyson wasnt ready so why say that flawed quote and joe didnt fight like tyson another flawed lie tyson fought like patterson

that was true ali jaw was like metal couldnt drop him at his best when he wanted to win




The thing i would like to say about the mike tyson vs buster Douglas is that if people think mike was in his prime in that fight, they are basically saying that buster douglas would of knocked out everyone a prime mike tyson shredded before he vsed buster douglas. The Ali and Tyson fight would be amazing but will never happen. Who would win, thats sorta tough, logic wise tyson has the advantage... He is just the bigger and more powerful joe frazier (but i dont know about the hooks, yikes joe fraizer's hook are scary)... but Ali is the greatest and i doubt he would go without a fight, im pretty sure he would have some sort of plan to beat mike, but i lowkey just feel like it is honestly would be about who is feeling better that day and who gets the first hit..

James guitar

When super computers reach the frightening level they likely will , some people will get one to assimilate the billions of bits of data needed for an actual answer . Young Ali v young Tyson . I believe the winner will be Ali

Swaley Baichoo

These two man had fought all the champions but nothing will remain in your hands for ever


Mike Tyson would have bit Muhammad ear's off before he new what hit him.

Sonny Fales

Folks...lets not forget Sir Roy Jones Jr. He is absolutely stunning action!!

Gold Tiger

Ali is perfection he beat the strongest opposition even post prime


What a lot of people don’t say is mike Tyson would knock people out so people that people would stop paying to watch him because the game was so fast, so people had to tell mike Tyson to not get the knockout so quickly that never happened to mahamed Ali

Smile Gecko

ill pick Ali anyways, even tho Tysons style could be uncomfortable for Ali, he still was a better tactician smarter much more calm thoughtful boxer then Tyson. i guess Ali could have figured it out

Saifal Nadeem

I love both. Both are legends!

Reuven B. Frank

Ali definitely would've caught him.
Even Mike himself said so.

Living Soul

Both were the Greatest ever! I believe Ali could beat Tyson with his speed and conditioning Butt I also believe that not even Ali could take the devastating power of Mike Tysons direct hits.

jan rambo

Ali best all time

Suraj Pancholi

"His one powerful punch...i died....if he could catch me
‐ muhammad ali

David Ralf

This isn’t so hard guys, either Tyson would give Ali problems because he’s smaller and explosive and catch him on the chin or Ali jabs his face all night and outboxes him in the later rounds but it’s not impossible that Tyson doesn’t win because he probably wouldn’t, his only chance is a knockout but if Ali boxes like he did against Frazier against the ropes he’d have trouble but if Ali danced and jabbed it’s easy tell me what you guys think ;) the people that Ali had trouble with all had big hooks and came from underneath slipping punches and Tyson’s weakness is a long boxer with longer reach


It’ll be a great fight, but common..it’s Ali..


Ali would frustrate the hell out of Tyson.

Lamelo ball plays like Pistol Pete Maravich

Muhammad Ali would lose in a match against Tyson in today's boxing world Muhammad Ali will also lose against George Foreman in today's boxing world if they was in Prime cause Ali wouldn't have no one to help him


They wouldn't fight each other. They're both such chill people

Terrence PERKINS

That hard 1

Herobox 1248

Tyson would have demolished Ali. Ali had a tough time with Frazier. Tyson is a stronger, faster more brutal version of Frazier.

Saed Mohamud

Prime Ali who we saw against Cleveland William would easily beat any heavyweight in any era with his skills, speed and boxing smart ... this includes Tyson who was power puncher then skilled boxer. Now older Ali after 3 years ban is not as unbeatable as young Ali, but I still think he would beat Tyson with his boxing smart & ability to take punishment. Old Ali fought some of the most powerful heavyweight punchers ever , so I don’t think Tyson would be that much different then Shaver & Foreman..,


Also it would be hard to get someone to fight Nike Tyson that’s how good he was that never happened to mahamed Ali


Muhammad Ali win

Ascendant King

Ali would win the fight before it even started. His mental trash talk would break tysons focus cuz mike would get emotional

gopal krishna aika

One thing for sure,,. It would go for the 16th round.

Bernard Liu

What an awful, awful voice !

Thug Style

Tyson aaaaal day....respect to Ali but lets get real hire...

Eric Jr

I’m loyal fan of both, but damn 8:41

big pp gamer

Ali would whoop tyson

Fery Arianto

Ali the best

jason moskowitz

Tyson backs up Ali for 3 rounds. Ali takes a few hard shots, maybe a knockdown but his dancing keeps him from serious harm. Tyson glasses out. Ali KOs him in the 5th.


I like how he mentions when mike lost to buster when that wasnt his prime


There is one vital element to Ali's arsenal is the mental game. He would not have shown ANY fear of Tyson. He would have publicly made fun of Mike's voice and the fact that Mike's mom was a prostitute. Would have fucked Mike's head all up. Make him so pissed off, there'd be no way he could execute a winning plan. He'd be crying and diving at Ali. I promise.

Aiden Lin

I think if cus damato and kevin rooney were by his side for an ALi fight, he might actually win.


Tyson wins by a unanimous decision


tyson defensive genius

Bob Bob

Some people forget that Ali was exiled for 3 years and fought Frazier a year later and it takes awhile to get used to training and fighting, if Ali never was exiled Ali would have won against Frazier, Tyson’s era of heavyweights wasn’t as talented as compared to Ali’s. Ali fought punchers who hit as hard as Tyson if not more such as Earnie Shavers, sonny Liston, Ron Lyle and big George foreman. Tyson sometimes looks better than he is because he mostly fought non-talented heavyweights. Tyson had a 5 or 6 losses and 5 of them were by TKO and KO Ali only had one TKO lost which was at the very very end of his career when he was already severely effected by Parkinson’s

Eric The Great

Close but I gotta go with Ali

eugene mcloughlin

Ali beat the best opponents in his day,, Tyson lost when he faced the fights that really mattered,, holyfield, lewis,

Johno Hill

@UCtW4elh96pdPaqEKsri41Pg :::: This is how I see it! - Both in their prime (22 to 25 years of age before being outcasts from boxing) - Both have great speed and skill - Between these two great fighters, one could adapt to suit his opponent and one had one style only - The fighter who was able to adapt has the advantage and wins the boxing bout - The name of the fighter who was able to adapt to his opponents is Muhammad Ali.... This is my educated, objective opinion.... Kind Regards .... John ....

Top 10 Muhammad Ali Best Knockouts HD

Top 10 Muhammad Ali Best Knockouts HD9 Nov. 2014
44 454 165




1 Ali vs Foreman

2 Ali vs Liston II

3 Ali vs London

4 Ali vs Bonavena

5 Ali vs Wepner

6 Ali vs Ellis

7 Ali vs Blin

8 Ali vs Folley

9 Ali vs Patterson

10 Ali vs Mildenberger

Comments (100)
Floyds high heels

This man was just sacred to go to war because he was rich

faris hafidzan

my grand father era : Mohammad ali
my father era : mike tyson
my era : ryan garcia


Michael Ruchti

ali knows, when the time is right ?

Tonsofbricks lavon

He beat everyone up and never threw a single body shot ?


Ali tha vinichi

dnlxshz. Offc

Faster than zenitsu

Keith Biggs

Ali was the greatest!

jerandjen s

Good (nowhere as great as some claim). But definitely a showman. Not a true man! True men aren’t draft dodgers.


It’s crazy how y’all think he would’ve won against mike

Quentin Grant

the people who dis liked are white

john wick

mike tyson 19 to 27 was more deadly than anyone . ,and ali only realy fought unknown bums germans and dutch ,tyson knocked the top people out in the world .

Josiah Caspersen

Everything is SO precise.....hits strikes connect like there is a magnetic charge between his hands and wherever he is targeting. He’s in SUCH great control....it’s like he knew his victory was predetermined.

He truly is one of the greatest figures in sports history.

And who does he remind me of? Israel Adesanya. But, adesanya isn’t making a Muhammad Ali impact. It leaves me wondering why.


Brian Sutherland would have beat Ali in his prime. He was so underated.



divya murali

Fly like a butterfly sting like a ?

Desiree' Price

The Greatest ✨

Rapcc ,

Does people still watch this in 2021?

Musa Jawad

Imagine if uncle Sam hadn't destroyed his prime years ?‍♂️

TKR Flickz

"float like a butterfly, sting like a bee"

Muhammad Ali ?

sabtien siddique

Floyd thinks he's better than this.

Hadi experience gaming

Wow i never see punch like that he so fast i cant even know where ia he gonna punch


4:45 ali being savage... But he's just so awesome and cool

Sebastian Rübesamen

The Greatest of all times!

Gary Stone


Evan Adams


Edwin Remo

My idol.

LLJ Daniel

Que cara bom

صفيا عبد الوهاب

Nyimak ! ...

joe jones

Without question, the Brian London fight was the best (5:00) This fight Ali showcased his phenomenal hand speed and proved that he was indeed the fastest heavyweight champion ever.

Kadir Can

i love muhammed ali and mike tyson.

zinou boudouani

“Don't cry because he died.” “Smile because he was born.”


My idol man????

Sirios Star

you peop,e that run these boxing channels need to know the difference between a Knock Out and a TKO . It's either click bait or pathetic ignorance .

Haji Mehmood Khan

He was the greatest Muslim and a great man and a great plyer of boxing.
Salaam to Muhammad Ali

Muhammed Nuh Savaner

0:1 song?



Aljay Piano

BELIEVE IN JESUS THAT HE WAS RAISE FROM THE DEAD AND NOW WITH GOD BELIEVE THAT HE IS OUR SAVIOUR HE IS THE WAY TO HAVE ETERNAL LIFE IN JOHN 3:16For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth on him should not perish, but have eternal life. ... For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life SO PLS REPENT GOD BLESS YOU ALL

Justin Humphrey


Harpo Jones

All great knockouts, but i I can't believe the Ali vs Cleveland Williams wasn't apart of this!!!?

Hachom Mohamed


Salmah K

الله يرحمك يا محمد علي

Malik Ant

He s the only who s not using his hands yo protect himself and wins one of the best i need trainer like him

Aegean GreyWolf

4:14 sooooo clean

GB To The GB

Lemme just start beef. Mike tyson smoking Mohammed Ali if they fought

Turk Umay Kick Boks

Muhammed Ali ❤❤❤

Nico Cua

Jesus Christ loves you so much!!!!

Shashi Dharan

How come Cleveland Williams knochouts are missing?

Quentin Grant

he was a goat

ali nasir

2:51 he beat him so bad he made him raise his hands like he won even though he got TKO'D the F out.

Włodek 1410

opponents looks like actors


Not Muhammad, its must be Muhammed


Anyone know the first song?


4:13 how did he dodge that?!!!

DaL Don

Number 3 ) real butterfly he didn’t let him breath

Unique Gaming

Imagine Get Punch By Mohammad Ali Without Boxing Gloves.



Why does it look like amateurs are fighting?

Mike Caffrey

Great fights, great commentary but sadly all ruined by some latter day would be DJ insisting on playing an annoying loop over the whole thing.

Djamel 91

allah yarahamo Mohamed ali légende

Sey Ab

8.8 k dislikes really ?


at 2:03 take a dive....

Bat Man

It doesn’t look hard because he was too fast!

wolvi wolvi

@ 2:28 the beats match the punch. ?


Most of his punches don't look damaging but when you look at him line up opponents, it's a rare showing. I think him being 6,3 260 ish had a lot to do with it.

Truben Studios

But there's a lot of shitty high school level boxers he was fighting there tho so there's that.

Just a sec

Came here after hearing Tyson saying he wouldn't beat Ali in their prime in a fantasy fight.

I dont agree with Tyson and dont believe that Tyson believes it too esp as he himself Tyson used to called himself the best ever.

Tyson would have destroyed Ali within 2 rounds at most. A force of nature that Ali wouldnt have been to stop with no amount of butterfly moving and bee stinging.

Joshua is right to say that Ali was a welterweight in modern day terms also 80s I think.
Tyson is just been respectful but not honest. But that's my view.


3:57 in the crowd you can tell how many people bet on the white dude


Me boxing- red eye Muhammad-destroyed careers

Kayra Uyar

The first guy that got knocked out can take punches tho

Billy stringer

Guess you could say this is his greatest hits

Mckessa King

Ali knocked out alot of guys but never George Chuvalo

Saiyan God

Why this shit look staged☠️☠️

Maik Eisener

Fu background music

nicolas.jessica.quentin.brume Henri

Aucun des boxeurs présents sur cette vidéo n'as l'étoffe de Myke Tyson ,aucun n'as sa puissance ni sa détermination et son endurance....

Sohail Shaikh

Although I'm a Muslim but I admire Clacius clay was indefinable King..

dom taylor

mike tyson would rip ali's head off both in there prime

Te ጤናአ ቲዩብ


Jeff Hendrix

Every couple years I get in that Ali phase and watch everything he ever did in his life

nicolas.jessica.quentin.brume Henri

On dirait que l'agressivité dans les combats augmente de générations en générations, les ko sont de plus en plus brutaux c'est un constat évident dans cette vidéo !!! Regardez les top 10 des ko de Tyson après cette vidéo la différence est frappante

maxter gate

Awesome...evrything i heard is true..u good no u great

a nice guy

Whoever agrees that he was a BUTTERFLY in the ring.

el chido


Mubashir Mahi

If you have Iron Mike's respect, you have mine. I don't really need to see you fight, I don't even know why I'm here.

armand tokro

Tu as été un grand. Et tout, à la loyale. Pas comme certains. Suivez mon Regard

Monn Henry Nicdao

Muhammad Ali Vs Mike that is going to be one of the greatest fight ever

Bhanu Pal

You know Muhammad Ali is a super duper ultra legend if Hanma Yujiro respects him.

Kentaro Burress

Fun fact: after that knock out George Foreman found a career where he could make grills and not get knocked out by Ali

Siarhei K

Muhammad Ali is the best boxer of all time !!!


His momma named him Clay. I am going to call him Clay.

didiclei vilas boas souza

Todos sabem que Ali se chama Kassio Cley . Muitos não sabem que meu nome foi uma montagem feita com o nome de meu pai e de Ali.
Meu pai chama-se Didimo
Meu pai pegou a duas primeiras sílabas de seu nome e somou ao segundo nome de kassio Cley .
Ficou Didi + Cley formou meu nome DIDICLEY

yes yes



Style is not good..


float like a butterfly
sting like a bee
the hand can't hit
what the eyes can't see

Rusty Man

Is it just me
I just came from top ten Tyson knockouts, there’s a slight difference. While Ali is graceful Tyson is brutal. Half of Ali’s fights were stopped cause the boxer refused to fight and that’s half of his top ten?? While I certainly think Ali was quick and accurate Tyson is on a different planet with power ending all.

Louie Fernandez

Muhammad Ali..GOAT!!!!


Cassius Clay

Инна Довгуник


Ben Wiley

That fight vs London I bet he shit his pants when he saw Ali coming after him like that


Them punches on London ? so quick

Scott Adams

Tyson was way better than this pussy who was afraid to go to viet nam

ALI vs TYSON : ESPN Debate

ALI vs TYSON : ESPN Debate21 Jan. 2012
23 472
alitreazureSubscribe 438 721

Comments (100)
Yilmaz Sahinkaya

David Tua vs Tyson. Make it happen

Dogface Killa

horrbile accuracy are u slow how u think he was so good and if u watch the video u would of heard in his prime he could go 12 round

AllBrushed ModelKits

Fine you're probably right about Bruno, and I admit you may know more about Ali, but I'm sure I know more about Tyson, and him being trained by Kevin Ronney (a light boxer himself under Constantine D'Amato) was very quick and powerful the likes of which Ali has never faced.. Maybe Shavers or Lyle would be a slight comparrison, but I'm not the only one who thinks Tyson would win, so this is just a fun debate, which nobody will ever know the truth.

Marc Greaves

which pixel is skip?

rat pastrana

Tyson would win .. Thats its ali is 6'3 tyson fougth figthers 6'3 and knocked them out ..ali had grear movement but tyson head movement would kill ali ...tysons strength and speed would finish ali but yet again ali is the greatest of all time but tyson would win


Tyson would have murdered Ali.

xabriel delmundo

Joe frazier beats ali in their first fight. But iron mike is much powerful and quicker than joe frazier. And have a impregnable defense on his prime. Ali is the greatest in accomplishments in and out of the ring. But mike tyson in his prime was invincible. His like a God wearing gloves.


If like Tyson was training for this fight he would win coz he will be as fit as them in there time and as good of a boxer,it would repeat fraizer ali


tyson could also shrug off damaging punches in his prime, and hit you with 3 big ones for every one you land, and never get defensive and keep coming forward. tough to deal with!


Tyson didn't have the mental toughness to hang with Ali.


Ali never lost in his prime, he lost after exile!

jose soto

Mike wins. Ali will not get away with pulling his head back with his hands down against Tyson.

barti xanti

you are correct.

matt kylie

Mike Tyson never got beat until he first beat himself, which many cleverly forget.

Chris Bach

Tyson seems to be underrated. Ok he would not beat Ali, but he would destroy Smonkin Joe, Chuvalo, Bonavena etc.

E Wad

Ali is the Goat but anything can happen in HW boxing.. especially with a Pre-prison Tyson. He was a BAD MF'er n for Skip to discredit Tyson like that is ridiculous.

Thai God Of War

Look at all these ass kissers who r sayin’ Ali would beat tyson or ko him inside 2 rounds , y’all some dumb fucks


Could Ali withstand the Tyson assault in the first 3 rounds? Ali held fighters off with his reach and stamina, but Tyson’s style was relentless up-close confrontation. Tyson would have welcomed the challenge. Ali would have felt very uncomfortable being in the ring with him. Tough call.

Jordan Groff

If its a 86-88 Mike Tyson (pretty much Tyson with Rooney), Mike will destroy Ali all day.

Sk Toosaucy

Tyson would win his prime he was too powerful


Malik Abdul Aziz admitted Ali was the ebst and so did cus!


tyson has horrbile accuracy and burns out after 2 or 3 rounds


The biggest punchers always have a chance @ winning.Look @ boxing history & you'll see that the defensive fighters usually wear down the aggresive punchers,but not always.Going back many years,Jack Johnson was afraid of Sam Langford.Joe Louis destroyed Schemling in the rematch.Suger Ray Robinson was beaten by Lamotta once,John L. Sullivan beat Kilrain over many rounds.It's always a matter of which fighter can outlast the other.Tyson would have a puncher's chance against Ali,but nothing more.


ali had the better career, but tyson in his prime was better than ali in his prime.

bilal m'hamdi

Ali kissing tyson pffff ali wins !!!!!!!!!!!!


skip: Tony Bruno? lmao

Millie Parish

This guy talks about Tyson like he weren’t great the dickhead I hate the guy in the far right

Thaw Oo

They put Ali in prison during his prime. He lost three years to craft his skill and become better and still was the G.O.A.T. in the end, but imagine if he never went to prison.


Dudes arguing looking for views, if Tyson was there in the interview he would make them shit!!

Cosmic Tuxedo

Tyson in his prime with cus? Yeah, its over.

Ali will always be the better boxer but Ali has never fought a short boxer with the heart and power that Tyson had. Ali trained his entire career to face opponents from the outside. Tyson closes the gap better than anyone and his insane head movement to setup that haymaker from the inside. I don't see how Ali would prevent it. His jabs wouldn't help considering Mike Tyson is known to have one of the best head movements in his prime.

Jayson Wing

I look at who would win in a fight fight, just hands, n it's hard to say anybody could take one punch by mike Tyson cause he faught like a animal but he had integrity, n was very humble... when he was young, it's unheard of a "boy" doing this n displaying Grace n wisdom because he faught crazy with maturity ferious technique, n sometimes felt bad about it. He hurt big bad men n still wasn't cocky. Don t bring up his demons because those are so justified. It is not okay/sad that he was exploiters n tooken n advantage of because he was gullible n damaged which was the source of his power n and empathy cause he just wanted to win not hurt people. The media exploited his lack of understanding/education :(... he's awesome now too. Let's not be hypocritical cause I've done bad things n I'm still scared to admit then n I'm going to man up soon.

Millie Parish

Tyson would never quit in his prime this guy gets to me!!!!!


These guys are all stupid


I'm a fan of both.
Tyson would be psyched out before the fight mentally. Then he would be physically beaten in the ring.
Most of the fighters were afraid to face Ali and lost before the fight began.
Ali was afraid of no one and would trash him into submission in the press conference.
Not really a competition
Would be competitive for 3 rounds thereafter it's all over.


if ali can resist to a foreman shavers liston holmes frazier cooney norton lye punch a tyson punch would never make ko ali it impossible ali have beat 8 of the greatest boxer of all time what about tyson ???

O Vini

What a pointless discussion. They bring those up every time they've got nothing to talk about on these shows.


Ali would be in Tyson his head all night long !!!

Michael Guerra

Its close but my gut feeling tells me Ali gets devasted floored twice being out on his feet early to come back to win a late TKO. And, Mikes my favorite boxer.

dan herm

Ali fought in the toughest era in history its fact... the proof is in george foreman fighting in the late 80's scoring 20 consecutive ko's from 87-90 (tyson prime) and foreman was in his 40's! then becam champ at 46 years old! the guys in the 70s were wayyyyyyy better than the guys tyson beat... tysons only good against puds and every tyson fan knows it they just choose to ignore it.. prime george foreman would have ko'd tyson and tyson admits that also cuz hes a stylistic mismatch aganst george


These bums here saying ali had difficulty with smaller boxers who charged you ala frazier. However, Tyson had the same problem with taller with more reach boxers ala douglass, and lennox lewis.

Edward Williams

Ali would destroy Tyson mentally. Ali would hold Tyson and literally push him around while talking to him telling the impressionable Tyson he doesn't have what it takes . Tyson would go to the body but Ali wouldn't allow his upper cut to land and to add insult to injury he would eat those body blows and deliver a combination .


All you need to do Is Play CPU Mike Vs CPU Ali on Fight Night Champion see who wins

dan herm

the stuff about foreman in the 80s is all true... the thing about foreman vs tyson is hard to find proof but if you search around google you can find interviews of tyson talking about how him and cus d'amato would watch film of foreman and cus would tell tyson that his style of being a short swarming fighter is a mismatch against big george foreman... tyson is a great boxing historian and he is humble enough to admit these things... tyson fans will be in denial though

Fighting Bull

This just proves none of these guys know anything about boxing. Have any of them boxed? Tyson's peekaboo style and devastating power was unbeatable. Psychologically he was unstoppable. Cus Damato, through hypnosis created a man immune to fear in the ring. Opponents crumbled. Most men were beat before the fight started. Ali was a different era, a highly talented fighter. An icon. A hero. But man on man A 20yr old Tyson would destroy him. Then Don King came along and destroyed Tyson.


Skip is so biased

tobi proctor

Tyson in his prime unstoppable no debate but Tyson would never say that he will always say Ali as he is his idol

Jay Murthy

Did he just say if it goes the distance Ali would beat Tyson. It would be over in 2 rounds. Lol both those statements are contradictory

Lesley Floyd

anyone who believes ali in his prime would beat tyson in his prime is retarded and should be ashamed

Hamza Khan

tyson's ex manager bill cayton put ali the best p4p ahead of robinson. watch it!

Umer Rehman

Tyson would tell u that NO ONE CAN TOUCH ALI!


tyson 8 times out of 10

Modikoe Pule

had Ali not beat Foreman, had not beat Liston, had Ali not beat Shavers, trust me these debates about who would win would be just as heated. Guys Ali knew how to fight, he knew when he was in trouble, and he knew how to deal with big punchers. Tyson won because he caught guys with big punches, Ali won because he knew how to fight. Period.

AllBrushed ModelKits

Hahaha ..Are you mad? For you to disagree with my comment is fine, but to insult a stranger online is the weakest thing a man can do, which proves you've probably never even been in a fight before. I respect your opinion, and maybe I can show up at one of your hipster pansy church jam sessions.


angles master
head movement

dan herm

no he didnt he said if he gets hit good enough by tyson he would be ko'd... same went for the liston fights and the foreman fight but look what hapened ali kicked their ass.. tyson insists constantly hes no match for ali... cus damato said ali was "the best fighter god ever put on this earth"... mayweather says ali would beat tyson... teddy atlas says alis the best ever... espn, sports illustrated, and ring magazine all say ali was the best... its just overwhelming the experts that pick ali

King Savage

Mike Tyson was a monster in his prime


Ali would beat his ass. Just look at Tyson's resume. He didn't beat anyone of significance.

Ronald Kregar

Tyson would have ABSOLUTELY DESTROYED Ali!!!!!!!!!

Yo Yo

Tyson would've creamed Ali too much power for him

Marc Greaves

Skip is correct here in all but two things - Tyson would last longer than 3 rounds, and the Sonny Liston fights were fixed.


2:1, and the objective vote is for Ali not Malik Abdul Aziz!!!! Speed beats power, Ali over Malik!!!!


The guy in the red shirt is the only one talking sense.

Anayah Slater

Both in their prime, Tyson knocks Ali out. Tyson had Forman power and Ali speed. Ali lost to Frazier who was much weaker than Tyson.

Spark Chaser

Tyson hands down. Smaller than every guy he beat. And quicker. And stronger. And smarter. The only thing that beat Tyson was Tyson. And King.

silverio oliveras

ali proved too much, way too much not to be the goat.
chuvalo,frazier,foreman, listen, norten,Shavers,ron lyle. all these guys hit harder then ali and some of those guys hit even harder then tyson like lyle or foreman. but still he whopped them all. because he could take punches like no one else and ali knew when to attack and when to stay calm. he was and he will always be the greatest athlet in all sports. because he proved too much so no one can say" ali didnt fight him or him."
Ali lost against frazier and norten and he beat them 2 times in the row. so no one can say its draw. Like tyson sad" Ali is like a dinosaur rex but with a pretty face. Ali is in the ring mean and evil and he will fight till death. Ali looked more like model then a fighter. but no one on this earth could beat ali."

Chris Aztlan

The kook in Mike Tyson in his prime, just says that nothing could stop him! A beast, that just couldn't keep up with the years

Tony's World

Ali would MURDER Tyson no question about it


Tyson was FAST. Tyson style is not at all the same as Foreman or Liston.
Regarding height, Tyson was trained with Peekaboo style of boxing that eliminates the height advantages.
Ali is bigger than boxing, but Tyson was definitely a better boxer. I mean com' on; youngest heavyweight champion of ALLTIME!
The ONLY person that beaten Tyson was himself. (and Douglass, we have to give him that)


tyson is affraid to fight foreman when he have 45 years ago WTF foreman was a old man

Grant Powell

Whats not mentioned is ali could take a punch tyson couldn’t

tevfik enis

Ali was undefeated until being conscientious objector, and he never got KOed until his 38.

Dale Miller 11

Tyson would have koD him.

Reginald Pippin

Ali before the boxing ban vs Mike Tyson in his prime would be insane!


Ali would have beaten Tyson both being in their primes!!!

650 Homes by Ramy

Watch Ali vs Cleveland Williams. God put no better boxer on Earth than the Ali of that era, specifically on display that night before his long layoff.

Then There Was Nancy

Am I the only person who thinks the "Ali was faster" is bull? Honestly, the two guys were both incredibly fast and very close in speed. Both were masters of technical boxing. Both were defensive geniuses. Tyson hit harder and Ali was better at outside boxing. This match up is way closer than some Ali proponents want to act and usually their argument is that Tyson fought bums. I choose to watch the actual skill of the fighters; how they fought not who they fought. And can anyone seriously argue that if Ali fought those same guys that he would dominate them in the same way Tyson did? Of course Ali would dominate those guys and it would be just as one-sided, but I don't see Ali knocking all those guys out as fast as Tyson. I personally think Tyson would beat Ali somewhere between 50-65 out of 100 fights, but my main point is that it's way closer of a debate than some Ali people want to admit.


if tyson fights ali 10times ali wins 8 times. thats a fact.

Julio Rivera

Styles make fights. Ali had exceptional movement in the ring but so did Tyson. Both were great fighters. If Mike gets inside its a seriously dangerous situation for Ali and Mike was going to get inside. Please don’t compare a young Tyson to a foreman. Foreman hit like a bull but Mike was faster and much much smarter in the ring. Dangerous fight for both fighters. These are three Palucas talking about boxing....

Radu Popa

You can't really compare, totally different eras. During Tyson's era there were significantly less capable fighters then in Ali's era. Tyson was the last of the greats. Ali would probably beat Tyson but it wouldn't be a walk in the park 12 rounds both swelled up.

AllBrushed ModelKits

Plus I don't have much respect for Ali, since he's a racist prick, and supports the Klu Klux Clan KKK.

Dylan Wylde

Tyson's prime is nowhere near the prime of Frazier or Foreman. He doesn't remind one of either.

Michael Gilman

A prime Mike Tyson beats a prime Muhammad Ali. The ring just isn't big enough.

Mel D

Those guys you never heard will beat your ass


hey dont u dare talk about skip like that

Killer Caritas

Tyson and the rest of those guys couldn’t go 15 rds on they’re best day

Taylor Pack

We did see this lol Joe Frazier vs Ali. Tyson is the reincarnation of smokin joe. Very similar. I do agree with skip though, Tyson never fought and beat a hof fighter in their prime.

Jeff Riessman

I love Ali, but believe that the mid 70`s Ali would have have lost to Tyson.. Ali was much slower. The 60`s Ali would beat him easily with his tremendous hand and foot speed. They were 2 different boxers

Rocky fish

90s HWs were great, Tyson beats Ali yes Ali has a better resume but he don't beat the rock or Tyson


Ali would win but it wouldn't be in knockout. I think it would be in decision. Remember Tyson would have to be able to punch ali first, Ali moved around so much he doesn't stand still in one place. I feel that he would tire Tyson out

Joey B

Ali and it isn't even close


Original Bad Men before Mike tyson.
1. Sonny liston
2. George Foreman
If ali could beat them before and after his prime where he was underdog against both fighters, what makes you think he wouldn't win against tyson. Ali was the smartest fighter of all time!!!! End of discussion


Yea but similar to Liston!

p 365

skip bayless said tyson wouldnt last 3 rounds tysons defense was superb

AllBrushed ModelKits

Trevor Berbick, Pinklon Thomas, Michael Spinks, Frank Bruno, and Bruce Seldom were ALL tough guys who would give Ali a hard time, I feel Bruno would actualy defeat Ali, and Tyson murdered him twice.. Tyson was trained by lighweight fighters (Rooney) to be super fast, no hevyweight has his quick combos and power, Ali has never known that. Ali himself admitted Tyson would have beat him, and he just `danced` .. he said that on the Arsenio hall show..

Adrian Nonyelu

Ali was never knocked out, including against foreman, who hit harder than Tyson, no one knocks out ali and in his prime which we NEVER saw, sorry Tyson doesn't get near him, ali wins by KO by round 6

Nina Duran

Look at this young stupid Tyson face, on comment section. Justin Bieber has much brain than Tyson fans. 

Hamza Khan

tyson wasnt a bigger puncher than shavers, foreman and liston. ali took all of them folks best shots and beat em.

Millie Parish

That it skip the divy prick

The Don

Tyson would of quit like the bully he is after 3 rounds. Ali would of tormented him mocked him hog Tyson so angry Tyson wouldn’t know how to fight. Ali would of terrorised him before the fight! Ali would of done the same to him as he done to Liston foreman etc


I love Mike Tyson! So I’m not bias, he’s definitely one of my favorite sports figures ever. But Ali was way to smart and fast and he would have kept Tyson off and jabbed him and frustrated him until Tyson wore punched himself out and Ali would have easily outboxed him.... could Mike have knocked Ali out with the right punch? Absolutely!! But I don’t think Ali would have gave him a chance