Get up and run

The Touch - Get Up And Run (1984)

The Touch - Get Up And Run (1984)14 May. 2019
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Jens Steffen

Frank Itt mit THE Touch ......Weltklasse.....quasi hinterhergereist.

Michael B.

Baby Face .I love it.


Hast du zufällig auch die alte Version von Version von I Want To Know (International Lady), also nicht die, die es hier schon auf YT gibt.
Die, die ich suche, hat viel mehr "Drive".

Ober Hessen

wie geil damals lich bürgerhaus!

F. Herumusu

Ahhh ... coool die alte Version ohne Terence Trent D'Arby! AFAIK hat selbst Frank Itt davon keine Original-Version mehr (habe ihn ein paar mal auf Bass-Workshops getroffen). Damals sicher einer der Bassisten Deutschlands. Witzig ist auch dass er das auf einer Washburn-Billig-Kopie der Steinberger- "Zahnbürste" ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YUQNLZgEJ7U ) eingespielt hat. Habe The Touch damals in der Großen Freiheit 36 in Hamburg gesehen. Wow, was für ein Druck in der Rhythmus Sektion! Danke!

How to Run LABS & Get Out ALIVE - "DO's & DON'Ts" - Escape From Tarkov

How to Run LABS & Get Out ALIVE - "DO's & DON'Ts" - Escape From Tarkov20 Apr. 2019
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Once i started sneaking around and taking time in labs i survived many raids. Surviving is the only option on labs take it

Thank you for this guide

harrison murphy

ravagers? the fuck are you on about, they're raiders not ravagers you absolute goon


Wtf is a ravager??

Its Baybxtee

So which headphones do you use


If ya guys like this type of format lemme know, trying to find my "format niche", so to speak.

Pontus Forsberg

Been playing for 761 hours and have not yet dared to enter the lab, kinda feel like its time! :D

Edit: Went pretty much as expected!



Py Rex

LOL yeah solo is one hell of a ride . Like to think of it as going to the casino . Thanks again for the dope video

hong zihao

you wouldnt have recorded this if you keep getting instant killed 5 seconds after spawn/getting killed through walls.


So tactical support headsets are the best?

Dzsty SJ

Tf is a ravager lmao


with the headsets, more cummies = gud ya?

SC Ranger

I wish it was still 100k to get into labs

Unreal Gaming

ok before i start i enjoyed the video ive even like and subscribed the content is entertaining and you took the time to make this but a couple problems i have with this video 1.raiders not ravagers cmon man ;w; 2. dead bodies dont have hitboxes it wont protect your head aswell as that only prone if you're in the open otherwise if its safer crouching because you can react faster to grenades always orientate yourself towards the most likely place for people to push from when you're looting 3. walking is no different from running you will make alot of noise to any1 who has headphones aswell as that i go in with a ppsh with a 71 round mag loaded with akbs (bad ammio) a berkut and obviously the card which is currently 290k on flee running to stuff like dome and greenroom when you get the spawns can instantly get you the money for it back if you get lucky with a ledx that sells for 300k to therapist and 1mil on flee defibrillator's go for 150k to therapist and the same on flee and ophthalmoscope's go for 50k to therapist and 80k on flee if you get some of these items you know you wont lose money even if you die (i only take a docs with green keycard also docs case can hold intel that why its not a sicc) common loot you want to prioritize is grenades and injectors each go for atleast 12k a slot vogs normally 20k on flee sometimes more some injectors will go for 30-50k such as m.u.l.e 4.you dont need a scope on labs ive never been in a situation were someone was to far for me to hit their head aswell as that labs has alot of ways you can flank around and close the distance safely
(Edit: there is more stuff but I'm not going to be too nitpicky i think ive already done enough of that)
(Edit2: i think it definitely depends on playstyle alot and how some ppl when playing aggresively just tend to do bad)

A weird name.

I have Almost extreme A.D.H.D. and I have EXTREME tarkov A.D.H.D


i run cause why not l o l


This video was perfect catch me on labs ;)

timo neijonen

how i can play the labs map? its locked. i just bought the game


Good video man!


wait headset tier list... more drops is better?


Shouldn't you wear a helmet or something? No helmets I find fit with the tacticals.

Robert Porter

ravagers? Lol good video tho

jared shuler

Great high quality video. Wanna team up with a scrub? ?


“Don’t run” ~ QuatroAce: HAHAHAHA

The Avenged Rev

Remove or change that loud noise at 8:13 its a headphone killer.

Rise and shine - Athlete and running ultimate motivation

Rise and shine - Athlete and running ultimate motivation27 Dec. 2012
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Thanks for the amazing

Thanks for the amazing amount of veiws. I have written some words and posted my favorite comments from the last two years her: http://evenodegard.com/blog/riseandshine/

The clips are from variouse videos I have found on internet. The London ones are from a nike comercial for London Olympics.

Voice and soundtrack is made by www.redproductions.com, check them out.

Have a great day

A motivational video. Be the best you you can be.

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Fer Kaiser

Ii love this video...very inspiring


6AM????? Slacker.

D Shi

“Daddy sing” -Stormi

Izzy Really G

Wake up brothers!

Sam Sauerwald

Does anyone know the original video of the clip at 2:54 with the boy doing push ups?


982 fat people dont like this video? am I righ?

Living Legend

I Love this video and have been listing to it for years.
This video motivates me to Accomplish my Goals and every time I watch this video, It helps me burn my self Doubt.

Λάσκαρης Κυριάκου

2021 and still coming back here to motivate my ass!

Allie Mervich

Watch it every morning before XC meets

Javier Guerrero González

what song is this??

Stipe Matak


Renu tomar

https://youtu.be/dtEzubwW660 best running motivational video of an american runner


This video made me bike a 100km this morning! Thank you! :)

Omar Tube

2019 and I will listen to this video for the rest of my life

Lulaire Noroub

This is ugly. Grotesque. Petty. Childish. Ambition is cool, but life isn't a movie. The value of everything achievable through this level of ambition is completely wasted on anyone who actually relates to this crap. You might achieve your goals, but your goals suck.

Rocco Oteiza

Still coming back to this in 2021

Ava Baxter

“rIsE aND shINe“

Paco Mederos

Is this on Spotify?!!!

Sibi Kv

Super video ????

Emre Sezgin

I have a beep test in 3 weeks. Im only doing 3.0 at the moment but i have to do 6.5. This video will help me to achieve that.

Rishi Mishra

990 people hit the snooze button!


Can anyone tell me the name of the original video
0:00-0:02 , 0:33-0:46 , 3:00-3:03 ,

Clever Foal

I needed this sir thank you

Mohamed Hossein

The first picture in the video belongs to who ?
Please i want the video

poetry hindi

Support this hindi poetry channel

jacqueline dorantes

Always come back to this to vcenter myself. Works every time

Matthias van der wilt

6.pm is my faforite time why would you wake up at the start of the evening

Hrag Melkisetian

Anyone knows the name of the speaker ? Great voice for motivational speeches

Me Me

Yes! Rise and shine baby!


Those who down-voted this listened to the legion of voices shouting their unanimous permission to hit the snooze button.


Seriously, what kind of loser dislikes this video??



OZZY Guilty

.i thought this was about Kylie lmao

Pagalpanti tech

Hey you.....yes you
the one who is reading this cmnt
One day you will be going to successful
mke ur parents proud
May god bless you........


Anybody else know of videos like this?

jamie tebbett

Running helped me mentally by decreasing my levels of stress and anxiety. I first started running with some very cheap running shoes that hurt my ankles. I didn't realize how much a good pair of running shoes could help with the impact... check out the blog section (I made this) and it all links back to Amazon. However, I tend to make informational topics of research based on specific needs such as 'Running shoes for specific terrain.' I have a pair of Asics now (while being new to running during lockdown) and they have lasted for ages and are great for long-distance. Please check out below:



best motivation video

Doom Marine No. 2145

panic button

Harry Gallardo

Gonna make an INSPIRATIONAL/MOTIVATION playlist.... You just been added.


Who is the speaker??

nunya bidniss

I lost count of how many times I've watched/listened to this motivating monologue over the last couple of years. shit never gets old. every day at the gym I load it up on my phone and listen to it as I climb the stairs to the treadmill. every time on my drive to my start location for street runs. i just did a half marathon this last weekend, and this was part of my success.


Holy fuck what a great motivational speach & video that was

Anjan Kumar

No.1 motivational video on YouTube, watching for last 5 years

Joseph Outa

h..hold up a sec. Was this whole thing just a Nike ad?

Amber White

Who else was looking for the Kylie Jenner meme?...

Peter Schmidt

1.1K idiots put their thumbs down on this great, inspiring vid. I bet those are the fat ones, sitting in their momma's basement and eating junk food 24/7...?

Amol Mane

Best morning alarm ever

Ace Hardy


steve fromwork

Returning to the grind this year 2019 but this time my goals are fare bigger


Best. Motivation. Porn. Ever.
Do you feel well, feel motivated? Great.

Now go watch another 20 videos like that.

Bogdan Ilie

Mitrache sent us here!! ??
Best shit ever seen.

Chris Medow

This is now my alarm for 6:00 a.m.


I really want to figure out how to turn this into my morning alarm clock sound.

Rishop Mukherjee

Okay, we all know what did you type in your searchbox. And from where you came.



João Roquette Saldanha

Today I ran my first Half-Marathon. I hurt my knees on kilometer 12, with still 9 to go. I played this and just continued to run


Ok but am i the only one here cause of that kylie jenner meme lol

Jose De La Paz


Sergio Martínez

See this video every morning you won't believe the results

Barry Dnv

Still watching this, still relevant.

Kelly Paes2401


Soban Haris

Went to the gym after listening to this and I drop the bar on my self

Mark ONeill

"You're in a lion in a field of lions" -- so I killed everyone else at the starting line.

Stipe Matak





It's 315 am and watching this to get ready for the gym. This helps!

Gary Brooks

Whats the music in the background?


This got me through medical school!


0:44 For what is each day but a series of conflicts between the right way and the easy way. - so true.

Bryce Carrizal

2021 5am workout... never stop never stop

Mona ViCat

epic voice

Antonio Rama

My turtle listened to this and now she turned into a ninja turtle.


rIiIiiIse AnD shInEee


If this can t trigger your hunger for training then propably nothing will

Pranjal Gupta

2019 who else is still rising and shining!

Equals Cash

I use this as my alarm sound... amazing results!

John Konto

This video literally changed my life.

Eda Köse

I love how this video is only men-orianted and there are almost no clips of women as women don’t pısh themselves enough?

Luis Soto

What original video is that in the very beginning. I’ve seen that video but can’t find the full one . Help !

Ben Remes

Sprained ankle might just run anyway ig

By Luqman

My goldfish watched this video now it's a shark

Samarth Dubey

Who's the speaker??

Anirudh Kaushik

My favourite absolutely for 3 years

ms GuJJar

Want to be an athlete...400mtr.

bruh 69

rise and shine mr freeman

Dhruvil Desai

whos here from the kylie jenner meme

Kathleen Murphy

What’s the mountain race in this video? 2:00-2:04

Azib Satti

Showed this to my cat and it turned into a loin.

Jennifer Alexis

am i the only one here because of the national hot dad alliance fic on ao3

Andrew George

How do I make this my actual alarm clock!

juicetin #

Rise and grind bois. It's time to go get it!


Listening this before 1st race of my life.


New Fortnite trailer music


This video has motivated me so many times over the past few years ?

larryfresh klb VEVO

i will rise and shine

Wyatt Earp

Don't watch this or you'll become a super saiyan

Yosh Peters

6:00? That’s for pansies hold my beer. Real men wake up at 4. Watching this woke up at 4 chugged raw eggs and at the gym by 5ish. I fight fatigue this is what I really want I am not going to I am in a fight with an opponent I can’t see. I am a lion in a field of lions only victory can keep me alive. I am going to be one of the greatest bodybuilding champion boxer and actor of all time. I do all I can to prepare against battle with the enemy within. The laws of physics are merely a suggestion. Remember my name I will be the goat a legend in 3 fields. You can do it you can be the greatest.

Faizan Ul Haq

Hello!!! @ everyone studying Nauman Faizi's Text, Performance and Religion

Nikita Parolekar

Hi.. can u please send me the soundtrack???