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Unboxing the Reebok CrossFit Lite TR 2.0 - Best CrossFit Powerlifting Shoes

Unboxing the Reebok CrossFit Lite TR 2.0 - Best CrossFit Powerlifting Shoes12 Feb. 2016
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Unboxing of the new

Unboxing of the new CrossFit Lite TR 2.0's. Why are these still called CrossFit shoes, I really wish they would brand them as something powerlifting. Anyways, sorry for being so long winded!




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hey great video, was wondering a few months on how you find these shoes? thanks

Matt DeLand

Nice comparison and video! I'm between getting the originals and these.

Rafy Koby

Why did they stop making them ?

Justis Cousins

Great video! Are there removable insoles in these?

Juan Carlos Guerrero

the size of this shoes are the same of the normal reebok or the other reebok crossfit shoes ?

New Reebok Powerlifting Shoe by Mark Bell

New Reebok Powerlifting Shoe by Mark Bell15 Dec. 2013
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New Reebok Powerlifting

New Reebok Powerlifting Shoe by Mark Bell

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Gary Di Teacha

yeaah! CrossShit Sucks!!!


Fuck Crossfit!!

Fat Fucking Lenny



Damn, I wish I had your Chucks source. I can't find them for less than $45.

Eric Schwartz

I agree with you on the name however they won't sell a lot if they called it a powerlifting shoe, they will sell a lot more with the word crossfit on them. That is the sad reality. 


Now... let's talk about roids :-D


I wouldn´t give a shiet even if it said "Dance" on the darn thing! Chuck´s is  basketshoes...But you don´t give a shiet right!? You F-ing lift with high intensity and if you care abt what it says on your shoe then...well...You should probably add weight or manliness.

Michael Brasch

Purchased a pair of all black...awesome "old school" look. Read where they ran a bit large so I bought 1/2 size down. Perfect. Toe box allows your toes to splay and heel feels fully supported. Me...I am using it for kettlebells at gym (usually go bare foot at home). Awesome shoe...feel structurally supported executing lunges and high rep squats in power pump classes too. Love these shoes! Ankle support for heavy squats/dead lifts!


Never heard of this shoe.  Thanks Nick!  You're always on the cutting edge of bodybuilding/ powerlifting information.  Glad you're not into Crossfit.   I've been considering a pair of Otomix  high tops.  Ever heard of those?

Reebok Legacy Lifter - First Impressions

Reebok Legacy Lifter - First Impressions10 Mar. 2017
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Initial impressions of the

Initial impressions of the Reebok Legacy Lifters. Very impressed with these, even after my first time trying them on. They are very stable and in the hole, you can feel a great difference from other weightlifting shoes currently in the market. Probably the heaviest shoe out there, but did not prove to be a hindrance for me. If you are thinking about getting these shoes, bite the bullet! Reebok is good with having sales so keep an eye out on their websites. Enjoy!

INSTAGRAM: @kuyabrad

Gym: ALP Training Insitute

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thanks dude great review...did you try to run with that shoes ? ıs thıs shoes just a lifting shoes?


Work on your calves son

Liam Base Jr

brad wala naman ba yung tapilok factor?

Giuliano Martucci

Hi, I usually fit 12 US (my feet is 29.5 cm, 11,6 inch), I have a pair of nano web that is 12 and a little bit large, If I'm gettig weel you advice to take Half measure less for legacy lifters? (in my case 11,5 US) THANKS

Nadya Galeeva

Sale here: https://amzn.to/2nh1zPP

Patricia Vu

Great review on a great shoe. Subscribed!

Thomas Rysgaard

Great review!

3 questions:

1. What tights are those?
2. What belt is that?
3. What are those cool old school socks?


Are these good for the gym... mainly for squats, leg press, etc...? Or do you recommend something else? Also sizing... I'm an 8 in vans and 8.5 in nikes... what size should I get in these?

Sawyer R

How would you compare these to romaleo 2's? What about sizing?

Joseph Williams

Dude... you convinced me.
I literally just placed my order haha

Vinh Ngo - ItsTheVarietyShow

Great shoe.

fish and banana

Any Olympians that use this Rebok ? i've only seen Nike.

Rafy Koby

probably getting them next month they are on sale already ... the crazy powers are nice too but the reebok look sick