Full body circuit workout at gym

This Full-Body Workout WILL Get You Results FOR REAL - Most Intense Session EVER!

This Full-Body Workout WILL Get You Results FOR REAL - Most Intense Session EVER!10 Apr. 2019
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In this video, you will

In this video, you will see me do the most intense full-body session ever with a friend of mine. The workout is designed by my coach Mark Carroll. @coachmarkcarroll

I really recommend that you try this one out if you like to be in for a treat! You can find the whole workout at the end of the video to print or here, down below.

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Needed me - Samo ti Remix

Ikson - A while https://soundcloud.com/ikson

Protostar - Feel Your Heart (ft. Sam Tabor) [Monstercat Release]


Warmup: 5-10 min slow jogging

1. Deficit Deadlifts

5 set x 6-8 reps

TUT 3 sec lowering phase

Rest time: 45-60sec rest between sets

2. Standing DB Overhead shoulder press (neutral grip)

5 set x 10-12 reps

TUT 3 sec lowering phase

Rest time: 45-60 sec rest between sets

3. BB Hip Thrust

4 set x 10-12 reps

TUT 2 sec lowering phase

Rest time: 45-60 sec rest between sets

4. Seated 65* DB Arnold press

4 set x 10-12 reps

TUT 2 sec lowering phase

Rest time: 45-60 sec rest between sets

5. Lying Leg Curl

3 set x 12-15 reps

TUT 2 sec lowering phase

Rest time: 15-30 sec rest between sets

6. Cable face pull

3 set x 12-15 reps

TUT 2 sec lowering phase

Rest time: 15-30 sec rest between sets

7. Back extension machine Barbell on Back

3 set x 12-15 reps

TUT 2 sec lowering phase

Rest time: 90-100 sec rest between sets

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Reem Kareem

Oh my God!!! After watching this video I realized that the "home workouts" are just a big joke??

Lita P

Love it!! Thank you, Hanna! Your accent is so adorable

Queen Jee

This workout was killer! Thank you! You're so dope!??‍♀️???

Mark Mitchell


Blessgirl Shirl

??? I felt your burn on those legs, oh my that is so how I be sounding ??for real.

Claudia Simon



I appreciate how you put a detailed workout below your videos. It's very helpful. Thank you.


With the deadlifts...do the lifting bands relieve some of the weight from the traps?

Karina Venegas

Waooo good job??❤

Janae Lemon

Done! That was awesome!


1. Deficit Deadlifts 20kg
2. Standing DB Overhead shoulder press (neutral grip) 9kg
3. BB Hip Thrust 66kg
4. Seated 65* DB Arnold press 5kg? then 9kg?

5. Lying Leg Curl ?
6. Cable face pull ?
7. Back extension machine Barbell on Back ?

Guadalupe Castro

Hola soy de Mexico ,, me gustan mucho tus ejercicios, no abra posibilidad que pongan subtítulos en español??realmente me interesa

Huda Mohamed

AMAZING VIDEO! Literally gunna give this workout a try. How many times per week would you recommend someone to do this workout? My goal is to only focus on full body workouts

Kim Pilates

Hana , love to you Girl hey love the tenni's who are they? Oh and great wrkout, all your stuff is so correct. Keep em comin

Orkide Blossom

Skit bra!!! Sound sexy?????


Damn hanna, nice work on them arnold presses =], very impressive!

Edwidge JeanBaptiste

I know this video is a year old, but I just came across it and I really love your type of workouts. I love going hard and pushing hard in the gym. And you look amazing!!Thank you for sharing your videos ??


Watching while eating cookies lmao

But Adyam coffee! !


Patricia Moreno

Hannah, you're a beast! Thank you for the motivation and good energy. ?


Omg. I did your workout today. I diedd. More full workout routines pleaseee

Mohammed Uddin

I must say That I like her workouts because its honest.

Ashley K

Robin is so funny ?

Ashley K

my god this looks brutal

Nidhi Jaswal

Hanna is the best..

Eman Kh·

You are such a beautiful girl , and I really loves your workouts ❤️❤️?


I love your energy! I’ve been looking for a girl weightlifter so I can follow her workouts!!! Thankyou!

Emi Pellegrino

I just did this and now I wanna die so ???

blind ford


melissa velasquez

Why stand on plate? I just want to understand

Cotany cotz

Hanna your so great???

loredana petrica

I A D O R E U ! ❤️ no, i’m not a lesbian ?

Lourdes Rios

You deserve 1 million followers bc you are a homie coach!!! Like you make me feel like I am part of a 1 million people squad lol!!! Also I love your accent.

Ms Nichole

WOW. I'm definitely going to do this workout at the gym when NO ONE is around lol

Barbie G

Great Job Ladies.

Dapur YDSA

I like

Gabriela Rubilar

I'm from Chile.. and aaaaalways replay your videos ?!! Thanks for all the tips you show us <3 can i do this workout two times on the same week?


Dags för mannen din att också starta upp en kanal kanske ??

Wilbert Pritchett

You super hot beautiful queen

Groovy Gazza

Elvis in Sheffield.. Great job man

Anali R

I already got my workout in today, but watching your videos makes me wanna go for another workout sesh!!! ????????

Mariela Mendoza

new subscriber! I LOVE your energy and your attitude in all your videos, cant wait to try this workout later today! Such an inspo <3

Anisah Zainab

At the gym now. Gonna see if I can do this lol

Erica guisard Audra

I think ? I love you ! Such a beautiful personality!


That awkward moment when your mom thinks your watching porn instead of a workout video

benjamin revay

Slowly slowly ????????

Taposhe Rabeya

I love this girls content she goes hard every single time!!!!

Marina Carli

Hanna Oberg you are great!!! ☺

Kimberly Martindale

I'm excited to do this full body workout tomorrow morning!!


so much noise out there

Megan Stoppard

This is amazing! Thank you for bringing us with you through the whole thing. You're my fav ❤

Flo Tonto

I can feel the burn just watching this

شیما کریمی


Teresa Depp

What camera are you using? Or does anyone know if she's mentioned in a previous video?

Michelle Tegardine

i love this video and all your other videos as well! The only thing is that i feel like this videos camera person is different than others. theres a lot of focus on areas that arent showing form and not good angles. close ups of your face when performing exercise rather than focus on your form. yes are beautifu but im trying to see your workouts girl!!<3

Cool Dude

Hi, your smart watch seems to contain a single touch timer. Could you please share the model name?

Aubrey Ocean22

That blonde bitch likes copying your workout ?

Valiam JP

I just recently found, watched and subscribed to this channel. Love this channel! I really like the do and don't videos....awesome!

Ana Arce

Hanna, please help!
Please make a video about how long a gym workout session should be, how many exercises per muscle are sufficient. For example, on a pull day...how many exercises are needed. Thank you.

Ayca Hukumdar

I want to ask you that what are you eat for meal after this workout..

Janai Ca

Why do you need to stand on a weight plate with the deadlifts? Can you do it also without?

My Name is Jaymee

It has been three months since I started going to the gym, then the holidays rolled in and I started to feel and become lazy. Then I went back to this and got my groove back.

Did this yesterday and woke up feeling sore all over which to me meant, that I am doing something different. I remember thinking as soon as I open my eyes and felt my back - "oh yeah, that's the stuff"

Thank you Hanna for keeping us motivated! I love your workouts, you are super strong and super beautiful!

Lotus Flower

I see you with the tan. I thought you were a brown girl in your thumb nail. Lol!

Donatella De Patre

How many kilos in the hip thrust? ""


My coach from now ?

Mohammed Uddin

I wanted to ask if you could workout between sunrise and sunset with no solid food or drink and to see will it help. It's the month of Ramadan and I want to know what your feedback on this. Thank you ?

rebecca goldi

you are so strong i love this!!!

Paula K

your tan??


Nothing better than watching 2 ladies deadlifting heavy!!

true lies

I love your watch

, which watch you wear ???

Jamie Belmont

Oh my gosh you look so awesome wish you were her in New Zealand to show me how it's done

Farzana Akthar

No way I can do that...so can't have body like her ?

Bara Clara

Jag älskar din energi

Ashu Rahman

U so nice

Tracey Lennon

I like the 2nd exercise in the very beginning!! (hydrant/donkey kick)

Geeta Sharma

thankz fr sharing....

Rosalba Perea

She's so motivational

John Waller

too many sun exposure... doesn't look like a white girl anymore

Hanan Drea

I love your videos Hanna, can you make a full gym plan that can really transform an apple body shape to be completely toned with pretty measurements? and will it be good to stick to that plan for months? or a year? Lots of love <3

Queen Jee

Love this I'm def trying this session! But what about abs workout?

Kayta peace perrty beautiful Mcrae


Maria Cristina Pini

sei spettacolare!!!! ti adoro Hanna!!!!!

Ashley K

bruh i tried this in the gym and i literally died

Grateful Blessed

Amazing ???❤️how long did you cardio for :)

Millie De Shields

What language are u speaking in your video to the girl next to u?


Is she really the same woman in this video from last year? https://youtu.be/hQn0wRhq3os?t=156 If yes, then her physique in this April 10, 2019 video looks much better on her. Nice job!


Watching this during the Coronavirus lockdown where all gyms in my city (even in my building) are closed. All the feels.. I miss the gym too much! ???

Mike Riley

That deadlift workout looks intense.


You inspired me to workout again , UGHH The Chocolate brownies was on the table and I MESSED UP ! LOLL , Do full body helps get that strong look???


She reminds me of AJ Lee from wwe haha

Pauline Espinoza

Hanna you’re so amazing

maria journey



Just found hannas YT n I have to say that she’s the only one that I will be following for now on. She goes hard and strong and she gives great tips and advices. She also doesn’t do voice overs which is a plus for me and not mention that she is very down to earth! I love her! ?


What is the number for the weight your using?

How to Hair 101

How would I incorporate this into my weekly scheduale workout? Would it be safe to proceed to legs the next day or back or shoulders (whatever would happen to follow after I do this full body workout?)

Gaby R

You stay flawless while and after working out. Thanks for the video can’t wait to try this out?

KeepingItReal Naturalist

Omg, you looked so darn good. This right here is goals for me. I'm going to try this workout, hope I'll find some more like this on your channel. This size right here is my you crush ? and that yellow gym top the bomb

KeepingItReal Naturalist

Omg, you looked so darn good. This right here is goals for me. I'm going to try this workout, hope I'll find some more like this on your channel. This size right here is my you crush ?

Hanna Grüsner

omg tbis killed me. but love it :D

Patrice Rochemont

So cute at 16:00 : I'm dead... Sorry but that was funny to watch => nofilter mode : No pain No gain. Thanks Hanna !

FULL BODY WORKOUT | Circuit Training For Fat Loss

FULL BODY WORKOUT | Circuit Training For Fat Loss22 Nov. 2016
378 026
Whitney SimmonsSubscribe 438 721

Here is a full body

Here is a full body workout with kettle-bells that will help you lose weight and blast fat. This workout will have your heart rate up whiling working your legs, glutes & booty, core & abs, and arms! FULL BODY FAT BLASTER. Enjoy xo




Justin Olsen

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Email: [email protected]

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♡SNAPCHAT: whitneyysimmons

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♡PEScience High Volume pre-workout


♡Xtend BCAA's


♡ Premier Protein


♡Beverly International Protein




♡ Wireless Headphones:


♡ Skillz Resistance Bands:


♡ Kodiak Protein Pancakes


♡ Food Scale: (I WAS WAY OFF, it's $17 I'M SORRY)


♡ Camera I use:




This is a circuit of 7 exercises that should be completed back to back with little to no rest in-between. After completing all 7 exercises, rest 3-5 minutes and repeat the circuit. Aim to do 3-5 sets but I will warn you, you may find this too difficult for 5 sets... I know I did!

12 goblet squats

12 romanian deadlifts

12 good mornings

10 windmill (each side)

10 squat thrusts (each side)

10 overhead lunges (each side)

15 kettlebell swings

Comments (100)
Life With Lia

I did this workout tonight...only could manage 3 rounds, but OMG, my body was shook. Thanks for putting up bombass content & workouts! You rock!


Like I was literally unable to do a squat without holding on to something before this video but the way he explained everything made it so easy to do.

Carla LaRosa

when a person should change her workout routine?

Michael Naja

Nice nice ?? like the Eiffel Tower behind haha

Aria Meyer

Just finished this workout 5 minutes ago and holy moly.. I'm ded. Awesome workout whit! Thank you!

Kelsey Stanton

Love this video format- Justin's information while watching you in action was extremely helpful. Would love to see more like this even if its your voice over

Genuine Ci

You are awesome sauce for this one...great video

Don't Worry Be Happy

Omg where did you get your leggings

Gillan Frances

Does anyone know the weight of the kettle bell she's using? :)


Absolutely LOVE this workout!! Definitely my fave!!

shakir johnson

Tried this today! So you are trying to hurt me huh?! Lol

Langlais Annie-Claude

more full body workout please!!!!


Damn girl!!!! I almost died! huhuhu more workouts like that! love that feeling <3

Jalah Horton

I'm gonna give this workout a go soon! I wanna start trying to do a bit more stuff in the gym as opposed to only at home workouts :) Thanks Whitney!!



Daliz Rivas


Lady Bathory

How much are your weights? 10kgs?


I've been calling it kettle ball foreverrrrrr...shwooops

Naomi Swinehart

Love this workout idea. Definitely going to try it!!!

Sparkle R.

First video i watched and already fell in love with your channel (new subbie) but Omg those kettle bells are huge?. I've never lifted weights before and I heard that they're great for burning fat. How many pounds would you recommend to an almost 5 foot 3, and 129 pound 17 year old girl?


tried this today. holding the kettlebell up while doing the windmill almost killed my arms. had to lower the weight a lil. mind-and-muscle blowing workout! thank you!

shruti datar

More full body workouts please!

TJ Dupree

Ok so I know I'm late, but i just found you! Iv gotten serious about my fitness( life style change?). Hubby and I went joined a gym a week ago and I'm loving it!!! Took you to the gym with me this morning. Grab a kettle and found my corner. Omgoodness!!! Did it!! You rock lady!!! I have alot of videos to catch up with you. But looking forward to new ones. Keep them coming!!!

Jessy Sandhu

I do this workout often and its great! Could you please upload similar total body workout videos using kettle-bells pleaseeeeeeeee!!!!!!

Amandeep Kaur Rathor

I did this workout but 3 sets ☺️

Elizabeth Armenta

Ooo, girl...our gyms have the same name. Sweet.

I did kettlebell work for the first time last Wednesday, hard as frick! I for sure felt the burn. ? Thanks to you and to Justin for this workout!

Claire Elly

That really does make you sweat!!

Jera V

Whit! How heavy was your kettle bell? ?

Molly Whetstone

did this 3 times and it made me SO SWEATY! Thank you!

Léa Racine

Definitely will be trying that one out tonight at home. I kept one KB and never use it, now I have an excuse haha yay!!!

Yvonne Slater

What are the weights of the kettle bells?

Kelley King

Which one is the upper body workout with the bands??? I got the bands but don't know what to do now!

Nicole Evans

I know this is old but I said on yesterday video I was doing this today as like a fitness assessment. GIRL. I did more weight than the last time which was like 4 months ago, and I did 4 circuits vs last time I barely made it through 3!

Also, my Gymshark pants busted ? but they are sending me a new pair ???

Instagram: nicolevans1206

May Hamdani

Thank you!! Heading to the gym

Seema G.

Killer whit! Love kettle bells! Definitely tryin this!


I did this today and I was all perky and happy becasue I survived and did pretty good. Now my body is screaming everywhere! And yes I'm adding it to my workouts this month. Thanks for the video!!

Caitlyn Keeling

just did this workout ... omg new fave workout routine


Being new to this does "Aim to do 3-5 sets but I will warn you, you may find this too difficult for 5 sets... I know I did! " mean do the circuit 3 ,max 5 times ?
thank you in advance :)

Amandeep Kaur Rathor

Can i do this workout for weight loss?


So, I did this on Monday because I love my kettlebells and wanted something new to try. I managed three rounds. Could. not. walk after. Today (wednesday) I am still walking like John Wayne ha ha! :-)

Sofi Insarralde


Nayeli Love

This was a really good video!! I was doing kettle bell swings wrong all this time I'm going To fix my form thanks !

Rachel Bacha

Whitney I love you!!! And I love your leggings. You have inspired me so much to start weight training this year and have made me feel more comfortable going into the gym I can not thank you enough. I love watching all of your videos!

BadHabits Brina

Hey whit!! My mom and I watch your videos and incorporate parts into our workout! we are still really new to the gym and lifting but we are always trying new things from your videos. I'm 19 and my mom has recently had knee surgery so we are having a hard time figuring out movements she can do, can you make a video for us?!

Maddi Mckowan

I loved this video! Definitely doing it tomorrow!

Alexi Benner

I love this video because it shows how willing you are to learn from other people even though you're a fitness guru!! You don't act cocky while hes teaching you and helping you I love it!

Stevie Nix

There are some many things you can do with the kettle bells.


Haven't even finished the first round and I'm dead ? should I even try to do 3 ?

Katie Hickey

I did this workout 2 days ago and was honestly so dead after it! Still sore after 2 days ? great full body workout, thanks Whitney! Love you! ?


I love this workout! I feel so much stronger and confident after doing it and now get excited to work out because of how good I felt afterwards.

Araceli Luna

i'm planning on doing this and i'm scared i'm gonna die but also v excited.


Just did this workout 3rounds with the dumbbells. Awesome.. loved it !


omg im going to do this one today but does anyone know the exact weights used for each? i managed to see 12lb for some but im not sure for all (:

Tori Prince

Finally tried this workout and it kicked my butt! Good job Whit and Justin!!!!

Jenny Vaughn

Dang girl, your squats are DEEEEEEP! #squatgoals

M Valdez

your quads r goals ily????

Vaibhav singh

Yes u r strong bc u take 11inch ??

Shanna Heckler

I think you need to take some time and go to Unflexal to learn about workouts.


I just love your personality Whitney. You are so adorable.


Wow I did this and I can't move my body bc I'm so sore! Great workout and very challenging but I have no doubt that it works


love your lipstick...brand n color?

Jennifer Viktoria

how heavy are those kettlebells?

Violet Mwape

I really loved this video. Trying it out tonight at the gym. S/O to Justin for great camera skills and easy explanations of the exercises. :)

Book Up

Tried this workout today and barely made it through the third set!! Love it!!

Susana Manrique León

Whitney should get more recognition for her makeup, gurl pink shadows are hard to blend

Emma H

Just did this circuit and man do my abs and legs feel it right now! The only movement I wasnt a fan of (ended up switching to shoulder presses) was the windmill. I didn't feel it in my muscles and it felt pretty awkward. Thanks for the vid Whit!

Romi Umpierrez

I love the top <3 Where did you get it?

Alicia Stewart

Wish we could work out together ?


Gurrl, your highlight is slayingg!

Krysta Blincoe

Girl. I watch your videos religiously and some how missed this one! I need to see more of these circuit videos. #getfitwithwhit

Lisa Baray

What's a good weight to start at? 15 lb?

Redlibra k

omg i loveee watching your videos, i leave the gym ,come home watch your videos and you make me wanna go back and do more

Nicole Janine

loved this video! Justin was a great switch up to your videos but you both explain them really well!

Anonymous User

Hey there! Wow, I really liked this training session! Justin is great!

bianca Feliciano

You should make a new series where you have someone who really wants to lose weight and you put them through the workouts on your channel and like tape the progresss that would be extremely exciting

Hannah Oliver



What is an alternative for kettle bells?


Hey Whitney, thank you for this workout. I tried it this morning as I wanted to do a full body workout. And it's a killer. I was able to do 3 sets. My heart rate was up. It's harder than it looks.

John Bolton

Managed to do 2 sets of this routine, my life was hard but awesome, leg killer !!! Thank you Whitney

Banu Rai

I love your videos! ?

Charmaine Paule

did this workout. died.

Sam Gaucher

Love how even though whitney is DYING she has to throw in the boulder shoulder comment XD


This was a GREAT workout. Thank you ❤️

Tania Beltran

ooooohhh your leggings!!!! <3

Ebony Bryant

Thanks Whitney for this intense workout. I made it 4 time through. I have a feeling tomorrow will be interesting. Thanks again.

Julia McLemore

Hey guys, when I tried to do the overhead kettle bell lunge I felt such a bad pulling in my leg upper leg that was close to touching the floor when I lunged that I had to stop twice. My knee was not going over my toes on the opposite leg that was bending 90 degrees so what could be going on?

Olivia S

what if I only own dumbbells, can I just alternate?

Kiya L.

I’m glad she describes sets, reps, and circuits.

Naama Tal

1. great workout!!!
2. just realized you are probably very tall!! damn!


Those kettle bells are too huge

Danielle Tull

What're the kettlebell weights that are being used?

Kristin Dresser

"We call it our shoulder boulders"??

Lina Omary

Great workout whit! What weight did you use?

Astrid Hernandez

I like the training explanation! ? I believe you should incorporate it more

liz zickterman

I'm a group fitness instructor and my participants love the kettlebells!! totally stealing some of these moves :) btw your body's banging girl!♡

Julie Espitia

Hi Whit! Pretty sure you'll never respond to this but I'll try. I'm just about to start my fitness journey for the first time ever this Monday and I AM SO LOST AND SCARED lol I've been told by a lot of people I have to start doing lots of cardio (and only that) like running on a treadmill and static bike to build resistance and to get my body used to moving like it has never done so before. Is that good? Because all your beginners video tell me to do stuff with Dumbbells and I see no machines/cardio. Just so lost over here... Could you help me out a bit? I want to start a good routine going but just don't know what to do at all! Any help from you or anyone that knows about this would be appreciated :c

Saira Garcia

omg love it thanks u are great

Jamie Rutberg

Can I do this workout without the kettle bell for a more beginner friendly workout? :)

Maria Wright

Where did you get the pants from?

mandeep bakshi

Loved it

Quick Full Body Workout | Dumbbell And Cable Only

Quick Full Body Workout | Dumbbell And Cable Only1 Aug. 2017
355 426
Whitney SimmonsSubscribe 438 721

Full body workout using

Full body workout using limited equipment to get your heart rate up, get a good weight lifting session in and blast body fat!

Subscribe to Jazmine here!!


Follow yo girl for daily fit tips with Whit:

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Top: http://rstyle.me/~a2DMh

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My skincare | use code 'WHITNEY' for 20% off and free shipping https://www.TULA.com/WHITNEY

Bedspread: Home Goods

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What's on my phone? http://amzn.to/2tCalcw

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Supplements I recommend:

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♡ PEScience High Volume pre-workout (without caffeine. I stack this with Prolific) http://amzn.to/2cfMLu3

♡ Xtend BCAA's (blood orange, mango and grape are my favorite flavors) http://amzn.to/2cDDCsJ

♡ Plant Based Protein I recommend: http://amzn.to/2rHS8oM

♡ Best tasting protein (try vanilla or cookies n' creme) http://amzn.to/2ww70dk



Complete each movement back-to-back without resting. After completing the circuit rest for 1-2 minutes. Repeat circuit for 3 sets.

10 straight leg deadlift to sumo squat

20 single-leg bench jumps

10 cable bicep curls

10 cable front raises

10 cable underhand row

10 cable front lat pulldown

15 bench in-n-out

10 standing tricep dumbbell press

Comments (100)
LuLu Dez

I've lost 15 lbs since I started watching you. ❤️❤️❤️


So could you do this work out routine every day as your regular workout or is this for just when you are in a time crunch?

Catherine Geronimo

i love u girl <3 and your videos <3 thanks to you my butt is bigger hahaha <3

Kate Edgeworth

PLEASE PLEEESSSE please I'm begging please do more of these!!



Gabriel Sanchez Gusman

Saludos especiales para una reina que tiene un kuerpesito bien ermoso mmmmmmmmm mamasita

Anonymous User

Love this one! I love circuits! Can you make more videos on your warm up exercises?! Love you!

Rachel Clark

I love this! Could you please do an updated full body workout similar?!?! Between working a fill time job, physical therapy and night school this is about the extent of gym time I can do! Love you so much!

Hailey Peterson

How the heck do you come up with your workout schedule throughout the week? I'm a newbie to the gym and I want to make sure I'm being efficient! ??????


Just did this in 30 minutes with no rest (well, maybe one 30 second rest) for a quick workout and cardio :) it worked perfectly, and I believe I'll be sore tomorrow! Haha thanks Whitney! ?

Karina Heywood

I am in love with these circuits! Somehow they are easier to do mentally. Keep it up girl!

Rodney Sekyere

Nice vlog whitney i am your biggest and fan and you are my biggest idol and i love you so much my kisses and hugs to you ♥♥♥♥♥♥

Thor Romero

Do you know of it's ok to add coffee to my protein shake?

Frankie psd

you look so fit and full of energy in this one! i mean you always do but today guuuuuurl <3
love you


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