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Men, What Dumb Way Did You Hurt Your Balls? (r/AskReddit)

Men, What Dumb Way Did You Hurt Your Balls? (r/AskReddit)21 May. 2020
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Men, What Dumb Way Did You Hurt Your Balls? (r/AskReddit)

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Anthony is Jesus


Men, what's the dumbest way you hurt your balls? (r/ Ask Reddit Top Comments and Stories)

Men, what's the dumbest way you hurt your balls? (r/ Ask Reddit Top Comments and Stories)21 Jun. 2020
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Football Manager Beginners Guide: Tactics

Football Manager Beginners Guide: Tactics15 Feb. 2021
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The one thing people

The one thing people spend more time thinking about in Football Manager than anything else is their tactic. Tactics are at the heart of what defines a manager. In real life, it decides often how they are perceived for all history - from Mourinho to Pep. Actually knowing whether to make a 4-2-3-1 gegenpress or a counter-attacking 4-4-2 can make the difference between relegation and promotion on FM. I cannot make this decision for you. But, I can tell you the tactical levers to pull to make a significant difference.

This beginner’s guide to FM is designed to touch on all the basic parts of the game to allow you to actually play the game. A tutorial of what levers to pull to make the game your own. To make that one tactical change that inspires a whole club or nation to the glory they never thought possible. The magic of the game that this series hopefully unlocks. Enjoy our run through the basics of tactics.

Much Love,

FM Senpai


20 good minutes ► https://open.spotify.com/show/5Qf5sSNMShhRzP7FHOtIjM?si=KXBmn_MqSZaoA5CLqmSThA&nd=1

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Check out Reece the Editor on:

YOUTUBE ► https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY3-SxCeZh-ER8fX_qMJ5MQ?

TWITTER ► https://twitter.com/ReeceTheEditor


Zealand Live Channel:



Visit FMBase for more info:

WEBSITE ► https://fm-base.co.uk/


Thanks for watching and scrolling!

#FootballManager #Gaming #Hashtags

Comments (69)

the intense movie trailer cold open was an interesting artistic choice

Josh 1902

Seasoned FM player, popping in because I've got Leeds hovering above the bottom three, after finishing 6th the previous year ?

Daniel Andrews

Liked a lot that you explained why players sometimes don't do what they were told to do. Further on, please underline this thing, because very many players think that changing a tactic drastically during the match will help, thing that is usually entirely false. Unless you have another secondary tactic you can switch to, ar at least one that offers familiarity with a different style (passing, directness, pressing, etc), making big changes will eventually screw up the tactic. If you're only familiar with a direct and fast tactic, if you think you can do 2 changes and park the bus and go all defense.....well, that will not work, or it will only work based on luck or based on huge team value discrepancies.

Amdi Shamdi

What is the difference between tempo and mentality?

Patrick Campbell

I get my tactics from Kevvy 5 times

Andrew Henry

Reece needs a raise

Oliver Bowman

Zealand: Beginners Guide Tactics

Me having over 2000 hours played: Interesting stuff

Damohe Dianchi

zealand you're distracting me, I'm trying to pay attention on the whiteboard behind you that tells me to pay attention to him. so be less distracting pls :(


thanks for this series, I started playing FM21 last month and I have no freaking clue wtf I'm doing.

Victor Njoroge

I've played FM for years I don't know why I keep watching these. Some more than once

Also a higher line and a low line of engagement can definitely work if you have decent center backs and fast attackers.

Diego Castagneti

catenaccio is an italian word, translated probally mean something like "Big Chain," you lock your team with a chain. (my eng is bad LUL)


6:40 When I compare attributes of two players I always thought that the colors indicate which player is better. Now I look at numbers and I see my mistake. Kinda misleading, they should change it. Thanks for help.

Marko Idžan

OMFG - You are fcking legend. You got GNK Dinamo Zagreb, my hometown club and use them for this series. Dang it, this is now what I will watch to learn new tricks for new save that will start soon(TM) in FM2020 (yeah, still didn't bought FM2021, but will in next month or two)


Remember guys, football is an art. Everyone starts out mimicking and imitating, it's how we learn, but don't let that stop you from being creative and trying things. Failure is as important a step as success.

Иван Сидорчук


Sam Hughes

I never noticed how much your eyebrows move haha!

great video tho

Allaghendra Morgan

I don't undnerstand the game simulation sometimes. I have my team close to 100% tactical familiarity. I win 3 to 4 games with 2-0 or 3-0 score. Then I would lose to a team from the bottom half of the table 0-3 while dominating possession. And if l look at how other teams win against that opposition, they had the same setup as my formation. I dont even understand how it happens.
Also, the game says i concede more from through balls, is there a way to train that?

Gagan Singh

Step 1 copy paste Knapp. There all done. Jk

Steve Scott

Even as a very experienced player your videos have bits I know I am doing wrong or missing. Great video really good tempo of delivery

Wouter van de Steeg

Nice i need this


The hair-loss-issue is real, unfortunately Zealand. Welcome to the club ?

Sjchxh Triskit

Im sorry, it snowed in florida???!!!!!

Filip Pertemov

I am playing a catenacio tactic but with a high pressing and high lines. It really work well and i almost now beat bayern with red star(crvena zvezda


can you do the next one about player roles + combinations? Ones that work good together, and ones that don't work

tyler peake

First 10 boy!!!!

stephen curtis

Played fm for few years now and there's only one thing I haven't done and that's use the "be more disciplined" instruction, can anybody tell me how that affects a team/ tactic?

Garison Hayne

How dare you dissuade my fellow managers from the long shot special. 2xDM-VOL-ATK with two inverted wingbacks, and a DC-Libero standing alone with my sweeperkeeper. They DEMAND off-side traps with high defensive lines DAMNIT!


So what if they have 18 pace, and 7 stamina ?

Patrick Gallacher

Loving the beginners guide's Z

Patrick Robinsson

where are you from btw?


I've never been THIS early


Nice vid man. Really helpful

Adam Dunkley

Is North Iceland an Old Zealand tribute act?

Rosco Dodger

Watched this being edited live on Reece's channel yesterday. Really enjoyed it and it was fascinating the amount that goes into making these videos. It was also a super fun time hanging out with Reece. The Twitch probably should be linked in the description but it isn't... search for ReeceTheEditor on Twitch and give him a follow!


Catennacio just means bolt in Italian. Its basically the padlock formation

S3CRED Ryzen

OH MY, I never realised i was this early, damn

Amdi Shamdi

Need these guides uploads more frequently,,, or maybe you can even do a tutorial save of 1 or ½ of a season


Is it me of has Zealand got as arrogant as Kev and Ben. Streamer showdown clearly going to heads

Diego Castagneti

omg, are you telling me the blue are not the most important? wtf i did the last 3 weeks my life is ruined


Can't put everybody on attack eh, says that after Ben gets 100 points with Chelsea with his whole front line on attack

Mahmoud Tabsh

433 is a tactic but it is also Zealand's hat size. Gotta fit all that information somewhere though.

Kiel Meakin

Honestly I play more like a director of football; simple tactics and occasional handing off to assistant manager and I focus on recruiting and youth development


Love the hat. Love from Iceland

Tangeni Iiputa

Football Manager beginners guide: Dynamics.


Me seeing the title: Hmmmmm seems interesting

Me after watching the video: I'm going against the tips

Oh well I guess it's time to go into my next game with the same tactics before I watched the video

Elma David

I get all information of my girlfriend on WhatsApp through the help of cyber_spy1 on instagram, very fast and legit,is a professional hacker thanks for your good work??

Daniel Lovell

How about whipped crosses? Is that best when your strikers are neither tall or fast? Like is it just a way to try to put defenders under pressure to make mistakes?

Josh Talbot

“The skater boy Avril Lavigne was singing to”

Think I gave myself a hernia laughing at that one.

The Spark

A quick guide to tactics in the right order.

1. The most important thing: Keep team cohesion and atmosphere as high as possible, you can implement this in training.

2. Choose the right captain, this is more important than most people believe. Leadership, workrate and determination for stats. Age is important but not paramount.

3. Player morale is tied to atmosphere but just one unhappy player in the midfield can ruin everything, so even if atmosphere is excellent you may have a black sheep ruining your day.

4. Sound tactical layout without contradicting factors like your wing back being told to dribble if he can´t.

With the above in mind I managed to win 20 games in a row using a dice for tactics with my Wrexham side. Gegenpress or not .... 1-3 yes .... 4-6 no ... etc. All I did was to adjust a few contradicting individual instructions like f.ex. setting the low technical CD to non-sense and both fullbacks to "don´t dribble and take fewer risks" since they are idiots, just adjusted for player ability to match their respective positions.

Tactical familiarity is a weird one, you can change your tactics to something totally different mid season and go on a 3-4 match run where you beat your opponents to a pulp, then the AI adapts and you need to rethink, this always happens the same way ... their keeper starts saving all shots and their team scores on their only shot after which the games become more equal and familiarity plays a role, you are not familiar and start to lose <--- but not always, I have managed to change tactics mid season and just win everything ... not often it happens though.

The more familiar you get with your tactic ... the more familiar the AI gets with your tactic too. Youtube channels often provide tactical reviews based on instant simulations, these are very different from played simulations ... I can guarantee that, this is both due to team talks, player fatigue and a few other things.

TFG -That Football Guy

This was really useful mate thanks


Please do training next ??

Patrick Robinsson

btw, do you have a video about what too look after in your team when you start a game to deside the tactics?

Martin Burmeister

Read the names, Kids! :)

Thanks for this video, what I really needed!

Demuus Rex

is there anything to be done about two players that DON'T perform well as a partnership? ( i.e. they have an orange dotted line instead of a solid yellow one). How bad is it to play them together?


A draft tournament with the subscribers will be fun


Wow the distribute option just blew my mind. Would have saved me a lot of headaches after the keeper passes to the wrong centre back on „Distribute to centre backs“ option.


Wearing a 66° North beanie, with the Icelandic flag in the background... Zealand, you sure you're not actually Icelandic?

Andrés Martín Girardo

Beginner's tip: If you use a striker with the "hold the ball" instruction, make sure to have at least one midfielder making forward runs.


This is why I love FM:
Still today, we have videos on how to create tactics. You'd think someone would have "mastered " tactics but we still havent. I don't think anyone ever will

FM Gamer

You have changed the way I play so much over the last year or so.
Thank you


First viewer!

E Davey

Wait. I'm not meant to go 10 at the back?

The Dude

Hey Z! Loved this one. I'll allow myself to provide you with a video suggestion (clickbait warning): 'TOP 10 player roles combinations in FM21'.
Context: I've seen a lot of youtubers doing tactics videos that also explain individual roles and player instructions, but very few talk about how to combine roles so they work well with each other and in what type of playing style u can use them.
Like for example: "In a wing play tactic these are some good midfield combinations you can consider."
I really think this is sometimes the crucial missing piece for a lot people. They know what formation and what style of play their teams want to play, but are struggling with choosing good role combinations.
Have a good one!

Mike Sykes-Blythe

That sticking up bit of hair he has going on needs a channel of its own.

Navarre Richards

No slp?


Don't forget to say 'we've outtacticted them' like Big Sam in your press conference

Peter Sergeant

Litterally every time I look at the pay attention white board I can’t stop laughing I do it every video

Fabian Schiller

been playing for a while and do my own tactics but this helped because I always assumed highlighted blue were more important than green


Having a high defensive line and a low attacking line could be really good, if you wanna be ready to counter with a load of people yet making it really hard to go through you because you're so compact, with a narrow defense and wide attack, high pressing and tempo. Only way to really get through is over the top, where you hopefully got speedy defenders. I found that 2/3 of all goals conceded came from set pieces. And my team is way below average in everything.