Hot olympic athletes female

Hottest Female Athletes in Rio Olympics 2016 PLUS The Most Beautiful Winifer Fernández

Hottest Female Athletes in Rio Olympics 2016 PLUS The Most Beautiful Winifer Fernández18 Aug. 2016
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Top 10 hottest female

Top 10 hottest female athletes at the Rio Olympics 2016

The Rio Olympics 2016 have been running for several days, and while the men's sports are exciting and everything, we all know a lot of people consider staring at the women to be an integral part of the Olympics. Especially because it's Summer, unless you have a thing for Winter coats , have fun enjoy and share .

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The music is terribly distracting and a less bombastic choice would have been much better.

Track & Field - Top 7 Beautiful Women Athletes ● HD ●

Track & Field - Top 7 Beautiful Women Athletes ● HD ●7 Jun. 2018
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Track & Field - Top 7

Track & Field - Top 7 Beautiful Women Athletes ● HD ●

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The #7 chick is shapped like a thumb.



Joey Taylor

Darkskin girl at the end I'd love to slip her socks off and suck them feet

Hockey Girl

Yeah this guy like skinny girls. Muscular women are beautiful. These girls are a little on the thin side


Yes, Voula makes the cut!

Eddielee Joseph

Where the thickness at tho

carmen arzalluz

I also saw Fatima Diame and she is such a sweetie person

Poupoule kévin

quel est le titre de la musique stp sinon super chaîne mec

Oscar Dolmazon

ca fait du putaclic lowan ?

carmen arzalluz

And I took a picture with khaddi sagnia and she is a very good person

About Athletics

Another great compilation,friend! ?

shalltear sebas

6:20 as bayrakalrı

George raymond

Good video. and agree with all the ladies having nice shapes but why do you show their worst jumps and missed attempts!


This should have been titled top 7 beautiful butts. I'm not complaining but some of the women I barely saw their faces

carmen arzalluz

Why are you that stupid ? Maybe they don’t want to show their body in your videos

Top 10 Hottest Female Athletes at Rio Olympics 2016

Top 10 Hottest Female Athletes at Rio Olympics 201613 Aug. 2016
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Top 10 hottest female

Top 10 hottest female athletes at the Rio Olympics 2016!

The Rio Olympics 2016 have been running for several days, and while the men's sports are exciting and everything, we all know a lot of people consider staring at the women to be an integral part of the Olympics. Especially because it's Summer, unless you have a thing for Winter coats.

Anyways, let's add to the Rio 2016 coverage on this channel by counting down the top 10 hottest female athletes at the Rio Olympics 2016. Of course, opinions will vary, and this is not an objective list by any means.

This video was supposed to be a list of 20, but it's surprisingly hard to find good pictures of a lot of the athletes, plus a ton of sites are lying and claim that certain women are competing at Rio 2016, when they're actually not.

List of the top 10 hottest female athletes at the Rio 2016 Olympics:

10. Aly Raisman, 21, from USA, competing in gymnastics

9. Morgan Mitchell, 21, from Australia, competing in athletics

8. Dafne Schippers, 24, from Netherlands, competing in athletics

7. Kassidy Cook, 21, from USA, competing in diving

6. Ingrid De Oliviera, 20, from Brazil, competing in diving

5. Alex Morgan, 27, from USA, competing in soccer

4. Zsuzsanna Jakabos, 27, from Hungary, competing in swimming

3. Hanna-Maria Seppala, 31, from Finland, competing in swimming

2. Michelle Jenneke, 23, from Australia, competing in hurdles

1. Darya Klishina, 25, from Russia, competing in long jump

Who do you think should have been on the list?

Comment down below.

I may end up making another top 10 hottest female athletes video, or taking this one and adding onto it to make a list of 20 or more, if I can end up finding more photos.


A ton of people hate the athletes in this list, so I made another video with 20 more female athletes. Check it out here:


If you're new to the channel, I do daily recap videos that go over everything happening at the Rio 2016 Olympics, including results, highlights, world records, and the total number of medals for each country. Check them out if you're interested.

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Music used in this video:

Basic Implosion Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)


Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


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Werringer Tonney

Your list, your preference but I have to say that the Dominican/Brazilian diver has a below average face. I think people get so hung up on nice butts that they ignore everything else.

Dejan Despot


Jabari Rose

What about Winifer Fernandez? She bad as hell

Ernie Papadoyianis

Alie Raisman...really?? C'mon! you missed the hottest of all. Google Swiss beach volleyball!

luis Zavala

Aly raisman super hot

mathieu georges

WTF No black woman?


I guess the american sucker is the only one!

Jakub Matejka

No. 3 is  the best

Laura Murphy

I find it so annoying that these women are being judged on their looks like that is all they are worth! These incredible women who have dedicated their lives to their sport and are the best in the world at what they do should not be degraded like this!


most realistic number one!!!


#1 has a flat ass...shame

anas abchir

where is katinka hosszu

Alexa Njcole


Jose Velez


Sam Francisco

You must think dog's asses are cute with those choices.

Jeomar Job

????Feliz páscoa princesa ????

Super Flexer

Hanna very hot! She looks over 6ft as well.


this video needs to be named " top hottest white/european chicks, with a poorly placed hot brazilian and aboriginal chick. no blacks, africans, east Asians allowed."

I'm a American and i laughed after seeing 3 of our girls were on this list.

that 6th or 7th placed brazilian chick should have been number one if the rest of these chicks in this list was her competition.


obivious dude you are gay please come out of the closet most of your top like men the were so many gorgeous girl girls in Brazil wtf Brazil dude and this is your top 10 gay alert gay alert

gianmario rupe

Darya ❤️

gio gio

i saw better ones from tv


the two hottest are not here, blume the swimmer and the 19yr old new Zealand pole vaulter

Andrew Clint

Mostley usa makes me think that hes from the usa sat in front of a laptop or some shit eating junk while his mom asks if he wants cookies



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Minerva McGonagall

um the description? women are skilled athletes there to compete, not for u to stare at.

vladson gregson

where is Ivana Spanovic you dumb fucks?

Mr. Canda10

These girls look like men

Artem Lugin

Maybe bottom 10

Griffin Earls

The first one was the only really hot one

ary firmansyah

Alissa Newman?

lumpy368 wrath

Aly should be much higher.

Samantha Bell

Dafne Schippers ??? seriously, ? if you think she's hot then you got problems

Tuba Maxima

I'm not sure what standards are used by those that make the negative comments below but all these women are drop-dead gorgeous.  Physically fit women are totally sexy as well as being over the top beautiful.  If your standards are big tits and huge asses, I feel sorry for you.

Lockon Stratos

Too many to choose from, look at all the female pole vaulters, sandi Morris from USA

Sage Watson of Canada runs track

Vincent de Guard

nice smiles always make attractive face more appealing


Where is Rhythmic Gymnists from Rio...?.. Margarita Mamun,Yana,open your eyes,the
Russian Girls run rings around this lot..


I guess he does not like Tennis or Vollyball players?

Darrell Smith

Really bruh?

sami moring

"#1" has a pretty face, that seems to be it..the rest of your list is gross


Maybe nice adult-sized tits and asses aren't hot features in women.

Petter Nybråten

Not much charisma among these ladies. Something about athletes having to be so one track-minded I think. Different for different sports. A lot of personalities in tennis and the US pro leagues. Soccer players are often dull af.


Ingrid De Oliviera From Brazil should be #1

A Imraah

Not ONE volleyball player makes the list? No Kerri Walsh-Jennings? No Anouk Verge Depre? No Thaisa Daher de Menezes? Dude, nine of the top 10 on the list should have been volleyball players, and you didn't even include one! For shame. For shame!

Suzuki Gixxer

Love the music playing in the background,1.44 M views and counting.Congrats bro,Alex Morgan she's fuckin hot.

SK Live

Wow, it wasn't click bait this time. There was like, 2 or 3 that were hot. Def the last one.

Rose O'Donnell

this video is shit from the get go

Jeth Smith

Michelle Jenneke I love You!!!!!!!!!!

L.O.Λ.E You

It's JAKABOS Zsuzsanna, not JACOBS!!! Idiots...


absolutely stupid video. sorry i clicked on it. get a real job instead of making dumb content like this.

Beagle Charlie

Dafne Schippers!!!!1

Alexander Ceklovsky

Nr. 10 and 9 is a joke? I guess a very bad one :D

janneth Archer

really...so funny

C Scott

Where is Hope Solo?


you forgot Ana Ivanović, Caroline Wozniacki, Anna Koernikova, Dominika Cibulková, Maria Sjarapova, Eugenie Bouchard, abine Lisicki, Yanina Wickmayer, Hope Solo and Jennifer Salinas. Only this 10 are way hotter then your selected 10


As videos go, this is damn weak. You know where I go when I want pictures? Google fucking Images. YouTube is not for slideshows buddy.

Olavo Luisatto

Congratulations! Beautiful woman!! Santos City. São Paulo State. BRZ.

András Léhi

Not jacobs... Jakabos

Pranab N

No Katinka Hosszu ??


Вечен сојуз. Библ.

John50 Beach

Agree with Raisman, Morgan and most of the others but is it just me or has Schippers' face gotten more masculine? Jaws gone huge and spots on her face, bit of a turn off


Two thirds of these women are c- ....why lie to us.

A.G. Martinez

Australian chicks are perverts. Woohoo!!


LOL!!! not the Top 10 Hottest not by a long shot.

Holland Meester

Last photo of no 8 isn't Dafne Schippers!!!!

Woud Wilder

We can be friends, None of these would make my list except maybe the Hungarian girl but here tits are to small for my taste :)

Sayla Thyda

Boring it only USA. Ect not other country n colours n background. It more blue eyes n yellow hairs

Salt AU

Who came up with this list, Stevie Wonder?

Nemes Dániel - HLTMAries_23

Zsuzsanna JAKABOS.....by the way, nice video! :)

Beast Mode

alex morgan the only good looking girl in this video. The rest avg at best

David Silber

Great. DS


you are sick


is this some sort of sick joke?? winifer Fernandez??

Hank Stout

I would drink Cassidy Cook's bathwater...come on now

J Helpin

4 out the 10 were not bad the rest was horrible

Oliver Klaus

laura ludwig is missing ;)

Hap Nique

There should have been more Russian athletes here.


Add Tori Bowie!


@1:06. Now we know what they mean when they say, "Lucky Dog."

Dániel Kovács

Boglárka Kapás???

james grames

What? Caster Semenya didn't win?

Now seriously. From the girls you put on your lists (or from those pictures actually) Alex Morgan was definately no.1. Michelle Jenneke and Ingrid de Oliviera should be 10th both just because we can't see their faces on two pictures and that is your fault.

Joseph Harlem

where's khaddi sagnia?

Cássio Azevedo

Number 6 is the hottest (the Lolita aura xD)
All these women are very pretty!
i'd like to see where you guys live, because saying that they are all "average" is pretty pretensious.

Tay Jordan

lol why u have to show all their arses?


You really need to check some of the diving and synchronized swimming, also of other members of the swimming countries. Beach volley and volleyball has also very beatiful gals.

Byzon Gahtrum

0:43 to 0:51 Dafne Schippers but on last picture (0:56) it's Michelle Jenneke , not same arm eyes ears ect


what about pernille blume

De'Shaun Namikaze

where is Simone biles


My god, they are really ug...

Link Link

there where plenty more girls that where way hotter


#3 is the hottest. ? Hannah Maria Seppala ?

T Bagins

What's wrong with you they very ugly .....

Edward Nigma

Worst top 10 list ever! Most of these chick's is built like middle school aged boys!


Darya OMG beautiful as fuck


wtf km looking Lord of the Rings or a compilation of hot girls?.... they look like they take lot of steroids:S

Sjoerd van loon

dafne schippers had to be number 1 because she is the hottest sport woman on earth


Nice music!

Please what is the name of the song and the author?

Thanks in advance!


Meh ... two or maybe three out of the 10 I'd call hot.

Irene Mulindwairen

All women are beautiful. Stop being shallow.


This list sucks. You have really poor taste.