P90x transformation female

Lindsay's 90 Day P90X Transformation!!!

Lindsay's 90 Day P90X Transformation!!!4 Jan. 2010
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damnnn yur a model now ! xD

Lindsay Matway

@nsona527 Hey Love! Since you just purchased your P90X, you should consider joining one of my P90X Challenge groups for more accountability! Let me know if you are interested! LMatway(at)yahoo(dot)com!

Marcelo Abinum

Hahahaha keep pressing 2 and 7 to compare the before and after butt.

Diwan Basnet

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maria gonzalez

hiii u look amazing ,,,i just stared doin p90x...i finish week 1...i was doin the lean one, but i want to change to the clasic better..? wat do u recommend?? stay wit lean or change...i really want to loose so pound and a belly since i had a baby 5 months ago and i feelll verryyy upset wi my self ..thank to all the weight gained ...helpp me plz

Alejandra carrillo

You were already skinny but look amazing after


did you fallow the meal plan?

Lindsay Matway

Have you kept going?!?!

Jane Doe

Thanks for the inspiration!! im on day 5 of p90x!! and this really helped boots me even more thanks!! 


nice, you look good before and after

Lindsay Matway

@aStepCloserEveryday I can promise you "luck" had nothing to do with it... It took a LOT of hard work and sacrifice.


@TheFashionFatale im in day 70ish of p90x and ive mostly lost weight in my stomach and hips. my breast size did not change im still a natural 36D...and since losing weight in my stomach, my chest actually appears bigger =]


If you can't keep up to the instructor on the video, do you just do what you can until you improve? Sometimes I get so tired to the point where I have to pause the video and then start again before my heart rate slows completely down.

Cherie Canelas



Omg, you're such an inspiration!! a close friend just gave me this program as a gift and I'm a little bit afraid to start... But I really want to do this!! I deal with this baby weight for too long now!


@nsona527 Coconut oil works great on stretch marks, I used to be a bigger guy and had stretch marks from my previous size. Coconut milk smooths the stretch scars off and makes them quite a bit less visible. They won't go entirely but considerably less visible is better than "I can see it from a mile away!"

Lindsay Matway

@Tanikadancer18 I'd love to be your coach! message me :)


fantastic! I am just a tiny bit smaller than you at day 0 and I wanted to know what I can expect doing p90x. You look AMAZING! Thanks so much for the video!

Shubham Jain

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do you even pay attention to the videos? DO YOUR BEST AND FORGET THE REST. tony says it over and over and over and over and over. and over.


Ew @ all the hate on here. You look awesome and are a great inspiration for us ladies. You go girl!!! :D

Dady Renaldi

Have you heard about "Smashing Ripped X?" (do a Google search for it) It is a quick and easy way for you to get ripped fast.

Alexei Solechi

you looked great before too ! That baby weight was pretty cute :$ !


Oh hey! Have you thought about the Fat Blast Furnace (just google it)? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my buddy got rid of insane amounts of fat.


If you want to build muscle, you should do a Google search "H6x Muscle Monster". That can help you get the body you deserve.


@ 1:38 DDAMNN!

Andriy Tsekov

Wow! .I did -10 lbs past 2 weeks.Go to hawght.so\#X2ayROW 39zp6BPwUoNMEaUDL


The only thing I can say is - I admire you for what you did, you look amazing and congratulations :)


Uhh... Too... thin... without some semblance of mass you will break like a toothpick.


Have you tried "MAD Ripped Muscle?" (Google it) It is a quick way for you to get ripped fast.

Vova Guvrish

Hi! I'm Alyssa.I did -30 lbs in 1 month.More here hawght.so


Well, she looked pretty darn good when she started but I've done P90X and will guarantee that if you follow the program the way it's designed, it WILL work. I lost 31 lbs. on my first round of the X. And Lindsay, I mean this in the most respectful way and this comes from a happily married man. You are hot!!


This motivates me.

Fed up American

Nice! You have an amazing body, good to see you keeping it in top condition.

Freddy Fazbear

1:36 have fucking mercy...

June oxford

I'm confused where are the fat or overweight pictures?

Andrei streetworkout

good transformation,you look so good!

Toeside Shuvit


Cherie Canelas

Hi! was you following the exact meal plan that p90x gives u??


Have you seen "Atomic Max Muscle?" (look for it on Google) It is a quick way to build muscle fast.


amazing! congrats. on week 2 of my beach body journey. will be moving onto power 90 in 2 more weeks :)


Gorgeous. Great job!

Cindy Fonseca

@LindsayMatway I would have to agree with the lucky comment though, when it comes to day 1, I'd kill to have the type of curves you do!! Your beautiful day 1 - day 60!!! Great job with the end result, very inspiring!

John Methvin

Be my mommy?? LOL, very nice.


Discover the weight burning system that lies hidden in your body. Go Google Fat Blast Factor to bring it out.


Hey could you be my coach too?


haha right? I thought the same thing

Jesus Christ

nice rack


the fuck would I do if my mom was that hot?


u look amazing i had 2 babies n gained 60 lbs n im have the px90 but cant seem to keep a straight diet how did u do it????

Ilham Pratama

They laughed when I told them I was going to bulk up with "Elite Muscle Formula", but then they saw the results. Google Elite Muscle Formula to see their reaction. (You should see their shock!)


@Faith4u29 Well great job and keep it going


She´s fine for me since the begining, but at the end she´s a hottie !!

Almeira Muslad

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There was nothing wrong with you on DAY 1 of this ..... I WISH my boys mom loked like you did after you gave birth. 0.o

Kimberly Lawhon


Peter Neal

You're beautiful, you should definitely look at modeling you would be perfect :) <3 xx

Nikolov Borce

Hello, have you wondered this thing called the Max Muscle Method? (do a google search). My sister says it gets people to increase their strength.

Nhung Nhung

Did you use Shakeology?

PitterPatter Playtime



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swampboy supreme


Vespertili Kildem

Nothing wrong beside the clear enlarged belly. C'mon, admit it she looks better now. It takes effort and determination to decide to workout in such a hard way and such a short time.


@Faith4u29 Hows it going, but make sure its a lifestyle change and your doing it for you.


This p90x is bullshit you get lean but if your a women you are almost anorexic looking and men well think they got alot of muscle which i laugh at. Do not waste your money on this bullshit, watch natural bodybuilders pages(physique of greatness,layne norton,flexforall2) they give free information if any of you wana lose weight without damaging your metabolism. Search dieting and you should get alot of information. Thank me later.


This song Sucks. I must be to old to get it. Nice job of getting in shape though.

Vova Palmchuk

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mada haryoto

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Jessica W

if im just starting out, should i do lean or classic?


That's awesome! I need you to be my mentor lol

Lindsay Matway

@TheStars713 For my first round I followed the lean plan and for my second I did classic!

Katie Jo Boydston Katie Wiley/Catherine Jo Wiley

Awesome body! Hard hard work it looks like. Which P90X did you use? I've seen a few versions and I don't know which one is what. Any help?


can i do you next kid ? xd

Alexei Solechi

tactical mute incoming

anamul sau

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waww amazing


@Tanikadancer18 =/ ugh. I need one too. im soooooo lazy about doing to though. i did p90x with my husband for 2 weeks & he totally quit on me so I lost my motivation. =(

Nasirul Islam

Hey, have you heard about "BELLYfatTACK" yet? Just google it and you will find bellyfattack.com There you can find a good free video by an experienced medical doctor talking on how to lose fat. This made it easier for Madellane to burn her abdominal fat. I will probably give it a shot. I hope it works for you also...

Catherine Jeong

No I have not, I am going to do insanity for 40 days and start on p90x. my friend let me barrow insanity, but she needs it after a month. I ordered p90 and its on its way. I know insanity is a 60 days program but might as well do at least 40 days than nothing right? Im really excited~~~ (:


qq, didn't you or anybody else experienced any strained muscle or any sort of inury during workouts? how do u deal with it?


although i admire your hard work, you look sexy on day 1 just as on day 90 if it's for health reasons then that's okay too

Mousumi Khatun

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chandra kumar

Hi, have you experienced H6x Muscle Monster? (look it up on Google) You will discover the crimes we commit against ourselves. With H6x Muscle Monster, you will discover how to bulk up quickly.

Lindsay Matway

Yes! Have you tried the program before?

Lindsey D

I am 24, Female, and you motivated me to start p90x, awesome job :-)

Jude Rivera

You already had a great body to begin with, looks even better now. Congratulations!


Hey I can only use one hand due to a physical disability. I have done every shaun T program but might want to try P90X Thoughts?


@LindsayMatway when you say first round you mean the first 30 days? can i change the workouts through the whole process? i hope i was clear lol

Catherine Jeong

so you got this body with ONLY p90x and a healthy diet?????????????

Laura P.

damn woman

Matthew Woods

Very Hot!! I love how at the start of the video, the setting is in the getto and at the end your in the penthouse!

team wolfpack

great results

tanika wanninger

hey im doing insanity but i would still love a coach to help me threw it




Yes, she looks *even better* now. I was just saying, that when she started out she looked pretty darn good already !

kripa shrestha

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Hi, I was wondering how I could get Shakeology.. I live in France and I think it would help me so much!

Oh its Mike

Your husband is a happy man. GOT DAMN


ok just saying u looked amazing day 1 lol

Marla Patricia

This is super inspirational!

P90X Woman Results Transformation

P90X Woman Results Transformation13 Apr. 2013
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Lily RodriguezSubscribe 438 721

My 90 day p90x

My 90 day p90x transformation.

Comments (14)
Lily Rodriguez

Thank you @mjc32! It's positive comments like yours that inspires and keeps me going towards my fitness goals. :)

Choco Opilas

Awesome transformation !! Am on my 2nd month , I was wondering what p90x schedule u did? Lean classic or doubles ???

Sonisha Thapa

Have you tried "Smashing Ripped X?" (Go Google it) It is a quick way to bulk up fast.


Inspirational. Great job!

Lily Rodriguez

@fiestapancakes I didn't actually lose very much weight at 30 days believe it or not, it was more inches that I lost. I noticed I was less bloated & my pants fit loser. Your diet is very important too. I don't like to call it "diet" but you know what I mean. Try the p90x app. It has a way to track your food & it's very basic & simple. It goes with your p90x phases & it was very helpful for me. Good luck! :) and don't get discouraged. Stick with it & you will see results!

Lily Rodriguez

Thanks I did the lean schedule. I like it better because it includes the core workout. Good luck with your transformation! :)

Lily Rodriguez

@HienDhaAsianChick  No did not skip days. Followed schedule for lean and only sometimes didn't do the Sunday stretch workout which could be optional. Now starting the P90X3 in January! Just ordered my copy yesterday!

James Butler

I can't believe your 44 and have had 2 kids... you look in your 20's and simply amazing!


you look great! may i ask if you ever skipped days? or youve done everything and follow the whole 90 days plan?


44 years old come on. Seriously you look younger that. You look awesome. Please upload more videos. Please! I'm subscribing to see more videos.

Marcus C

Lily, or 44 with kids and look that good? WOW! You look awesome! Great job and good luck!

Carly Robbins

Wow!!!you look awesome

Lily Rodriguez

@carly r & aztekfitness thank you! <3


44 years old come on. Seriously you look younger that. You look awesome. Please upload more videos. Please! I'm subscribing to see more videos.

My Beachbody transformation, P90X and Insanity - Ewelina

My Beachbody transformation, P90X and Insanity - Ewelina5 Dec. 2012
155 193

https://www.facebook.com/polandpow?ref=hl http://malywielkiswiatewla.wordpress.com/

Comments (100)
MargPL sr

Super filmy i motywacja! A jakim aparatem robisz filmy i zdjęcia? Gratulacje za świetną techniczną robotę z filmikami (sama się tym zajmujesz?) Masz stabilizację kolana? coś się stało? zastanawiam się czy te ćwiczenia nie są za ciężkie dla osób, krtóre się nie ruszały wcześniej albo mają poważną nadwagę (Ty nie miałaś takiej) bo mogą obciążać stawy... chyba każdy powinien skonsultować to z lekarzem ..... Dzięki za te wszystkie filmy!

burak hepyek


Diógenes Rodrigo

The Best ! ❤
O melhor vídeo ! ?

natalia estrada

what an inspiration! congratulations!

Yvonaa Symon

Jstem po tygodniu cieżkiej pracy nad swoim ciałem , zaczynałam watpic ze mi sie uda osiagnac cel , dzieki tobie wiem ze dam raze. Jesteś Niesamowita ...

Liz Torres-Lyn

You have inspired me today, Thank you!

Marlena K

Super filmik motywacyjny. Biorę się dość narzekania, czas coś z sobą zrobić. Udowodniłaś, że można. Tak trzymaj! Wyglądasz super!

DŻasta fantasta

zajebista jesteś :) , ja również jestem z Ciebie dumna. Mi niestety brak silnej woli :(

Lps Jaz

what is insanity?

Seentia S

żałuje że Cię nie znam na żywo :x ciężko jest samemu ćwiczyć i się zmotywować :( 

Trycholog Radzi

To już kolejny filmik Twojego autorstwa, nie wiem co takiego w sobie mają, ale oglądając je uśmiecham się przez łzy, wyzwalasz we mnie tyle pozytywnej energii, masę endorfin i chęci dbania o siebie coraz mocniej. Zaczynam z takim ciałem jak ty (pomimo, że nie mam dzieci) ćwiczę jednak z inną "trenerką" (zapewne domyślasz się jaką) i widzę już efekty, a minął dopiero tydzień, ale jak oglądam P90X mam coraz większą ochotę zacząć z tym. Zastanawiam się tylko czy w PL można dostać te płyty.

Tess Wong

So which was better for you Insanity or P90X?

Valerie Zakharova

какие особенности диеты были,если не секрет?)

Adriana Strzała

:) ale fajnie sobie przypomnieć ten filmik :D mega motywacyjny jest. Majka jaka słodka <3


you're a fan of Rocky, right? lol me too. Now you have a Brazilian fan.


great video and inspiration!

Jack Pancake

przez chwile poczulem sie jak Rocky


I am on the Whiskey Diet, I have lost 7 days already.

Anna Kornasiewicz

mam pytanko, mam filmiki z cwiczeniami p90x ale jest ich tylko 10 czy powinnam miec ich 12? czy moge zrobic mix'n'match i uzywac tylko tych 10 wybierajac co chce robic w dany dzien?

Marian Hadid Bravo Cortes

Una gran inspiración ...

Joanna Retka

śliczne dzieciaki , super filmiki!

I Van Mtz Cervantes

Is George Clooney your husband?

serenity 44

Ale jestem pod wrażeniem,pokazujesz,że naprawdę można wszystko,wystarczy samozaparcie;) i chęci! śliczne masz dzieciaczki;)


Your such an inspiration ewelina!

Football TV

Pięknie ?

Martin Flåten

Awesome work! :)

Tatianka Kotecka

Twój mąż wygląda jak George Cloney czy jak to sie tam pisze :D  serio, myslalam ze masz zdjecie z Georgem ^^  3:56

Pinkie Pie

I am also doing a 90 day program


Ale wypas! :)

Eliane Squizzato

Hi Ewelina,you are absolutely fantastic!!Hats of for you,All Respect.All effort and all paid for,Awesome.From all reviews that I have seen yours are the best and had inspired me so much,its just the beginning for me,but won't give up because of your So Inspirational Video,I'm huge fan,thanks ever so much:)

Pililani Boggess

that was awesome! you got ripped!

Алексей Продан

Молодец ;)

Zura King

where can i get P90X in South East Asia?

mohamed doc

It would be a shame for you not to bulk up when other people accomplish it so easily using H6x Muscle Monster (Google it).


Wyglądasz świetnie!!! Ciężka praca, wspaniały efekt!!! :)

george matinezjr

Quoting rocky I love you

Pinkie Pie

What is the name of the song in this video

Pola Lee

uwielbiam twoje podklady z Rocky-ego!!!! musze sobie zgrac na telefon kilka :-)

Yanna Rosado

OMG!! You are my inspiration now !! I'm doing INSANITY... and whenever I think I can not I'm going to tell "She could, me too".. !! THANK YOU :D

Benjamin Sellers III

Wow amazing change!


What camera did you use to record? great work btw


Nic tylko pogratulować wyników. ;) Ja od 2,5 tygodnia bawię się w Insanity. :D Stosowałaś jakąś dietę podczas ćwiczeń?


that was a great video....congratulations on your transformation and on completing those programs.  I enjoyed all 5 minutes...you kept the video interesting....

Magdalena Anna

Uwielbiam Cię!!! Ja zaczęłam swoje starcie 7 miesięcy temu i pewnie bym nie wytrwała gdyby nie prowadzenie bloga... Teraz też motywuję choć mam jeszcze sporo drogi przed sobą... GRATULUJE CI! Jesteś naprawdę wielka!!!


Ewelnka,tak trzymaj,jestes przykladem na to ze MOŻNA...ja juz kupilam program i teraz sie zbieram...trzymaj kciuki,pozdrawiam :)


Gratulacje :) Podoba mi sie fotka z tymi spodniami :D tez mam taka "pamiatke" z rozmiaru 54 ( rozciagnietego do nie wiem jakiego) do 46 :)

Trevor Hall

nice abs and a hot bikini body


How long did it take you to build up your upper body strength? I'm afraid to invest in a chin up bar because I have no arm strength. I just now started p90x a couple days ago. I can't do a normal push-up yet, I've got to do "girl push-ups."

Anil Datheputhe

If you desire to burn off fat quickly, you should do a google search Exyph Fat Loss. They can help you get the body you deserve.

Rachel Brownell

I love your video! I watched your p90x video several months ago and it inspired me so much. I am on my own fitness journey, have worked out everyday since November'12 and am thrilled with my progress. Thank you for posting such a personal video, it really helps people! Congratulations on achieving your goal. You look amazing!

shrink linkolen

You Are Amazing :)


...witam sedecznie...bardzo chcialabym zakupic ten program do cwiczen ....mozecie mi podacstronke.....prosze

Pinkie Pie

Robert Tepper .. No easy way out

jo goldenagb

Hej ewelina brawo. ! Ja sie zabieram I sie zabrac nie moge :(. Pozdrawiam. A I jeszcze jedno maz podobny do clooneya:)


Twój mąż to George Clooney ? :D


dokładnie xD też tak pomyślałam ;)

Paulo Figueredo

you were too beautiful after p90x classic ... congratulations!

Robson Guedes

O significado da vida não é simplismente existir, sobreviver, mais sim crescer, alcançar e conquistar. parabéns!


Chciałam to samo napisać. Urocza Ewelina i urocze dzieci. Gratuluje!


Parviz Ghodsi :D

biki kapali

It would be a shame if you did not bulk up when these normal people accomplish it so easily using "Rapid Muscle Booster" (check it out on Google).

Joanna Dalton

Ewelina, that was truly inspirational! I have done 7 weeks of Insanity and I've started losing motivation, after returning from a holiday & with work looming & rain coming down. You've reminded me about what's important and about how good I've been feeling recently thanks to Insanity. I also suffer from depression and sleep problems - thank you for reminding me how much better I have been feeling lately. Well done, you look completely amazing!


amazing! i'm so proud of you! you're quite an inspiration!


Oglądałam Twoje filmy już wcześniej. Dały mi kopa, wszystko było ok i.... odpuściłam. Ostatnio mam zły czas, moje ciało nie wygląda tak, jakbym chciała. Czuję się beznadziejnie. Przypadkowo ponownie trafiłam na Twoje filmy. To musi być znak. Teraz się nie dam!!!

reamon iolondi

It would be a shame for you not to get ripped when normal people do it so easily with Xylphlike Fat Loss (Look it up on google).



Mei Puglie

te felicito!!!! sos un ejemplo!!! saludos desde argentina!

WWE_Team_ Pro

Bardzo ładnie... Ładnie trenujesz i ładnie wyglądasz ... (:

Ewelina Ghodsimaman

Dziekuje Kochanie!!!!

Qanta Bushra

Hey there, have you heard about H6x Muscle Monster? (just Google it) You will discover the crimes we commit against ourselves. With H6x Muscle Monster, you will discover how to get ripped fast.

Valerie Zakharova



love the music behind 


oglądałam wiele filmików na youtube,ale twój jest najlepszy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pozdrawiam cie gorąco!!

Сергей Славянин

а на каком языке ты в конце заговорила?

Agnieszka W

Jakie zaskoczenie jak zaczęłaś mówić po polsku :D Super efekty,zazdroszczę! Mam nadzieję,że też kiedyś takie osiągnę :) :*

John Mayer

If you seriously want to get ripped, you should do a Google search "Ripped X Beast". They can guide you and help you get the body you deserve.

Aleksandra Woźniak

Hej :) Chciałam się spytać o wzmocnienie ramion - widzę, że świetnie wyrzeźbiłaś ramiona i robisz naprawdę głębokie pompki. Czy wystarczy przejść p90x by je tak wyrobić, czy w wolnym czasie ćwiczyłaś z hantelkami i drążkiem? Sama zamówiłam p90x i już się nie mogę doczekać, aż zacznę ćwiczyć - nie mam nadwagi, ale otyłość (170cm, 61kg z czego 31% to tłuszcz :() Dziękuję, że mnie zmotywowałaś :D


Go you! This made me smile. Awesome work!

Pinkie Pie

This is very encouraging and motivating


biore z ciebie przyklad i biore sie do roboty ! 4 dni temu zobaczylam cie na yt i stwierdzilam ze czas wziasc sie do robot!! od 4 dni cwicze z ewa ch. zobaczymy jaki bedzie efekt koncowy !:) motywujesz mnie do dzialania !!! dziekuje !!:) odwalilas kawal dobrej roboty! ogromny szaacunek !:)

zuz gromulska

Gratulacje, wspaniała energia, widać że jesteś silną i piękną osobą :) Świetne wideo, bardzo motywujące, choć ja ćwiczę coś innego i mam jako cel zrzucenie tylko paru kilo, czuję się bardzo zainspirowana. Pozdrawiam!

Maibritt Kuuskmäe

Hi, Ewelina! I thought you got George Clooney as a prize for being so corageous! But it was your husband, the look-alike :)

Pinkie Pie

Thank you for making this video

gupMan viNo gB

Have you heard about "Atomic Max Muscle?" (look for it on Google) It is a quick way to get ripped fast.


popłakałem się jak dziecko :* Jesteś niesamowita :) You RULE Girl!!!

Ryan levi

>losing, not loosing. Still a great video!


great job!

Joanna Kozanecka

Hej ewelina mam prozbe jaka ja moge znalaez ten film z cwiczeniami prosze o reakcje dziekuje asia

Monika P

Dziękuję za inspirację! Jestem mamą ośmiomiesięcznego synka, zmobilizowałaś mnie do intensywniejszych ćwiczeń :) Od 4 dni przerabiam P90X. Pozdrawiam serdecznie z zimnej Szwecji :)


Podziwiam Twoj sukces!

Edyta W

Zabiłabym za Twoje nogi :P Jestem pod ogromnym wrażeniem tego co dokonałaś. Ćwiczę już 3 tyg, ale dieta mi się kompletnie sypie...


uwielbiam muzyke ktorej uzywasz!!

Елена Никольская

Респект и уважуха!

Kasia Fanajło

Cześć Ewelina :) Zainspirowałaś mnie niesamowicie :) Mój kuzyn z NYC też mi mówił o tym programie i nie mogłam odmówić sobie żeby spróbować. Mam 3 miesiące do ślubu i chciałabym spalić trochę zbędnych kilogramow z brzucha. Myślisz że powinnam zrobić najpierw P90X czy Insanity? Zaczełam P90X ale zamiast Yogi wczoraj zrobiłam pierwszy raz trening z Insanity i dostałam tak w kość że mam dylemat. Lepiej zrobić Insanity, P90X czy mieszać?


Your husband like George Clooney :)

Danuta Kaczmarek

zgadzam się! :)

Lauren Kapellusch

Which did you do first?

Aleksandar Dimovski

It would be a shame for you not to get ripped when other normal people are able to burn off fat so easily with Shape X Booster (Google it).


Jestes moja inspiracja. Dzisiaj zaczelam cwiczyc i mam zamair wytrwac:) pozdrawiam


Gratuluję imponującego wyniku! Po pain, no gain! ;)