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Schwinn Sidewinder Mountain Bike, 26 inch wheels, mens frame, black

Schwinn Sidewinder Mountain Bike, 26 inch wheels, mens frame, black22 Jan. 2020
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Vignesh A M

I have a adjustable spanner/ wrench. Would that be enough for assembly or do I need any specific one? Thanks.

Bill Zoda

The assembly went fine but the bike makes a clicking noise when you pedal it ...Suggestions ???

Jason Anchondo

I have the blue sidewinder I believe it's a 2015. Have you worked or rode one and how do you rate it?

Tristan Belcher

Hey, is it likely that my forks got damaged in mailing if they were bent when it was delivered?


Is it a good bike?

Bill Zoda

He never installed the front brakes !!!

Sotthea Phoeurng

Hi sir I consider this bike and Sirdar s-900 27.5" which is $400. I need better quality. Can you tell me is it worth or not to pay $200 for Sirdar?


Hey. What is that clip you took out at 6:28. Just bought the same bike yesterday.

Tj Trev

Just bought the same exact bike. Did you have to mess with the chain or brakes?

Dylan Fox

I kinda confused because I got this bike a long time ago and I did not get a box

Ebert Arias

Ty. Vry much this video was excellent and I built my bike. It rode perfectly! Your the man!

Aditya Bose

Hey. I installed the bike as you showed with few changes. Apparently they have changed a few stuff in the cycle now. After assembling and inflating the tires, I went for a ride. But the front brake line is rubbing against the front tire. How do I fix it?

Adriana Baez

What kind of wrench did you use for the front wheel?

Rijana Shakya

Somebody please answer me if this bike's tire is tubeless or not? Thank you

Michael chacon

My pedals have resistance when tightening, i can't get past the 2nd turn on either side and i feel that I'm crossthreading. Did you have resistance?

Kevin Padd

You are a pro :)

Pro Assembler

Hi there .I think it would be better to choose a 27.5 " or 29" with or without shocker.

Leigh-Ann Joseph

How do you remove the bar across the space between where the front wheel sits???? it is solid!!

C45 Magnum

Never mind I just saw the tag in the wheels

Donny Lee

That thong thong thong thong thongggggg lol ?

C45 Magnum

Do you think this would be a good bike for a 6’2 290lb rider

2020 Schwinn Aluminum Comp Mountain Bike - Updated Version | Best 27.5 Walmart MTB Bike?

2020 Schwinn Aluminum Comp Mountain Bike - Updated Version | Best 27.5 Walmart MTB Bike?7 Feb. 2020
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For 2020 Schwinn has

For 2020 Schwinn has updated their popular Aluminum Comp bike. Included in this update is a tapered headset, enhanced suspension fork, wider bars, shorter stem, a new frame design, and a new saddle.

The 2019 AL Comp turned Project Comp is one of my favorite modified Big Box Bikes. Check out the video to see how this one stacks up, then comment below with your opinion on the new updates.

Best Walmart Mountain bike yet???

See the bike at Walmart.com:


NOTE: This channel may earn a small commission through affiliate links. All content is based on actual experience and affiliate links do not influence the opinions and content seen here.

2019 AL Comp Review: https://youtu.be/c0l2wZf77hI

$50 AL Comp Upgrades: https://youtu.be/r9jhLfnrsIg

Project Comp Fully Upgraded: https://youtu.be/aCFh_eb_MgM

2020 Aluminum Comp Geometry Specs (Official):

69° - Head Tube Angle

73° - Seat Tube Angle

590mm - Top Tube Length

457mm - Seat Tube Length

130mm - Head Tube Length

440mm - Chainstay Length

46mm - Fork Offset

45mm - Bottom Bracket Drop

80mm - Stem Length

700mm - Handlebar Width

Be sure you subscribe and hit that notification bell so you don't miss any upcoming videos - including 2 more new Schwinn bikes with a tapered head tube!

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Comments (100)
Michael Wemhoff

My friend bought a 500 dollar specialized rockhopper and I have a 2020 comp and the only significant difference is the fork and his is lighter


Its back in stock

Marcus Gray

Should i get this or a boundary? I have a few steep hills, ride mainly on concrete occasional grass and i slightly hate working so much to get up a hill which one should i get?

Brandon Medeiros

I am 6 foot. 215lbs will this bike work for me

James A

Hey KevCentral! Great review. I'm new to entering biking and looking for my first bike. Why is a 1 by preferred over a 3 by? I thoughtt more gears the better.


Could you comment on how you think this compares with a Trek Marlin 7? I've been seriously considering the Marlin, just have wanted to spend the money. But I'd much rather spend more and enjoy the bike on every ride as opposed to trying to save money and have a "meh" experience every time I ride the bike. Thanks. i hope you can answer.

michael w

Kev any vids on Kent bikes I just bout a Kent Genesis 26inch V 2100 bike?

Knife Charlatan

I am rooting for schwinn

Kenny Homer

I just bought this bike today. I tried to get it through your link in the description but their website said sold out. In the store they had 3 of them so I quickly grabbed it with my stimulus check before they all grew wings and flew off the shelf

Kind Drunk

I bought this bike last week...I love it!

Nick Sharp

And is it the same price as the last one

Henry Macwilliams

does it come in 26" size?

Ronnie Elliott

Your best bet would be to look at bikes direct online or bike what house online, the Gravity line of bikes is way better for the price.

Logan Hessefort

Any idea when they will be back in stock, Kev?

My aluminium comp was stolen while I was in class yesterday.


Great review. I wish they sold many of these big box bikes in my region. Keep up the good work.


What would you suggest for a fork upgrade that would be an easy no modification replacement?


What would you recommend. 2020 boundary or 2020 comp?


Please add more info on the upgraded fork and how to do it


I have the 2019 (because of your reviews) and did the majority of the budget upgrades you suggested. What can I do to ease hill climbing?

Marco L

What type of mt bike is it, xc? Thanks


I originally stated an incorrect weight. It is actually ~38lbs!

Frank Chambers

I am 6'6 295 . Do you think this would work for me?

Kenny Homer

Your channel helped me make my decision on which bike to buy. This one

Dylan Martin

Why is the bike now $199

Thomas Abbott

My rear hub bearings are seizing up after 133 miles. I’m pretty disappointed to say the least.

KK DeVeauXgue

You should never go somewhere there is no trail,that's a street bike,but it looks very smooth,I liked it when you went through the leaves,that's what I look at

Joe Botz

Does it have a hundred mm of travel on the fork? With that cup you were talking about could you swap out for something like RockShox Judy's?

Good boy Ringo

I'm not sure if I got treated correctly or not , I knew this was a cheap bike but can't ride it because of chain slipping. I adjusted all parts correctly.
I received mine today and it was easy to assemble , found steel in the head bearings and with the top bearing upside down. The teeth on the large sprocket has different
size teeth , some are flat on top and others are pointed, ( never seen that before) when the chain is on the small (front) sprocket and in first gear(rear) the chain slips upon hard power pedaling
( up hill ) Not sure what is causing this but the sprocket looks very, very cheap.
Walmart has in fine writing ( I didn't see before buying ) that Shimano parts will maybe replaced with Micro Shift because of covid-19. Walmart did replace all shimano parts on my bike.
Even if it's only 200.00 the dam bike should pedal down the road. I'm wondering if I should spend money and fix this bike or return it.
I love my life .... I can't even buy a bike that works , ggg.

Derrick Ross

Just purchased this bike. Look forward to having fun with it.

Phillip Cowen

Could the rear wheel be replaced with a 29er?

John Doe

2 days ago, there was a message on the website for the Al Comp. (yes, the 2020) saying it was not going to be in stock anymore as it is now a discontinued item! :(


Is this essentially the sequel to the Schwinn Onus?

Emir Prljaca

Had first catastrophic failure on mine today... bottom bracket bearing shattered and locked the bottom bracket up mid-crank. Thankfully I wasn’t peddaling hard or I would have completely mangled myself....

Not even gonna try to warranty as I’m sure the hassle of trying to get it done would far exceed the cost of a new bottom bracket and tools. Oh well, at least I’ll have a nice Shimano bracket with aluminum cups.


The 2020 comp is not even available at Walmart? The blue comp is only available online?

Michael Daugherty

I like the color and the frame of the new model


@KevCentral or anybody else. Does anyone what the stock/OEM spindle length is for the bottom bracket?


Hi Kev
I have a Giant Roam 4 hybrid but want a 26” or 27.5” plus bike with 2.8” tires, front suspension, hydraulic disc brakes. Do you have some recommendations that are under $600? Thanks

David Saleem

I bought this Schwinn at Walmart. It has the thread less stem. How can I raise the handlebar height up?

Murat Karaca

In your opinion is the Schwinn aluminum comp better then the boundary and Axum?


It doesn't come with Shimano Tourney shifters and rear derailleur anymore. I just ordered a new Al Comp from Walmart which got delivered yesterday and it comes with MicroShift trigger shifters and MicroShift 26c rear derailleur.


I appreciate your videos thank you . I have a question , I've watch your 2019 model upgrades, would you say the 2020 model is all around better than your upgraded 2019 model? Just bought the 2020 today and was going to upgrade the drivetrain same as yours, but don't want to waste money if it's already superior.


I'm 6ft tall would you suggest the comp or boundary? thanks

Night Squats

I just picked one up yesterday based in part on information from your videos. I went from a Mongoose Hotshot (which served me well and I am gifting to a coworker as it still works fine) to this in part because I work at Wal-Mart and primarily use my bike to ride back and forth to work 1.5 mi between home and work, 99.9% flat road/sidewalk/parking lot riding. I swapped in my old Schwinn seat (non-beak shaped, "Schwinn no pressure bicycle seat" according to Amazon), and I am Absolutely in love already with the greater subtelty in difference between early gears. I always say I never go any faster than I can afford to fall, I coast in lower gears. On the Hotshot I'd pan between 1 and 3, but the increase in quality and specificity between the two, including the precision of shifting by comparison, has already impressed me to where I can fluctuate between a greater number of gears with more confidence and comfort. I am not a hardcore rider, I don't demand performance on an abusive level, but for my simple needs I have already been immensely impressed. I trust I will be served well by this model for quite some time until my tastes, needs, or budget exponentially expand. So thank you very much for your videos on this model, I will be silently cheersing you as I recommend the Al Comp to patrons of my store. Have the best day ever! (Edited for spelling, smart phone, dumb thumbs.)


Do the Schwinn standpoint please

Tallyn Oleal

Hey Kev can the rear 7 speed cassette be changed to a 8,9 or 10 speed cassette on those wheels. Im ordering parts for mine to upgrade.

Madison Miller

Would you still change the freewheel?


Hi KEV. Do you know if the womens model of the AL COMP has the same updates? I want to get my girlfriend into mountain biking was hoping fo something cheap we could upgrade along the way.


Walmart has embedded your review video in their listing for the comp.

John DeF

Funny hearing 80mm stem described as long. The bikes i learnt on had 135mm usually.


Another Great video

Zain Sharifi

Get one of these a proper tuneup and you'll have yourself a bargin

Kevin Higgenbottom

I wish they had a neon yellow color but the stroller is good 2 hyper it's black and red I just wondering do you have to raise up the handlebars just a little bit so you're not leaning over looking at the tire while you're riding cuz that seems like you might bother your back so should I raise it up I wish I had someone over here to upgrade on my bike but I don't but my question was do we have to raise up the handlebars or to keep our back a little bit straighter when we're riding looking straight ahead and not at the tire just wondering one more thing the bike I just saw does it really matter how tall you have to be on a mountain bike cuz I'm 5'5"

Robert J Williams

After watching this and other vids about this bike, I found one at my local W-mart. Got it off the rack and tried to get on. Let the seat all the way down, leaned the bike to me, got leg over then stood it up right. Feet (check that) toe tips touch floor. At this point the seat raised my voice about half an octave. Let bike fall over til one foot was flat on floor, swung leg over and off, stood bike up put kickstand down and hobbled away. At 5' 71/2" way to tall for me.

Perry Manessis

Hey Kev, I just got the "upgraded" 2020 1/2 with the MicroShift TS71-7 Thumb Trigger Shifters and the MicroShift RD-M36C Rear Derailleur. The rear derailleur is an upgraded RD-M36L, that's on the Genesis Villotti, Saracino and Mauler. It's the first RD-M36 that I ever set up out of the box that didn't need the high and low stop screws to be adjusted, the barrel adjuster to turned in and the cable to be tightened while in the highest gear. The barrel adjuster was the only thing that needed adjustment and even then just a few quarter turns out to downshift properly. The RD-M36 is still not the best out of the box for upshfting due to the stiff spring. Also, these derailleurs like the B-Tension screw in, to increase the tension and move the guide pulley away from the cog. The other thing I noticed about these derailleurs, is that the longer cage helps put more tension on the chain and keeps it from slapping around. I like the fact that these trigger shifter use thumb levers only. Small thumb lever for upshifts and big one for downshifts. I think the TS71-7 Shifters are a good upgrade compared to the Shimano EZ-Fire Shifters, but I don't know about the RD-M36C compare to the Tourney. I set up a Genesis Abstract that has the EZ-Fire Shifters and Flat-Face Tourney and I feel it shifts smoother. I know our buddy Wolftick also has a love-hate relationship with the RD-M36L.

chance meeting at the tarantula

just got one today..5/12/20

Adam Harris

Got this bike last weekend and I am simply amazed at its quality for the price. One question: if a person wanted to replace the bottom bracket what size/standard would they need?

danny crayton

I have the 2019 model, like it alot but want to improve the forks and gearing


How many speeds?


These seem to be all sold out. Hope they get more stock. Looking to get one and build it myself

Johnny Sanchez

Now how the heck do I find one?

Granger Greenback

Looked through a many of these comments but didn't find anyone asking how much is this 2020 comp? At my Wal-Mart bikes haven't come in yet I wanna be ready when they do

Jody KC

Now going to watch the video again where you compare the 3 schiwim.

Thin Mints

The 2020 AL Comp was finally in-stock at my local WM. I bought this for my son as an entry to MTB. Thank you so much for your video and Project Comp updates.

Ruben Alfaro

Hi, what fork would you buy to upgrade this bike?

David Fierro

Anyone purchase one lately?...suppose still no stock.

Marley Brown

Does anyone know the size of the rear rim axle ? I’m trying to upgrade my rims as the stock axle came bent , I want to make it a 9 speed is this possible?

Neal Paige

Would 29 in wheels fit on this ?

Bryan Gaston

I took this to Grand Targhee, and rode from bunny slope to black diamond and it held together nicely. It sounded like it was going to fall apart at any moment, but it handled a full day (16 rides).

Brandon Futch

This derailleur is garbage. The shocks are garbage. The breaks won’t stop you and squeak... Just avoid this bike altogether. The tensioner on this derailleur broke just after I purchased the bike. I called Pacific cycle they sent me a garbage replacement derailleur, I asked if I would be getting the pro rush when it was back in stock, nope. Needless to say a pro rush shifter won’t work with some generic road bike derailleur. Pacific cycles doesn’t care... The bike drops gears randomly, won’t shift up or down properly. I have a $250 paperweight now. If you want a mountain bike, just spend the money on a reputable brand because none of the components of this work well and you’ll have to replace them anyway. Avoid this overpriced headache. If you can’t afford a yeti or specialized cheapy, than buy a Hyper. Avoid pacific cycles products at all cost!!!

Andy L

Are you sure 2020 Al Comp is 18" frame? Last year was 17" according to Schwinn website.

Jody KC

Thanks to your explanation this is going to be my nxt bike .

Luke Perrin

How is the sizing for someone who is right at 6 feet tall?


I have the previous model the 2019 Schwann al comp... I’m 5’6ish or 5’7 and that bike fits perfectly... I’m looking for a “real mountain bike” but I’m having trouble with frame sizes. Kev, I noticed you said this was an 18inch frame, with that said what size frame was the previous model? With the knowledge of me telling you my height and that I find the 2019 al comp frame size perfect for me , can you tell me what size Bike you would compare it to, small , medium , large, etc... this would be really helpful for my research in what bike to get... thanks kev! (Ordering online)

Don Cook

Can the handlebar height be adjusted? I loosened the screw but could not seem to raise the bars.

Steven Chamberlain

What is the weight limit for this bike. I weigh 330 pounds and looks for a bike any ideas


In Venezuela this bike is priced at $650 ...(a $220 Walmart bike)...

Nate Daniel

Torn between this and the new Boundry... what would be best?

Caden Tew

I own this bike it’s decent but very loud over bumpy sections other than that it is very burley what I would do if you bought this bike in get better wider tires new grips and a new seat

619 San Diego

Great review!!??


Is it better than the 29'' Boundary (which is $50 more expensive)?

Docta J.

Hey Kev! I just purchased this exact bike and I’m trying to upgrade the drivetrain to a 1x(9,10,11,12.. probably 10 for finding parts) but do you know where I can find a solid 1x drivetrain for about $100-$150? I’m asking because as you already know this bike comes with an integrated trigger shifter/brake lever combo. I’m eliminating that altogether. I cannot spend more than $150 on the drive train because my wife won the bet. If you could help, I will make this “Project AL Comp: V2” lol!

Brian Requejo

Hi! A few days ago, I rode my first bike after my stroke 3 years ago, granted it was my daughter's beach cruiser... and I remembered how awesome it is to ride a bike. Brought me back to my childhood! Coincidentally, I found your channel and It is exactly what I am looking for. I enjoy that you give an honest review and its good to know that there are some budget bikes from the big box stores that are decent. Keep making the awesome content.

Lucky You

Brakes are reallyy gooood. Better then my hydraulic on my fuji

faris q

would a 27.5 wheel fit on a 5’4 5’5 person

Emir Prljaca

Bought one today after watching the review. Definitely a decent bike for what it is (and I’m definitely not planning on taking it off jumps or anything of that nature).

Will definitely upgrade as I go. Do you have any suggestions/parts lists for a 1x conversion (or to hold me over for a bit a better derailleur for the front as mine isn’t great no matter how much I adjust and tweak... it shifts, but I don’t like it).


I have this bike. Why the brakes are not strong? My $100 road master bike has linear pull brakes and are twice as strong these disc brakes? Please advise

Harrison Sutton

I’m currently searching for a bike. I love how every big box bike and rack I look up you’ve made a video on. I appreciate your effort and dedication to the cycling community. I also appreciate how well done the videos are.

Jacob Simpson

I just got one myself and I love it, I've had it on some rough trails and it did great handles like a dream at high speeds for me. I can whip this bike around the trail like it's part of me I got the gears dialed in perfect can't say enough about this bike.


I found one of these at Walmart this past 4th of July weekend. I was surprised to see the features that you mentioned at the cheap price point. After getting it home and riding it, I can tell you I am pleasantly surprised. It is a little lighter than expected, handles very well, and I agree that it is definitely better than what I would expected to find at Walmart. Honestly I haven't swapped anything on it and it suits me well.


I would take any of the new Schwinns if I could actually get one with all this mess going on. My Dad went to 5 Walmarts, nothing. Instead of coming home empty handed he bought the last bike at Dick's a dang Nishiki Pueblo lol. You guys want to talk about heavy, it's a tank!!

Marley Brown

I have the 1x 30t chainring with crank bearings and 170mm cranks ixf New , if anyone is interested

Kevin Higgenbottom

I forgot to say one more thing is this a 21-speed or 24 speed

Julio Serna

Hi!! How much it costs,,,, thanks

Sandra Fuller

Just be forewarned the tapered headset cage bearing ring on bottom of headset can be a pain to find,replace if the bearing cage ring gets damaged.Two bicycle shops didn't have bearing cage ring that size and I had to go old school with grease and lots of loose bearings in the headset bearing cup (with a 3 bearing width gap so bearings could move freely in cup ).Luckily the bearing headset cup wasn't damaged by the crushed bearing ring cage.Bicycle is less than a year old.Also had to replace front derailer because limiting pins wouldn't stay in place.

DJ Holloway

Bought this bike during the lockdown to get some exercise since the gyms were closed, literally the ONLY bike they had left in a 30 mile radius so I definitely lucked up. Have been riding since and enjoy the bike a lot! I had looked at buying a trek but didn’t want to spend too much just starting back out on a bike. Regardless, I’m glad I made this purchase and after watching your video I’m looking forward to making some upgrades and possibly buying a more expensive/better quality mountain bike. I’m hooked! Has anyone made any upgrades to this newer model that could give any advice?

Andy L

My wife is 5-4, is it safe for her to ride this 2020 Al Comp?

Mike Kraemer

Keep looking for one at walmart everytime i go. Check their website daily too :(

Brandon J.

I have this bike and am currently upgrading it. Does anyone know if these wheels are tubless ready?

josh p

It's not a bad bike

B Mulder

I bought one of these, 2020 model. Biggest steaming pile of "you know what". I couldn't adjust the front derailleur, a bike shop couldn't either. Then the bottom bracket started knocking after about 20 miles. Run away, run far away. Returned it to Walmart. What a relief to have that thing out of my life.

$148 Schwinn Sidewinder 26 Men's Bike from Walmart

$148 Schwinn Sidewinder 26 Men's Bike from Walmart1 Sep. 2019
64 901
KevCentralSubscribe 438 721

The Schwinn Sidewinder is

The Schwinn Sidewinder is a 26" Men's mountain-style bike available at Walmart for $148. I previously reviewed the Schwinn Sidewinder eBike, and had many requests to look at the standard sidewinder. This past week my local Walmart store added 3 standard sidewinder bicycles to the bike rack. I took the opportunity to check them out and this video shows the components and features of these sub-$150 bikes. It's interesting that this name is shared between two bikes that aside from colors aren't very similar.

Link to the bike at Walmart: https://www.walmart.com/ip/26-Mens-Schwinn-Sidewinder-Bike/151457759

Do you have an affordable big box bike you would like to see featured on one of my in-store reviews? If so, comment below with the suggestion and I'll consider adding it to the list.

Thanks for watching another KevCentral big box bike review. Want more content? Check out the links below:

Website: https://www.kevcentral.com

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Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/kevcentral


Music credits:

Copycat by R.LUM.R

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Comments (100)
Ricardo Nieves

Better bars and a mega range freewheel and that bike would be a million times better

Rob C

This is an ideal gravel bike as is. I own an earlier sidewinder with front and rear rim brake and use it on both gravel and paved roads with Michigan potholes for short rides. The only mod I did was an adjustable neck for a more upright riding position and less squeeky aftermarket brake pads. Does the job unless you are a bike snob and need to be super fast. The bike is about 12 years old.

Juan Daniel Nucette

Huffy scour. I whoukd like to see!

Christopher Molloy

How about a $50 Craigslist challenge?

Ethan G241

KevCentral can we see an updated version of the Schwinn Sidewinder. Just got it today and I love it. It’s 200$ now but has dual disc brakes and a new more mountain style bar. Good video and I hope you re review it,


The one's we just got in at our Walmart are now disk brakes front and back. However, they screwed it up because the rear disk brake placement makes it impossible to put on a rear rack attached to the axle. The Huffy Scout version of dual disk brakes doesn't have this problem (plus it's 50 bucks cheaper).


No...not 148.00 anymore..now 198.00...so glad I bought my women’s sidewinder black and pink just before the price skyrocketed...I absolutely love this bike!!!

Luke Roush

please take a look at the HYPER Explorer.

JackSharmon O'Quinn

Bought a newer one today, dual disc, a few changes...more to come

Juan Perez Feliciano

WhatIi gather is that this bike is for riding around neighborhood and for paved bike trails? My wife is looking at this one, if anyone has experience with it an can chime in ull appreciate it.

Chris Clark

I saw another Schwinn Knowles 29er at my local Walmart the other day, which I was surprised because I haven't seen one reviewed anywhere and thought I bought the last one a few months ago. It's not a bad bike with a few upgrades.

Crazy Diabetic

I have the 24 in girls bike but it’s light blue and black. It’s better then this one mine was $200


Thanks for the great review. I grew up on Schwinns. It’s time to get a new one and this is the one. I don’t need a $15,000 bike and this is no cheapie bike. The problem in general is people don’t appreciate technology and engineering that goes into so many quality products. They buy them, trash them and whine. Try and make this bike and countless other items in your basement. It seems all we can do is knock things. We are definitely good at that. Well I’ll get off my high horse now. Let the riding begin!


Does the rear hub have a 6 bolt connection for future upgrade to a disc brake?

Thiosemicarbizide Benzoyl Alcohol

I highly recommend to anyone out there to not purchase this bike or others in this category of steel frame mountain bikes. Spend 30 bucks more for a Hyper urban and get it shipped to the store. The frame is the starting point of any quality bike and there isnt much you can do with steel mountain bikes to get substantial weight off of them.

X Æ A-12

So the deraileurs can still be changed if necessary without any issues? Does the fixed hanger have anything to do with that?


Those Tourneys, while better than the Flat Face by a long shot, have a knack for breaking at the pivot points, considering parts of it are solid plastic. Replacing a Tourney with an Acera is a good and cheap upgrade and you'll get many more miles out of it.

Jay Miner

Ok, need your advice here. My son has a Nishiki Colorado Comp, all his friends have the GT Aggressor Pro. Now he wants the GT. His money, his purchase, what do YOU recommend for up to $350?

Kim R.

Sidewinder has been around for a while. Have had one for years, steel, love it, changed the tires to kenda cross tho and watching your vids are making me think of redoing it. Thanks.

Robert Boyer

What would be a good cruiser bike. I'm trying to lose weight and get in better condition. My wife would like matching bikes, but the ones I see look like junk. I don't want to spend too much, maybe $500 or less apiece? Just a neighborhood cruiser to get off the couch, lol


Do they come with locks to lock it anywhere

San Andreas

Huffy scout 26 inch, it’s a 148 dollar dual disc brake bike with 80mm of front suspension travel
Edit: I threw on some trigger shifters, rock road pedals, a tourney (tz)rear derailleur, and I’m working on converting it to quick release.


Can you do a review of the huffy scout 26 inch?


I've this bike

But the right crank arm screw stripped !!! I'm confused trying to buy one !! Any help on amazon link for compitable??

Sotthea Phoeurng

Hi sir I consider this bike and Sirdar s-900 27.5" which is $400. I need better quality. Can you tell me is it worth or not to pay $200 for Sirdar?

you tube

You have been making lots of walmart bike videos, but not a single decathlon btwin video. Those are in my opinion some of the best budget friendly bikes


Where I am it’s 200

Joel K

I just bought this bike today. Used.... it needs new tires and rear brake needs to be calibrated. I payed 127 from a pawn shop. I hope I didn't get ripped off. It rides good and seems durable. I do plan to spend the money to improve its life span. However.. . I did pay the extra 5 dollars to ensure that for the next 6 months, if anything does break on it I can bring it back and get my money back for it. Anyone else?


So is it a good deal for a 42 year old Dad who wants to get out with his kids? A Dad who hasn’t bought a bike (or ridden a bike) in 20 years?

Jason Po

I have a Sidewinder though got it in 2017 back then it didn't come with any disc brake and has twist shifters, but overall it's held up really well. I mainly stick to road with it have taken it to smooth hard pack dirt easy going trails no problem. I did replace the cheap plastic pedals and put different tires on it but that's it otherwise it's stock and for 150 bucks it has served me well and plan to keep riding it until something majorly goes wrong or I just want something new.


Will you chop this cheap bike up also?

Sexy Love

What about the Roadmaster electric bike

Joe Casarez

Any hope on a Review of the Walmart Schwinn Vantage F2 for $550 ish?


New version is tapered and dual disc brakes apparently

Nate 17

I think this is 198 now at Walmart


I got a bike from Walmart says Height for 5ft 6inches to 6ft 2inches I’m 5ft 4 inches. Seems to be fine for my height , it’s A 27.5 Women’s Schwinn Mountain Bike Aluminum Comp. It was $224 Says 21 Speed. I haven’t had a bike in a while can you recommend tools and like a air pump or something ? There is no bike shop in this town at all just a Walmart to get a bike , next bike shop is around a 3 hour drive and I don’t have a ride if I wanted to go


Schwinn Kempo hybrid hardtail

Chase 999

I’m a beginner and don’t want to spend to much money do you think this is a good bike


Well Wal-Mart rips us off in Hawaii with shipping, It's $228 + tax here, unlike Home Depot here!


It's $198 now (9-11-19) grrrrrrr damn you Walmart

L.E. Batte

I recently got a Schwinn Sidewinder out of a dumpster. It's an older model than this . It has a quill stem , twist grip shifters and a rim brake on the front wheel .


How about some bike picks and tour from your local bike shop? Any bikes you'd recommend from there?


I need the 26" because of my inseam. The Sidewinder now is showing twist shifters. I won't be doing any hardcore mountain biking, maybe light to a medium trail for camping. You don't like twister for mountain biking, but will it be adequate for what I'm planning? Thanks.

Stanley Shupe

I'm wondering if you ever did a review on the Schwinn Copeland they made it to the racquet my Walmart


The only thing worthwhile to me is the Schwinn logo cutouts in the disc rotor; that's pretty cool.

Motor rider

I was at Walmart today and saw a mnt bike for $98....

Devon Wirth

The 2020 sidewinder is much better, you should check that one out. There is some good upgrades to it!

Daniel Ramirez

So can we buy bikes off you? Lol

Thomas Perkins jr

I bought this bike but the back brake is a disk brake. It says it's the sidewinder but I'm so confused. I looked up the SKU number on my receipt and it pulls up the sidewinder with regular back brakes

Ol’banana chips

Not gonna lie triggers shifters are amazing dosnet matter what trigger shifters they are any trigger shifters are better then twist

thomas brooks

I recently bought my 12 year old a sidewinder and it appears it is different than this one. For one, a rear disc brake. Have you been able to see the new updates? Will there be a review?


I saw a mountain bike that fits 5'2"-5'10. Im 5'10" so I figure it's my size, but it was too small. Luckily you can return bikes at Wally world before 90 days, so I did just that. I ❤️ Walmart.


You should go checkout the huffy scout it has dual disk brakes

Armando Pay

What a better way to wait for the forces of hurricane Dorian here in s Florida than to catch up on my kevcentral videos thanks!!!


KevCentral, you urgently need to stop posting these reviews - they've raised the price to $198!


Can the bolt on wheels be upgraded to through axle?

Vile Aldana

What about the woman frame sidewinder, looks a bit different and the breaks match both are disc

Michael Palmer

Love your box videos. I think I have watched a ton of your and because of this channel I went to get a bike. I normally go for the absolute lowest price since I just cruise around town, but when I found the Sidewinder at walmart (plandemic pricing and availability) I took a quick look and picked one up as of today (sept15 2020) they the one I got has front and rear disk brakes. the handle bar also looks like it has been upgraded. Thanks for all your reviews.

869 Donte

Do the huffy 26 scout bike for the same price it have dual disc brakes and upgrade it in the future

Payam Irani

I bought the 24" model for my 7 year old. She fell over on our ride together at very low speed and the left brake lever handle broke. Seems like a very cheap and brittle material. Looking online for a replacement/improvement. Can you recommend something since this is an integrated shifter/brake?

Tom Catt

I brought a 26" sidewinder /blue & pewter gray back in 04,, sold it and been kicking myself ever since

karlos Lowry

I think you've embarrassed the bike companies into changing to threadless headsets?


I’m a guy between 5’2” to 5’3” and I accidentally bought the women version of this bike, does it really matter? My main concern is bike frame strength because i’ve read that women’s bike frames are generally weaker due to the more slanted top tube.

Dominique Morrissette

I purchased the updated model sidewinder with dual disc brakes and tapered headset. Is it worth updating this bike with a 1x and a new fork? I have been eyeing the aluminum comp as well.

Jorge Diaz

Do you know if the hyper hyrofrom Wil back?

Bonja Owan

Very like sir want to it .


Hm... when I just looked on the website, I see 4 different Sidewinders (not counting mens vs women's frame, which is also there) -- 1 ebike... and 3 mountain bikes; each differing only by brakes -- i.e., 2 rim brakes, disc front+rim rear, and dual disc brakes... but all are called Sidewinder and they are all $198 except for the older models on clearance for $129 with a few old model rim brake-only women's frame version for $79...

sir doggo

I just got Sidewinder and it's better than that piece of junk, my Sidewinder has two brake disc and pretty decent flat handlebar, and a Tourney rear derailleur sadly though it has a unbranded front derailleur, granted my bike cost $200

magic cheeseball

i clicked the link it says its 198.00


Looks like Vee Tyre branding? A decent brand, apparently!

Bud White

Jeese, their website says these are now $198...I got a near new unused sidewinder 26 nearly complete stripped frame with five miles on it for $7, from a neighbor, he rebuilt his sons' bike after giving up biking from injury....I could in theory make it a bike again, but eh, without the wheels, well, and its a steel frame....I got a nice crank assembly, a kickstand, front forks, no goosneck, the old steel handlebar, a front derailer, the rear brake caliper without pads of course. I needed the crank assembly, front derailer. Strange thing, though, the bike has five miles of pavement use, it aint dirty, its five months old and sat in his garage, and when I spin the pedals/crank,....I swear the bearings sound and feel dry or damaged somehow,...guess it don't matter cause I just want the aluminum crank arm set with gears, maybe to put on something else with steel crank arms, like that genesis v2100, my little full suspension bike bought on sale for $125 with tourney derailer installed as a replacement, but the crank arms put on those bikes are white plastic coated steel, I kid you not, steel, I mean, the crank arms on that bike could be removed and used as a hammer, probably heavy too. The double wall rims were the only saving grace on this style bike, and I know someone who works at a big box store that said that these bikes were the less returned for anything, usually just folks wanting the money for something else.


Alas...today a half mile from home i heard a pop...and the rear rim of a nearing three year old walmart sidewinder is now untrue ! I think i broke a spoke ...not sure though !

Neal Paige

The Huffy would probably be better for 150 .At least the huffy has 2 disc brakes.

Bonja Owan

Like it sir --Thank you.

Muddins Best Ofs

Maby Diamondback? Something like the overdrive or the Hook.I mean...why not???‍♂️

Drop It

Can we get a updated review of the new schwinn sidewinder???

Ian Faulkner

Havent seen one of your videos in a while, youtube aint reminding me of them. OMG ur subbs have increased SO MUCH. Cant wait to see you hit 100k keep up the good work

Dylan Robertson

Kev I bought a sidewinder yesterday at Walmart but it came with duel disc breaks?! Is this the new 2020 version? I can’t find it online anywhere??

Jacob B

I'd like to see an upgrade Schwinn Santos with those hydraulic brakes

Michael Varghese

Can you review carrera vulcan it is 400 dollars disc spec 14 kg and.... 120mm front fork.i want to buy it but i dont know if it is good quality

Monkey Guy80

I liked when you went to Walmart to review bicycles ya! ???

Tee Cian Yeow

We want all the bike industry to adopt the newest and strongest design, such as thru axle frame, and strong and light fork, strongest and light wheels, and responsive durable groupset. Lets sell off the old tech for cheap and fill the future with bikes of the latest tech.


How do you get away with filming entire videos in Walmart with out people interupting or a Walmart employee/security asking what the heck is going on?

Most retailers have a policy of not allowing video recording onsite without permission.

Captain Smith

They had some rad bad bikes yesterday, they need those rei pants, move that kids toy shelf to the no-transformers newbright side.

ben s

Last time I bought a bike at walmart the crank stripped and fell out the bottom bracket just from pedaling. 2015

Maximiliam Peña

New in the MTB World, just got today the 2020 sidewinder. Looks pretty awesome , let's see on the road. Any recommend updates for beginners???

Matthew Carter

schwinn knowles


Great vid! Have you reviewed the Schwinn Copeland 700cc yet?

Michael Bui

Hey all, does anyone know if you can replace the entire crankset on these stamped and riveted bikes? (i.e upgrading or anything)


I owm the 98 mongoose hotshot road bike with the skinny tire tomorrow will be first time me riding those bike with those skinny rims..lol

S White

Hey Kev, saw this one today at Walmart with rear disc brake now. $198.00

ZA Xiong

Kev, I have been keeping my eye on this bike for awhile but they have been out of stock. Which bike would you recommend for yourself that will be the best on the Walmart site for a 26’? Of course, I am on a budget for under $200-$400.

Sergei Booth

Giant Mountain bikes look in to them

Marc S

Put a lower level Rock Shox fork on that bike and its perfect for a rear mount 49cc engine.

Ray Perales

Hey kev,
I have an 11 year old im trying to get on flat trails, he’s almost 5.2 any suggestions on a bike you’d recommend for him..?
Thx -Ray


I bought a Sidewinder from Walmart on 5/28/2020. The front TD One shift levers broke on me 2 days ago. I've had issues dialing in the front derailleur, but that's because I'm a hack really. Ive put a lot of miles on it on local green and some blue trails -- around 150 miles or so. It's loud...creeks and chain slap. But it's providing a lot of fun on trails. It's a good bike for what it is -- a budget gateway into trail riding.

Aleksa Miscevic

bro you deserve way more subs

KatKiing !

I got this bike. It's good but better with upgrades tho

Eddie Bruce

Basically JUNK!!!

Jack Kielsmeier

I just got this bike today and it is using rotors and calipers up front and back! It's price was $200 though, not $150. I'm no bike expert, for for $200, I am quite pleased with it.