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How to Get Good Compression in Airsoft

How to Get Good Compression in Airsoft18 Nov. 2015
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Hello YouTube! Welcome to

Hello YouTube! Welcome to my video on How to Get Good Compression in your TM VSR-10 or JG BAR-10. In this video, I show you exactly how to get consistent FPS, improve your range, and accuracy. Also, I would like to apologize for not posting a video for the last four weeks. Recently, my grandfather passed away. I just needed sometime for myself to think. But now I’m back and better than ever! I will continue to make awesome videos for you guys. Thank you all for your support, and I’ll see y’all next week!

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Best youtuber ?


Great job! But i'd like you to talk some slowly, cause it's hard to translate to another language and subtitles are wrong


you should collab with novritsch


Air doesn't leK out of my cylinder head but back through the piston. Should I put electrical tape around piston or something? Help much appreciated!!!!

Nathan Hellyer

I have the same hop unit in my well mb02f (vsr clone) I get really unsmooth feeling at the end of the forward stroke as the nozzle enters the chamber could this be due to the shape on the standard nozzle (mine looked the same as your stock nozzle.) cheers and good video once again


damn... those shots were crazy



Dodgy_ Jammer

putting PTFE tape on a system to do with compression isnt a good idea

THAT HobbyHunter

Thanks, you rock!


Sorry about your grandfather bro :/

4Eye Gaming/Airsoft

havent start yet to make your sling?

Tyson Estle

If you don't mind me asking HOW DO YOU GET YOUR BOLT TO PULL BACK SO EASY I have upgraded my bar 10 with PE Piston, PE Sear Set, PE Spring, PE Spring Guide, PE Teflon Cylinder, 6.01mm Precision Inner Barrel and it's kinda hard to pull back and i'm not like weak or anything. Also I have some additional questions if you could pm me that would be great too!


I'm getting a JG VSR 10 just like you but I want to know do u think an sp190 Spring will work well on this gun or damage it
Thanks keep making vids weekly


Will this work with a AEG?


Thanks alot mate

pedro tomé

Hi! Only now I've reached this video of yours. Thanks for it. I am more into pistols, and revolvers but maybe next year I'll be able to buy some longer airsoft replicas. Then I'll have this and other issues to take care of. So, thank you again, my fellow man! I am an old guy, but very greeny on airsoft...

Renato Takacs

You sir just earned a new sub! My vsr arrived yesterday and it's leaking like hell but I will try out these mods tomorrow


Hey I am getting into the sniper role big for the first time a just got the action army hop up chamber I saw in you video. I can not seem to get it to put pressure on the bb. Is there anything that I need to get or am I just doing something wrong? Thanks in advance.

Andrei D Persecan

you have a idea how we can make silent sniper with sorbo or something home made ?


hey +X81 Airsoft love your vids bud and im from the uk. what fps is ur sniper shooting at ? keep up the good vids buddy

Albin Ahlenius

Have you removed your saftey/ safe on your gun? if you had, how?

Da Sturm

keep this up and I might just have a perfect vsr-10  I got a new hop up chamber coming in the mail the stock one is getting jammed when I close the bolt and I have to force it closed -__- as always great video thanks for taking the time to make it

Tyson Estle

please please make an upgrade kit for the jg bar 10...

Slow Hand

you has a very good videos thanks you, and you have a new suscribed. hello from Spain


Thank you very much for this, it's quick, useful and extremely informative! Subbed :)

True ninja

I'm bought an ssg24 was working great and then it started curbing my bbs to the right any ideas how to fix that I've changed out the hop up bucking replace the hop up bucking replace the hop up arm and the inner barrel and outer barrel made sure it was seated right any ideas how to fix that usually pretty good about that but this one's just stumping me


hello, nice to know your channel, it's very helpfull for me. I am from Indonesia anw.
can you show us how to make a scope cam with the detail (not like Novritsh) he was just show to mount it with scope. I am actually need how the system was work.
Is the lens for Cam are linked to the scope?
or in the front lens put some mark/sign like scope lens? and the cam are put in mode zoom video.
or just put on scope sign at the video editorial?
I really don't know how to work it is.
hope you can get it what I mean, sorry for my terrible English.
Thanks before,
and hey! been subribers for a couple month, publish some new videos please :D

Sam Van Hoyweghen

Nice work ;-) keep it up

X81 Airsoft

Hello YouTube! Welcome to my video on How to Get Good Compression in your TM VSR-10 or JG BAR-10. In this video, I show you exactly how to get consistent FPS, improve your range, and accuracy. Also, I would like to apologize for not posting a video for the last four weeks. Recently, my grandfather passed away. I just needed sometime for myself to think. But now I’m back and better than ever! I will continue to make awesome videos for you guys. Thank you all for your support, and I’ll see y’all next week!

Sam Van Hoyweghen

Can you make a video how to make a scope cam?

RC moto

sorry for your loss. I know how it feels

nanu g

Rip man

ByJuanca 8

What camera do you use un your vsr (the Red)?




Thanks alot ! Got now 600 fps out of my m150 in my vsr ! So happy ! Even tho ill cut it down to get a lil less i guess :P


Nice video!

Brandon Nance

My condolences on your loss

Philipp Börö

What cylinder are you using? Is that the Synthesis Immortal cylinder from Amazon? Because I am thinking of buying it

Philipp Börö

Do you think that the standard parts in the VSR 10 are able to take a m170 spring without breaking?

Hype and Boosts

if I have o rings on my cylinder head then could I still put Teflon on the threads?

Pessoa de pessoa

We place the nub in the cylinder?


what sniper would you reccomend for me i started airsoft 2 years ago and i want to get a sniper what should i get?


Wow, my AEGs must be absolutely abhorrent in terms of compression. Taking apart the gearbox and stroking the piston in each while sealing the nozzle with a finger results in no noticeable compression.

Aza riah

Hi do you know how to test for a good airseal when you have a hpa wolverine inferno gen 2?

Hanz 84

How lengt this btha

Fish Shing

R.I.P ~ i like your videos ~ you use action army vsr chamber ?

4Eye Gaming/Airsoft

cool,I love it.

Monika Kocurova

OMG Man i love your vids! Hope you will get better camera but its already great! (Camera on the sniper R.)


Can i put it in the cylinder also?someone pls answer even it a years late

Destructiv Chairzard

I need help
Today I took a look at my FPS on my TM VSR-10 G-SPEC. Here are the results. I was wondering if this isn't constant and if there are similar results other VSR-10 Users got with
.25s with similar parts or If somethings off.
My parts and everything are down below
I was using .25s
Because that's what my field uses to measure FPS.
My parts in my gun
-Maple leaf hop up arms
-AA VSR-10 Cylinder Kit
-AA VSR-10 M150 spring
-AA Spring Guide
-AA Zero Trigger
-Nine Ball Hop Up Bunking
-PDI Precision Barrel

Andrew Bass

awesome video man. And never give up you make some of the best videos out there. ps I'm so sorry about your grandpa, I know it's hard to lose someone you love.


Sorry about your grandpa....never give up! You're the one of my favorite YouTuber!


so these rifles are pushed by air like a bb gun. why aren't these barrels rifled.


I never even thought about creating a seal between the inner barrel and the bucking with teflon tape. Thanks for the info!

RekerBoi 112

Question, how much should the air nozzle be sticking out from it's gearbox? All the way or half way because I'm having a feeding issue and my gun is severely underpowered as well.


wrap your hop up with thick dental floss as tight as you can


What hop up do you you have

Does Restore Work? Will it Improve Engine Cylinder Compression?

Does Restore Work? Will it Improve Engine Cylinder Compression?13 Jul. 2017
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Project FarmSubscribe 438 721

I added restore to a

I added restore to a turbo diesel engine with low compression. I tested compression before and after adding Engine Restorer (Restore).

A lot have viewers have requested I provide affiliate links to help them find the products I test and as a way of supporting the channel through commission. If you purchase a product or service with the links I provide, there is no additional charge to you. Thank you for supporting Project Farm Channel.

Products Tested In This Video (in no particular order):

Engine Restorer for 8 cylinder engine: https://amzn.to/3j4JoEb

Engine Restorer for 6 cylinder engine: https://amzn.to/32kpEpt

Engine Restorer for 4 cylinder engine: https://amzn.to/32liXDq

Videography Equipment:

Sony DSC-RX10 III Cyber-shot Digital Still Camera: https://amzn.to/2YdXvPw

Canon 70D Camera: https://amzn.to/31b5Gy0

Azden Microphone: https://amzn.to/34d3DLE

Go Pro Bundle: https://amzn.to/31aince



It happens all the time and I fail to select the best lineup of brands to test. So, I would greatly appreciate your help. I periodically ask for a vote on which brands to test. The “vote” notification only goes out to those who have both a) subscribed and b) selected the “bell”. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2rz...

By the way, the testing is having a positive impact. In addition to helping viewers select the best products for their needs, product manufacturers are watching these videos. Several manufacturers have informed me that they are working to make their products even better. Thank you very much for supporting the channel by watching the commercials, using the affiliate links to make purchases and through Patreon support. https://www.patreon.com/projectfarm, and I’m looking forward to many more product test reviews in the future. Best regards, Todd

This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Project Farm LLC

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So in the end what was the best additive for blow by, I have a 2006 sprinter with a little blow by.

Otto Man

There's tons of comments and this may have been asked before, but did uou use ATF as a cutting oil when drilling/tapping the hole in the top of the injector? I recently watched your video comparing cutting oils and was laughing when you said bacon grease smelled the best! I recall you saying "something was better than nothing" too. Thanks for another great and informative video!

Sailing Walrus

Your integrity and well put together testing is why I watch your videos. Thanks for making them !

Craig Quann

"Well I dont have a fitting to hook up the compression tester"
channels his inner farm boy and jerryrigs one out of spare parts.


I have heard a lot about AT- 205 reseal. It is said it has plasiiciser in it to resoften dried out seals. Some people are using it on worn out body and shock bushings sprayed on to fix them, even plastic hinges that bend, like toolboxs and plastic parts to stop them from cracking. Please do a video on this!
Also thanks for all your great informative videos!


I wonder what restore would do in a 2 stroke outboard, like replacing the 2 stroke oil with restore? Or just adding a given amount per gallon...

King Sock

My only question is, how long does this extra compression last, do you have to put more in later in the years?


The big question is, does the tractor start on its own now or does it need starting fluid still?

Dominic Ford

Will you test this in a 2 stroke engine that has a separate oil tank from gas tank ?? would really like to know if it would work


I just wanted to give you a note when applying Teflon tape you did it correctly but one more hint I want to give you reverse the roll this will pull it tight as you're wrapping threads check it out you'll see what I mean it will then sink the tape into the threads avoiding any slippage furthermore

Richard Drouin

Was the test performed at the same block temp or close to it? Hot vs cold test results will vary some.

Matt Parker

I love that I just found a review for this stuff on Amazon that mentioned projectfarm

AT Rufus

This is the best of America

Tommy Wieringo

Man after putting restore in it that tractor would haul ass lol

Martin Schulz

Many of these additives work real well but they don't work for very long. toward the end of the oil change time additive wears out and it goes back to running poorly.


Can you test Prolong engine treatment? I've used this stuff for years and swear by it and it would be great to see empirical data confirm my experience. Thanks!


I treated my two Chevy 350 engines on my boat with this product, I ran them , and now I'm getting ready to change the oil wen the weather warms up, My question to you is
should I run engine cleaner to get all the crud out with the old oil before pouring in the new oil and checking the compression??

Carlos Velasco

How long your engine will last after applying restore? It'll works for a few miles and then will die? Are they safe to use? Thanks

Vic Tor

using this for years .give it some time and use it agsin.

Shell Wright

My favorite channel. Love from Jamaica ????

Ari Lehtiniemi

This effect is likely ONLY due to the fact that it thickens the oil and thus the piston rings seal better. In other words, like any oil thickener. Increased compression does aid starting, but makes it more difficult to crank over in cold temps, meaning more strain on the starter and battery. And, does this thicker oil lubricate well when just started from cold?


I know this is an older video, but I was wondering if it would do any damage to a motorcycle engine with a wet clutch.


Have you tested SHINE ARMOUR Engine Protection???

sc Builds

Only 230psi ? Danm lol


I'm glad this video popped up when researching this product. I liked, subscribed and now commented. Thanks again for the upload!! ??

peter G

What did you use 2 different types of compression testers for the before and after....

Ari Lehtiniemi

Tried RVS yet? https://www.rvs.fi/en/tuote/d-products/

If you need to add an additive to every oil chage, seems to me ALL it does is thicken the oil. Meaning it doesn't actually DO anything. RVS supposedly makes a lasting ceramic coating between two metals where there is friction. Dunno if it actually works.

beach bound

I like watching his videos just because of the impressive level of expertise he exhibits.

Dino Sajudin



the numbers speak for themselves. a 52psi jump on the bad cylinder.


Well, that does it. I'm going out getting a can.

MidnightAngel 41

I would like that. It's amazing. How much?

Steve farms

I have a old gas tractor it runs well but it smokes can you test a egine cleaner or egine treatment to clean and restore egine and find out the best out there ??????? Thank you

slab busterRTR

I've used it all Lucas is a good product there transmission treatment is really good its stopped srveral slipping and hard shifting trannys ive had but yes of all the engine treatments ive used engine restorer is the only one I've felt I diffrence with

Get creative with Josh

My dad (diesel mechanic) uses silicone spray as starter fluid for Diesel engines


now just do thicker oils syn and conventional no additives to see if oil burning is being help or if compression gets better : )

gs kawa

Hello. I have oil treatment + viscosity improver and engine restorer&lubricant from RESTORE. Can I put them together into the motor If motor has 3 litres? And what proportions do I need to use? The reason is that motor eats oil. I have quad bike.
Thank you!

AGM Mods

Does that product work on gas engines too?

Jesse cooper

Anyone know if this works in gas engines?


But how does it work?

M. Pietro

Thank you for another video.


Would using thicker oil have the same result?


You could start your own school teaching this stuff and have a nation of geniuses after you are done. Your Chanel is the reason why I watch youtube


I'd be really interested to hear your thoughts about RVS Technology


Man you’re the Man!

Luca Martinelli

Xado 1st stage should be as good as this one. Would like to see it tested


Another damn good video sir. Also highly admire that you can turn down those sponsorships. Some folk would sell their mothers down river for a sponsorship


I worked at my buddy’s tow yard for years, I’d buy lien sale cars and the first thing I’d do is change the oil and add a bottle of restore and/or a bottle of step oil treatment. Then sell it... I still use restore religiously, whether every few oil changes or anytime I get a “new” used car...

T Simmons

Would you accept them sending you free products to test?


I’m in England and I’ve used it on my 92 Jag 3.2 AJ6. It’s really good stuff, but very expensive here, and sadly not widely known. There’s a lot of great US products that either aren’t marketed in England, or are mega expensive because of import duty. Roll on a Trump 2nd term and a US/UK trade deal!

Tommo Hughes

I'm use to be a mechanic and tried it in many cars and tractors and it does not work longterm


After I properly changed the oil with Engine Restore in the mix, engine dash light came on. OBD codes P0011, 12, 16, 21 and 0022 came up on my scan tool. All related to engine timing & camshaft positioning. There were zero issues prior to oil change. I'm attempting an old fashioned 're-set' by disconnecting the battery overnight with the hope that the electronic system will re-boot and restore initial engine settings to truely clear the warning board. Have any of you experienced this occurrence with your modern vehicles?

Wayne Holder

Used on my high milage k5 with extremely tired 305 and worked awesome! Powered restored, idles smoother, eliminated blow by! Would of never guessed that it works as well as it did and will use another next oil change

Olds Pwr

Not formulated for Powerstroke engines. Wonder if they are referring to the International or Ford engines or perhaps both. I believe the older HEUI pumps that International used was a CAT design model.


Some of the best produced mechanic videos that I've ever seen. Thx & well done amigo! That's some beautiful land that you own as well. I'm jealous! ?

Sshy shy

You should make a TV show man your own series i swear I'd watch every episode down to the last second

Jaime Cornejo

I love this mans videos. Thank you for all you do sir. Precíate ya

Germain Gonzalez

That is a nice little tractor

Jimmy Hall

BG MOA 2 part worked for me

Doug Texas

Your tests are very interesting. I'll continue to watch them.

FerrariHD • Game Channel

cant buy this in Belarus :(

Project Farm

Thank you all very much for suggesting a test on engine restorer. Here's the link to the update on the Ford 5000 a year later: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VXIu3oo8z4c
Engine Restorer for 8 cylinder engine: https://amzn.to/3j4JoEb
Engine Restorer for 6 cylinder engine: https://amzn.to/32kpEpt
Engine Restorer for 4 cylinder engine: https://amzn.to/32liXDq


It would be interesting to see what difference diesel fuel additives do with a particulate filter on a diesel engine. There are many our there that claim it cleans them more and reduces emissions. Really be interesting to include fuelox I'm the line up, they claim to be the best.


Whould you recommend this over lucus synthetic oil additive? Im a lucus fan but im not afraid to switch

Andrew Yang

I used to use this product in early 2000 in all my cars . I used this in a 95 Honda Civic ex with a bad rod knock , I’m not sure if it was the rods or the main . I drove the car on a 2500 mile trip and drove about 4000 more miles after that before completing the 2500 mile trip . I’m not sure if it’s this product or it’s just how reliable Honda’s are but damn something was amazing . I’m sure it did some form of lubricant to make the car last that long . When I got home it was at 242k miles completing the 2500 mile trip .

Steve DeLeon

You are Both LOVED ❤ & HATED ? by product manufacturers (Depending on your Good or Bad Findings)

Karl Paschall

Does it start better?

Feras Omri

Does it fit gasoline engine ?

J Parsons

I heard good things about restore.

Wilson Mar

I am going buy that product for my car

Michael O

Todd is the Tractor still running the same or didn't it last?

Nickolas Vaughn

So it does help but it won't fix a.motor with no compression

try don.t cry

Hello from iraq well done thank you

Dharma Rotary

and 1 year later engine cracks

Juan Camaney

I like you . You can come over and meet my sisters

1k subscribers please it's my dream

Would this work in a 2 stroke


This product has a lot of copper and lead in it.


Hello PF. I appreciate every video with huge amount of information. However we miss your smile in this video. Hope the best for you.

Scot Blair

My brother used Xado Revitalizant in his Chevy 6.2L diesel truck (300k+ miles) and said that it made a huge difference in blow-by and oil consumption. Can you compare it to Engine Restore?

Orlando Ortega


Scott Airhart

Have you tested Cerma Engine Treatment?

nico Ramos

I would love to see a video on different types of oil_crank case cleaners

Maybe like gunked up price. With different types like, seafoam, lucus, amsoil, some big name and some cheap ones

And maybe if they were heated like they were added in a engine then ran then drained like you would normally do with cleaning it and changing the oil.

Would be cool to see if it causes damage to any additives to the new oil from any left over residue


I would like to see you test the NMF Ionic additive

Jon Doe

Be VERY careful using this stuff. It can destroy your engine. Use LESS than recommended.


Is it still working?


I put this in my 54 CJ3B about a year ago and it sat for most of that time. I'm home now and changed out the oil and it starts up no problem. Oil pressure is good as well.

The Admiral

Great video...Im going to try this on my GMC van. It has 387,000 miles and is missing at idle with one cylinder due to low compression. Also being a farm equipment mechanic(over 30yrs) next time you do a compression check be sure to check and adjust the valve lash. It makes a big difference.

Xavi NB

would this product work on a 1 cylinder engine?

Jeremy Girtz

Those old Ford Tractors are reliable with very minimum maintenance

chuck wingate

Have you ever tried to use restore on a 2 cycle

Stranger Happened

What are those crops?


Hi. Nice video! It whould be interesting with a test of Xado compression additiv. It is more accessable in my country. Engine restore seems awesome!

try don.t cry


Michael Benoit

Injection pumps usually show their signs when the engines is warm, if the pump is bad then the engine would shut off when warm.

Samuel Hutton

Have you tried testing ER? It’s called Energy Release an anti-friction formula. It is an additive that uses the oil as a vehicle to condition the metal. I would be interested in knowing your thoughts.


I think this stuff works by getting the carbon out of the ringlands so the rings can move freely in the grooves

christopher funelas

is it possible for fuel injected diesel engine ?


I’m a deputy sheriff. My patrol vehicle is a 2014 Chevrolet Tahoe that has 236,000 miles on the odometer. The engine runs smooth as silk. I was wondering if there would be any improvement if I added the 8 cylinder Engine restore.
Today I added the Engine Restore 8 cylinder.
After about thirty minutes driving the country roads I had nearly forgotten that I had added the concoction. Then, then I was going up a hill and noticed the added horse power bump! Then, I noticed again that I was actually having to use the brake more on my usual driving style.
Does it work? YES IT WORKS! Is it a fix all? Absolutely not. But, this product will fill in those microscopic etches in your cylinder walls and where ever compression is lost. I am absolutely amazed!

Phillip Young

Did this restorer last any amount of time?


Honestly I'm impressed. I didn't expect that result I'm typically very skeptical of mechanic in a can solutions.

The best way to put your DURAG on for good COMPRESSION!

The best way to put your DURAG on for good COMPRESSION!1 Aug. 2016
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Follow me on

Follow me on instagram!!!


Instrumental By MAC!

Email [email protected] for beats!!!

Comments (58)

beat is sick!!!


I just recently noticed how much of a difference double compression makes when wolfing. I'm almost out my 5th week and it doesn't even look like it. Thx for the tips!

Infinite Mindset

show us how to free hand trim

Devin Rowan

Notification gang


What's the name of the rag with the velcro you used at the end?

Lightskin Riley

thanks keep it ??


poppy blasted my straps be Short on my durags how do I make them longer or do they an so many waves that's are longer or can u do a video about making ur straps longer


Yes sir??????????✌?️????


I still can't get how you tie the hanging part of the durag....so I just tuck it in. The Boo Boo cap and my other compression cap covers while I'm in the weight room.

Reek Bands

What kind of moisturizer do you use?

Lee Locd

just here to support the FAM by liking and commenting


this wat im tlkin bout

Wave Mechanic

I see u..Salute ?????


aye bruh I got a question is it normal that my hair curls up a lot in the front but as it get to the back my waves become looser and thicker

Mr. Moore

Damn name of the beat??

Mr. Makeithappen ひ

A nigga juss chopped of today n I'm having trouble on this shit lol it be to small in the back for me to tie up

Eugene Collins

Thanks for taking time to make these dope ass vids bro Salute

wavyy jj

got mine a few weeks ago black and red

Nikki McKinney

hi PB!! love your vids always educational.. im a woman with a fade.. i get my haircut every week. i like my hair low but still have waves.. im having trouble with my hair laying down.. it just curls up. since it grows so fast!! suggestions please..

tiyjamir jones

thxs bro

Michael Cross

nO talking like that get to the reason keep working ?

Doctor Fashion


lance j. love

good vid as always bro def gotta get ma a tsurag finally got a boo boo last week so I've been compressing waves look alot better

Williams Orelus

Thank u

Deandre Smith

this beat go hard bruh ?

Anthony Gammingpage

your waves is spinning i wish I had your waves mines will never get like that

Corey Ingram

Just cut off my 720s, starting my 360s now! Dope ass video!

Jay Prelow

great vid


Do u have too do the back ponytail for the first one ?


Right on time with this vid bro, thanks, another solid one, salute ??

lance j. love

good vid as always bro def gotta get ma a tsurag finally got a boo boo last week so I've been compressing waves look alot better

Darian Green

Poppy blasted you should do a hot oil treatment in your next video with the emerald oil.

Edward Benjamin

what kinda tsu rag is that fam?


Damn I been putting the wave caps then durags on


I got a big head so I usually tie the durag over my ears for good coverage lol starts to hurt after a while though

Brandon Anderson

how come you don't use the dream dulex anymore?


I been out the wave game for about 3 years now. I started watching your vids about a week ago, and Reading your comments back to your subscribers. I like your style and I mess with you fam, you got me motivated to get back in the wave game again. I scalped and I'm starting back over again and I also am a coarse hair waver. When I get my money right I promise I'm buying some of your product not because I need it but because I want to support what your doing, keep doing what you do fam. ?

Favian Perea

the best

Ezron Gway

poppy blasted i really like u vids they help alot because im a young waver keep up the good work

Jordan Atkinson

Thanks for sharing this bra??

Sydney Curry

whats up with that night method


Idk y I can’t do 2:27-2:35 ?

Poppy Blasted

You can get all your gear In this video down below ????????
TsuRag 3- www.TsuRag.com
So Many wave DURAG- www.wavesrus.net
Stocking caps and Boo caps www.amazon.com


When do you condition your hair?


I only have one stocking cap and silky rag will this still help? also the tie part is short so could you show me how to tie with shorter rag


greetings wave king

steven harris

Good video! I wolf for just 5 weeks and the double compression be havin my wolf laid. I just subscribed!

Tae Friday

How often should I put the Royal Butter


You put Comp in compression

Xavier M

Thanks bro

D Nuck20

Great video I needed to know this thanks????.

Darian Green


Life With Eddy

good shit bro my shits is spinning but never will be better than urs?❗

tiyjamir jones

poppy blasted is baby dont bald a natural product

Samuel Ibegbulam

I'm gonna try woof for longer than 3-4 weeks now

Nigel Garrett

I tie my Durga into a slip knot so It'll be easier to take off

Colin Jones

wht do you put in your hair before you compress???


Does the Tsu 3 help with compression or is just for show