Military press with dumbbells

How to: Standing DB Shoulder Press | PhysiqueDevelopment.com

How to: Standing DB Shoulder Press | PhysiqueDevelopment.com22 May. 2020
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In today's video, Coach Austin takes you through the set-up, execution, and common mistakes made during the Standing DB Shoulder Press. This particular variation of the #shoulderpress is one that supports many programming scenarios and availability to equipment. All you need are #dumbbells for this beneficial #delt exercise. This has become a favorite of our #bodybuilding and #bikini athletes.

Give this variation of the #ShoulderPress a try and let us know what you thought in the comments below!

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Comments (8)
Weaky Repz-

That beard ???

Sir Whiskers

Holy sh*t it's William Osman!

All In

Great tips? But one question, when I try to do standing dumbell press, my shoulders get uneven like my left shoulder is higher up than the right one. Is this okay? Or should try do something different? It doesnt hurt, but its kind of hard to keep the shoulders even while pressing up and then coming down


I'm thinking in doing this immediately after doing 1 series of push ups, is that a good idea?

Jerome Johnson

Credit to you for having a perfectly groomed beard, alongside a short and clear in instructional video.

Martino Costa

Thats one epic beard

rabbit !

Great video. I'm at home because of lockdown and I have dumbbells so this was very helpful!

Climber Guy


Standing Dumbbell Press

Standing Dumbbell Press3 Aug. 2012
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Comments (93)
Angel Arellano

standing presses work the core but while standing with heavy weights you cant stay as tight there for pushing the abdomen muscles out with a pop belly. standing presses are a very good movement i just don't do them as frequent for that reason... type in phil heath shoulders and at a minute 30 hes says it himself

daniel maron

he is not training hes arms a lot and he is doing hes job with the sholders its just takes a lil bit of time .. its fucking genetics even phil heath was like that so relax guys.. its like saying luimarco dosent train hes triceps that's just stupid ..


He's 5' 7.

Angel Arellano

The problem with standing presses and bodybuilding is that they make your waist thick witch is one of the most important things they look at in bodybuilding ... so I would rather do other shoulder exercises

Kamran Hamidfar

Perfect; thank you instructor


Well, 90% of people could still listen to Nick cause he is still in better shape than that many people.

logan pruitt

So would a test booster count as natural of is that cheating...

Doug Zembiec

Fuck, he's pushing 2 by 45s, I'm wanking my way through life on a pair of 30s..... No wonder I never get laid


so 96% white, 4% indian..lol.

Tom Nub

natural = no roids m8


how tall is he? 5'7?


This kid is cool


Imagine if nick was 6'2" he'd look so beast


how long do you recommend between sets, nick?

Michael Bell

what i noticed about keeping your pinky slightly high is that it helps keep the shoulders 'packed' which is always good

D Lunar 90

Dude check his videos he talk about the supplements he takes


i am a short as fuck but I'm not mad bro I'm chill as fuck right now



Lee Jackson

Then why did you open up the video, you obviously saw the video title?? Playa.



logan pruitt

Oh sorry i thought it might be easier just to ask but i guess its just too much trouble


Cool vid. Smallest tweaks makes the world of difference. Thnx Nick

Latona Zaheer

Ale razer dow ggt


how long do you recommend to rest between sets, nick?

Nara’s Baby

I only have one dumbell, is it possible to do this one hand by one hand?

Aaron Justice

Some CRAY ASS SHIT Keep it up Nick!

Petro Marchyshyn

No roids

Zack Warner

No. Test boosters and anabolic steroids are completely different.

Osvaldo Linares

Thanx Nick, I always enjoy your instructional vids


lolfuckingwot8? and you believe him? he is on so much GH and insulin its not funny it doesnt matter what he does his organs will grow (hence the gut most ifbb'ers have). this wont make your waist wider. you shouldn't be pushing your gut out. you should be keeping your abs and glutes flexed the whole time.

Northern Beast

Accurate and straight to the point! Awesome video??


quite a lot of people are that tall.



clinton becker

Form bad on the wrist


I bet he looks huge in person


stop hating for fuck sake.


If it works it works. Whats the one thing all lifters have in common? They workout, thats it. Rep schemes, set schemes, exercises, days training, diet, they all vary. If you have the flexibility and behind the neck works for you, keep at it.

Mike Tyson

First and last to get laid!

Heath Wine


The Saiyan Prince

what weight are you going to try to hit this off season?



Tyler Sage

Thanks I will try this

Joshua Welch

Thx man good video


i pray for you bro

momee sickos

hey nick how long have you been working out?

Jack P

Good shit, Nick!

Kevin Hill

thanks for the tip Nick, i'll try this tomorrow


Guy giving free advice out and people are trash talking him in the comments, tf wrong with yall. Thanks for the advice Nick


He looks very hot .


Rear barbell press snaps your shit up

Will Hall

You stole those dumbells from the Transportation Safety Administration?

Jenn Caraballo

He's so cute! Maybe if you stand less closer to the cam you wont have a hard time showing the whole execise.

Stan Dicarlo

Thanks for the details of the doing these lifts--I'm doing them and they're working as you said.

Optimal Natural Bodybuilding

hey nick i saw one of your videos when you were flexing your legs, do you hit your legs once or twice a week? they amazing!

Impudent Drake

Thnks man


He said "snapped"! He also said striations the other day but i'm not sure if that's a TMW expression too. Their lingo is finding it's way in the fitness industry.

theviper pendragon

this dude reminds me of the shit I squeezed out this morning


Awesome mix - and you obviously got the best genes from them all!

Kamraan Merchant

Good video dude but next time use lighter dumbbells for the example lol but its tight

Jamie Leese

y u no use big back gripzzz?


He looks incredibly short.

Jeff Ochoa

Cool vid...and I agree with the standing presses.....Feel free to checkout my channel : ) zeppelinfanjeff


aka incredibly short.

Eric Cosby

I do the same thing but I have the dumbbells pointed sideways across my shoulder blades


this dude is shoulder obsessed now. bro stop training arms for a bit and you'll be alright.

Rachel Cooke

Haha. You're hilarious. This video rules.


If I'm doing 65 to 70lbs does wearing a belt diminish the overall core workout?


You reall wouldn't suggest behind the neck BB Press? I've been doing them and it seems to be the best way to hit the shoulders to me.

Herman Virk

behind the neck presses>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>than all other presses.


Hi i need some one 2 pray for me . Australia is a very sinful country and we are very proud of it . we only have this one chance in life so enjoy it .

Facts Over Emotions

@scondore Hi Nick. I study genetics and anthropology and I was just wondering what countries are your ancestors from? (If you know). If you want, you can also private message me if you don't want it posted in the comments. Thanks for reading this if you are.


wot? how is standing up instead of sitting down going to make your waist wider? elaborate please?

logan pruitt

Nick ive seen that you call yourself a natural bodybuilder, what do u call natural? And if any what supplements do u.take


nice vid dude


You mean that short?

Dylan Ewing

"Choo....Chooh", I'm gonna adopt this into my routine


LOL you mad cuz shorter guy more muscular than you?


lol damn that sucks...

Danny Malone

Why? I thought his chest was his weak point. Or do you consider his shoulders to be sub-par as well?

elichaparo -lil_E

You are a goat

logan pruitt

So i can do anything i want and as long as i dont use prohormones i would be natural

DD Malek

since he was 16... or 15

Rhea Malpekar

Very nice video. Thank you Nick. You have given small details like elbows little bit forward. In future I would like to see more videos from you. Thanks and God Bless you.

Facts Over Emotions

Oh cool man, thanks for responding. Some people think when asked questions like that, it's some sort of trolling or something. Take care and keep up the good work.

Nailon Ross

This activates my cardiovascular system and traps

North Dugan Douglas

Great form.

Jamesy TheReDevil

great tip


ah ! que c'est beaux d'être jeune .. ton corp te pardonne presque tout et tu gonfle avec un rien a vus d'oeil... si seulement on pouvait prendre de l'expérience tout en gardant le corps de ces 20 ans .. mode nostalgique.

that ragin bull

"you're gonna end up snapped up".... is there evidence for that? lol

Scarolinaviper Blue

Dont make it look to EASY...bravo ? hoss


It means natural peanut butter

Roarke's carnivorous plants and retro pc games

Is that a 20 kg dumbell ?

Nick Wright

Natural = Utilizing only your bodies natural production of testosterone. No additional hormones added.