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Smith Leg Press (Laying Down): How To Gym Tutorial Video #33

Smith Leg Press (Laying Down): How To Gym Tutorial Video #337 Mar. 2016
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Modified Laying Down Smith Machine Squat: Laides and Gents lets BUILD THOSE BOOTYS with this new twist on leg press! There are some variations but this set up here is my favorite. Be sure to watch this video which teaches you proper form as well as some helpful exercise variations.

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This channel features my "How To" video tutorial series which takes the traditional how to gym video and flips it on its head! These videos are made to be SHORT and in reverse order, the exercise is first and foremost then followed by additional information in order of priority. The idea is you can learn from watching the videos for as short as 15 seconds and learn added information every 15 minutes in the correct order you want it.

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Ray D

Trenbolone narcissist punk,with douche bag hair
Why is it always scronny chicken leg douches doing crap like this?
He just jumps on steroids,prick

GS Fishing

what a fucking terrible exercise should be recommending people don't do these at all and to stay away from them @Erin Wischmann

Anna Mahony

Soooo um I am not understanding the range of motion here
Should we schedule a personal training session? Idk I don’t feel it in my upper back like you stated
I really want nice leg muscles like you
Please send help
Thank you


Hello can you do this using a bench? Is there any strain on back by using the bench? Thanks


Thanks Erin. I´m doing this twice in a week.

Mrs. Samia Bass

Awesome! Thanks for sharing this.... ?

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Top 5 Best Smith Machines Reviews in 202023 Jan. 2020
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Sourajit Dey

Which one is best for deadlift....

Tips & Hacks Of the Smith Machine, Good Investment? Season 2 vlog 71

Tips & Hacks Of the Smith Machine, Good Investment? Season 2 vlog 718 Feb. 2018
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