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Skechers Performance Go Run Speed Elite Hyper 1st Run Impressions & Shoe Détails

Skechers Performance Go Run Speed Elite Hyper 1st Run Impressions & Shoe Détails6 Feb. 2020
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UPDATE: Read our full

UPDATE: Read our full multi tester review with 19 comparisons here: https://www.roadtrailrun.com/2020/02/skechers-performance-speed-elite-multi.html

PURCHASE at Running Warehouse here: https://tinyurl.com/SKSERTR

A first wet, cold, windy and fast (for me) spin in the 5.8 oz /164 g Hyper Burst foam super shoe race contender from Skechers. I detail the shoe and give you my first impressions. Mono mesh upper for maximum breathability and minimum moisture absorption (proven today), springy Hyper Burst midsole for plenty of lively cushion and a carbon infused winglet shaped forefoot plate for propulsion. I particularly noticed, and attribute to the plate, faster cadence (179) than normal for my pace and to be verified shorter ground contact time. On sale now. $190.

Full Multi Tester Review soon!

Available Feb 17 whole size only 8-12 US

The samples were provided at no charge for testing.

Comments (25)
Sam Pillar

Any news on a carbon plated altra shoe?

Ray A

That man Sam...oh yeah?


Just ordered some


The clear vertical “cap” over the metatarsal strike points on the lateral and medial size surprised me. I think they contribute a lot to the stability you’re referring to.

Steve Starr

But how does this help Make Asics Great Again? Asking for Jamie. ;-)

alexandros valkanos

Can I test them to....?

Harvey Feliciano

Compared to the Nike next % how wide is it?

Genysmen runner

Does the carbon plate goes from toe to heel entirely or it cuts like in the middle? How is the flexibility in the midfoot?

I didn’t like the ride of the vaporfly 4% maybe because I don’t land on the forefoot. Does this feel similar? And it has more cushion than carbon x?


Hi Sam, what about comparing with the New Balance fuelcell racer TC?

Thom Run

No size 13's yet. Lame

It's Like If

02:58 Your big toe can't be happy. :(. Skechers testers need to do a better job giving feedback to the company. The shoe is completely ruined. This has nothing to do with being too narrow, or midfoot volume. Many people cannot run in these shoes just because of the big toe area. This is amplified with the no stretch material. If it was knit, or something like that, it can be doable. Not with this shoe, or many of the other recent Skechers releases.


Get a windscreen for your microphone !

danny ong

Hey Sam, great review as always...would you say this is cushy enough for a marathon distance?

carlos diaz

We are gonna see this in Tokyo forsure

Rui Heng Chua

Skechers seems to be doing things right with the speed elite. Maybe a more pronounced rocker with more foam in the next version will really start to eat into the Nike market.

Moshe Weizman


Filip Bajan

190 USD for Skechers. What a time to be alive :D


What is the durability? 500miles?


You are making me curious! For a marathon however... Probably a bit more cushion for me.

bully hunter

How would you compare these to the GoMeb Speed 6?

Elihud Carter

These are the fastest shoes that I have ever run in.Incredible quick turnover.These shoes are like a speeding bullet .I want to run fast and these shoes were exactly what I was looking for.

eric singer

For 5k or below, how does the speed elite stack up with the its sibling skecher speed 6 hyper and the horizon vanish?

Vishal Kumar

I'm also sketcher employee in India sales executive nice video sir

Ontario Andrews

They are $285.00USD on their website. And they only have a size 10.


Depends on runner and preferences. What do you race in now and pace?


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Nike Phantom GT football

Nike Phantom GT football boots Tech Talk - in today’s Unisport Nike Phantom GT tech talk video, JayMike will talk tech and review the brand new football boots from Nike, the Phantom GT, which goes back to the virtues of the Nike Hypervenom Phantom 1, but with an even better barefoot-like touch and more grip on the ball - and in today’s Nike Phantom GT tech talk of the new Phantom GT football boots, JayMike will tell you everything you need to know about the fit and the size and of course the performance; and amongst other things, he will tell you why you need to go down half a size if you buy the brand new Nike Phantom GT football boots. With the merging of the Nike Phantom VSN2 and the Nike Phantom VNM football boots, Nike have focused on making the Phantom GT the perfect boot for the agile, skillful football player, and thus it’s made with a soft Flyknit upper and the innovative Generative Texture in order to give you a perfect grip on the ball for you to manipulate it as you please and use your football skills to the max - but did Nike succeed in making a proper successor to the Hypervenom Phantom 1? Well, see our Nike Phantom GT tech talk for yourself to judge if the new Phantom GT football boots are something for you.

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Comments (100)
Garth du Preez

I wunt to see the take down modls

kanye west

it looks weird to me more like a american football cleat:(

harry artantyo

This like description of the brand Ad..with all brand said, w/o comparison standard

kevin nguyen

I have very wide feet, I'm considering buying those pairs but I'm not sure if I would fit in them. I have a pair of size 12US hypervenom phantom 1s and I still wear them because they're able to stretch. Would the phantom gts stretch?

Cristian Zamora

I have wide feet and I bought these boots in half a size smaller like he said and what ended up happening is I got my foot smushed because the width on even the website says “medium” not large, and then my heel got blisters because of the heel counter lacking any cushioning. If you have wide feet avoid these football boots.

Ace_ 23

Bring back the old hypervenom ?

Eniola Smith

Jay got skills still, I rate them. ????

Benjamin Benjamin

Love it




These look like take downs from a distance. Even with the early renders. It looks cheap


Can you guys make a reload tutorial with PWG

Sasuke_1801 Car

They hurt my ankle

vinamra sharma

Is it too late to start learning about football at the age of 18

xXBulletz4 BreakfastXx

A nice 250 dollars

bootbot reviews

Random question but ill appreciate any comments - what does everyone look for in boot review videos/channels??

Leon&Co Gaming


Patryk brygida

Are they better then the venem

danny baldelomar

I hope Nike does what they did with the hyper venom 3. It’s still is out, and I hope that is what thwy do with the phantom vision

Sahil Bean

Can you review the adidas x ghosted+ pleass

Sam Burmeister

I just got mine today and love them


These are to much money and I’m broke lmaoo I just ordered the venoms yesterday from unisport

Pedram K

jay mike's shot is too soft and rough to the eye!

Akporufuoma Deniran

who got the boots on giveaway

Sheran Manoranjan

Wow you have so many boots. I want one??

Miguel Du Plessis

Check out sr4u reviews


Should have just replaced them with mercurials, they look so similar to mercurials that I wouldnt blame anyone who said are those the new mercurials lmafo. Also these boots are available at 80 pounds which I would definetly buy them for :)

Kobe Valdivia

Thinking of switching from adiddas to Nike. But I have wide feet, will these phantom gt be a good fit?


So what should i buy it or not?

Mirko Jankovic

Can we all agree that we just want Nike to re release the Hypervenom 1 in the original colourways?

Joyce Ntim

Do a Jadon Sancho skills video

Gio Ibarreta

Will they be releasing a Nike Phantom GT Pro/Elite Indoor boot?

Elijah Rajaratnam

First of all THANK YOU SOO MUCH UNISPORT for bringing so much info about the GT boots. These boots bring back the good ol days with 100 times better technology! love a good throwback.

Kk Kk

I wear size uk 8 must I get a uk 7.5 for phantom gt?

Aiden Mukanos-Kramer

These or Predators?

Albert Gilbert

I'll save you the 8:28. No they're not.

Ebbe Longstreth

Unisport, so are these the boots that kevin de bruyne will be wearing

YaBoi Matteo

I thought the black ones looked sexy until I saw the white ones damn??????

van sang

Nike swoosh bother the shit out of me OMG so ugly

Cassio Chory

I got so used to the collar in all my boots that when I started playing on my low cut old boot, my ankle was acting funny and I thought it was just a placebo until I got my injury. Can’t guarantee that it does something but it works for me. Also would love to see NJr on these, diamond HV 1 colors. Thanks JayMike for always breaking it down before we break the bank




I need someone

Mudassir Shah

Adidas has the best boots in the world
But we love Nike

Massimiliano Di Gregorio

Why he speak so bad??

June Swann

I hope Nike Will make Mercurials with this technology.Nike always making and I used to be a Mercurial fan but now I am a Phantom fan.

Danar Khairendra

Review specs indonesia football

multi media

so coolllll

Nick Maene

Do they have the anatomical soleplate?

Krrish Sharma

Are phantoms evolved version of hypervenom or magistas

Adjei Junior

Hi Unisport, my question is what do you think about grip or compression insoles if the grip socks are too expensive #Football#Q&A

Legend 14

If you have really wide feet should you still go half a size down?

J051AH 7

Im really a guy who likes Nike products, but necer buys them. Adidas is better for me.

Jeremias Søbakken

Just bring back the hypervenom

Triowhat Akkad

Is there an indoor model

Luq He


Martin Laburda

Can you also do a video about the takedown models??

Daniel Clarke

What is the white footie called?

Danny Villamizar

you never answered the question

Abdul Fatah Iskandar

bring back the hypervenom

Martin Yttri

what does he mean when he said "go down half a size because it runs a bit long" ?? what do he mean about runs a bit long

Chinyere Ani

Please let pwg teach us the Dragon stall.


Please fix your pronunciation of the word "boots". ??‍♂️

حربي ابو فراش

تبادل https://youtu.be/asDBoSUJ_oM

Biplav Shahi


ronaldo 07

Can you tell "jay" who is your favorite player in football⚽⚽⚽⚽

Tavonga Gorogodo

How to improve your reading of the game coz l am a midfielder and l sometimes struggle with that and Sydney Zimbabwe and l don't want to be the next Messi or Ronaldo l want to be the first me

Pancho Nasif


• Bearz •

I really want them, but i dont know which size i should go with.. If it was an Superfly i would have gode for size 11.5. But these boots are wider, and my foots are pretty wide. Shold I go for a half size down, 11?

Benjamín Figueroa

I’m a little disappointed. I was expecting an upper more similar to the one in the react gato, which is an amazing and comfy upper.
I’m not moving from the future 5.1 for the moment.

John Mark Zook

why does the elite look like a take down


Next video


Alex Messi

Can we speak abt how jay mike’s on field fits are always on point!!!


Will this suit my wide or a wide footed player like me, because there is rarely any good Nike boots that suits a wide feet most of them are for narrow or medium footers


Can you do a phantom GT vs Mercurial vapor/Superfly 13 pleeaase!!

Tavonga Gorogodo

Hey guys new subscriber here and l am from Zimbabwe and its my dream to become a professional footballer and l want to know is how l can enter an academy in London like how does it work when l live in England plus is it that expensive

Shibo prasad sanyal

Sir can you make a video of cr7 boots mer sup fly

Saint Laurent Don

There is nothing like the hypervenom ??


those are ugly, oh my days!

Lebogang Zuma

Please bring back uncuts and Q&A's

Stewart Evan

I want to buy the purple hypervenom can u gimme ua paypal

IRSD Gaming channel

Hey unisport,make a video of top 10 kits of 20/21 it will be very helpful for us.

Coen Ng

With the Hypervenom 1 I had issues with lace bite. Will this apply to the GT also?

Jonah Adomakoh

What ever happens to that “chasing the dream” documentary? That first episode was so good ?

MDR Gaming

Fan from lndia ??

Edgar Estrada

Do y’all know where I can find the hypervenom phantom 1 black orange at?

Tavonga Gorogodo

Does discipline and potential play an important part in football

Parents of Sarvam Shah

This looks like an American football boot

Lebogang Zuma

I love this boot but does it perform as well as they say it does

Saima Imran

HI plz make video on how to defeat strong defenders I am 13 years old and the other kid tackle me like a cake and I am so upset??????plz tell some advice I try my best apply you skills but they are like wall of steel??. plz make a video on how to defeat stronger defenders plz???????

Abdul Fatah Iskandar

the nhypervenom more comfortable than gt

Dat Boi

Which colorway should I get? ?

Bon Hashim Zamora

why does it look like american football boots?

Alex Bro


Kids Spartan games

What is happening



Andreas Lacey

Since this boot has a high and low cut elite version which go by the same name it makes me wonder if Nike will stop using the Superfly name for the Mercurial Vapors with a high cut collar and create a new line of Superfly different from Vapors once again.

Ryad Jacaranda

Man I'm in a tricky situation. I'm going into my senior year and I have 2 choices. One is do Physiotherapy in Brazil and im most likely going to have a quite chill and live a wealthy life . My second option is to study in Us , Sports Management, and play football there and try to risk it to become a pro . It's been my dream since I was 13 to be a pro footballer , i cant stop thinking about it and it's my dream. But idk what to do . Should i just give up on it and focus on my studies and live a good life but always think about what could have happened .

Dejan Nikic

It looks like a takedown

Pedro R.c

Hi, I'm from Brazil and I really enjoy all of your vídeos but since were we still in a "strong" quarentine I've been playing lots of Counter Strike and I've came up with ideia of building a team, and I would really be apprreciated if I could use Unisport as its name. I just love this name.


Can you do Phantom Gt vs Nike mercurial

What is Skechers Hyperburst? The Most Innovative Cushioning on the Market?

What is Skechers Hyperburst? The Most Innovative Cushioning on the Market?30 Dec. 2019
58 809

What exactly is Skechers

What exactly is Skechers Hyperburst? Kurt, the man behind the Innovation at Skechers Performance, is back to explain to us what separates the ultra responsive Hyperburst cushioning from the competition.

Shop Men's Skechers Footwear: https://www.runningwarehouse.com/catpage-MRSSKECHERS.html?from=youtube

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➤ Twitter: https://twitter.com/RunWithTheHouse/

What is Skechers Hyperburst? The Most Innovative Cushioning on the Market?

Comments (69)
Jann Saracini

Sketchers shoes looks ugly


How durable is Hyperburst? Does it compress over time with use or loses its qualities?

Alex Trinklein

Sounds cool


I'd like to know the difference between Skechers/HyperBurst and Brooks/DNA Flash tech - both nitrogen infused.


Dat voice. Perfectly for documentaries :D

Faraz Ahmed Photography

this guy should do meditation videos. very soothing voice.

Conner Anderson

Sketchers is dog shit

Rey Anthony Ocier

I wonder how many times they rerecorded the scenes for mispronouncing it with HYPERBOOST

Ty 30

Skechers is dogshite, they rip off so many brands

Derek Jones

One of my favorite shoes can't wait until the next razor 3! Can't wait for the full 2020 line up of shoes.

Pobsar DuctTapeProducts

Who else loves capitalism!!!

Michael M

Waiting for the Elite version with carbon plate coming in 2020

EnEm Gee

If it springbacks when my weight is on it, then we are asking for knee trouble in the mid to long term.

Aadit Paul

Somewhere I still feel that Skechers is an underdog and deserves more attention...


Is this Mark Cerny's brother?

Sakib Ahsan

What happened to the speed elite with the Carbon Fibre plate?

Daniel Templos

I'd rather go barefoot than be seen in sketchers

Hayati Rania

Lol i thought that gordon ramsey

Mika kungs

Nice ??

William Qin

Sketchers is a joke

Stevie D

Way too expensive for the durability. Definitely not paying for the branding. Should be the same price as Decathlon in my opinion.

Ray A

Hey Connor when is the speed elite hyper coming out?

Charles Asouzu [Student]

One of the best videos so far on the page!?

arun adavath

this sole is really amazing for road runs and treadmill.. that’s it.. running on dirt and doing 2 digit kilometres everyday then these are done in a period of 1-2 months.. durability of these suck in dirt..

Fruit Salad

That was some sad and depressing intro music lol

Brian Kao

The razor 3 is the best shoe I've ever worn. Can take it any distance at any pace, it's not just for tempo/racing!


Yet the youngins won't touch it due to their pettiness and label whoring. i have some of that shipping foam and it looks just that cross section

Daniel Delgado

Connor looking confused at 2:55 ?

If Only

I want that gentleman to be my bedtime storyteller !

Jordan Cama

I stay with my Ultra Hyper Booost... ? OH YEAH


Am I detecting some sexual chemistry between these two? ?️‍??️‍?

ginger watkins

Kinda looks like pool noodles.


This guy should be a narrator for space and wildlife documentaries.

Run Jaymes

Finally someone put a mic on this guy. Dude has no idea how to project his voice. They had to purposely turn up his audio volume.


This guys relaxing voice reminds me of Steve from the MRE (meals ready to eat) Steve1989MREInfo.


Why can't we get Skechers in the UK ??

Pitbull Pitbull

Yeezys shit on these. Oh yea fucken yeezys boyyyyyy. I wouldnt be caught milfd in sketchers


How would you guys compare this to Boost or ZoomX??

Martial Mix

Skechers are doing themselves no favours they don't have any of there better level running shoes in Australia and skechers in America don't ship to Australia..its ridiculous

Kevin Decoteau

Love Skechers. Welcome to the neighborhood.


All I have to say about the hyper burst is that it is Amazing!!

Running Otaku

I love hyperburst for 5k- to 1/2 marathon-paced workouts. It’s a fun ride.


I've been an Adidas guy for 30 years.
I bought a Sketchers pair one day and they're the best trainers for distance running that I've ever had.


which model would you recommend for a 255lb guy?


Sketchers ripping off more shoe designs

Michael Lynch

I could listen to this guy talk about midsoles all day

Adam Fraser

Sounds like Bob Ross’s forgotten son. He needs an ASMR channel


I struggle to understand every word that Kurt said about the process of developing hyperburst. in the end, I don't understand.

but it feels good.


So, does this mean that the new hyper burst midsole will compress and form troughs at the heel and forward impact portions of the footbed in less than the current six month time period for traditional eva foam midsoles? I just threw away four or five pair of shoes that looked almost new except that I couldn’t wear them anymore because of the troughs that form by compressing the eva due to wear. What a racket. Selling foam for $50, $60, $70 and up to $150 or more knowing it will be too painful for most users to wear within six months. Why don’t you people develop a conscious and start making midsoles that stand up to the wear and that don’t compress to form debilitating troughs in the footbed.

Rui Heng Chua

Now, if only we could find them outside the US...

Sean Long

Thank you Kurt for another interesting video!

Pat Rosin

Did all my long runs over 15 and my first 2 marathons last year in the Razor 3. Highly recommend them. ??


This guy has the smoothest voice ever!

Diego Pires Escouto

???????????? my go run 7 ? x Vaporfly's https://youtu.be/2dd24X_m2iU

Beck S.

Sketchers are the cheapest made shoes. None have lasted me beyond a months run on concrete or rubber track. Cheap. Stick to nikes or new balance. Same price too.

haro wilson

Need this in basketball shoes

One Ash Ralph

This shoe probably the most light & comfortable running shoe but I think it will be dense in no time.Better sold it for a reasonable price.I bet the foam will be finish off just 4-5x marathon

Jon Thor

Darnn.. it’s not just normal shoes.. it’s science


Nice info

Jack Ryan

You'll never catch me wearing sketchers dead


Thats why you only have 20k subs, you review shitty brands


Beware of sinking...

Paulo Santos

Da pra traduzir em português??????

Andy Lau

Good shoes bad logistics. Can't get them to ship to Asia.


Recommend me a hyperburst for long distance daily trainer with the best upper please?


Fuck Skechers you guys are just a rip off of Adidas and Nike

Boss G

Like a foam of a new laptop straight out from the box ???


how does the hyperburst compare to the max cushioning?

Noodle Mousey

Is he the ripoff man?