Mike tyson goes off on reporter

Mike Tyson goes off on Boxing reporter

Mike Tyson goes off on Boxing reporter18 Apr. 2017
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Mike Tyson shows true

Mike Tyson shows true savagery in this video... Mike Tyson was an unstoppable beast, this shows the reason why people had fear of him, he just doesnt care, and shows what the real definition of a conqueror is.

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Yuri Quinn

I get it bro...they don't...its to real

M.G. V

Why he's looking like michael jordan right here

Tony DC

The good ol days..yea the gud ol daiz..

Sharifah Wright


Michael Wilson

Reporters on any sport

Kobey Billie

There will never be another mike Tyson

Moderated Samurai

It's the truth and it hurts.

̇ ̇ ̇ ̇

When you got nothing, you get used to working so hard not knowing you finally have everything

LCU Nash

“Why?” Ballsy or stupid?




I was with him until he had to bring race into it, y’all would never let a white man call a reporter “black boy”. Stop the double standards man


“None of your damn business white boy” ??

Bill St. Charles

Yo seriously liked your change when you stopped fighting and found the meaning of life!!! Then you started training and became an asshole, the reason you haven't had sex with your wife is that you changed into an arrogant asshole!!!! And the fight was weak!!!!!!!!!!!

Alonzo Mozli

He is racist as fuck

MotorCity PimP.C

I was scared just watching this interview! When he said none of your buisness White Boy, i was like sorry Mr. Tyson i won't watch no more, your right it's none of my buisness.?

xman 151

I'm surprised he didn't say he wants to eat his heart & kids & soul?. He speaking real shit in this vid tho?


Havent seen my kids in months
None of your business white boi!

Frank Gavaghan

Don't get mad because he ALWAYS spoke , what he felt! Hes turned into a changed man!Gus would have been proud of him

Boxing Academy

Thank you all for 1k subs it is a blessing. Couldn’t do it without any of you. Even the people who dislike my content, or don’t pay mind to it or have nothing but negativity to say. You all are the reason I have my views, comments, and subscribers. Not taking any credit, I did this with a phone. Just trying to say don’t forget any of you can do it too. It doesn’t require special talent or anything unique. It just requires determination, a constant work ethic, and repetitiveness. It all happened so fast for me. Love you all thank you again. - Boxing Academy❤️

Tayshaun Alexander

None of your buisness white boy! ?

Oakland Republic

Like how Mike was like "Move yo fuckn hand I'm still talking"


When you want to get your workout on or you want to prepare for your homework studies or prepare for a fight you just watch Mike Tyson speak SAVAGE!!!!!????

SRG808 8

Wait he looks pretty hot in this


My attitude when I'm hungry

Esco Royalty

This what you call mental health



Marty Hail

Black Boy


Cold af ?


Yo, real talk. Mike has overcome things that people usually GET killed, or kill THEMSELVES over. Bro he is an inspiration to anyone who wants/needs to change!!!

Joeking Nyari

The old Mike

Beast Man

Why white people always gotta be technical with the questions

John Smith & Wesson

What he said is dead on. But if that was a white guy who said "what you say black boy?" there would be outrage. Needs to clean up on the discrimination there. Now I ain't one of those people who campaigns the shit outta it but there has to be some equality right.

Tyler Doepker

Lmfao the dudes non schallant


IDGAF that’s not tommy brooks whoever that is that’s iron mike Tyson in his prime

Big King

this time and era where was not trusting people , cause they betrayed him.

Lil Jojo

He really said this ?

Francisco Melendez


Joseph Coronado

Tyson’s got bars



Mark Shannon

I wanna stop them of their health! Damn!

Deeno Jarmbo

Had to loose respect for this boy using the term "white boy" I thought race didnt bother him! ?

One Nation

All I heard was slsss slsssssss.


Imagine Tom Brady saying “None of your damn business black boy.” Every odd color haired girl would have a aneurysm

The zero At first


Theazy Hunnit

Reporter gonna get his dumb ass beat.



Andrew jr

White boy bamn


None of yo damn business white boy???

Bobby Che

My nigga Tyson

brandon laplante

None of your damn business whiteboy

Blast Allkind

Tyson aint shit only fought 3 known fighters the rest were all walk off the streets

DZeusMusic _

Realist man on earth

Salih Kurtovic

Yes bady but Lenox Lewis bit shit in you

Ray Curry

Sounds like a cry for help... Glad mike is in a better mental space nowadays


Bro mike is sooooo scary, then to back it up he made that man quit

David Fridley

The beast has spoken ??

Good Solonius

Alpha male

Lugiee Delfonte

He was 2 real.He overcame all his troubles,but still suffering.Tyson is very interesting,emotional person.Other hw boxers are boring.Tyson is after Ali in term of personality.

LZ_ziggy 3

I’m so glad to see Mike Tyson as a happy healthy supportive individual!

hassan Waleed

Lennox the pussy scared to fight a tyson in his peak. If he a man he'd box tyson today, after that performance, none of them wat it exvept maybe holyfield

Emonte Bamberg


Jozef Boga

“I haven’t fucked my wife in a year”???

boated boat

Bruh shouldnt of asked y lmao


Haha did nigga said none of your damn business white boy


I would’ve been scared to death

Isaac Ortega

Real pain


"White boy" just gets flung about so much and it's all cool.. why is that okay?


“Reporters” are scum of the earth. Worse than lawyers and as bad as politicians. Sadly, the weak and stupid are the majority and so they give these people power.

Peter Beck

I dont care white boy,now if we said black boy we,,d be racist,loved mike as a fighter but his mouth always let him down.just thought I would add a comment on this,as I am sure the snowflake party will be out to lynch me ,white boy I would have said hold on a min black boy,

Recep Metin Erdem

Mike has a heart. The reporter has not.

Scarface8485 Bulldogs1870

Wheres the full interview??

Jose Montenez


the promise man

The biggest thing in life you could ever do wrong is make Mike Tyson angry you don't want to make Mike Tyson angry

Jay Steel

I wonder how the young generation sees/understands who Mike was...because I know for me personally Iron Mike was the supreme destroyer all time. Yes, he’s lost, but everyone does at some point, unless you cherry pick like Mayweather has, but all of Tyson’s losses were either because he didn’t give a damn, was sidetracked battling demons, or was way past his prime and he was just collecting the bag. But prime Mike was better than anyone out there today, anyone.

Being positive is the key to success.

He put that so called reporter of the boxing ? world in his place ??



Mike Milly

Mike always had the wisdom

Alec Pointer

Don’t trust no one in this cold world. Your own friends will stab u in the back if they have to?

T Mac

Mike was what America turned him into just like most people who get systematically stuck in a life with no opportunity....then ppl say that he's crazy because they don't understand because they where privileged enough to be to never experience 90% of what ppl who are born like Mike had to experience growing up....js



Codey Snow

"none of your damn business, white boy" ? Gotta love Mike

Tamim Alnahdi

He wasn't a good man..
But I still loved him.
He was like the villian that you want to be in the series or whatever..


calling him "white boy" is just racist.

Arther TC

That’s is not mike Tyson

The 45th Firewall

Ok but imagine if white guy was up there going off and called the reporter "black boy". Boom career over

Sam Gallagher

You see its fine for a black to call a white guy "white boy" but if a white man said "black boy" when angry everyone would be saying "racist". Gotta love tyson tho


I felt it when he said "I want to strip them of they're health"

hansolo berger

Mike is a fucking role model. Idc what anyone says

Rosilyn MaKeba

"I wanna strip them of their fuckin' health!" Eight of the most frightening words ever uttered. Shit.......

Francisco Maravilla

When was this press conference?


You can feel his pain in his voice??‍♂️

Mat Cole

The truth.


He was just in that time of life, he wasn’t warned about but heard about it now he experienced and turned into a great inspiration man, gotta love Tyson

omega native

When he said YEAH WHAT!!! at the end, I thought he was going to go after him


Poor guy was psycho. I’m glad he got some help.

Black Nasty

None of your damn business whiteman lol!..real shit

Eric Platt

I wouldn't piss Iron Mike off are you stupid he's deadly and crazy he has emotional pain so deep that's why he's nuts but please leave that man. He can punch through concrete!!!!!!

J Knight

Mikes a fucking maniac then and now don't let age fool you

Josh Dot

Mike tyson, the only man who could literally make you laugh and shit yourself at the same time ??

Liam Leech

I feel so bad for Mike Tyson, yes he clearly had issued but that man's been through the worst since he was a kid and everyone just abandoned him. Despite being the best boxer, he had no one

Mike Tyson Freaks Out During Interview

Mike Tyson Freaks Out During Interview18 Nov. 2008
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Mike Tyson feeling a bit aggro prior to Francois Botha fight on the week of Saturday, January 16, 1999. He don't know nothin' 'bout the numbers just knows he's gonna kill this motherf*#*

Interview was on UPN9/WWOR New York (it says so right there in the attribution on the picture, for all the Trumpster idiots who think it was a CNN interview) by Russ Salzberg. The clip went viral and was carried around the world on other networks.



Russ Salzberg: "Mike, uh, Francois Botha, 6-to-1 underdog. Are there any concerns on your part?"

Mike Tyson: "Uh, I don't know anything about that, I don' know nothin' about the the numbers, I just know what I can do."

RS: "How 'bout the..."

MT: "I'm gonna kill this motherfucker."

RS: "Okay... How 'bout the nineteen months off? Does that..."

MT: "How 'bout it?"

RS: "Does it po..."

MT: "What about it?

RS: "Does it pose any problem to you?"

MT: "We'll see, I doubt it seriously."

RS: "You take into the ring a lot of rage. Does that work for you, or does it work against you at times?"

MT: "You know, who cares, we're in a fight anyway. Wha... What doe... W-w-wha-what does it matter?"

RS: "Well, for example, rage against, uh, Evander Holyfield worked against you.

MT: "Well, fuck it. It's a fight. So, whatever happens happens."

RS: "Mike, why do you have to talk like that?"

MT: "Well, I'm talkin' to you the way I wanna talk to you. You have a problem, turn off your station."

RS: "You know what? I think we'll end the discussion right now."

MT: "The we could, asshole."

RS: "You got it. Have a nice fight Mike."

MT: "Fuck off."

RS: "Class act, buddy."

Comments (100)
Blind Lazarillo

There will never be another Mike Tyson. I love him because he is flawed; I love him because he is a genius; I love him because he is visceral; but most of all, I love him because he is real. God bless you, Mike.

Sourav Hazarika

He's a changed man now.

kevin perry

Before the internet, media thought they were above the athletes.

mellow spicoli

Sucks Mike wants to be himself in a world of facades and judges

Talk to My gnasher

Lol fuck off

Eda Bean

The interviewer is an idiot. And has no neck.

Sarah stone

What a dumb shit coke head Mike was really I'm so tired of hearing about his fighting ability he was a discrace to boxing


You can tell Mike is very anxious here

IC Weener

Lol the interviewer trying to make himself look bigger by leaning back. Tyson's a scary dude, but at least he's genuine.

David Jr

he never learned to control his emotions

Matthew Marr

I love how Tyson keeps it real there's nothing fake about him, it's same attitude that IV got if someone doesn't like what you say then fuck you man love it

Natnael Berhanu

The interviewer is definitely Jewish

Hugh Duganout

this is probably not a good time to tell Mike that he has a speech impediment

Maker KaNdike

Mike is answering these questions like he saw the questions prior ??


This dude was my hero in the 90’s . Still is


Mike knew how to entertain

shailin Govender

Mike had some serious mental trouble and was a major asshole. See too many people denying this lol. his first loss really changed him.

Dave S

Alot of the reporters would push him, and then act like they are so much better.

Thomas Fisher

Mike was just being a dickhead to this guy. Fuck him lol I'll talk about him however the hell I want appearantly that's ok as long as you can fight no one will think you're a jerk and that it's just "funny". Nah seriously though fuck mike and if you get upset at that and think "oh you wouldn't say that to his face" then I hope a dictator with a tank and a small army comes to your house and takes everything you have including your wife, and when you complain about it I'll just say "tehe you wouldn't say that to his face though! ??"
See what I'm sayin?... might don't make right and alot of people in these comments at least seem to think it does and it's kinda weird tbh.

Savage_ MCR

I dont know anything about that
I dont know nothin

kartinmarl .7

A minute 5 seconds? Ye, why not


Even Mike knew he looked like an idiot ?

Chris Mark

Is it just me or in this particular interview does Mike not look like a caged animal when the kids keep tapping on the glass?

An Atheist

Now I know who was Hålands favourite interviewer. He answers question exactly like Mike Tyson

Harmonicapo Hawk

One of those videos you come back to once in a while

Mr. Gemini

Me on a sunday, hungover not wanting to deal with anyone's foolishness. Lmao

Francis Hughes

I love you Mike , you show these CANTS just the right amount of respect dew .

The Jack 0

I bet if he was sitting in front of Mike, he wouldn't be talking that way.


Reading the description: "All the Trumpster idiots" .... Bro what?? Why is that even relevant to the video. Dislike just for that.

Ty Arnold

Mike straight up no bullshit. That's iron Mike.

Oliver Ribeiro

I don't get why he had to be so angry. If he expressed this on the streets where he becomes a problem for the people, the people, in turn, will dislike him. But when he expresses the same thing in a ring, and he gives people entertainment and appreciation for his success in a sport, people will love and respect him. Funny how easily a circumstance can alter the perception of a figure. It's good to see that he has seemingly changed in certain ways now that he is older and with his loved ones.

Jas Marv

This interview would have been far better taken face to face.

Couch Potatoe


Petty Eddy

Class act bud

LA BoutaBagDoe

Have a nice fight Mike...FUCK OFF!! ???

Gabriel Resende

I don't know why fucking Mike Tyson should be educated with a reporter anyway.

Steve Buckshot

Lol what a half wit ??

2 Crazy

He actually is. He was just such a mad dog back then. But since he's calmed down, he's definitely a lot more clear headed.

Jose Melendez

I was born and raised in Brooklyn. I've traveled I've studied I've served but in some situations if you get me riled up I'll go Brooklyn on you just like Mike did in this interview.

Axel Mike

mike is a piece of garbage

Jeep TJ Wheelin'

He regurgitates simple facts. Intellectually, he can't hold a conversation, he's a dolt. Quoting intelligent people doesn't make you intelligent, it just reveals you lack original thought of your own. I always laugh when someone says, oh he quotes Shakespeare or whomever. This tells me that person has nothing to add to the conversation.

LB Stirling

I’m on the flipping floor here ???

Abijah C

If they didn’t have to social distance this would’ve been a more interesting interview ?


As he should

Chuckey 2015

He mentioned Holyfield to piss him off more.

kickitski flamboyant

It's hilarious how the interviewer actually thinks he's something special


Honest man and honest answers, that's why even if he is angry all times he won the match of life and stood as one of the greats :)

snickle snockle

This is the guy everyone thinks is smart

Mmhmmm Yea right

Mikes interviews are always golden

Mac Kinnon

Mike owned that little white girl

Autistic Al

Seeing him like this now is so weird when you realise how spiritually awakened and open mindedly calm he is now. He's learned to deal with a lot of his rage now and a lot of young teens could really learn a lot from that.

Matt Therrien

He's always been an exceptional wordsmith.

Jay Bushwacker

Russ salzberg is a c***


the interviewer really wimped out there man, he thought he was talking to a ballet dancer or somethin.

The blasted Shark

There was a reason he wasn't interviewed face to face

Eddie Avinashi

He needs an ear-shaped snickers.

george thornton

What a jackass

Truth Seeker

? I got the powuh ?

Terry Dixon

That's the Mike Tyson i remember, the unpredictable psycho.?

Sick of The Lies

Slam some more coke with Steve-O ya fucking cooch

Aryaveer Singh



Pure guetto can’t do better

Fonseca Taliaferro

Y’all don’t know how cold that line was. “It’s a fight, whatever happens, happens. Analysts and pundits will never know what it’s like to be competing for your life.


These people don't interview they interrogate and infuriate


Interviewer looks like Benito Mussolini


Interviewer had balls over a satellite

Ian Lundquist

Fuck Mike Tyson


Mike Why Do You Have To Talk Like That?

Well I'm Talking To You The Way I
Wanna Talk To You...?

You Don't Like It Change The Station?
You Know What I Think We Can End
The Discussion Right Now?

Then We Could AssH*le?

You Got It?

Have Nice Fight Mike?

.......? F*ck Off?

Falcon Cyborg

Tyson is a monster

Richard Lionheart

This was pre-dmt Mike. Much more ornery for sure but I’m a big fan of both incarnations.

Chico Lowe

This was a gentleman's conversation I just know what I can do was so professional ?

Deedle The Dog

CNN was dogs**t back then and now.

robert bogert

Russ salzberg was a fucking flake anyway!

Michael van der Puije

I wish the interview was face-to-face ?

Daniel Red

So happy to see him come back

Fin Stoney

Mike Tyson is so savage ??


The interviewer would never speak like that to him in person ??

jason gideon

For a video which is uploaded 12+ years and over a million views,this is the
least disliked video ?

Lew Stone

A wild animal lol!

Ural Motorcyclist

Tyson is a total idiot, cant see how anyone can support such a low life. I dont care how hard he hit, he can for sure not hit anyone with intelligens.

P puh6tfrz

The interviewer handled that well.

Tyson just comes across as a baby here.

Leif Pettersen

He didn’t even really freak out


Lmfao I love this

Nigel nigel

You forgot to tell him you would like to eat his baby's.

Mark Levant

BACKGROUND STORY: A little late here, but it is surprising no one that followed Mike's career closely back then has commented on it. Mike certainly was triggered in this interview, that is obvious, however, some would say with good reason. That reporter had been very critical of Mike right before that interview, and even in the segment leading up to it, he had trashed Mike pretty back. Mike had been watching in a tv set right before his was cut in. So Mike was aware of everything that had been said, the TV anchor did not know that Mike was listening, so there you have it. Does not change much, but it does offer a completely different perspective. It is difficult to be a good mood when the individual interviewing you had been a vocal critic of you, and disrespected you just moments earlier, that was Mike's mindset.

Crosseyed Cricket

3rd grade diploma recipient

BiG JuiCe

Just caught Mike on a bad day that's all.


Not the sharpest tool in the box


When you're doing a quest and keep failing the speech checks

A.S. Cirillo

He was broken

Bill Wilson

Everyone watching at home: ???????????????????????????????


That guy wouldn't dare say "you too asshole"?(neither would I)


Aw thit

Roddy Dykes

It warms my heart knowing this smug interviewer is probably dead of obesity by now and Mike is finally living the life he deserves

SpongeBob SquarePants

that interviewer should not of asked him that

Stiff Jabzz

He need to loosen that top button,Look like he was gonna die from asphyxiation ?


If Tyson would just admit he got hungry against Holyfield all would be forgiven.

Nancy Ford

Yang pilih Allah like yang pilih Dajjal abaikan.

Derrick Liu

That’s Mike before he met Ali.

Mike Tyson DESTROYS Reporter!

Mike Tyson DESTROYS Reporter!19 Sep. 2014
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Comments (100)
Ron D.

And it was at 1:28 when things went south really quick....Morgan Freeman narrative voice

Alphonso Blowe

Mike is a real dude.. Facts!


I totally get Mike here. He was clearly in a good mood, happy to have met a mayor, and this jerk blind-sides him with an uncalled-for comment as if to say "I see you are happy. Let me insult you." Mike maintains he innocence on those particular charges too so that reporter really took a dig.

Miguel Vazquez

Mike was about to crack his cranium ....

don darty

What do you expect calling him a convicted rapist right to his face?
Piece of Shit!

Adun Toridas

You want a nice interview but then you bring up rape into the conversation?... You best know what the reaction should be... an easy, "fuck you". That's about right.

It's like somebody saying to you in an interview, "hey, they say you have really bad breath". Regrdless if it's true, why would you say that?! That's just rude as fuck.

Stupid interviewer.


You can tell that the reporter really is a price of shit, that was uncalled for

Claude Augustin

That last F*ck you kills me everytime ???


Dude has flashbacks of his life when Tyson began talking...

David Ramirez

All that talk of “forgiveness and master of your own mind” went out the window Mike.

Prime Merlinean

"The reporter had the scariest moment of his life, that's nearly a KO."

Gian L

Tyson responded perfectly
Tyson was right to be pissed
He did it with ball whenever
Someone judges you with bullshit
They hear from everyone they try to label you everyone should put these rats in place like Tyson did


the 'fuck you' at the end was hilarious

Tommy Hathaway

Promoters like what you going to do about it?? ??


Just imagine him hitting someone with his bare fist! This would be graphic for sure.

qam yahsharahla

Real talk!!!!!

Tommy Hathaway

Looks around breathing hard was going to take him out

Max Mccann

He's lucky he didn't lose both his ears lmao

Petar Number1

Man he wanted to slap the shit out of that idiot

Matt Frances

Anytime I am down I watch this video, and however many times I watch it I always laugh my ass off.

Ron D.

Thank you for coming bye....Fuck you nigga!!!



Janick Norman

Host: "We're on live tv"
Mike: "What you gonna do"
Security has left the building

Tele Caster

this reporter its piece of shit!!!!



Arshdeep Singh

reporter - than.... thank you for coming in"
tyson- FUCK YOU


whos watching this again when ever it pop up randomly on youtube.....lol (LIKE)


you know he is a piece of shit because he asked with a smile on his face. Fake AF.

Chuck P

hes lucky that Mike didnt slap the shit out of him


Reporter: "Sword! Give me as sword!"
TV crew: "Sheath your swords!! SHEATH YOUR SWORDS!!"

Richard Parker

Mike is right, the reporter is really a piece of shit.


The key is, Mike went to prison for it and paid his debt to society. It really IS a low blow to bring it up out of the blue like that. Had he gotten away with it on a technicality, then it would be more "fair game".


Only reason I’m disliking this one is because of your stupid-ass logo

emmy lite

This dude should have been FIRED for what he did yet he's still employed to this day !? It wouldn't surprise me though if he had the approval of his higher ups !

Taurus Johnson

When he said “Fuck you that was a piece a shit” he really wanted to slap his head smoove off


Keepin it real Mike
That reporter is blessed that Mike didn’t fuck him up


Lol that’s what the reported gets. I don’t condone this type of behavior but what do you expect when you state that someone is a convicted rapist? Especially on live tv. That’s gotta be uncomfortable. Expect a human reaction

John Vandersall

hit him mike

Simon Jack

This is the interviewer that I'm talking about he tried to turn every interviewer into a off-topic controversy argument. He did the same s*** to Robert Downey jr. about his past he did the same thing to Tarantino treated him like he is a racist just because of his movie Kill Bill Inglourious Basterds and Django Unchained.
He even did the same s*** to Michael Jackson just because Michael Jackson was sharing his inspiration for most of his songs the guy didn't like it and he was acting like a judgemental jackass it's ridiculous how his nooseneck work consoling defend him even though he makes every interview a f**** nightmare.
I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he's related to Ajit Pai the stupid FCC moron appointed by Trump who try to destroy the open-air net policy by giving companies the ability to overcharge people even more for internet where you have to pay extra money if you want higher internet speeds basically he wanted a system where you have to pay $500 plus in order to have high Internet Speed without cable. Supposedly he was doing this so he can get bragging rights for Verizon because he used to be a lawyer for the company.
I'm sure you remember the whole crazy debate for net natality freedom

karmah Leone


3 Knives

Shouldn't have brought up the past. It doesn't matter if Tyson was guilty or not. Forget about it.

Aleks Uher

I don't like Mike Tyson. This might be an unpopular opinion. He's really not the sharpest tool in the shed. I wish somebody made him cry like a little bitch one of these days. He thinks his large physical build and aggressive personality gives him the right to talk to anybody the way he wants. He's rude and obnoxious, I don't think he was raised right. He comes from a rough ghetto and has taken a few too many punches to the head. Edit: I don't necessarily mean in this video, the reporter asked a pretty mean question. I mean in general. Mike is always screaming at everybody and putting them in their place when he shouldn't be putting them in their place.


I wonder if he punched the reporter

Abdirizak Mohammed

That idiot nearly lost a ear lol

Ely i

“I think sometime we forget that mike Tyson “

Anthony Reed

Well, he IS a pos.

Greg Fisher

I still to this day have no idea why the reporter thought this was a good idea wtf

Nixa Zizu

Thank you for coming in - FUCK YOU HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA Mike is the man.

Phoebe R'view

He's really a piece of sh!t.

Michael Holler

Dudes lucky


Reporter is a total @$$hole.

Ron Jen

Like a night guy lol

English man

Mike Tyson is one scary guy


Im sure the reporter nearly died of fear.

Frank Sejas

Mike changed his life around and the reporter going to bring that up... I mean come on he lucky to walk out of that one... old iron mike would have knocked him out

Joe Mama

You think that reporter got Fired?? ?

Mike Bagshaw

I live in Toronto and occasionally that guys picture is on a bus shelter or subway ad and i will never, for the rest of my life, pass one without saying either "FUCK you" or calling him a rat piece o shit


1:45 "piece of- Fuck You" Lmfao

Raymond Greaves

That bitch was trying to make a name of himself. He actually thought Tyson wasn't going to respond that way. "Everybody has a plan, until try get punched in the face". -Mike Tyson.

Shannon kamal

Reporter: we’re doing live tv
Mike: what are you gonna do about it?
Reporter: continues interview ????

Arthur Francis

Mike was seriously burning inside after the rapist comment, the guy is so luck he didnt get a knock out!


If you have a problem with him being a convicted rapist, then maybe you should...oh...not have him on your show.

ebay seller

news guy really was a piece of shit tho

Carrington 89

You have to give full credit for the interviewer for wanting to commit suicide on a live broadcast.

Abdul Shohid

It speaks for itself lmfao ???

Carlos G

Mike's promoter was like hell yeah i get to see a free fight.

Udara wickramasinghe

What's joey doing here??

Elijah Elliott

Abner the Inforcer: "You a RAT"

Mossy Moose

The only thing standing between Mike and that interviewer is the fact that the cameras were rolling

Nagato y0

“I don’t care, what you gonna do about” what he expect trying to talk to mike like that lol

Buck Buck

Asshole b team reporter


look at Tyson's body language after 1:29

Kathryn Reason



It took me 7+ minutes to watch this because I had to keep pausing for second-hand embarrassment.

Charles taylor Woodgatëë

Boooooom! ?

S Lit

Mike's just Trying hard to hold Himself Back from BEATING THAT SLIME BALLS ASS...

Mohammad Ali Rizvi

Mike was a happy jolly positive talkative man until this turd said he is a convicted rapist.....his manager should fire his ass


The interviewer was one punch away from being killed on live TV.


What a stupid thing to ask Tyson

Evan Sobh

Reporter: “Thank you for coming in”,
Mike:”Fuck you”!!! Classiccc mike!!??


1:37 wtf look at mike face

Harry Hirsch

he had it coming....

V! - K

Big up Mike you were right, that reporter was literally a piece of shit to bring that out

Dillon Thomas

That was awesome! Perfect interview by Mike Tyson. I couldn't have done it any better myself. Loved it!

West Koast 206 Pinoy

Tyson looked like he wanted to smack the shit out of em ?

Robert Marston

Legendary interview Tyson did Well to be verbally abusive and not physically abusive

Chuckey 2015

That POS reporter is a dick. He knew what he was doing.


Reporter isnt used to dealing with someone so real.


The antidote to cancel culture ladies and gentleman.

Richard Nash

The reporter was out of line. Mike was trying to do something positive and the reporter bring up his rap conviction. Really.

Rene Neri

The handgester of mike when he cursing.

Tyler B

I feel bad for mike Bc he seemed happy to talk about how he met the mayor and this guy hurt his feeling and u can tell he felt embarrassed that guy is a peace of shit fuck him

Whatch Whatch

Did he think Mike wouldn't beat his ass on site because the cameras were there?

Bd Brown

Don't care what anyone say mike handle that accurately....

Meow Meow

All time classic

“F$&@ you,...what you going to do about”

Exactly,...what are you going to do about it?

Tele Caster

worst reporter ever!!!

Saf K


Host: thank you for coming in

Mike: fuck you


ramin dadkhuda

That was unnecessary, did that really need to be brought up?


!what you going to do about it?" Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!


Mikes lisp is so confusing he has a translator