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Nike Epic React Flyknit - On Foot & Review - RIP Boost

Nike Epic React Flyknit - On Foot & Review - RIP Boost19 Mar. 2018
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My most recent pick up is

My most recent pick up is one that has been marketed very well by the sportswear powerhouse Nike and is the front runner to challenge the super successful Ultraboost by the Three Stripes. Which one comes out on top? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

These fit true to size for a narrow foot or half a size up for a wider foot, RRP £130.

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Gilad Bahat

These or airmax 270???


Hella good review dude. Love the quality!

Bruce Kelly

these look so fucking clean on the feet. best colorway imo.

Francis Johannes

Damn, those on feet video is super dope ??????

Albert Teng

React is lil firmer, boost is too soft. Your feet will have that sinking feeling when you wear boost, on the react, your feet will feel just enough softness. In terms of style, i still prefer ultraboost though. But ultraboost is heavier and nike react is lighter, also lighter on the pocket

James P

I stopped watching when he said niek. Like if you don’t even know the name how can you specify the shoes correctly.
It’s NIKE! The e at the end makes the I sound like that.

Leena Guiger

Such an amazing review!

Brayan Gonzalez

Could you do a give away?

Pensive Melancholy

@Rock it Don't stock it did you experience in rubbing or pinching in the heel from daily use?

ross noakes

My man's beard is better than yours doe ?

Officer Barbrady

Are you meant to wear these with or without socks? Will i lose any benefits if i wear them with thin socks? I'm just not comfortable with wearing them without socks... + I got real stinkers and need powders and gels n shit to neutralize the smell =( oh god thats nasty. hope you respond. your name has encouraged me to start wearing my sneakers and not just closet em.


hey man how would you compare these to the asics hypergel kenzen? Debating between the two and here in Toronto(CDN) the asics is at a much better pricepoint


What shoe is that at 3:43 ?

Duran MK Ultra

Sorry, it's no better than Ultra Boost in any way. It's lighter though.

Nike Epic React Flyknit Review / On Feet / Performance Shoe or Cafe Racer?

Nike Epic React Flyknit Review / On Feet / Performance Shoe or Cafe Racer?20 Apr. 2018
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Highly AkicktiveSubscribe 438 721

I have grabbed Nike's

I have grabbed Nike's latest performance creation, the Nike Epic React Flyknit. I think it does not only look good as a running shoe it is also a very attractive contestant for casual wear!

Find out about my thoughts by clicking onto the video!

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Comments (1)
Daniel Pittman

Wow! Ive made my decision based on your vid... colorway wise thanks mate!!

Nike Epic React

Nike Epic React1 Apr. 2018
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Tiffany BeersSubscribe 438 721

I review Nike's new

I review Nike's new running performance shoe, the Nike Epic React. it has a couple of drawbacks but I still highly recommend it.

Men's Nike Epic React (affiliate link) : https://click.linksynergy.com/deeplink?id=*5k2Y6z2tv8&mid=37731&murl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.finishline.com%2Fstore%2Fproduct%2Fmens-nike-epic-react-flyknit-running-shoes%2Fprod2776401%3FstyleId%3DAQ0067%26colorId%3D004

Women's Nike Epic React (affiliate link) : https://click.linksynergy.com/deeplink?id=*5k2Y6z2tv8&mid=37731&murl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.finishline.com%2Fstore%2Fproduct%2Fwomens-nike-epic-react-flyknit-running-shoes%2Fprod2776313%3FstyleId%3DAQ0070%26colorId%3D600

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Comments (43)
Nathalie Calvano

Strava let's u keep track of miles on shoes so sign up and don't need to write on the shoe anymore

Jon D

Great videos! Keep them coming!


Can't wait for these to restock!!! Love the colourway... :) Also, seeing reviews from someone's perspective who has so much knowledge and experience on the engineering, innovation, and minor details of sneakers is amazing! I was glad to finally see someone point out that there is no FlyWire on these lol. Great review!

Marco Marcelo

is it also small length-wise or just a narrow shoe?

Jolyn Salgado

Pls do a comparison of the react versus youre vomero 12.
The comfort, midsole tech and the most softer and mushier cushion of the two...


Jolyn Salgado

Two thumbs up...
Very informative video

urriah aguilera

tips and tricks
- heel slip issues
- - https://www.fieggen.com/shoelace/locklacing.htm
- shoe laces coming undone
- - https://www.fieggen.com/shoelace/secureknot.htm
- heck... any lacing and knot issues are solved via that site haha

Vijeta Choudhary

Hii tiffany... he 7.5 size is uk or us??
Also my fet is not that wide... so can i go for 0.5 size down?

D Ansari

Def need to compare it to the Ultra Boost. The NMD you unboxed would not be a fair comparison. Nike 4% takes the cake imo as the most amazing cushioning I have ever tried.

CG Salazar

Great review! I’m in love with this colorway but can’t seem to find it in a Men 8.5 (at least for retail anyway). Some retailers do have have women’s sizing available in a size 10. Being that the are a little snug, do you recommend getting the size 10, half size up, or sticking with the men’s version?


Will react replace Lunarlon? I have flat feet so ineed cushion!

Frank Burrus

that's a good looking shoe...

James Chiu

I just picked up a pair of these bad boys and loving them so far! The only caveat, it chafes my ankle a bit as I run/walk. I'm new to your channel and love your review of the Epic Reacts. Keep up the awesome work Tiff! :) Thumbs up and subscribed!

Lover Instant

You are Awesome:) I’m your fan/)

Kicks and Kilos

Oh! Oh! Video request: could you please do a performance (running) review for the HyperAdapts?

Holly Potvin

Do you think this shoe stretches, in particular in the midfoot, after wear.

Marvin Baker

Good job on your first review!Watch some other you tube performance reviews. Try to add in some different standardized categories in your next review. Examples: Traction, Cushion, Support, Fit etc...


Like the marking of the miles on the side, ill be adopting this 4 sure, normally track it through the nike app, but don't always have my phone

GTC Reels

Please do an update once you reach 100 miles. Also I noticed the intro outro with your name i take it nike uses autocad to design the blueprint if so I wonder if any of the engineers still key in their lines like 4.0 < 87° and such instead of using the mouse.sorry for the nerd question


Looking forward to the channel. I've been very impressed with the Epic React so far.

Iris Ma


Pensive Melancholy

@Tiffany Beers is it me or do these rub the hell out of your heels?


I think the way you have started making videos is the right way to go about it.Keeping it simple and genuine without falling into the trap of the disingenuous tactics to gain more viewers.


Didn't even know you had a channel till you were on FSR. Thank you for breaking the shoe down in a more complex way, most other tortorials feel like a sham wow video, looking to get free stuff from the manufacturers. Keep it up.

Len IG: 27Len

This channel is awesome!!! Finally someone knows what they are talking about. Nice job Tiffany ??

David Krepps

Very Nice I love the in site from the engineering perspective.

Irving Montalvo

as an young engineer what approach could be good to start looking for jobs in the sneaker industry

jason yeary

Keep it up, Great Job! Can’t wait till you try the UltraBoost and get your reaction to those!! I honestly since lil over a year have been wearing my UltraBoost a lot more than my Nikes! I have n will always love Nike’s, I also have a ton of Nike n Jordan’s compared to my two pairs of Boost.... but I have been getting into the lighter shoe! Don’t get me wrong the white leather 90 is probably still my favorite shoe and has been since I was a teen. I’m still definitely going to get a HyperAdapt!!! Just money is a little tight especially since I got ripped off on a pair of SW 1/97’s... like money wasn’t tight enough before getting scammed.. anyway since that was said what’s your thoughts on the SW 1/97??


Love these

Carlos G

The only part I don’t like about the sneaker is your running on straight foam, with no rubber traction. I’ll just burn threw these in a week by walking casually in a city.

Rafael Pena

Fantastic !


Your always awesome.

Varian David

Awesome first official review! It's funny you mentioned the rubber outsoles. Even though I didn't necessarily experience the slippage you did, I was wondering to myself and wishing Nike would keep using BRS 1000 rubber in general....which I've noticed hasn't been the case. The lacing system threw me off initially too. Looking forward to more!! Cheers!!

Bryce McCleary

She said 2.0 in the intro but they are 1.0 ?

Patrick Gournaey

Hell of a shoe ?

Alex 'Works' Ahom

That end though..... ? See ya ?


What is your opinion between Nike React and Nike Vapor Street Flyknit?

Sam Brown

Just curious, why hadn't you tried boost before? Seems like you would have wanted to try out a competitor's product that was so successful when you were with Nike. Thanks!

Min Hong

Are these B width?


Awesome Stuff Tiffany .. we've been big fans of your work for the last little while. Good luck on your YouTube channel ...

Fern 23

Did you notice any popping sounds after a few miles in them?

Ryousuke Takahashi

great review! gained a subscriber :)

Kicks and Kilos

Why’d you say Epic React Flyknit 2.0? Was there a 1.0? Btw, that’s a great idea, marking the midsole with how long you been using them. Will do that when I get a new running shoe ?? might mark every 10k or something. Looking forward to the Boost review coz I’ve tried the Ultraboost and I think the LunarEpics still have better cushion than them. Btw, waiting for another colorway I like for the epic react because the first ones sold out and I didn’t manage to get any