How to become a smokejumper

What's It Like to Be a Smokejumper?

What's It Like to Be a Smokejumper?8 Dec. 2015
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A BLM Smokejumper

A BLM Smokejumper parachutes into the Deadwood Reservoir Fire.

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Jacqueline Orendain

I see other SMOkeJumPerS

Nafis Bhatti

Theres like 6 comments right now.

Jacqueline Orendain

Ooh lala

Nafis Bhatti

Its like sky diving but with fire.

James Sutton

I used to jump. I miss it. Carry on gentleman. Godspeed

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Scott Scott

ouch !

Kathy Williams

Great footage. It seems like parachutists land hard, but maybe it just looked that way. Great landing, right on target. Wow.

How to Become a Smoke Jumper Firefighter

How to Become a Smoke Jumper Firefighter19 Dec. 2020

How to Become a Smoke

How to Become a Smoke Jumper Firefighter. Part of the series: Firefighter Jobs. A smoke jumper is a specialized firefighter who fights forest and coastline types of fires in the wilderness setting, and one must serve at least one fire season as a wilderness firefighter. Learn about the grueling training process for smoke jumper firefighters with help from a street firefighter in this free video on firefighter jobs.

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Life as a Smokejumper with Caleb Schmid

Life as a Smokejumper with Caleb Schmid26 Mar. 2017
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For many firefighters, the

For many firefighters, the ultimate career might just be smokejumping. Smokejumpers work together as a tight-knit group to fight forest fires. Most notably, they parachute out of a helicopter to get to the scene, and fight remote wildfires as a team. Today, on the College Alternative Podcast, Caleb Schmid joins us to talk about life as a smokejumper. He'll tell you about the perks, the dangers, and the culture of firefighting as a smokejumper. And he'll also tell you how to get there: what experience you'll need, and how to gain an advantage in your job application.

For the full transcript and show notes, or to learn more about how to get hired without a college degree, check out:


This episode will cover:

-What does a smokejumper do, and why is their role so important?

-What is life as a smokejumper like?

-How much are you working? What is the pay for a smokejumper, and why does it look so different on paper than in reality?

-What are the minimum requirements and application process to become a smokejumper?

-How do you make yourself stand out as a candidate?

-What does the 5-week academy for smokejumping look like?

Whether you're looking for a career change or job ideas, this is a great interview to watch.

Photo credit: https://unsplash.com/@michaelheld

Music Credit: https://youtu.be/KKIBjzOA4NQ

Find out more about job ideas that don't require college at http://www.collegealternative.net

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WatUp Chief

Music in your video?

Isaac Mayer

Excellent content

Hunter 123

i am thinking about going into the marines and then go into smoke jumpers

Hamdi Davis

thanks alot for this man ive been looking for a job that i would enjoy that allows me to do what i love my best friend and I are getting ready to get EMT certified so we can try to get on a hotshot crew thanks a bunch

David Alarcon

awsome video


Ayyy I live in montana


Wow this is such a great idea for a podcast!! Nice video.