Neck exercises machine

Cervical pain treatment by Targeted Radiofrequency Therapy

Cervical pain treatment by Targeted Radiofrequency Therapy26 Aug. 2015
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Natalie Rewby

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Lakbir Lakh

Kina tym da cores

Bipin Kumar

Thanks sir

4-Way Neck Machine

4-Way Neck Machine22 Feb. 2009
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Ryan GraySubscribe 438 721

Enjoy what promises to be

Enjoy what promises to be one of the most extensive and thorough exercise databases available. These guides assure that you get the most from each and every workout. This exercise is the 4-Way Neck Machine. Find more exercise videos on http://www.performanceworkouts.com.

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Jerry Brentham

Hydra-Gym Neck Machine is by far the best, fastest and safest way to strengthen the neck. It has no negative movement like free-weight


Why? I don't follow. If I comment on skin cancer on a video about sub bathing, a response of "look up [a tan] in google, ass hat" will not be very interesting or even relevant to me.

Wowie Cruz

i really have ridiculously thin neck, i wish we had that on the gym


@AgentGPF Good points you make. I started training again about two months ago and hurt the right side of my neck doing some shoulder work and shrugs, when it repaired I started neck training with light weights and it feels stronger already and no problem now.


@MrBossNigga You can set a dumbbell on any side of your neck if you have a towel, neck isometrics, there's wrestler's bridges, front bridges, rolling bridges, pullover and press from a wrestler's bridge, neck curls with a towel or beanie, side neck curls, and neck harness lifts. Paul Anderson (very thick neck) did harness lifts and swung the weight from side to side.


looks very hygienic.....

J Lee

Thanks for the video. I didn't realize I had to turn sideways for the 2 exercises.  I thought I just had to turn my head.  The explanation on the side of the machine wasn't very clear.




I started loading these things up when I was 16..did 40-50 lbs max to top off neck workouts. Payed off. I now have a permanently thick and strong neck


i want one

King Tate

My gym has this machine but I've always been clueless on how I'd even attemp this... well until now.


@MetaIhead89 A guy's life was saved by neck training. You can go to Brooks Kubik for the full story, but he got hit by a fucking car, bounced off and his neck broke on the concrete, but the dense neck muscle contracted and saved him from having his neck snapped right off.

Jon Connar

Anybody wantin a big thick neck I suggest u try the wrestle bridge exercise. It did wonders for my neck. Also heavy shrugs will help with ur traps which will create the big neck look

Jazzie Love


rico diaz

my uncle just gave me this machine. for X-mas

prashanth raja

what brand machine is this my man? looks good....

AWPS Renewable Energy, LTD

Thank you had no clue how to use this machine

hasnaen razvi

some ppl are lucky with big thick necks, i got mine from training my traps alot, but also deadlifts helped somehow? dunno how but it just did, also wearing a hockey helmet helps.. haha

Justin Barry

@MetaIhead89 See Spikes, Takeo


This looks like a good a way as any to get a slipped disk.


imagine one of those kids that load up too much weight and would end up paralyzed on this thing


this could help my girlfriend in not just 4 ways but 5! ;p


@MetaIhead89 No it's for biceps.

Paul Brucker

wish my gym had one of these machines

Will Eagleton

Neck training is truly important in contact sports like football. Believe it or not the human body senses weaknesses in the chain and will not be as strong when one of the links is weak. When neck strength goes up, so do other things like curls (not going to debate how important or not curling strength is, hope you get the idea). Strong core, strong neck, strong posterior and everything else will go up too.

Exercises for the Neck

Exercises for the Neck5 Feb. 2010
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There are many exercises

There are many exercises for the neck, here are The Machines 3 basic beginning exercises for the neck. There are many more but these are a must to build the foundation for you neck. To learn more be sure to check out my dvd TNT Neck training here: http://www.mikethemachine.com/store/total-neck-training-dvd/

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Mike "The Machine" Bruce


Mike "The Machine" Bruce

I usually feel it indirectly in my traps, not in the back of my neck.

Revelation 22:13

this is awesome. Old school hardcore right here. very rare. You won't see this in your commercial gym. Glad to know i'm not alone. I do exact same rotation on my neck never tried 2 caddies on the front neck flexion though. Much respect big homie. 

Mike "The Machine" Bruce

@Vovan9444 This is just an example, I was going much faster than I usually would. To learn more about my neck training and see the exact reps sets etc I suggest you order my best selling TNT Neck training dvd.

Mike "The Machine" Bruce

Yes it does, for some it grows even faster.

Mike "The Machine" Bruce

Outstanding! thats what I want to hear.

George Bush

Looks like a t-rex


Can u do a highschool wrestling work out plz thxs


That would kill me but more power to you. ?

drew cruz

lol neck crunch really? firsrt time seeing this workout for neck lmao..does this even exist?

Mike "The Machine" Bruce

@arsenalcobain It is my opinion that any new person to neck training should stick to my basic 3 mentioned in the video and go for high reps to build up the necessary muscualr endurance needed to be able to handle the workload of heavy weight. This is how I train my wrestlers and clients. Once they build up enough endurance for the said reps then I move them up to heavier weight and lower reps. Hope this helps.

Ahmad Nasser

I always do this but I can't seem to be sore the next day what's wrong man ??


Where can I get such a "helmet" ?

Xiaochen Liu

@machinelandtv mike, I wasn't expecting you to reply, but you took the time to reply to every comment here on youtube. I'm a young guy (22 years old) and I look up to you a lot. You have a lot of qualities that I respect and admire, and you have really cool dogs. Keep doing what you do Mike, and these keyboard warriors and armchair quaterbacks (small and insignificant percentage of them) wouldn't dare to talk junk to you in real life, because they will be scared to. Much respect.

Xiaochen Liu

Mike, great video, thanks for all the help. I was wondering if you have any other ways of training the side of the neck other than using resistance bands (attached to the door etc then flex in the opp. direction) and plates which you are showing here? The reason is that I don't feel I can put on a lot of weight when using these methods and now looking to you for some guidance.

Mike "The Machine" Bruce

@tpondick I do them both the same day, however it depends on what your goals are. If you are a beginner I would do my neck work 3 days per week with a day of rest in between sessions. Do your 1-2 times per week on the days your not doing the neck. This is all assuming you are doing no deadlifting,power cleans etc. HOpe this helps.

Mike "The Machine" Bruce

@marcellin20 It depends on what your goal is. No matter what style of training you do for the neck the only way it is going to get bigger is if you consume more calories than your body is burning. Check out my other neck videos, you will find even more info that may help you. I cover all my training philosophy about the neck in my TNT Neck dvd. You can find it in my videos. Thanks, stay strong

Tatsuya Yamada

Nice video, I'm a proponent of neck work too. Use to do weighted bridges but now stick to head extensions/flexions. For the neck extensions, I prefer dumbells over plates. Stand it up, put one end on my forehead, don't need to grip too tightly to keep the dumbbells on my forehead, resisting the urge to use my hands to help with lift. Do my sides the way you showed and also with the harness, I put the plates to one side and then tilt my head the other way.

Mike "The Machine" Bruce

@jr5455 Search through my videos and look for "Training 2 Wrestlers" it is 2 videos and will give you an idea. Also be sure to subscribe to Zach Evan Esh page. He also does alot for wrestlers and wrestling workouts.


This is helping me get a big neck for football

Mike "The Machine" Bruce

I'll continue to train my 19"neck and you stick to your video games kid.


This is awesome, where can I buy that head thing for the second exercise??

Mike "The Machine" Bruce

Aren't I the lucky one to have such an outstanding member of society like yourself to leave me a comment on my video. Problem is that my fahter died 2 years ago, so performing the act you suggest would be impossible. I also am not gay so I have no interest in doing such an act. I'm sure your parents are very proud of the wonderful human being you have become. God Speed, now on with my day.

Mike "The Machine" Bruce

Great question. Really depends on your goals. If you are a grappler/MMA fighter then I suggest going fast to replicate what you will fee; in the ring.. If you are new to neck training or just want to train for aesthetics then yes train slowly and controlled.

Mike "The Machine" Bruce

up and down as one

Mike "The Machine" Bruce

@bobsleybobsley Thanks man, no worries I get this kind of junk periodically. These keyboard warriors will be the first to run their mouth but yet have no videos of themselves doing what I can do. It's all good keeps me motivated to push myself even harder. Good job with working your neck. If your interested you might want to check out my TNT Neck dvd it has helped many. For now go to my website mikethemachine and read all the neck/trap info I have their. Keep me posted.

Mike "The Machine" Bruce

They are the 3 I suggest along with eating copious amounts of food.

Mike "The Machine" Bruce

@Sambo8000 You can keep your nose in the science books while I keep lifting heavy weights and building a neck of steel that resembles a tree trunk.. .

Robin Leijon Svensson

Headbanging like a real man!


Your range of motion is way too much: You're lucky to get away with no injuries.


Thanks, I'm going to pick up the Neck Flex.

Ryan Bronson

 I think George Fisher from Cannibal Corpse could contend with you for thickest neck.

Mike "The Machine" Bruce

@makkoto1 search my videos and look for exercises for the neck with bands. that will be a good start

Mike "The Machine" Bruce

No mistake, it's called working your neck so that you don't have a weak little pencil neck. Pay more attention and you might just learn something.

Mike "The Machine" Bruce



It looks so funny though lol

Mike "The Machine" Bruce

Ha Ha, awesome comment, even better than mine.


he was on 21 wen he thought he was on 40.. the testosterone fooled him


and my neck somehow painful ... I do the shoulder press and maybe I use the wrong strength and my neck feel painful that I cannot workout because it's pain not like the muscle pain.. it happen always


Slipknot helps with the neck \m/

Ivan Josipović

not so fast wtf


@machinelandtv Haha, fair enough.

Mike "The Machine" Bruce

Great news keep up the good work.

Dapo Oloruntola

@Mike "The Machine" Bruce watch dis about year ago.. didnt hv da equipment u r usin @ 2.56. now am goin to order it on ebay.. hope it will make my neck bigger.. is it important to do d side neck? cuz everytime i do it next day my neck is sore.


I tried the work outs and they work i can feel a stronger definition in my neck and i can see more of an outline at sides ty for the workouts

Danny Verpoorten

nice motivational music!

Mike "The Machine" Bruce

@asshole93550597 Bridges are very good and staple in my beginners program.

Mike "The Machine" Bruce

Thank you, too kind


2:47 stick my weiner through the hole of the weight plate all the time

Mike "The Machine" Bruce



Do you prefer this or the newer neck harness you use? If you do both, do you favor one over the other? Thanks.

Mike "The Machine" Bruce

@loewsmoore Good to go, however for me at my strength holding a 100-150# dumbbell on my head would be rough. I don't think I could handle that. Interesting idea though. Keep the faith

Alexzander FitEnergyBliss



ебать он торопится, куда спешить не понимаю?

The Funny One

2:15 to 3:02 it looks like hes rocking out to the back round music

Mike "The Machine" Bruce

@Ostgrindarn It depends on what your trying to do. If you are a combat athlete no. Because during a fight it won't be slow and controlled. If your going for aesthetics then yes going slower has it's benefits.

Mike "The Machine" Bruce

@GCHILE Thanks, much appreciated. If you want to learn about building the neck I suggest you check out my TNT Neck training dvd. Do a search through my videos, there is a promo for it.

Toshin Quetzalcoatl

Never mind my initial comment. You said its from iron mind .


Thank you for your demonstration. For anyone that have tried the excersise: Does the neck tend grow as fast as any other muscle?


i want to have a thick neck, purely for appearance not for sports. So the 3 exercises u recommend will they be enough to give me a thick neck? or do i need to add in other neck exercises

Mike "The Machine" Bruce

@southernhood93 Anything is possible, but if you follow directions and pay attention to your body then probably not. I don't know you or your body, it's condition etc....so it's on you sir, I can't help you further sorry.

Mike "The Machine" Bruce

I have been working my neck since I was 13yrs old, I'm now 38 so a long time :)

Josh Liberty

Neck training with such quick speed and momentum is very dangerous for the conditioning, health and development of the cervical neck muscles. Exercise is not a myth or a religion, it is a science, it is with critical thinking that the trainee must adhere to such scientific principles for if not the possibility of injury is exponentially increased. The basis of my statement stems from Isaac Newton's laws of physics, specifically the first, second and third law.


2:14 extreme headbanger Yeah i. Gonna train neck to

Mike "The Machine" Bruce

@Dynamize86 Right on Dynamize86! Good tunes are a must

Mike "The Machine" Bruce

I was not being agressive, You were making it out to be funny so I simply stated what the video is: how to build the neck to prevent injury among other things. We don't know eachother and you can't tell someone's intentions via text. I wasn't being rude. Have a great day


I did this excersize today


Yea im deff gna try this tho because i havnt seen many neck workouts out there & i really need to build up my neck, ive only been doin benching, back & abs. Thanks for the vid tho

Mike "The Machine" Bruce

There is no comparrison. The new harness called The Neck Flex is the only harness I use. This video was done years back. thanks.

Mike "The Machine" Bruce

@GabezNsane Thanks, and no I do not crack my neck. I leave that to my chiropractor.

matt love

Hey i don't have any weights so what can I do?

drew cruz

yea for reps hahaha can you feel the burn? hahah

Mike "The Machine" Bruce

1.Yes. 2. It cures the Pencil Neck disease, is a must for grappling, as well as aesthetics. 3. I'm not surprised. 4.Thanks and bye

oliver garcia

can you see great results after a time working out your neck? and what is it really good for anyways? cause I don't see noone working out their necks at the gym

Mike "The Machine" Bruce

@MrMacki101 I get carried away at times when filming something fast. Didn't realize that. On my TNT Neck DVD I show the exercises for the correct reps. You can order it at my site mikethemachinecom

Mike "The Machine" Bruce

Yes you are correct. I no longer do those exercises. I now only use my neck flex. :)

Brad’s H

hey for the side neck raises do you count up and down as one or up and down as one two? get me?

Stone Crockett

3:55 Try 24. You should really count how many you do...

Mr G

Mike you are the man, thank you very much for your videos!

Toshin Quetzalcoatl

What's the name brand of that head harness you used in the video? And can you recommend me a good quality neck harness? Thanks.

Mike "The Machine" Bruce

@xl507 The 2 methods you mentioned are the ones I use and prefer. However you can do isometrics against an immovable object to work the side of the neck. The results will be greatly slowed and I'm not quite sure of how much this will build muscle size. I do use isometrics occasionally for the sides but not enough to give you a good answer. I think bridge work working the sides of your neck is also superior to neck isometrics.

Mike "The Machine" Bruce

your welcome and well done sir

Ahmad Nasser

How long did it take u to form a neck like that ??

Mike "The Machine" Bruce

Thats what I would do. Also be sure to work the sides of the neck.

Van Nostrand

Ignore the haters. Awesome video. By the way, check out Corey Taylor's neck from the band slipknot. Pretty ridiculous for never working out

Charles Key

My man mike. Much love to you. Keep grinding. America forever. Peace.

ST Homerun

i can't watching you doing the exercises without laughing :D


SnapCity with that kind of speed


Wouldnt this pull a muscle in your neck?


So you only use the bands with the Neck Flex? No more using free weights held on your head? Thanks again.

Mike "The Machine" Bruce

I have no clue what your doing wrong, since I don't train you I have no answer.


Waaay to quick. If you are not experienced and executing these exercises, chances are you end up without the ability to turn your neck the upcoming weeks.


Do you crack your neck at all? I mean before or after your work out. Neck looks great by the way, very thick and muscular but not gross looking. Keep up the good work, and thanks for the great vid.

Vytis Kasparavicius

nice neck and fantastic exercizes but second exircize lock funny :D

Mike "The Machine" Bruce

No problem sir, its just with all the keyboard ninjas out there sometimes it is hard to tell who is being serious and who is being a [email protected]#. I appreciate you stopping by and watching. Thanks for the compliments. Have a great day


Neck training with such quick speed is critical for an athlete who wishes to develop the neck muscles. It is with critical thinking that the trainee must adhere to the basic principle of common sense and the knowledge of Mike the Machine. The basis of my statement stems from the Fundamental Law of Exercise, specifically the one where one follows, with good judgement, those who have successfully achieved greatness. In other words Sambo8000, stop typing and get on to working out.

Mike "The Machine" Bruce

I've been doing it this way since I was 13. I'm almost 40 and never had any problems. I set 2 world records with my neck using this type of training. You keep doing your thing and have a nice day.


lol I couldn't stop laughing, but this is helpful and i'm going to do them

MuffinSkater mocp

The head banging was funny haha

Ronnie James Osbourne

2:15 Appropriate Music....Looks Like He's Headbanging.