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Harvested : Second Chances with Randy Couture

Harvested : Second Chances with Randy Couture20 Oct. 2016
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Hunters know the feeling. A shot . . . and a miss. It’s a devastating moment and not one you often get back.

Silencers can greatly improve your odds of getting a second chance at that harvest - something Randy Couture found out first-hand on a recent hunt.

We went out with The Natural and Black Mountain Outfitters in New Mexico in search of some of the best elk the world has to offer.

Watch the video to experience the mix of frustration, determination, and elation of a missed shot and a hunter redeemed.




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freddy loquisimo

It's true i got a second chance using the Harvester on my .300blackout.

Bill Cyrus

This is one of the most beautiful series of films I have ever seen, if not the most.

Hugh Jair

Nice vid! Didn't know the natural was a hunter.

David Morris


Bob Oso

Looks low, like closer to Socorro rather than back towards the Gila. Awesome bull.


Good video. Guiding has to be one of the best jobs on the planet.

Gabriel Iglesias vs. Randy Couture (Preshow) | Lip Sync Battle

Gabriel Iglesias vs. Randy Couture (Preshow) | Lip Sync Battle17 Feb. 2016
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Elliott Morgan and Lee

Elliott Morgan and Lee Newton recap Eva Longoria's winning performance of Nicki Minaj's"Anaconda" in the Battle Breakdown! Then, Christine Riccio interviews Gabriel Iglesias and Randy Couture ahead of this week's battle!

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Lip Sync Battle is back for another season of epic performances from the hottest stars on the planet! Each week, A-list celebrities go toe to toe, syncing contemporary hits and classic tracks, all for the ultimate bragging rights: the title of Lip Sync Battle Champion. Hosted by LL Cool J and Chrissy Teigen.

Comments (37)
Brad Deputy

Fluffy gon kill it!

annab3LL3 TV

fluffy got this

Elizabeth Kaplan

fluffy will dominate


Elliot and Lee host the preshow?! Awesome! I missed the two doing videos together!

Cole Ruddy


Sofia Improu


KillyODonoghue Queen



fluffy guy


Sourcefed alumni ftw!!!


Fluffly will win :D

Natalie Gonzalez



whaaaaaaaa!!!!????? elliot and Lee are on lip sync battle!!??? AWESOME !!!!

Gagan Gill

how many host show ? 2 preshow host , one correspondent , stage host , bar chick holy shii


Can you please upload the show itself? Maybe instead of this?


sourcefed and fluffy in the same video!? wow


I'm a huge fan of the Preshow. I don't care who wins, I just love Preshow.

Kirby the Salt Master

Gabriel's gonna WIN

Jack Lindsay


Dianna Constanza

Love these 2!


go fuffy

Joey Carranco

Lee Newton.!!!!!! Elliot Morgan.!!!!! I miss them so much.!!!



Noah Hedd

Love to see Elliot and lee together again

Carter Herschbach

i am not fat i am fluffy

May Flower

I kind of want Fluffy to win too #LSB

Travis Russill

Hey Preston can we see a guest host and have LL Cool J step into the Lip Sync Ring vs Eminem? Anyone else want to see that?

Nash Espirítu

Sourcefed reunion


Yo, these guys are funny

Marianne Herrera


Glittering Jew Cat

Elliot and Lee??? Okay I'm staying

Mary Beth

I like the pre-show. The first two hosts have a lot of character. The one thing that baffles me about this show is the bar chick, Christy (I think?). I don't understand her purpose on the show.

No, really. wtf is her job? The camera always goes to her during a performance when it should just be on the performer.

Can anyone explain what her purpose is?!

Jessica Garcia

?room puh puh my Gabriel reference sucks

End Zone

Where is Joe? We need Joe

s stormer454

I agree Eliot and Lee all we need is Joe

Wyatt Olson

It has been WAY too long since I've heard this Lee voice 3:31. Love you Lee! Oh and hi El.

Nicole Williamson

Fluffy fluffy fluffy fluffy fluffy. FLUFFY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Khalid Alshehri

Sourcefed ? What happened ?

Mikey Garcia Invites MMA Legend Randy Couture To Camp EsNews Boxing

Mikey Garcia Invites MMA Legend Randy Couture To Camp EsNews Boxing5 Nov. 2018
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"Elie Seckbach

"Elie Seckbach Reporting"

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Elie Seckbach (אלי זקבך) features by the LA Times and Ring Magazine as the Most Influential boxing reporter has been covering Sports BOXING MMA & The NBA since 1997.

His ability to get interesting quotes from star athletes prompted Andy Gray of CNN/SI to call him "the most entertaining NBA reporter out there."

While Former Mike Tyson Publicist Michael Marley writes: "If there is going to be an Internet age Howard Cosell, it may turn out to be Elie Seckbach."

In 2009 Seckbach was nominated by the Associated Press and won the Mark Twain Award.

In June 09' Lil Wayne samples Seckbach in his song 'Kobe Bryant. And in 2010 Seckbach won the Boxing Reporter of The Year award from ATG Radio. in 2017 Seckbach received two Awards for his boxing coverage.

Away from sports Elie has covered major news events and has won both a Golden Mike and an Emmy Award.

His reports have been featured on: AOL Sports FanHouse & NBC TV, The LA Daily News and CBS 2 News.

Prior to that Seckbach reported for leading news outlets in Israel.

Comments (6)
Micah West

Randy Couture is a legend

Ed the Sock

Nut-sac-back follows poor Mickey round like a fart in a spacesuit!

Matt Garcia

Cuz the fight gets closer they have to get money on the other side so they change the odds to make the other side more attractive. It's public opinion

Straight Hustlers

Caption America @ RGBA! Esnews mma reporting!


Please Mikey don't play slots they will strip you clean and leave you with depression

Stain ‘Em

Mikey got caught lol