Ll cool j workout

Access Hollywood: LL Cool J workout | Access Hollywood

Access Hollywood: LL Cool J workout | Access Hollywood3 Apr. 2007
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LL Cool J shows Maria

LL Cool J shows Maria Menounos the training routine behind his rock-solid physique.

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Access Hollywood: LL Cool J workout | Access Hollywood


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Comments (66)

I don't think LL was trying to diss the public (after all he does want them to buy his book so he can make money) I think the insecure part was addressed to the ppl that accused him of cheating to get his physique and ppl that believe that you can lose weight with a pill and still have unhealthy food.


yo ladies, my body looks just like that.

Dreadful Controversy


JD Frank

Whoever thinks LL Cool J is on steroids... MAMA SAID KNOCK YOU OUT


i read that he admitted to using deca durabolin.........and


LL and Maria putting in work!!!!


but to me its awsome for me to be not that big and lift as much or even more than people that are 30 to 40 pounds more than me. i just love it.

Authentic Self Growth

LL ain't been on the roids. You can tell, 50cent defo has though. He looks juiced up to the max!


fifty is on roids, not ll

O.J. G.

That girl is loving some LL! He is the man though!!

Thilo Führmann

Oh yeah!


melissa menunonuno got a big ol butt


@jose2005vargas Haaaaa! I know what you mean.


he could be big but that dont mean shit. the question is does he have strength with his size. i just know that im only 170lbs and i put up 120 pound dumbbells for 6 reps for bench. and im not really big just somewhat small and strong. thats more amaxing to me when i can lift more than people that are bigger than me, and they give me bad looks. im sorry but for people that may think size matters for strength you are totally wrong. size does help with strength.

Adam Ali

lol his been wroking out for the last 20 years! Ofcourse his gona have a good physique.

Jeremiah McNama

Cool J totally hit that


LL cool J is not 6'3,he is about 6 2 or 6 "1.5 the least


I was staring at her ass the whole vid


you have to stop doing drugs.

Foreign Chat Web

That is hot. I can understand why some guys cheat on their wives because if I came across Maria Menounos, I probably won't hesitate.


proof that us men have to work 10x harder for a fit body than females do (ll and maria). she still fine tho


Why not? I think it looks natural!

TheS killet



Damn. She got an ass yo! ::as black as I could::


this guy might not be on riods or any other performance enhancing drugs but u better believe about half of hollywood is on it.

Morgan Freeman

@ProcyonAlpha cuz im tired of u lazy fat fuck accusing people of steroids wen they work hard to get where they are


All I need is that ass for my workout,its cute seeing booty on a white girl.Yum yum


Nah son...Used to see him all the time in Hempstead. I'm 5'11 and that dude is 2 inches taller than me. As for the roids I lift naturally and I'm more muscular than LL. You can definitely get fit like him naturally.

Dreadful Controversy

He's not that damn big to be accused of steroids, lmao, WTF.


chile this workouts are intense, fat people or outta shae can not start off with that kinda sht


he's just too big , could be possible that he only worked out .. but : |..

Motivational Fitness Guy

You are right. LL is about 5'11. Hell if thats da case then im about 6 ft tall. Im really 5'7 though...lol

Hein van Leeuwen

1997 a girl called lauren was walikng in a forest and then a she just dissapeared no one ever found her untill 2000 when a yoing girl called Mary found her body and markings on her chest saying: I wasnt pretty enough" and now you have read this she will appear in your mirror saying your not pretty enough and kill you. by the way the girl called mary died shortly after. To be saved paste this to 5 other videos. THIS TRUE


what the fuck are you talking about have you seen LL up close the dude is at least 6'2. If you meet him in person it is totally different just like when I met Larry Johnson and we hung out for a couple of weeks with this group taking a vacation I though he was short because he plays with those tall players but he is huge. Now martin and cole from his show I met those dudes and they are midgets no question.

Shidoshi Tanaka

It's easy for a man to develop his upper body. Lets see some quads n calves mr ladies love cool jazz?


@93Dwightfreeney Y U MAD?


@King622 Alexis Texas is all i gotta say, if you mean she has a big ass for a white girl!


LL is not 6' 3" and he's not 215. He's about 6' 1" and weighs about 225...similiar to 50 Cent.


LL is the only guy who can get away with sporting shades in the gym without it looking lame...


If he is then the girl is a giant since she looks about the same height LOL

Fast Life

a simple workout and massive loads of protein powder = ll cool J's workout routine


@d0cbr0wn Superb point: very doable. I think the key - dedication and hardwork, as you point out, and I would add, taking responsibility for one' s health - is what a number of people simply do not wish to do, prefering instead to rely on someone else or something else to do it for them.


Have you all seen 50 cents movie get rich or die tryin? In that movie he is taking steroids after he gets shot, and awhile ago I heard that 50 cent took steroids for that reason. I don't know how that helps or anything but thats what I heard and read. And also i saw it in his movie.

God hand Mishima

haha loved it,LL knows fitness.the platinum workout is a good book.


I dont believe in diet thing... my friend is as ripped as LL C. and he doesnt have a diet, he eat the same things I do(probably more) he drinks soda all time and he still in fucking shape... I think is 60% metabolism, 40% workout

Mike Pfabe

hahahah accusing this dude of steroids is hilarious

O.J. G.

And that female reporter is fine as hell!!! DAMN!!!


I might be able to keep up with him on the pushups in about 3 more months, I'm pretty close now, but alot of the other stuff he'd ghost me. I got some work to do.

O.J. G.

I meant to say Maria is fine!

preeti vaswani

mybollywoodstudio on the web is a great workout


wtf? i didnt no he was 6'3, thas a lie lol


LL seems like a pretty cool dude... i wanna meet him some day

God hand Mishima

@rjr1990 yeah that's probably it.lol i mean that does kinda makes sense once you think about it.lol

Dave Honig

been on the road with LL fool

God hand Mishima

@King622 heh heh yeah,Maria is sexy.she's of Mexican decsent too.i think some White is also mixed in there somewhere.lol she's hot though.LOL


he is 6 3, trust me he is. chris browns 6 1 though if u care lol completely unrelated i know

God hand Mishima

@rjr1990 ooo,i see.maybe greek and italian? i remember she did an interview with someone and she did an impersonation of her father,and she did the typical italian voice.


that powerhouse is near my school...im bout to go sign up.. it looks nice lmao

Steve Carras

*I* wanna see Nancy O'Dell.


LL Cool J is COOL. I got "mamma said knock you out" on my Itouch.

Martin Wenzl

omg he looks terrible with glasses on his face

God hand Mishima

@rjr1990 really? i swear i could remember her saying her father was of italian or mexican decent.but she does look like she could have greek mixed in too.


Although I am not a fan of ll per se, based on what I have read about him and heard him say, he seems like a fantastic human being. And, given his very positive attitude and motivation, he appears to be a fitness role model, too.


@King622 i just shit myself :D


maria is freakin hot!

Meta Man

he's 6'1 ive met him.

LL Cool J breaks down his favorite 60-minute full-body workout

LL Cool J breaks down his favorite 60-minute full-body workout2 Nov. 2016
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At 48 years old, LL Cool

At 48 years old, LL Cool J still maintains the physique of an NFL linebacker in his prime. I interviewed the world-famous rapper and actor at his office in Los Angeles in October, 2014.

I gave him the hypothetical scenario that he had one hour to go to the gym, and asked what exercises he would do in that period.


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Comments (4)
d b

Terrible workout routine.

Danni Man

Free game

Jolly Joel

This information doesn't help, the real help is to change your personality to enjoy doing these things.


wow he's still alive?