How to lose belly and arm fat


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Hello everyone! In this

Hello everyone! In this video I will show you a remedy that helped me burn Belly fats, arm Fats and Side fats in 7 days. I will be using only 3 ingredients very effective ones that will target your belly fat and reduce them so well.

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Do this Every Morning Lose ARMS FAT



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Comments (92)
Eucharia Onuoha

Where can one get moringa powder

Philly Grhas

How will I be loosing my weight? Will it make me go to the bathroom ? a lot?


This is an amazing recipe dear ??

Olarinmoye moronke

Pls do video of sagging breast ingredients

Wumccey Wumccey

Can I use the fresh moringa leaf if I don't have the powder?

Sharon C

I’m really interested, back, belly and side fat are not needed sis, will try it, thanks dear.

jenny jenny_rymz

Can we used different thing else to placed moringa powder please

Cherisse Vocage

Why her Moringa looks different, it meant to be looking greenish..

Funny Clips Darh

1:06 ,your welcome

nancy okeke

Thanks allot

Emenike Santus

Am watching from Germany hope this one will work

Life With My Daughter Dua

Fantastic video ? keep sharing more and stay connected your friend


You are looking so fine this morning

Alanda Stevens

I have the trees here not the powder how to used it.this tummy is getting too big

Juliet Aiwuyo

Thanks sister i will do it

Mariam u tube musci Rave u tube musci

4 how long dear

Blessing Kc Ndeka

Not good for those breastfeeding, OK dear noted, very helpful and thanks for sharing

Lungisa Tanase

Can I make large quantity at for a week and put in the fridge then warm it everytime I need it

Norah Ernest

Who have try it

Becca Blessing

This is good my dear WHAT about person who gave birth true operations can still take it

Zenah Abdallah

Thanks, how do we get moringa powder?

Ayuba Elisha

You are too cunny I won't subscribe to you video


want to try this one !

Augustinah Oluwaseunfunmi

Can I take I while trying to conceive??


Hey pamax great video question can I take while pregnant ?? ❤️? definitely wanna lose side and back fat

khalayi Gorreti

Me I don't have moringa pow dear wat if I use ground cinnamon dear

Lady Tumba

Love the song in the back ground. What song is it?


Pls were will i get some of the moringa powder to buy and i want only my belly to loss not my body .Pls answer me

eucharia Nwachima

Can a single lady take it


You never tell where to get the other ingredients for the belly fat loss.

Fatai Olasunkanmi

Lemon or lime plz answer me plz

Loveline Kamara

Please can I use the tea type?

Angel Imafu

Woman that is trying to conceive what can she take to loss weight and belly fat please

Michelle R

You can get moringa to buy at GNC, The Vitamin Shoppe, Nuts.com, Whole Foods, amazon online, maybe Walmart online, just to name a few


Can one use any type of tea bag ??is it only green tea which is recommended????

Ruhiya Abubakari

U are amazing...I have this stubborn belly fat which I have been battling with but when I tried your remedy it's working like magic.Thank you keep the good job and I wish I can have your whatsapp number so I can be sending you some of what I have been trying

Augustinah Oluwaseunfunmi

Can I take I while trying to conceive??

Josephine Reality Space

This is great remedy sis

Anne Healy

Thanks for your advice its appreciated

Treasure Cindy

Pls can I add some honey to it pls answer me ma because I really want to start drinking it immediately & thanks very much for sharing pls answer me ma ok

Donnia Cee

Thanks for sharing

Chris Evans

How about boiling the moringa leaf

Babirye Ntege Sharotie

If I dnt have moringa what should I use

Pokuaa Juliana

Please is there any side effects if is taken on an empty stomach

Judy Baptiste

If you don't have green tea can you also use mint tea?

Ifunanya ifunanya Rita

Is the moringa mix with anything or all the leaf maybe we can do it as power

Shalini art and craft

Wow awesome

Divine Onukwili

Thanks so much sis but I'm the slim type but my tummy is a bit big cos of child bearing. Hope it won't make me slimmer

Phoebe Paul

Guys where do I get that Morin ga powder?

Halima Yusuf

do you mean it can help remove upper body fat including neck and face fat?

Jennifer Hawthorne

Love to try it..suppose i dont have the m powder

Odibe Oldjon

This same recipe you share he remove fibroid, know belly fat,

Uhunmwangho Doris

All this thing that is use to lose belly fat is only the belly that it will work for cos I want lose the fat i manage to gather in the remaining parts of my body. Good day ma

Nduku Kyengo

What is muringa powder

Nony. A

Very nice and helpful. I love the drink

Charity Love

Please where can I get the moringa powder

Anitah Ninsiima

Thnx so much dia. That was so nyc

Patty Brown

Can I drink while breastfeeding please

Pamax NaturalBeauty

Thanks so much beauties! Like I always say..My weight loss drinks are not good for Pregnant women, If you are trying to conceive or Nursing. Please share this video. Thanks

Mikayla Sweetheart

Can a breastfeeding mum take it

Blessing Stephen

How can I get the moriga powder

Jamirah Namatouv

Wr are you

Lara Deji

Can I make use of moringa leaf,if I don't have the powder?

Ufuoma Emeriewen

Can I boil moringa leaf as tea n add to the lime n green tea in case I can't get the moringa powder?

Rabecca Mwale

Simple and straight forward thanks will try that.

great ness

For a woman that has already giving birth and her stomach is big is it fat that made her stomach big or what please.... My stomach is big now after I gave birth if I use it will it help reduce my stomach?

Aina Olajumoke

Can a woman trying to conceive take it pls??

Reenka Kitchen

Great weight loss remedy

Kellee Mcfadden

I have all of these ingredients. Starting today. Thank you?

ከቆንጆ መልክ ይልቅ መልካም ስብእና ይበልጣል።

I start today ma dear.
I tell you after 7 days the result..
From Ethiopia love you

Glory Pius

please ur number so I can ask u some thing

Miss Andrelle Taffy

I hope this work too

Chommy Collins

Can a breastfeeding mom take it

Anitah Ninsiima

Dia help us and make a video on sagging breasts one day. Thnx

Yetty Ola

Hope it doesn't affect having baby

Ufoh Akunamaka

Just gone through your video and all the comments. Am really encouraged and will try either of the two remedies because am struggling with stubborn fat belly and I believe its equally affecting my sex life

Vladimiro Fabio Giuseppe

Please as a breastfeeding mom what can I take to lost belly fat

fritz arvin James vlog

I try this ??
Nice video
Stay connected God bless

Oko Idam Iheakachi

For how long will u start seeing result

lady chiTv

Nice one dear
Love your Chanel
Happy new month dear


Please Can a breastfeeding mum take this

TheChosen One

Great video!!! Do you think this will help with chest fat for men ?

Funny Clips Darh

Hot water
Green tea
Lemon ?
Moringa powder

Angel Nana Ama Korang

Please I don't want to lose weight, can I take it?

Juice plus


blessing akhimien

How did you make the moringa powder?

Budji Filaiy

Pls I hope it will not affect my hips

sameera Shaikh

Dear when ever I used moringa powder my suger level goes down,what should I do?

R Wr

Thanks dear


This remedy works so fast... is a must try?

Amaka Uwdione

Can I get the moringa in France

olaide adewunmi

Plz I hope it I'll not affect hips


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Comments (20)

Well done.. Just found your channel now. Kiakia I go subscribe..

Tasty City

Looks so healthy and easy to follow, love any drink that has ginger. Thanks for sharing nne ?

Chi’s Remedy

Very healthy drink and works pretty well. Thanks great video

Faith Vibes

Chai who does want to be a tear leather lol.
I want to go back to my old Self...thanks Nne for sharing this is really helpful especially after child bearing. .sometimes the engine side go just knock lol.
This will be helpful to so many women.

Le Secret De La Bonne Cuisine

I always have drink so good for weight loss and belly fat burn???



C for Chillax

That's healthy,dear. Fat burning juice for a fast result??

Grace For Living

Good evening sis, how are you doing. Ginger, garlic ?, cloves . I love all of them sis. You are a blessing to us. Happy Saturday sis

Ngor’s Kitchen

I love ginger a very good detox thanks for sharing God bless.

Atibiri Amanda

Can i add peppercorns and lemon to it ? Please reply me

Josephine Reality Space

This drink looks really healthy ,I love ginger and cloves.

Nicole ifunanya

Trying this out first thing tomorrow, i am so bloated, I don't know how that came about. I am a medium size, but my tummy is not nice at all. I hope this works with my exercises too

effie ani

Do you put it in the fridge or leave it out for those 3 days?

Ganiya Usma

Good morning ma'am can I use ginger powder

Shirley's Kitchen Cuisine

This is a healthy drink sis, quick and fast fat burn, nicely presented. Thanks for sharing.

Amara Anita

Please ma, why can't a nursing mother drink it?

All African kitchen TV

Look at that how you do make that beautifull job you are just too much dear sis

Judi Shields

Hey There! Thank you for this useful video. By the way, I notice lots of people keep on talking about Custokebon Secrets (google search it), but I'm not sure if it is really good. Have you ever tried Custokebon Secrets? I've heard many amazing things about it and my work buddy lost crazy amounts of weight with it, but she refuses to tell me :(


This drink is very healthy, I love ginger and cloves I’m definitely going to be loving this drink. Nice sharing ?

Chinonye Obasi

Thanks for sharing. I take this every two weeks and I usually give 2weeks break.

How to Lose Arm Fat, Belly Fat Fast With Garlic! No Strict Diet No Workout!

How to Lose Arm Fat, Belly Fat Fast With Garlic! No Strict Diet No Workout!4 Sep. 2020
254 267

If you are finding a

If you are finding a method on how to lose belly fat naturally, this video is for you. The drink we have for you today will cut through your excess belly fat and reduce the risk of numerous diseases and conditions. Just drink it every day and after 5 days you start to see result.

Thank you so much for watching❤️

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Comments (69)
Yvonne Reeman

I'll try this one,tnx so much

Chelsea McDonald

What if I don't have any green tea

Sara Salomi

This drink is rlly a miracle.. I cn see the changes in my body.. Just by my first use . Im gonna do it evry night for at least 2 weeks, ?

Tracey-Ann Henry

Thank you, I will try it.

grace waicy

I want to see your stomach first and your arms

Eternal Happiness

Very nice drink
I do hope it will help me a lot ?


Oh Yes! It works. I started drinking this kind of tea two weeks back but trust me I've lost 8kgs not only the belly fat but the whole body. I was 78.9kgs.i boil ginger mixed with lemons and add in 1tsp of natural honey. I don't mix in garlic coz of ulcers. I drink it every morning before eating anything and evening when I'm going to sleep. I eat once in a day and that's lunch coz it decreased my appetite which is okay. And the journey continues till I'm 65kgs??

noble y

Is this remedies good for ulcer patient please

jasintha jayakody


Helen Banjoko

Yes it works thanks

Chinyere Odeka

Thank you ma'am for this am going to try this tonight.


Can I prepare the recipe for the 5 days I'll need it, and then place it in the fridge and warm it in the microwaves at night before drinking it? Please inform me and thanks!

Lenmo Soko

Thank you aunt

anu sessin

Sure I will try ...thank you

Connie Bistat

Thank you for sharing. I’ll try it and let you know!

Nelly John

Breast feeding mum can do this too????


I'll try your recipe starting tomorrow!

Mya De Paris

Thanks for sharing ma. If u don't have green tea, what can you use then? And is it possible for one to prepare the ginja n galis then keep in the refrigerator and warm me before drinking ?

Maryam Lami Baikie

Can i make the quantity that will last for 5 days and keep in the fridge to warm every night?

Zubaida baby

Thank u so much...I'm going to try this right from now...

Leila Duncan Clarke

Thank you so much. Will try it.

Alice joy

Is it ok if I add apple cider vinegar?

Tareka Robinson

How often you drink this ect?

Maida Said

Can u use fresh mint instead of green tea???

Nambiito Hamidah Hamidah


Jayana Jayana

Tnq So much

vincika palmer

I am definitely going to do this!

Leez Okene


Sumeya Ahmed

What if I don't have green tea


Where is green tea been sold and if not seen can it be replaced with Lipton??

Nagaraj Havaldar

When taken morning or night? This remedy morning or night

June Breeze

Thank U so much! I didn’t know Ginger was an appetite suppressant! I am on it! Middle age gut be gone!

Caslyne Ncube

I will definitely try it. I believe it help me. Thank you so much for the video

Vasu Kanjee

It seems like that these photos were edited. Check the hair! ?

Fatimu Sallay Marah. Marah

Ok,Thanks you so much I will try it

Hatice Omary

Can I use the same recipes for the next day also

evela ann


Sharon N Rutaagi Natujuna

If I get ginger powder cannot even work

Crizty Aguilar

Thank u I will try

Miss Lokuran

Can i green tea with Nescaff coz i dont use tea

Nambiito Hamidah Hamidah


NOW BLOG By Tiandra

Just ordered all of the ingredients!


And the outfit lost weight too?

Hanna Teklemariam

Could I see your belly?

Anne Lawrence

Nice video, my baby is three months old, and he is still breastfeeding can I use it, hope is safe for my baby

mamical jerlyn

Hello how Manny days or week before effected ?

Princess ruth Kaitesi

Mbu arm fat???

Naiman Al kinani


Gloria Williams

Wow, first to comment and for the first time thank you for this amazing recipe pls what of thigh fat too, would this work .Thank you once again

Adomako Millicent

Am now trying dis ooooo I hope it works

Lydia. Nakiganda

Thanx dia

Mantasha Khan

I think I'll only have a drink of garlic and lemon. I'm fed up o my thick arms.

CoRoL oVo

Одман это посмотрите на фото оба фото одинаковые вточь вточь неужели после похудения фотки сфоткались без изменения

Titus Schoonhoven

step one: eat garlic
step two: go to the gym you lazy sh**

Marry Martha

so if i do it and do exercise i'm gonna lose more belly fat right

Osa.vation Ehigiator

I have an ulcer, will I be able to take this because of the garlic? Is there anything to help with ulcer?

Bridgette Ramsay

If I dnt have lemon can I use lime

Hanna Teklemariam

That is not true.

Chinwuba Oluchy

what if u cant get green tea can we take it like dat with hot water

Fatma Saleh

Thanks my dear I will try today?

Linda Miller

I am willing to try this my stomach and family needs help with this big stomach thanks will try it i believe it will work thanks

Buki B

Is it all the time you have to drink it


Can breast feeding mother take this

Naiomi Smith

My daughter is 12 years can she use it

Ramrattie Singh

Can we use lime if we don't have lemon?

Cecilia Jonas

I'm going to do it .it's realy simple n look s tasty

Cherish Louise

the photoshopped thumbnail tho

Drama island

Do you need green tea ??

Joandria Bailey

Hi can I make the tea for 7 days and put it in the fridge then warm it up before bed Thank You